About the Ping Pong Bros

PingPongBros is a coming together of two best friends and their undying love for the sport of table tennis. The story of Kevin Jame and John Matt goes back to 2008, when they first met each other in New York while playing junior table tennis tournaments.

In no time, they became best friends. They loved, lived and breathed the sport of Table Tennis, so not being able to find the right products and information online would frustrate them a great deal.

Kevin (Left) and John (Right)

Kevin (Left) and John (Right)

So many years later, in 2016, they decided to fix this problem and start PingPongBros. The website is designed specifically to provide all you table tennis enthusiasts with the best product reviews, equipment news, and tips and tricks, so you don’t have to suffer like they did.

Since Kevin and Matt personally test every product, as well as collect feedback from other players and coaches, you know you are in the right hands.

With Kevin specialising in defensive play, and Matt being an attacking player, the duo is just perfect to teach you everything you need to know about the best sport in the world. Call them the yin and yang of ping and pong if you like. They do the legwork so you don’t have to.

About Kevin

  • Day job: Kevin is an entrepreneur and runs a digital media agency in New York.
  • Career best: In 2016, Kevin reached his career best USATT ranking of 2,249.
  • Playing style: A defensive master, Kevin can chop and block all day long.
  • Grip type: Shakehand.
  • Favorite Player: Simon GauzyMa Long 

About John

  • Day job: John works as an IT professional, and teaches Table Tennis in free time.
  • Career best: In 2017, Matt reached his career best USATT ranking of 2,158.
  • Playing style: An attacking genius, Matt prides himself on his expert offensive play.
  • Grip type: Shakehand.
  • Favorite PlayerJan Ove Waldner