About Us

Hello, guys (and gals),

It’s great to meet you finally.

We’re Kevin & John, and PingPongbros is our passion project, which we created to bring comprehensive and authentic sports gear reviews.

As we both loved, lived and breathed the sport, so not being able to find the right products and information online frustrated us a great deal. Misinformation, over-information, and misleading information are all quite prevalent these days, making the whole process of buying the right gears DIFFICULT.

And we decided to fix this problem and start PingPongBros.

The website is designed specifically to provide sports enthusiasts with the best product reviews, equipment news, and tips and tricks, so you don’t have to suffer like us. And as we only recommend products that either we or our network of experts (coaches, players and real buyers) have had personally tested, you can be sure you are in the right hands.

Meet the team

Kevin James

Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Kevin is a NY based digital entrepreneur, blogger, and a table tennis aficionado. He is a former professional table tennis player with the career best USATT ranking of 2419. He is also an ITTF Level 3 certified coach and conducts weekend coaching programs in and around the New York area.

Audrey Thompson

Contributor & Editor

Audrey Thompson is a Green Bay based freelance writer and editor with extensive experience in covering home and lifestyle topics. When not busy scribbling her thoughts, you might find her in her garden, hiking out in the woods, or exploring new food joints.

Phill Williams

Contributor (Pool/Snooker)

Phil is a real estate broker by profession and a pool player by passion. He was first introduced to the game of pool at a very early age by his granddad. He had a natural knack for the game and quickly learned the ropes, and by the time he was 15, he was already participating in local leagues. He aims to make it into the APA league someday!

Profile pic James

James White

Resident Sports Expert

James works as a charted account by day, and sports enthusiast and amateur fiction writer by the weekend. He was a multi-sport athlete in his school days and played Division 3 lacrosse in college. He is a gear freak and is always looking for an excuse to upgrade his sports equipment. When not working or playing, he likes to hike and explore the countryside.

Jordan Forbes

Contributor (Darts & Outdoor Category)

Jordan is an avid darts player, marathoner, skier, and father of three sports-active kids. He is also a true outdoorsman who loves adventure and spending time in nature. When at home, you might find him playing darts or fixing/breaking things!

Kris Johnson

Board Game Enthusiast

Kris is a software developer by day and a die-hard board game and tabletop hobbyist by night. He likes to try out new games and is always in a lookout to recruit new players for his game night (so beware!). When not playing his favorite game Catan, he is usually busy painting miniatures (or doing other nerdy stuff).

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