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Top 5 Health Benefits of Table Tennis

Author: Kevin James, Last Updated: 21/05/2019Table Tennis, also known as Ping Pong, may not seem like the most serious of sporting pastimes when compared to the likes of football and basketball. But it is actually one of the most popular sports in the world in terms of the number of people who play the game […]

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How to Properly Clean & Maintain Ping Pong Paddle

Expert: Kevin James, Last Updated: 30/05/2019The paddle is the most crucial piece of equipment for any ping pong player. The paddle carries the same vitality as a painter’s paintbrush or a writer’s pen. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, you’ll know that every point in every match comes down to your paddle. And none […]

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Ping Pong Table Dimensions – Regulation Vs Compact

Author: Kevin James, Last Updated: 21/09/2019Let me guess, you’re planning to order a ping pong table.You may have already selected the table, or maybe you’re still researching for one.You’re looking to verify if the table you have selected is of standard size or not!Yes? The standard size (LxBxH) of the Ping Pong table is:2.74m X 1.525m […]

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5 Ways to Practice Table Tennis Alone

Expert: Kevin James, Last Updated: 30/05/2019Table Tennis is an incredibly competitive sport and often demands vigorous training to master it. If you want to get serious about Table Tennis, you need to give it all that you have. That includes long and well-planned training sessions. These sessions are often carried out along with a coach or […]

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Top Table Tennis Equipment Brands

Expert: Kevin James, Last Updated: 30/05/2019Table Tennis is a sport that is quickly gaining popularity throughout the world. With more people picking up the sports, it has led to a huge increase in the number of equipment brands. Players today face a myriad of choices when buying a new racquet, upgrading to a better table […]

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How is Table Tennis different from any other Racquet Sports?

Author: kevin James, Last Updated on: 30/05/2019Trust me “It’s very Different”. It is a unique sports with its own set of rules and challenges. In this article, I’ll be comparing Table Tennis (often referred to as Ping Pong) with other racquet sports based on court size, equipment and typical skill requirements. Table TennisVersus Other Racquet SportsThere is a […]

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Difference Between Ping Pong and Table Tennis

Author: Kevin James, Last Updated on: 30/05/2019What’s the difference between Ping Pong and Table Tennis? (Please don’t say they’re spelt differently.) Ping Pong and Table Tennis used to refer to the same sport, but it’s not true anymore. No, I’m not trying to trick you. Let me simplify this for you. The name ping pong and table tennis have been long synonymous to […]

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