Best Unicycles - Kids, Beginners & Adults (Reviewed)

After spending 26 hours, researching and evaluating 19 unicycles on flat roads, off-roads, and mountain slopes, we have shortlisted what we believe are the best unicycles out there.

Further, we have grouped the recommendations across different age groups, skill level, and budget.

Pro Pick

RALIEGH Bikes Unistar SE Unicycle

RALEIGH Bikes Unistar SE Unicycle

Best for Beginners

Fun 20 Inch Wheel Unicycle With Alloy Rim

Fun 20-Inch Wheel Unicycle

Best for Kids

Gorilla Unisex Unicycle

Gorilla Unisex Unicycle

Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

Why would you buy a unicycle? There are all kinds of reasons why you would do so. Some people are experienced cyclists and are in need of a new challenge. Others may be children who are looking to try something different than the regular bike for Christmas. Maybe you're looking to get fit, and want something that will dare to learn something new. Whatever it is, a unicycle is just the thing.

There are several reasons why unicycles are becoming more and more popular. First, obviously it's unique and uncommon. But beyond that, it's also an excellent and portable option for short-distance commuting. And it's also a real sport in itself, and you can pull off all sorts of tricks similar to a freestyle bike.

There's a wide community of unicyclers out there too, and they want to show you the ropes of the practice. It's certainly unusual and a challenge to learn, but once you have the hang of it, you're sure to love it. And don't worry if there is no one to teach you unicycling. There are specific YouTube channels, forums, and groups to help you out.

So before we go ahead and help you pick the right Unicycle, we just need to decide on one thing - the wheel size.

Choosing the right Size Unicycle

When it comes to unicycles, the single most critical factor is the size of the wheels. Kids require a small wheel size, while for commuting, you need a large wheel size, but there is more to it.

Here is the breakdown of various wheel sizes and their suitability.



Suitable for



Kids up to 5 years

Beginners, Learning

Pavement riding, Indoor


Kids 5 to 8 years

Beginners, Learning

Pavement riding, Indoor


Teens & Adults

Beginners, freestyling

Pavement, little bit off-roading



Intermediate, Commuting, Mountain riding

Pavement, Outdoors

26'' & +


Advanced riders, Commuting, Speed riding

Pavement, downhill, cross country

The size of the wheels works similar to the gearing of a typical bike. So, remember larger wheels (24''+) are a lot faster but are difficult to balance and also require more stamina to control. Also, it's challenging to maneuver turns and tight cuttings with large wheels. On the other hand, small wheels are slow but easier to learn.

I hope by now, you're decided on the size.

Here are the 5 of the best unicycles on the market, ready for you to choose from. So, no matter if you need a beginner unicycle or something for your young one, we have you covered.

Our Top Picks for The Best Unicycles

  1. RALEIGH Bikes Unistar SE Unicycle Pro Pick
  2. Fun 20-Inch Wheel Unicycle with Alloy Rim Best for Beginners
  3. Gorilla Unisex Unicycle Best for kids (Under 10 yrs.)
  4. Sun Bicycles Unicycle Sun 24-In Extreme Best for On/Off-roading
  5. UDC Titan 36" Trainer Unicycle - Best for commuting

1. RALIEGH Bikes Unistar SE Unicycle – Pro Pick

RALIEGH Bikes Unistar SE Unicycle

Want something that's used by the pros? Maybe you've been riding a cheap $50 unicycle around, and it's really time you upgraded to something better. If that sounds like you, this is the model that you need. This unicycle comes in three popular size options - 20'', 24'' and 26'' (wheel size).

So, if you're looking for a unicycle for learning or advanced freestyling, you can choose a 20'' variant while the 24'' variant is excellent for adults who're looking to use it for off-road and mountain riding. And the last 26'' model makes for an excellent choice for both commuting and mountain unicycling.

Also, it comes in four colors - red, black, blue, and green, so you can pick the one that feels the most 'you'. The design is simple, but the build quality of the crank and axle is top-notch, and you can easily expect years and years of use out of this. 

Being an advanced unicycle, it comes with a front-seat hold and rear bumper, allowing you to pull off those advanced tricks with ease. And the seat comes with extra padding and is super comfortable to sit on. 

The unicycle itself is simple to put together. You'll get full instructions with your kit, so you can get it together and start trying it out sooner rather than later. Customers say they've had a lot of success with it, taking it out and trying it out. They feel it's a good step up from the first unicycle, and they can really start getting to grips with it. 

You can choose multiple wheel sizes, so you'll get the best one. For example, bigger wheels are better for getting over cracks and bumps in sidewalks, but won't be as good for tight turns. Decide what you'll need for your unicycle before you pick the size of the wheel. 

Top Features:

  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • A simple design that's a big step up for new riders
  • Choose from different wheel sizes
  • Easy to put together
  • Seat height can be adjusted

Final Note:

If you're looking for a pro-quality unicycle that's built durably and is suitable for stunts or tricks, this is your best bet. Moreover, it costs almost half of some of the mainstay brands like Nimbus while offering near similar quality.

2. Fun 20-Inch Wheel Unicycle With Alloy Rim – Best for Beginners

Fun 20 Inch Wheel Unicycle With Alloy Rim

This is the unicycle you want to pick up if you want to start learning how to ride. It's a great value unicycle that will give you just what you need, for quite a reasonable price. The unicycle itself comes in several different colors. You can get yellow, red, blue, black, and chrome, so there's bound to be one that suits your tastes.

It comes fitted with cartridge bearing, which results in smoother pedaling while the extra-thick Kenda brand tires cushion a lot of impact during the ride. The unicycle also comes with a front and back bumper to hold while riding and a quick-release seat clamp to adjust the seat height.

Customers have found that it's a fun unicycle to ride around on while having a really good core workout. It's simple to put together. One customer noted that the pedals have 'L' and 'R' marked on them, so it's very hard to get them on the wrong way. Once you've put it all together, you're ready to go.

It's a better model for older teenagers and adults, due to the size of the unicycle. If you're taller and want to start learning to do tricks and other techniques on a unicycle, this is a great model to choose. It offers a lot of room for learning, so you can get ready to move onto the big leagues. 

Top Features:

  • The perfect unicycle for beginners who are getting into the sport
  • Different colors for you, so you can pick one that speaks to you
  • Easy to put together and start using
  • Great for learning tricks on

Final note: 

This is an excellent unicycle for beginners who're looking to learn the craft of unicycling. Moreover, it's priced affordably yet comes with a host of features for a smooth ride. You'll get a lot out of it, learning tricks and simply riding around for a good workout.

Many customers have bought and loved it. 

3. Gorilla Unisex Unicycle – Best For Kids (Under 10 yrs.)

Gorilla Unisex Unicycle

What if you have kids who want to learn to unicycle? You're in luck, as this is the best kid's unicycle on the market. It's heavy-duty, so it will take a lot of punishment from a child learning to ride on it, and is made of the best materials that will keep it going no matter what.

It's available in two size variants:

  • 16'' - ideal for kids 8 and below
  • 18'' - ideal for kids 10 and below

Moreover, it comes in a host of attractive color options from pink to blue, so your kids will have one that reflects their personality. There's also a lemon themed one, a yellow one, a chrome model, and a forest green unicycle. Your kid's sure to find a color they'll love.

If your kid really gets into unicycling, then you can keep right on using this model. The seat has a quick release feature, allowing you to adjust the height easily. It will easily grow with your kids, so they can keep doing tricks with it for years to come. That's good news for adults, as it means they won't be constantly buying new unicycles as they outgrow the old ones. Also, due to the smaller size, kids can use it even indoors.

It's the best model to pick up as they're still learning, as they'll get so much use out of it over the years. 

Top Features:

  • Quick-release seat for easy height adjustment
  • Heavy duty and will take anything your kids will throw at it
  • Lots of color choices
  • Will last for years to come

Final Note: 

If your little ones want to learn, this is the model to buy them. Furthermore, it's priced very reasonably and makes up an excellent gift for kids.

4. Sun Bicycles Unicycle Sun 24-in Extreme – Best For On/Off-Roading

Sun Bicycles Unicycle Sun 24-in Extreme

Sometimes it's not enough to simply ride your unicycle around the streets; you want to take it off-road, too. The best unicycles are those that can take the pressure of being taken off-road and put through their paces. Sound like something you want to do? Then you need this unicycle.

It's unique flat-top frame design with special-traction foot placements and reinforced gussets results in excellent control and stability in all conditions. So, no matter whether you're driving down the hill or looking to do a bit of free-styling, this is an excellent unicycle for you.

It's stiff to handle any impact while the seats are soft and comfortable. It also comes with bomb-proof ISIS spindle hub and alloy crank, which are more durable and offer precise control on movements.

The custom-designed saddle comes with integrated grab rails on both front and back, which helps you maintain the center of gravity right above the tire for easy maneuvering.

This unicycle is very simple to look at, but in practice, it's a rugged machine, more than ready to go anywhere you want to take it. All the parts on the unicycle are heavy-duty, ready to take on any challenge you can throw its way. You can tell it's high-quality thanks to customer reviews, that show how much it can take. This unicycle offers excellent off and on-road riding characteristics.

Many also say it takes about ten minutes to put together, which is no time at all. If you're having trouble with it, the customer service team is more than accommodating. They will work with you to resolve the problem and get you on the road. Having that team behind you makes it less stressful, especially if this is the first time you've done this.

Top Features:

  • Multi-purpose unicycle - on-road, off-road, tricks
  • Sleek chrome design
  • Easy to put together and get out on the road
  • Good customer service team ready to help you when needed
  • Rugged construction will keep it going for years

Final Note: 

If you want to put a unicycle through its paces, buy this one. It will be perfect, no matter what you want to do with it.

5. UDC Titan 36" Trainer Unicycle – Excellent for Commuting

UDC Titan 36” Trainer Unicycle

Why would you choose a 36-inch wheel on your unicycle? The rule is, the larger the wheel, the faster you can go.

Sometimes you'll want to be able to race along with everyone else, and that means having a wheel that will help you keep up. With this large wheel, you'll easily be able to cover a lot of ground.

Secondly, the larger the wheel, the smoother the ride, and it handles the bumps quite well. But on the downside, larger unicycles have quite a bit of learning curve and require more physical stamina to control.

The unicycle is designed to help you get around town if you want, or start racing on it. You can do both, whatever you want to do it's possible on this model. It's got a simple design that looks great no matter what, and you'll be proud of your new ride.

It comes with a cotterless spindle hub and CRMO alloy crankshaft, which is very responsive and durable. This gives your superb control and allows for effortless riding.

The frame is designed to be able to stand up to the most extreme speeds, so there's no worries about it not being able to cope with your demands. You can take it as fast as you want, and be the speed demon you have always wanted to be. Wherever you want to take it, it'll be ready for it.

Top Features:

  • Large 36-inch wheel, designed for speed
  • Top-quality frame that can handle the pressure
  • Slick design that looks great
  • Adjustable seat so you can get a comfortable ride

Final Note:

This is the right unicycle for speed demons. If you've got to go fast or are looking for a commuter unicycle, this is the model for you.

Unicycle Buying Guide

Ok, so you're ready to buy your very first unicycle. You're ready to get out there and start mastering a new challenge. How are you going to do it? The first thing to do is read this buyer's guide.

There's a lot to know before you hand over your money, so read on to be informed before you buy. 

Key Considerations

<What Size Is Right For You?>

The size of the wheel is very important when you're choosing a unicycle. It will affect the way the unicycle handles, so you've got to be certain that you've got it right. Which size wheel should you get?

If you're buying for a child, you're going to want to go smaller. Usually, 16 inches is about right for them. If you're an adult that's just starting out, you'll want a 20-inch wheel. Any larger than that and you'll be buying the wheel for speed. This is something you'll only want to do if you're more advanced and want to move onto the next level.

For beginners, a 20'' size unicycle is the best as it offers the fine balance of control, speed and stability.

For example, a 24-inch unicycle is great for outdoors, riding down paths and through off-road and open areas. They're usually not as good for indoor riding as 20-inch bikes, unless you have a large area to ride them in. It's also suitable for rougher terrain, as it does give you more control.

A 29-inch wheel is one that's great for commuting. These offer the extra speed you need when you're using the unicycle to get from A to B. Because of the larger size, they won't do well on rough terrain, so you'll need to consider your route before you take it out.

<Weight Limits On Unicycles>

You would think that there would be a weight limit on a unicycle, but actually, they don't work in that way. Most unicycles can take most people's weight, but of course, every machine is different. If you're larger than average, you'll want a unicycle that's designed to be more rugged than most.

The best unicycles, in this case, are those designed for tricks and off the road. They're designed to take a lot of bouncing and knocking about, so some extra weight won't be a problem on these models. If you're still not sure, it's a good idea to talk to a local unicycle community. They'll have lots of ideas and put you in touch with those who can help.

<Type Of Unicycle>

There are lots of types of unicycles to choose from, and you want to ensure you get the right one for you. Which one makes sense for you to buy?

  • Learner: This is the most basic unicycle style. Its name reflects the fact it's best for those who are just getting started and want to learn how to ride. They're not going to be as large or robust as other models, but that's fine. It's a model that will get you started and help you learn the ropes.
  • Freestyle: This is probably the most common style of unicycle. It's designed to do most things, such as tricks and games like unicycle hockey. It's the most common step up from the learner unicycle, as you get to grips with how they work, and start working out where you want to specialize.
  • Trials: These bikes are designed for off-roading and special tricks, such as riding along and jumping over picnic benches, rails, and more. These have specialized 19-inch rims and wide tires that take the impact of jumping and landing. They're a rugged unicycle, and they'll certainly be ready for anything you can throw at them.
  • Road: These are the unicycles used for commuting if you want to use them to get to and from places. With larger wheels, such as our 5th pick (UDC Titan 36"), then you'll see that you can get anywhere with them. They won't take to rugged terrain well, but you can pick up some speed with them.
  • Muni: This is the abbreviation of 'mountain unicycling' that was trademarked, but now is used by any rugged off-road unicycle. They have bigger wheels and longer cranks to give them more power as they allow riders to cover greater distances.
  • Giraffes: These unicycles are uncommonly tall and powered by chains. They're actually easier to ride than a unicycle, but of course, there's the challenge of getting up onto it first. If you can get onto it, you can try one, but be warned that the height can cause injuries if you fall off.
  • Ultimate wheels: These are essentially a unicycle without the frame or saddle, simply a wheel with pedals attached. You can actually find them quite easy to ride if you find one with a big enough wheel.

<Children And Unicycles>

If you have a child who wants to learn to unicycle, you'll find that they can actually start at quite a young age. The younger they are, the easier they may find it. Some compare it to learning to ride a bike. The challenge will be finding a unicycle that's short enough for the rider. If you're having trouble finding one, you can have the post cut down to fit your child.

It's a great activity for kids, as they get exercise and the pride of mastering such a machine. It's a good idea to find a unicycle that can be extended as they grow older. Being able to use the same unicycle the whole way through childhood is great, as it won't cost you more than it has to, and they'll be able to get used to it. Let them gain confidence by learning to ride; they'll get so much from it. It's amazing how much children love being able to master a skill on their own.


The market is flooded with unicycles from numerous brands; the majority of them are Chinese. It's best to stick with brands that are popular and have a good reputation in the unicycling community. For a beginner unicycle, you can't really go wrong with Sun, Gorilla, or Torker brand. For professionals and mountain unicycles, Nimbus and Kris holm are the go-to brands.

Let's Wrap Things Up

Unicycling is a great pastime that sees participation from people all over the world across all age groups. You can take it in many different directions, such as tricks, trials, speed, or mountain unicycling.

What you do is very much up to you. Use this guide to help you find the best unicycle out there. Get one that's designed for your kids, or even a larger wheeled one so you can get some speed up.

Whichever one you choose, you'll have a fantastic unicycle that will help you get started on your journey.

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