Best Beer Pong Tables (Reviews)

Looking to breathe a new life into your party? A beer pong table makes up for a perfect choice. But many tables are too flimsy or poorly made giving up just after a couple of use.

To save you the hassle, we spent close to 45 hrs researching and testing 12 beer pong tables. In all our tests, the 8-Foot Table stood out and is the one we'd buy. It's durable, regulation size, and reasonably priced.

Best Overall

8-foot Beer Pong Table Partypongtables

8-foot Beer Pong Table

Best Value

GoPong 8-foot Beer Pong Table

GoPong 8-foot Beer Pong Table

Best Inexpensive

Red Cup Beer Pong Table

Red Cup Pong 8' Beer Pong Table

Last Updated: 6th Mar, 2023

Are you the household, people go to when it's time to party? You've got everything, including a cabinet full of the best drinks, a large kitchen to hang out in, and even a pool out back to take a dip in the summer. You've got everything that makes a party the talk of the town for weeks afterwards. 

But, you want to up your party, though. You need something that's exciting, fun, and a little unexpected. And, it's got to be beer pong. This fun and exciting social game has been a staple of college parties and tailgate events and is sure to be a fantastic addition to any party.

All you need is a beer pong table, a couple of ping pong balls, and of course, the beer.

The right table will make the game of beer pong even more fun than you could imagine. Once you're done, they'll even fold up and are easy to put away until next time.

There are also "mini" beer pong tables you can set up on top of a bar and use spring-loaded shooters to try and get little balls into shot glasses. For space-conscious users, there are folding beer pong tables that occupy less storage space.

Interested? Here are some of the top beer pong tables on the market right now. You'll see just how great these are and how much they'll change the games of beer pong played at your house. Check them out if you want to try something new. 

Whatever your speed or novelty level is, there's a beer-pong set up for you! 

Our Top Picks for Best Beer Pong Tables

1. 8-Foot Beer Pong Table - Pro Pick

8-foot Beer Pong Table Partypongtables

First in our list is a table from a well-known brand - The company has been manufacturing and selling beer pong tables since 2006, and they have excellent reviews across all their product lineup.

The 8' foot beer pong table offers the right balance between price, performance, and durability. Measuring 8-foot in length, this standard size table features the best-in-class top, which produces excellent ball bounce. Additionally, the table conveniently folds down to 2'x2' case, making it super-easy to carry to your friend's place or any party.

This professional table is every party animal's dream. Everyone has different rules and expectations when playing beer pong. Maybe you need a table that helps you keep the house rules in place as you play. If so, this is going to be the table for you. It's highly customizable, allowing you to pick all kinds of options when you order it.

For example, you can pick a table that has a dry erase surface. That's a great option if you want to mark where balls have bounced, or specific zones for trick shots. It's also perfect for keeping score for a full-on beer pong tournament if that's your thing.

Design & Construction

It's designed to fold up and be stored in a closet or even tossed into a trunk and taken to a party on the go! You can pick from dozens of designs, celebrating the American flag, one that looks like a football field, and even another that just has some really cool grunge paint-jobs on it.

You also have the option to print your own custom designs on the table. Or, if you're one of the creative types, you can get the plain whiteboard top and draw your own design. The top-end model features colored strip lights to bring the party up to the next level.

The tabletop is coated in a superior wax finish that deflects liquids and protects the table from usual wear and tear. Each model is fitted with a ball holder that can store up to six Party-Pong Balls.

Common Complaints:

Few buyers felt the table too flimsy to really put up with any kind of leaning, bumping against, and holding things on the table. But it should be remembered that this is a beer pong table, not a pool table; if the table holds the cups and bounces the ball well, that is all it's designed to do.

Top Features:

  • Wax finish prevents spilled beer from ruining the surface of the table
  • Optional extras like cup holes or lights for a fun time
  • Highly lightweight and portable
  • Comes complete with six beer pong balls 
  • Legs can be adjusted to give you more or less height

Final note:

If you're looking for the very best folding beer pong table on the market, this is it! It's lightweight, making it highly portable, yet it is built durably for lasting-use.

2.  GoPong 8-foot Beer Pong Table - Best Overall

GoPong 8-foot Beer Pong Table

Next on the list, we have the GoPong 8-foot beer pong table, which comes in three designs with the option of custom dry erase top. This is a regulation beer pong table measuring 8' (L) x 2' (W) x 2 1/4 ' (H) and weighs just under 25 lbs. Like our top pick, the frame is made of lightweight aluminum, and the top is constructed with MDF and covered with melamine to prevents beer strains. The frame is built with thicker gauge aluminum, ensuring the table can withstand a fair bit of abuse and rough play.

The table easily folds down in a small form factor of 2' x 2' x 5.5'', allowing you to easily carry the table down to any party. That makes it super easy to transport to another place if someone else is hosting for once. The legs are telescopic, so all you need to do is push them in to store them away.

The only thing missing in the table is the pre-drilled cup holes, but again it's not a deal-breaker when you factor that it's also cheaper.

Top Features:

  • Weighs under 25lbs, making it so simple to store and move around
  • Multiple designs with the option of printing custom design on the top
  • Can be folded up into a small package for ease of movement and storage
  • Comes with 6 ping pong balls

Final note:

The GoPong 8-foot Beer Pong Table is highly functional and well-built to endure even the rowdiest beer pong parties or tailgate events!

3. Red Cup Pong 8' Beer Pong Table - Budget Pick

Red Cup Beer Pong Table

If you want a beer pong table, there's no reason why you should pay over the odds for one. Even if you want a budget pick like this table, that doesn't mean that you'll have to pay more overall for it. This table offers you everything you need for an excellent price indeed.

The table itself comes in three different finishes. There's the wood grain effect for the classic beer pong vine. There's a whiteboard style complete with dry erase pens, so you can mark up the table any way you want, and clean it all up afterward. If you really want to go old school, there's the chalkboard finish that comes with chalk so you can write on it however you wish. All finish options are of high quality and are easily cleaned after use. 

The 'Red cup' has put thought into how the table will be used. It's sturdy enough to handle hours of beer pong, but it can also be used for all other kinds of uses, too. Take it to clubs, tailgating parties, and more. The table is sturdy enough to take on anything.

You can take it anywhere too, as the table folds up small enough to be carried by it's attached handle. It's lightweight, so you can simply take it anywhere you want to start up a game of beer pong.

Top Features:

  • Satisfaction guarantee; You can return the table back within 30 days if you're not happy
  • Tournament approved table for beer pong
  • Folds up 2 x 2 foot and weighs just 25lbs
  • Excellent price for what's on offer
  • Three different finishes 

Final note:

As a budget pick, you can't go wrong with this table. It's got everything, from lightweight storage to multiple finishes, so you can get the table you need. 

4. 8 Foot Beer Pong Table With LED Lights – Coolest looking table 8 Foot Beer Pong Table With LED Lights

We love this table, and we're sure you will too. This table comes with LED lights all-around the table top. They're a fantastic addition, running around the edge of the table itself. You'll see that they can be set to glow differently, be that flashing, glow, or fade. You can even adjust the brightness and speed, so you can customize the lights as you see fit. There are 16 different light colors, so you'll have a real show once you switch them on.

The table itself is a great lightweight model. You can take it anywhere with you, as you can fold it up into a briefcase-style square, complete with a carrying handle. It folds down to 2 x 2 feet briefcase, so you can store it almost anywhere with ease.

Top features:

  • Easy fold up and carry design, so you can take your beer pong table anywhere
  • Option to add cup holes and other features, for a fully custom table
  • Several different table graphics to choose from
  • LED lights that can be used in several different ways
  • Wax finish makes the table easy to clean 

Final note:

Everything about this table's design makes it perfect for an evening of beer pong. Take it anywhere you want, and turn the lights on for that extra drama. You'll never want to go back to a regular table again. If you're looking for a cool looking beer pong table for a party, festival, or other events, this table won't disappoint.

5. Grown Man Games Mini Beer Pong - Mini Variant For Tabletop Play

Grown Man Games Mini Beer Pong

All the tables featured so far have been full-sized models, which are perfect for larger homes or outdoor play. However, sometimes you're just not going to have the space to set one up. Instead, why not opt for this mini model, which gives you all the features you need for a game of beer pong, without taking up so much room?

The table as a whole measures 22" x 7.9" x 0.75", making it a great desktop game or fun indoor party activity. The table itself is made from premium hardwood, making it a classy addition to any home. It even comes with cup holes, so you'll see that your cups stay in place no matter how hard your opponent throws the ball. 

The most interesting design choice is the tethered ball. The ball is attached to the middle of the board with elastic, and there are ball catapults on each end of the board. Instead of bouncing the ball, you catapult it into the other's cups. It's a lot of fun, and you'll never have to go hunting for a stray ball ever again. The catapults offer three different launching positions, so you can shoot with increased accuracy. 

Top Features:

  • Premium hardwood design and construction
  • Small size makes it very easy to move around and play, even in small spaces
  • Tethered ball means you'll never lose a ball again
  • Catapults make it easier to aim and shoot
  • Comes with cups, so all you need to add is the beer

Final note:

This tiny beer pong table packs a lot into its small size. If you want a smaller version of the classic beer pong table, this is the one for you. You'll be able to unpack it and play right away. 

6. GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table – Floating Beer Pong Table

GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table

Are you for something unique and different for your next party? If you want to go all out and have a pool, then this is the inflatable beer pong table for you. It's a table that actually fulfills many uses, so it's worth picking up and having in your repertoire for parties.

The table can, first and foremost, be used as a beer pong table. It comes with everything you need, from cup holes at each end of the table to the ping pong balls you'll need to play. The table measures 6 feet x 3 feet, so it's large enough to accommodate all of your party guests. There are even tethering grommets at each corner, so you can tie it down for your party - no worrying about it floating away as you play.

The table can also be used simply to hold drinks at your pool party. As well as the holes in each end, there are cup holders around the perimeter of the table. Tether the table in your pool, and it's the perfect drinks table as people relax in the water.

Finally, the table doubles as a floating lounge, too. Simply lay back on the table and chill out.

Top Features:

  • Large size makes it perfect for big parties
  • Cup holders around the perimeter will hold everyone's drinks
  • Multiple uses, including drinks table and lounge
  • A true talking point for all your guests, everyone will want to try it out
  • Tether points to keep the table in place

Final note:

Everyone will love this inflatable beer pong table. Even if you're not playing, you can use it as a table or a lounge. It's a true multi-purpose item. 

Beer Pong Table: Buyer's Guide

As you've seen, there are lots of different options when it comes to the perfect beer pong table. How do you ensure that you're getting the right table for you?

Here's your buyer's guide, so you know what's out there and what's right for you.

Key Considerations

<Build Quality>

First and foremost, you need a table that's sturdy. Your beer pong table is going to take a lot of beating as you play on it hour after hour. You don't want poor construction to halt play halfway through. It's no fun trying to fix a table when you were just getting into the game. Plus, you need to know that the table can stand up to many games in the future.

When choosing a table, look at how it's constructed. It needs to have good quality construction in every part. This includes the legs, hinges, tabletop, and more. It's a very good idea to check out customer reviews for this information. They will be honest about whether the table is of good quality or not.


Next, you need your table to be sturdy. You're probably going to have a lot of good friends at your party. If they're playing beer pong, of course they're going to get a little intoxicated. That makes them more likely to lean on the table, or otherwise, just treat it harshly. If your table isn't as sturdy as it could be, then it's not going to be able to cope with that. To get the most out of your table, it needs to be as sturdy as can be. 

Again, customer reviews are your friends here. They'll let you know if a beer pong table can stand up to the most rambunctious party goers. You'll want to pick the table that can stand up to anything, so make your choice carefully.


The great thing about most beer pong tables is that they can be taken anywhere. That makes them great not just for beer pong, but for all kinds of events where you need a decent-sized table. Take a look at how the table folds up. You'll see that most tables fold up to a 2 x 2 foot square, making them very easy to pack into the car or put away in a cupboard once you're done playing. 

Also, take a look to see if the beer pong tale includes a carrying handle. Most do, and it's so helpful for carrying the table around. Finally, check the weight of it. You want a table that weighs between 20 – 25lbs, so it's not too heavy to move when you need to. 

<Size Of Table>

How large do you want your table to be? This is going to depend on your own personal preferences, as well as the size of the area you want to use the table in. Most beer pong tables come in at around 8 feet long. Do you have the space to set the table up to its full length? Remember, you could use the table indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs and the weather outside.

If you can't get a regulation table, there are mini options available. These will need a flat surface to sit on, such as a kitchen counter or table. If you have that, you could use a mini version instead. 

<Extra Features>

Finally, consider the extra features that you may want from your beer pong table. There are lots of different things you can expect to find. Most will come with a set of ping pong balls to get you started. Some tables will even have a holder for them, so you can keep them handy as you play. 

Speaking of ping pong balls, you can even get versions where the ball is tethered to the table, as you've seen above. If you hate having to hunt out wild balls, this is going to be a great feature for you. 

When it comes to table finishes, there are lots of extra options. There are regular tables that come with all sorts of graphics on them, so you can get a table that looks just right for your home. Then there are the different finishes. You can get a chalkboard or whiteboard finish. This allows you to write on the table, something that's super helpful in many games. Write down the rules, create a tournament board, indicate trick shots, and more. Once you're done, you can just wipe the writing off. 

- Don't forget cup holders 

You can place cups right on a table, but one stray ball and that beer cup is going to be sent flying. You can place cups in the cup holders, stopping them from being knocked over and saving yourself a lot of clean up. 

- LED Lights

Finally, you can consider LED lighting for the table. Some tables come with lights around the edges, which makes them bright and exciting to use. Use it at night outdoors, and it will look fantastic.  

Also, consider your budget. Fancy lights and cool tops are great, but if you don't plan on playing at a ton of parties, no matter how big or small, maybe stick with a cheaper basic model and put that money towards the "big" rec-room purchases you really want.

To Wrap it Up

Beer Pong is a great and fast way to get lots of people involved. You can even substitute the alcohol for a fun, family-friendly game that all ages can enjoy. All the tables that we have reviewed above are the best in their respective segments. All you need to do is consider your requirements and budget and choose the one best matching your needs.

Sure, beer pong may have started out as a college game, but there's plenty of fun to be had and shared in your own home with these amazing tables and the companies that back them.

Just please remember to drink responsibly, but have a blast!

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