5 Best Foosball Table Covers (Review)

Best High End

Shelti Pro Foos II Universal Foosball Table Cover

Shelti Pro Foos II Universal

Best Mid Range

Covermates Foosball Table Cover

Covermates Foosball Table Cover

Best Inexpensive

 Roll over image to zoom in NEVERLAND Foosball Table Cover

NEVERLAND Foosball Table Cover

Last Updated: 11th Mar, 2023

Has your existing Foosball Table Cover given up and needs replacement? Or maybe you're looking for a premium cover to match with the aesthetics of your room. Perhaps you recently bought a Foosball table only to realize it didn't come with a cover.

There is no denying that a cover is a must-have accessory for every Foosball Table owner. A cover not only protects your game table from liquid spills, dust, dirt, and grease but also ensures it maintains its top-level performance.

Foosball tables aren't cheap either, so you definitely want to protect your investment for years to come. Don't wait until the damage is already set in; check out our list of best Foosball Table covers now!

After trying out over half a dozen Foosball Table Covers and testing them on parameters like fit, build-quality and most importantly the price, we think the Covermate Table Cover does the best job in providing all-round protection to your prized possession. It is waterproof, made of out thicker Vinyl and comes with a 2-years warranty.

Best Foosball Table Cover Reviews

Our Top Picks for Best Foosball Table Covers

  1. Shelti Pro Foos II Universal Foosball Table Cover Premium Pick (Vinyl Leather)
  2. Covermates - Foosball Table Cover Best Overall (Water/Weather Proof)
  3. NEVERLAND Foosball Table Cover Value Pick (Water/Weather Proof)
  4. Black Universal Foosball Table Cover Best For Light protection
  5. Suzo Happ Foosball Soccer Table Dust Cover - Inexpensive Pick (Dust Protection)

1. Shelti Pro Foos II Universal Foosball Table Cover

Premium Pick

Shelti Pro Foos II Universal Foosball Table Cover


  • Dimension: 57"L X 51"W X 17"H
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Color: Black

Our top pick is ideal for anyone looking for a premium cover which not only provides superior protection but also looks elegant. The cover is designed to keep dust, drink spills and debris at bay all the time. This matt-finish vinyl cover measures 51''x57'' with 17'' skirting and fits most Foosball tables.

It's available only in black color and covers till half of the legs. Feel free to throw this cover on during rainy days; the material is more than sturdy enough to handle some bad weather. Pet hair won't be getting through this thing either. 

The slip-on cover design makes it easy to install and remove while the soft inner cloth lining doesn't scratch any part of the table.

Whether you're looking for an upscale cover to compliment your home decor, something to protect your table from the elements, this cover will get the job done. Of course, its costliest of the lot, but for the quality, the price is vastly justified. This is one cover which is sure to last you for many years to come.

What We Liked
+ Fits most tables
+ Elegant design 
+ Rip-proof and durable material with soft cotton inner lining
+ Completely covers the playing surface
+ Easy take on and off

Watch out for
- Expensive
- Slightly heavy

2. Covermates – Foosball Table Cover

Best Overall

Covermates Foosball Table Cover


  • Dimension: 56"L X 52"W X 15"H
  • Material: 12-gauge Vinyl
  • Color: Black, Khaki, Sage Green

Covermates is a well-known brand in indoor/outdoor equipment cover space. Known for its functional design, durability and affordable pricing, this Covermates Foosball table cover is no exception!

Measuring 56" x52" with 15" depth, this is designed to fit most standard tables. The cover is made up of 12-gauge vinyl, that holds up against outside rain or shine, and keeps the dust and dirt off while inside. The inner polyester lining increases the strength and ensures the cover retain its proper shape while being flexible. The simple slip-on design makes it easy to take on or off.

A unique feature of this cover is the buckle straps on each of the four corners. It doesn't matter how harsh the storm is; this cover won't be going anywhere! The peskiest of pets won't be able to move this off either. Plus, the company offers a 2-year warranty against any defects.

If you're looking for a functional cover at an affordable which offers all-around protection to your table, this is the cover for you.

What We Liked
+ Lightweight, easy to put on and off
+ 2-year warranty
+ Excellent price point

Watch out for
- Available in only one color

3. NEVERLAND Foosball Table Cover

Value Pick

 Roll over image to zoom in NEVERLAND Foosball Table Cover


  • Dimension: 63"L X 45.28"W X 19.69"H
  • Material: 300D Oxford Marine Polyester
  • Color: Beige, Black and Silver-Aluminium

Next, we have the Neverland Foosball table cover - an excellent choice for those who're looking for dependable protection against unwanted debris at a reasonable price. This multipurpose cover does a great job in protecting your Foosball table through all-seasons be it indoors or outdoors. 

The cover measures 63 x 45.28 x 19.69 inch and is designed to fit most Foosball tables. It's available in three attractive colors to match the aesthetics of your space - Beige, Black and Silver-Aluminium. Durable sewing along the seams and corners ensures you won't rip this cover easily. The elastic edges stretch to fit most tables. The cover is made out of high-quality 300D oxford marine grade polyester which offers both UV protection as well as 100% waterproofing. It covers the playing surface completely along with rods and taking it on and off is straightforward.

Priced under $30, you are getting a great cover that is durable, requires little to no maintenance, and offers excellent protection. The material can be washed when it gets too dirty, and besides that, it doesn't need much else. This cover does sit a little loose, but won't be going anywhere on windy days.

All-in-all an excellent choice and great value for money!

What We liked
+ Available in three colors
+ Snug fit with elastic edges
+ Water and Weather-proof
+ Bang for the buck

Watch out for
- The material is a little thinner than expected

4. Black Universal Foosball Table Cover

Best for Light Protection

Black Universal Foosball Table Cover


  • Dimension: 55"L X 30"W X 5"H
  • Material: Thin Vinyl
  • Color: Black

Next up is a bare-minimum indoor Foosball table cover which is designed to offer light protection against dust or liquid spills. Priced under $20, this cover is ideal for anyone looking for a basic cover with an above-average build quality. The cover measures 55x30x5 inches and is made out thin vinyl material. The edges are scalloped around the table rods, and edges are further double stitched for a precise fit.

However, due to the specific cuts for the rods, this cover works well only with regulation-sized tables. The cover may sit loose or too tight for non-standard tables, thus defeating its purpose. So, it's best to double-check the measurements of your Foosball table before picking this cover. Also, keep a note that the material is quite thin and is prone to ripping if it's not handled carefully.

Go for this cover, if you're looking for basic protection for your Foosball table.

What We liked
+ Offers decent protection against dust
+ Lightweight

Watch out for
- Fits only standard-sized tables
- The material is thin, may rip easily

5. Suzo Happ Foosball Soccer Table Dust Cover

Value Pick Standing Mini Table

Suzo Happ Foosball Soccer Table Dust Cover Review


  • Dimension: 55"L X 30"W X 5"H
  • Material: Thin Vinyl
  • Color: Black

As the product name suggests, it's purely a dust cover designed to keep the dust and debris off the table. This also happens to be the cheapest cover on this list, at just under $15. While the quality might not be the best here, but it does its job fairly well.

The cover measures 55x30 inches and comes with scalloped edges to fit around the rods. It's made out of thin vinyl material and fits most standard Foosball tables. Putting the cover on and off is as easy as it gets. But one needs to be careful as the material isn't the strongest and may rip with slight force.

If you plan to pick this cover, make sure your Foosball table measures approximately of the same size as the cover for a snug fit.

Although the cover has its fair share of flaws, but in terms of value for money, it's hard to beat.

What We liked
+ Decent dust cover
+ Cheap

Watch out for
- Thin material

Buyer's Guide to Foosball Table Cover

A Foosball table cover is a basic accessory, and on the outset, it may seem like you don't need to put much thought while buying one. Alas, I wish it was that easy. With several brands out there, each claiming to be the best around; it can be quite an intimidating task picking the right one.

To save you from the guesswork, we've put together this buyer's guide. In the next section, we'll be discussing exactly what you should be looking for while shopping for a cover for your Foosball Table.

The Basics


The first and the most essential factor you need to account is the dimensions. Not all Foosball tables are made equal, and not all covers are made to fit every Foosball table. Always be sure to get the proper measurements of your table before buying. Some materials will have a little flex in them. So, if you are not sure about size, err on the side of caution and stick to covers with some elastic in them.

Also, most covers do not cover all the way till the legs. If you are worried about height coverage, then pay attention to skirting measurement. The height tends to vary a lot from cover to cover.

If you're eyeing for quality and durability stick with a thick vinyl cover. They're waterproof, sturdier and come in a vast range of color options. However, they tend to be more expensive and are a bit heavier.

Specialized materials like composite cotton or polyester are excellent for the outdoor environment. They're breathable, hold well under all-weather conditions and easily stretch to the right fit. However, they are a little bit thinner than the Vinyl, and probably won't have the same lifespan.

The plastic covers, even though they're more affordable, should be avoided. They might hold up under rain, and keep the dust off, but can't stand up to sun damage over time.


Prices of covers can range from as low as $20 to all the way up to $80. Bear mind that the being expensive doesn't always translate to the best quality. That being said, costlier options come with more color options and premium finish. 

Mid-grade covers come at a price point of $30 to $60, and offer good value for money. Even though they might not be aesthetically pleasing but do their job fine. Your budget is up to you, ultimately. In this case, don't feel pressured to purchase the most expensive item. Some of our top picks are not even the most expensive on the market!

Another good way to save some money is to opt for the less popular colors. You'll notice that some of the bestselling options can be up to $10 dollars more expensive for the same product. If color doesn't matter to you, go ahead and grab the better deal.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Covers

The material and design of indoor and outdoor covers are completely different. While an indoor cover is primarily made of Vinyl which offers proper protection against dust, drink spills and debris. But the shortcomings of Vinyl material is that it isn't pliable and breathable enough. So, if by chance moisture gets trapped inside the cover, there is no way for it to escape; potentially causing permanent damage to the table. But in an indoor environment, humidity is mostly under control, and the Vinyl covers are best suited.

However, the outdoor environment is where the table needs real protection. The table is continuously under the threat of rain, humidity, sun, wind, and more. So its imperative to use better quality materials such as Polyester or cotton blend. Such covers are form-fitting and snugly fits the table. It's also breathable for better airflow, lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. When buying an outdoor cover, always look for straps with buckles or some locking mechanism to prevent the cover from flying away in heavy winds.


Foosball tables are great fun but must be treated with great care. They are not cheap either, and keeping them in good shape is important to maximize the life of your purchase. Getting a Foosball table cover is always worth it. Nobody wants to play on a trashed table!

You have lots of all-weather covers to choose from. So regardless of where you live, rain or shine, you can rest easy knowing your Foosball table is safe. Even if you only keep it indoors, cleaning a Foosball table is too much of a hassle every time.

Hopefully, our top 5 Foosball Table Cover picks, and buyer's guide was able to help you narrow down your choices!

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