5 Best Mini Claw Machines For Kids (Reviews)

Best High End

Bundaloo Unicorn Mini Claw Machine Review

Bundaloo Unicorn Mini Claw Machine

Best Mid Range

Mini Claw Machine For Kids Review

Mini Claw Machine For Kids

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Heitamy Mini Claw Machine Review

Heitamy Mini Claw Machine, 2-in-1

Last Updated: 10th Mar, 2023

When I used to go to the fairground as a child, I always loved spending my money on the claw grabbing machines, in the hope that I could snag hold of that Pikachu plush or a scoop of candy. Now I am a fully grown adult… I can afford to put even more money into them!

I think all of us can agree that claw machines are addictive, not only for the opportunity to hook yourself a cool gift to show off with but the excitement and the adrenaline rush you gain for winning.

Now you and your little ones can capture that feeling in the comfort of your own home. After careful review with the help of my little niece and nephew, I have gathered my top 5 home claw machine choices that can recreate the fun and excitement of the fairground or Arcade!

Best mini claw machines

Our Top Picks for The Best Mini Claw Machines

1. Bundaloo Unicorn Mini Claw Machine

Top Pick

Bundaloo Unicorn Mini Claw Machine Review

This tabletop Claw machine is undoubtedly the perfect addition to any games room or party.

This machine is definitely a scaled version of its bigger counterpart, even needing coins to operate it. Before you smash the piggy bank, the coins are plastic and are provided for you.

A slot at the top of the machine makes it super easy to refill, which means you don't need to tip it upside down to put more prizes inside, as is usually the case with these kinds of claw machines.

The three joysticks are fluent and easy to navigate, and the claws lifting capability is very impressive. When testing it, I managed to scoop several small candies without too much trouble of getting them to the light-up prize flap.

What really amazed me was the sturdy design of this model, with not a single flimsy piece insight. The 6 month warranty that comes with it can put your mind to rest even further.

The colorful Unicorn design and joysticks console is attractive and inviting for children of all ages.

Top Features:

  • Colorful Unicorn Design
  • Authentic Feel Of An Arcade Claw Machine
  • Impressive Weight Capability
  • Easy To Use Joysticks

Conclusion: The 'Bundaloo Unicorn Mini Claw Machine' is cute, addictively fun and of sturdy manufacture. Kids will love not only its design, but also the smooth operating capability.

2. The Toy Grabber Claw Machine for Kids

Best Value

The Toy Grabber Claw Machine for Kids Review

This vibrantly designed claw machine will put a smile on any child's face. It is fun, inviting and extremely easy to use with its single joystick and wide grabbing claw. It is suitable for children of all ages as there are no removable parts or sharp corners.

In fact, this product can be used to develop vision, hearing, observation, touch and exploration, which will build on your child's cognitive functions.

This machine is ideal for any party or gathering. Why not use it as a 'treat' machine as a reward for your child. Shoot, I wouldn't think twice about drying the plates, If I could hook myself a Hershey's kiss or 2.

The plastic is sturdy, and the claw manages to glide along to the desired dropping point seamlessly.

A feature I love about this machine is the interactive sounds and music it plays while the player navigates towards a candy or toy. It really does have an authentic arcade feel.

Top Features:

  • Vibrant Colored Design
  • Could Be Used For Child Development
  • Sturdy Manufacture


This toy grabber is ideal for children of all ages and can be used for fun, rewards or cognitive improvement. This machine will bring a smile to your child's face, and even provide you with nostalgia from those days at the Arcade.

3. Mini Claw Machine For Kids

Most Authentic

Mini Claw Machine For Kids Review

The body of this grabber reminds me of the machines you would find at the fairground. It looks rugged and firm but has novelty in the form of its multicolor flashing LED lights.

The reusable plastic coins and the three robust joysticks bring it to a whole new level of authenticity. The Joysticks can take rough usage as my 6-year-old niece tested when she really wanted to snag a Frozen 2 Olaf toy I had hidden amongst the other prizes.

Coming with a modest $40 price tag, this machine is undoubtedly the best for value, and would make the perfect addition at any family gathering or party.

A feature I love about this machine is the music timer that puts the player against the clock, adding an extra level of excitement to the game. The sound effects are clear and loud, yet soft and cheerful for the little ones to enjoy.

Top Features:

  • Flashing LED On The Body Of The Machine
  • Robust Joysticks 
  • Great Value Price

Conclusion: With a sturdy build that gives this product longevity, along with a very reasonable price for the quality, this product will be loved by children and will undoubtedly give them hours of entertainment.

4. CISAY Claw Machine

Best Design

CISAY Claw Machine Review

Bringing the classic Claw Machine into the 21st century, the ' CISAY Claw Machine' proudly boasts a wireless controller that can be taken out from the body of the grabber and can be used as a handheld controller.

The music and LED's in this system react together when the game is in use. Also, the volume has 4 settings that can cater to the environment it is placed in.

You can either play the traditional click and navigate style of play, or make the game more exciting by the '60 seconds' mode, that will change to fast-paced music and put a little more pressure on aiming for the target.

A distinctive feature of this model that I have rarely seen on other products is the cute cartoon backing board that gives a cluttered fullness to the inner box, which is precisely what you want in a Claw Machine.

Top Features:

  • Wireless Handheld Controller
  • Music & LED Lights That Interact Together
  • Cute Cartoon Backboard 

Conclusion: A modern take on the classic arcade machine, this device's wireless functionality will make it more appealing to younger generations. It will undoubtedly have them hooked (excuse the pun) on this Claw machine!

5. Heitamy Mini Claw Machine, 2 in 1

Best Features

 Heitamy Mini Claw Machine Review

The first thing that struck me about the design of this claw machine is its retro 1950s style aesthetics. It's manufactured stout and sturdy, which means it can take rough play without breaking.

It is very lightweight, that means it's easy to move around or store away when the games are over.

The coolest feature of this model is that it doubles as an alarm clock. I can see this standing on a bedside table, making that dreaded wake-up call that little bit better with a game or two before hopping out of bed!

The controls are very flexible, and the joystick is tall with a comfortable ball to rest your palm on. I found the claw size quite wide, especially to pick up the game balls that are included with the product.

The cherry on top is that the 'Heitamy Mini Claw Machine, 2 in 1' comes at the phenomenal price of $30.99. With Free shipping, this is a no brainer if you want a quality product at a reasonable price.

Top Features:

  • Claw Machine & Alarm Clock Combined
  • Retro Design
  • Lightweight
  • Bargain Price

Conclusion: Both a claw machine and an alarm clock, your kids will absolutely fall in love will this kooky game! It is easy to use and has a cool retro look to it. I can see it fitting nicely in any game room, and won't take up too much room either.

Buyer's Guide to Mini Claw Machines

What you want to look out for when buying a claw machine is the quality and strength of the crane. Some inferior models use cheap plastic and mechanism, which won't last long at all. The top 5 I have chosen here, use premium quality plastic to give longevity to their life, so they can be played for years to come.

If you are buying for younger children, it is important you pick a model that doesn't have sharp edges or have parts that can come away easily. Of course, it is always recommended to watch them while they play, as whatever prizes you pick may still be a choking hazard to certain ages.

You will have to keep in mind that these mini claw machines will need batteries to operate. Once you choose the perfect one, maybe throw some AAA batteries into your basket to save any disappointment if the kids want to play with it straight away.

Different ways to play:

Why not turn the claw machine into a competitive game with the reduced timer mode? Make various prizes worth different points, after a certain amount of turns, whoever has the most points, wins!

How about fill the grabber with your child's favorite candy or toys, and use it as a reward system? I'm pretty sure they will be pretty keen to do well in whatever task you give them if there is a chance to hook something awesome as a reward!

Wrapping Up the guide

Mini Claw machines are perfect for kids, helping them learn and develop essential skills. Besides this, they're super fun to play, interactive, and quite affordable.

I hope you were able to find a claw machine that fits your needs. Your young one will surely be thanking you for a long time for this.

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