Best Spikeball Sets (Reviews)

Best High End

Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition) Review

Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition)

Best Mid Range

Spikeball 3 Ball Kit Bundle with Spikebuoy Review

Spikeball Three Ball Kit

Best Inexpensive

GoSports Slammo Game Set Review

GoSports Slammo Game

Last Updated: 11th Mar, 2023

Spikeball - A relatively new entrant in backyard/beach game space is gaining in popularity. First launched in 2008 and popularized by ABC show Shark Tank, this all-new American sport is played by over 4 million players and counting! For first time viewers, the game may look like a combination of Volleyball, Handball, Four-square, and Trampoline; making it quadruple the fun - isn't it?

The game can be played and enjoyed by players of all ages and skills and makes up for an excellent fun activity for family and friends. That being said, SpikeBall is quite an athletic sport, requiring a great deal of stamina, reflexes, and strategy for competitive play.

It requires minimal setup as well. All you need is a Spikeball Set, and you are set to play anywhere you like, be it the beach, playground, or your backyard.

To help you to choose the very best, we tested the top Spikeball sets to see which are worth your money.

After 10 hours of grueling of Spikeball play with my mates and trying out 5 sets in the process, I feel the Spikeball Three Ball Kit is best for most users due to its sturdy build, rich features, and affordable pricing.

Best Spikeball Set Reviews

All New American Sport

At a Glance: The 5 Best Spikeball Sets

1. Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition)

Best of the Best

Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition) Review

This is currently the best Spikeball set money can buy. Designed for competitive play, this is the exact set which is used in the official sanctioned tournaments. If you intend to take the game seriously, this is the set for you. To ease competitive players into the fold, a purchase of the set also includes one free registration to a licensed Spikeball tournament of your choosing! Not only that but the company also has an app that allows you to see when and where players set up games in and around your location to easily join the fun.

The Spikeball pro set comes all-inclusive to get you started. You get a sturdy Spikeball roundnet, two regulation balls, air pump, rule book, ball circumference measuring disk, and a storage bag. The net measures 36'' adhering to tournament specs and is mounted on five anti-skid folding legs. The company claims the legs and rims are 33% stronger than the normal set, offering a more stable playing surface for both indoor and outdoor usage. The extra sturdy structure also imparts better ball bounce resulting in longer rallies. It comes with two textured balls for better grip, spin, and control. A small ball pump is also included to inflate the balls when need be. Not to mention, Spikeball offers LIFETIME parts warranty!

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line Spikeball set, then look no further than this.

What we love
+ One free tournament entry
+ 33% Sturdier build quality
+ Ball pump
+ Lifetime guarantee

Watch out for 
- Expensive

2. GoSports Slammo Game Set

Budget Pick

GoSports Slammo Game Set Review

Next in the list is the GoSports Slammo Game Set. It may not have the word "Spikeball" in its name (due to trademark issues) but plays exactly the same and comes at only a fraction of the price! Actually, no company owns the patent of the game, and hence different manufacturers have launched their own variations like Spikeball, Slammo, Spyderball and more...

Included in the set is a 36'' regulation target, 2 competitive grade 9 cm balls, one 12 cm training ball for beginner players, rule book and a travel bag. Featuring sturdy rims, rigid PVC legs, and a high-quality net, this set not only durable but also offers excellent playability. The net covers the whole frame, hence the chances of the dreaded pocket shots get limited as well.

On top of this, GoSports includes a lifetime parts replacement guarantee, so basically you're getting a Spikeball set for life. Between the excellent build quality and pricing, I feel you'll be hard-pressed to find a better set than this.

What we love
+ Affordably priced
+ Easy to assemble
+ Lifetime warranty against breakage

Watch out for
- Legs don't fold up, but it's pretty easy to break down the rim and put together
- Frame might warp/melt under hot weather conditions

3. Spikeball Three Ball Kit

Popular Choice

Spikeball 3 Ball Kit Review

Spikeball 3 ball kit geared more towards recreational and casual players. Quite similar to its successor Spikeball Pro kit, this set is also built as tournament regulations. However, the targets are not as sturdy as in the pro kit, and so are the balls. The balls are smooth similar to Volleyball while in the pro kit you get textured balls. Having said that, this is an ideal set for anyone looking to get started with the game.

It comes with a Spikeball target with 36'' net, three balls, a drawstring bag, and a rule book. An air pump isn't included, which means you need to get one separately. As expected, the build quality is good, and the set can take a fair bit of abuse. On the playability aspect, the bounce is decent, slightly lower than the pro kit.

The set is easy to set up and takedown. The whole set fits right into the provided carrying bag for easy storage and transport. Lastly, the company also offers a LIFETIME warranty on the parts free of charge. All of this for a price like that, this set is almost a no-brainer for beginners in the sport!

What we love
+ Priced-down version, suited for recreational players
+ Foldable legs for easy storage
+ Lifetime guarantee

Watch out for
- Not as sturdy as the pro version ($30 costlier)
- No air pump

4. Spikeball 3 Ball Kit Bundle with Spikebuoy (Change)

Play On the Water

Spikeball 3 Ball Kit Bundle with Spikebuoy Review

The makers of Spikeball have given a fun twist to the hugely popular game. With Spikebouy, you can play your favorite game in the pool, lake, or even ocean - Sounds like fun isn’t it? What’s even more exciting is that you will still be able to play on the surface like you normally do and when it’s time to take the game in water simply attach the Spikebouy.

The set comes with a 36'' target, 3 balls, 2 glow balls, and Spikebouy water addon. To float the set in the water, simply attach the five floats to each of the leg, and attach the other end to the anchor bag which also doubles as a carrying bag. Fill the anchor bag with sand, stones or anything which isn’t sharp and is heavy.

While you can set the game in any water body, but shallow water is preferable as you will be able to run and dive with ease. As far as the rules are concerned, they are pretty much the same except that the shots landing outside the pool are considered illegal and results in the opposing team gaining a point.

What We love
+ Comes with 2 glow balls allowing you to play even in low light conditions
+ The leg floats are easy to install and remove
+ Play anywhere from land to water
+ Lifetime guarantee

Watch out for
- None

5. GoSports Slammo XL Game Set

Best for Kids

GoSports Slammo XL Game Set Review

Spikeball is a game perfect for all ages, but usually, beginners find the net a tad bit small to aim. This is where the GoSports XL comes in. An ideal set for kids and beginners getting started with the game. The net measures out to a whopping circumference of forty-eight inches (75% larger than then the normal). A larger playing area, although not approved for competitive play, is perfect for beginners to get a grasp on the game. The net also offers a higher bounce back on hits, resulting in longer rallies.

The set comes with 3 large inflatable balls, air pump, and a carrying bag. As per the company claims, this set is 200% stronger than the normal slammo set. The five sturdy rubber legs provide a stable playing surface across all terrains from sand to concrete. The whole structure breaks down and fits in the carry for convenient storage. Additionally, the lifetime warranty covers all the parts.

What we love
+ 75% larger than normal set; Ideal for beginners
+ Excellent build quality
+ High bounce net
+ Lifetime part replacement warranty

Watch out for
-  Legs don't fold

Buyer’s Guide to Spikeball Sets & Rules

Drawing its core principles off of the most intense Volleyball action, Spikeball has become an exceptional addition to backyard arsenal. It offers a level of exercise not often found in many outdoor games and brings the excitement and sudden surprise with each slam of the ball against the net. 

If you're looking to get yourself a Spikeball set, there are a couple of points to keep in mind as discussed below. We've also included the basic games rules in the next section for easier understanding.

Things to Look For When Buying

When shopping for a Spikeball set, your options are quite limited as there are only a handful of manufacturers out there. Broadly the offerings differ in purpose, build quality, ball types and accessories.

If you're a recreation or casual player, choose a set which is durable and affordably priced. These sets are excellent for backyard or beach games with family and friends. You can get yourself a decent set for under $40. 

Serious players and competitors who want to train on a long-lasting set which mimics top gameplay attributes, should choose tournament sets. Such sets cost anywhere from $70 to $100.

<Build Quality>

Most sets available for purchase have similar features such as retractable or foldable legs, a durable net, and well-constructed metal or PVC rim. A Spikeball set takes quite a beating during the game and you should look for a set with sturdy rims, legs, and net. Weaker structures aren’t stable, and may move or even break down while playing. A saggy net won't be tight enough for good ball bounce. A good way to judge the build quality is by checking the thickness of the rims and legs.

<Balls Types & Quantity>
Usually, the sets come with two to three balls. Look for sets with more number of balls as buying them individually, later on, will cost you a lot more. There are two types of inflatable balls commonly used in Spikeball. The first one is a plain ball similar to Volleyball, and the other is a textured ball. While plain balls are ideal for casual play, the textured balls offer better control and grip and are used in competitive play. 

Although optional but addon accessories like portable air pump or leg floats can take the gameplay experience to next-level. An air pump is rather essential, because the balls tend to lose quite a bit of air after each match. While the leg floats can help you play the game even on water. 

Spikeball Rules

Spikeball borrows quite a bit of rules from Volleyball. The object of the game is to either serve or return the ball in such a way that the opposing team isn't able to make a successful return. Each point is worth one point, and the game is generally played in 21 points format. The winning team must win with a two-point difference.

The game is played in two teams each with two players. The team stands opposite to another around the Spikeball roundnet. One team member serves the ball to an opposing team member for the game to begin by spiking (or hitting) the ball directly into the net. The server must be at least 6' away from the roundnet while serving and must throw the ball at least 4'' before hitting.

Each team has up to three hits (alternating between one another) before the ball must again be spiked into the net for the other team to continue play. Unlike Volleyball, after the initial spike serve there are NO boundaries in the area of play and players can move freely around the net, three hundred and sixty degrees as long as they follow the three-hit rule. If the opposing team is unable to return a spike or if the spiking team hits the ball into the rim of the net, a single point is awarded to the hitting team OR the returning team, respectively.

When any team loses a point, the opposing team gets to serve. Within the team, any player can choose to serve first and continue until his/her team earns the points. However, next time, when it's time for the team to serve, the partner would be the server.

Points can be earned or lost when:

  1. The ball directly hits the outer rim of the roundnet
  2. The ball rolls across the net without bouncing
  3. If any player hits the ball successively
  4. If any player catches the ball instead of hitting
  5. If the server does two faults in a row
  6. If the ball bounces twice on the net
  7. If the ball hits the ground
To Wrap It Up

Getting yourself and your family a Spikeball set might be the best decisions you ever make. The game is fun, challenging, competitive, and an excellent workout for everyone.

All the sets recommended by us in the guide are equally good and reliable. You can confidently pick any of the Spikeball sets based on your requirements, and you won't be disappointed.

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