Dart Room Decor Ideas

Top 15 Dart board Room Decor Ideas

Acquiring a dart board and a set of darts is easy and affordable, but now you're faced with the hassle of deciding where to hang it. The dartboard takes up so little room that it can be challenging, even overwhelming, to determine how to decorate your dart room.

From traditional to contemporary, here are some intriguing designs for your dart room.

1. Multi-Functional

This room is bright, open, and has plenty of space for a large group of people to enjoy themselves. Not only is there darts, but this space is being optimized to include a reading shelf, a desk, and an air hockey table. The dartboard is accentuated by a large cork board surrounding it to protect the wall.

2. A true Man Cave

This room's design is simple and combines the best of traditional and modern design. The aged, wooden accent wall the dartboard is perched on adds a touch of rustic to the room. Most of the decor in the space is a neutral tan-brown color to match the accent wall, but splashes of color help bring the place alive. This person chose yellow and blue for their colors, but any color combination would suffice.

2. Tucked In The Corner

Maybe you don't have space in your house to dedicate a whole room to darts? No problem! This person is utilizing their space by tucking the dartboard in the corner, but creating a colorful backsplash for it, that really makes the corner of the room pop. The dartboard is next to a sliding door so players can enjoy the scenery outside while they play.

4. American Mid-West

This dartboard setup has the classic wooden frame and chalkboard next to it, but its the decor around the dartboard that actually stands out. The barrel high-top tables and stools give this space a cowboy vibe. Adding more cowboy themed decorations like boots, saddles, or mounted taxidermy could further complement this theme.

5. Cork

This handmade dart backboard is crafted using corks from wine bottles. The corks surround the dartboard, and adjacent scoreboard, giving this dart set a unique look. This board would be an excellent addition to any room.

6. Sleek And Elegant

The dark grain of the wood surrounding this dartboard matches perfectly with the beautiful bar area and the cabinet beside it. This dart room gives off an aura of sophistication and elegance. A light is placed above the dartboard and shines directly on it to provide ample lighting in the otherwise dark room.

7. Customized

Cherry Cricket is the name of a restaurant, and 1945 is the year it was established. While this dartboard may not be suited for your home, a simple swap of the name and dates, and all of a sudden, it's a perfect fit. A custom dartboard is a thoughtful gift and would make an excellent addition to anyone's home.

8. Repurposed Dartboard

Source: Vinepair

The cut-off the top of a barrel is the backboard for this dartboard. This gives the board a unique and rustic look that would fit in with any traditional or rustic themed room. Not only is it creative, but it creates a topic of conversation.

9. Balc Goes With Everything

This person didn't try to reinvent the wheel when they came up with this dartboard design. It’s simple, sleek, and we love it! The simplicity of this design draws the eye to the brick wall, which is the center of attention here. This dartboard is perfect for anyone that has a brick or stone wall in their home.

10. Bringing The Game Outside

Not everybody wants to play darts in a poorly lit basement or a bar. This person brought the fun of the game to their patio. The natural wooden backboard of this dartboard works well with the neutral stonewall it has been mounted on. The dartboard cabinet houses the dartboard, scoreboard, and a place to store your darts, keeping the whole play area organized.

11. Wooden accent

This backboard is beautiful and can match nearly any decor. Best of all, it’s effortless to make. Simply sand down a few planks of wood, stain it to the color of your choosing, and mount them to the wall. This look pairs well with the wooden floor and bar.

12. Dedicated Enthusiast

This setup is ideal for anyone who takes darts seriously. The red carpeting dart mat sets up the distance the player should be standing at from the board while playing. The lighting around the carpeting adds a dramatic effect as if the player is playing a tournament or is on TV. The multifaceted lamp in the corner can shine light on the board as well as the rest of the room without wasting space.

13. Abstract And Colorful

The vibrancy of this backboard brings pizzazz to an otherwise dull room. Velvet cloth has been stretched over square-shaped objects, possible wood or steel, and secured in the back. These squares were then mounted next to each other on the wall to create this striking effect that is reminiscent of a painting by Piet Mondrian.

14.  Sports Themed

Dartboards are common in sports bars, so it's only fitting that a sports-themed dartboard would pop up. This particular board is dedicated to the Dallas Cowboys, and most Texans would be proud to have this in their home. However, not everyone is a Dallas fan or even a football fan. These dartboards can be custom made to the team and sport of your choosing.

15.  Rustic and Gorgeous

The layout for this dartboard is beautiful, and you would be hard-pressed to find a home that this wouldn’t look good in. The splashes of color amongst the unstained wood give this corner a modern-country vibe. Notice how this person only chose three accent colors rather than use an array of colors that would look confusing.

Wrapping Up

Dartboards are an easy and affordable way to add some fun to your home. The backboard is a must as you don't want the darts damaging your wall, but now we know that these backboards can add to the aesthetics of any room. 

Not only are they eye-catching, but they can be fun and easy to make.

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