Best Bingo Game Set

Best High End

GSE Games & Sports Expert Professional Bingo Game Set

GSE Games & Sports Expert Professional Bingo Game

Best Mid Range

Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set

Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set - 9-Inch Metal Cage

Best Inexpensive

Regal Games Family Bingo Cage Set With Shutter Slide Cards

Regal Games Family Bingo Cage Set With Shutter Slide Cards

Last Updated: 10th Mar, 2023

Are you looking for the best bingo game set for the money? Then you're in the right place. We spent over 70 hours testing (and playing with) over a dozen bingo game sets. While some of them were excellent but most didn't make the cut. We've rounded up the best 5 bingo game sets in terms of design/features vs. the price.

There's nothing quite like a game of bingo to generate excitement. It's such a simple concept, give all players a bingo sheet and start pulling numbers. The first person who can create a line on their sheet with those numbers wins. As it's so simple, anyone can host their own game whenever they want. 

Bingo is the perfect game for any event. Buy a set for your local nursing home, youth club, or bar, and you have an activity that can be held again and again. It's brilliant for raising money for charity events or just for a fun afternoon. Whatever you want to use it for, bingo is a game that can be played and enjoyed by anyone, from aged 4 to 104. 

If you're going to pick up a bingo set for yourself, you need to ensure you're getting the best one for you. There are so many sets out there, and they're not all created the same. Here's some of the best bingo sets on the market, so you can pick the one that works for you.

Best Bingo Game Sets Reviewed

Our Top picks for the Best Bingo Sets

1. GSE Games & Sports Expert Professional Bingo Game Set – Pro Pick

GSE Games & Sports Expert Professional Bingo Game Set

This bingo set is super stylish and one of the best looking on our list. The bingo cage is made from brass colored metal, and has either a metal or wooden base plate, depending on your preferences. It'll look great even when it's not in use, so you can place it on a shelf to blend in with the rest of your decor. The cage comes with a brass weighted cup that will automatically select balls for you, making it a truly random process. It's over-sized too, so you can use it to draw lotto numbers or use it in raffles, too.

The balls themselves are a simple white color, with large printing, so you see the number you selected at a glance. They can be placed in the plastic Bingo master board, which boasts retro styling. The board holds 75 I ½ inch balls, so you can see every number you've selected easily.

This is our pro pick because it offers sleek looks with excellent design. You can run several different events with it as well as bingo, making it multi-functional. There's no unneeded style choices here; just a good quality bingo set you can use again and again.

Top Features:

  • Choice of metal or wooden base
  • Large bingo master board so you can see what's been selected at a glance
  • Automatic selector for bingo balls
  • Ping pong style balls ensure quiet operation

This pro set will blend right in wherever you keep it. It's a great looking set that offers quality, as the good construction will keep it working for many games to come. 

Final Note: Priced under $100, this bingo set is expensive but also the very best out there. If the price isn't a constraint, this high-quality set is definitely worth considering.

2. Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set – Editor's Pick

Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set

This set is our pick because it comes with everything you'd need to play bingo. The large black cage is easy to use, and customers who've bought this set say it spins freely. You'll be able to mix up the balls well and truly before beginning to call your numbers. The balls themselves are brightly colored plastic, coming in blue, red, white and green. There's a full plastic ball tray so you can easily keep track of all the balls that have already been called.

What's great about this set is that there are lots of bingo cards and markers included, too. There are 100 bingo cards that are made of heavy card, so they can stand up to repeated use. They come in the same colors as the balls, so you can run multiple games and everyone can keep track of where they are. There are 500 plastic bingo markers too, so you have more than enough to pass around. Because both the cards and markers are reusable, you'll never have to worry about finding bingo sheets or pens again. It also makes the game eco-friendly, as you're not using paper every time you play. 

Top Features:

  • An easy to use metal bingo cage for selecting numbers
  • 75 brightly colored balls 
  • Lots of bingo cards and markers so you can play bingo right out of the box
  • Eco friendly design as doesn't need extra paper or pens

If you just want to get started playing bingo, this is the set you need. It has everything, and for a good price too. You can start playing as soon as you get your kit.

Final note: The Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set comes with an excellent build quality without the hefty price tag. A no-brainer for anyone looking for a quality set.

3. Regal Games Family Bingo Cage Set With Shutter Slide Cards – Budget Pick

Regal Games Family Bingo Cage Set With Shutter Slide Cards

Want a game you can play with your family with little mess or fuss? This is a kit that you'll love. The set comes with everything you need to get started, and everyone can get involved easily. The full set comes with the bingo cage, 75 balls, a ball tray, and shutter slide bingo cards. 

The cage itself is made out of sturdy metal, designed to last through many games of bingo. The automatic ball selector is weighted to ensure there are no ball jams, and a wide catch to stop balls from rolling away once they've been selected. You can place those balls in the ball tray, so you can see which numbers have been called at a glance. 

What's great about this kit is the shutter slide cards. The bingo sheet fits into the sleeve, that has windows for the numbers. If your number is called, pull the shutter over the number so you can see which numbers you have at a glance. No chips to lose and no pens to find when you want to play bingo, it makes it so easy. 

Top Features:

  • Shutter slide cards enable multiple play through with the same cards
  • Sturdy cage designed to last for many games of bingo
  • Option to buy more cards to expand the game for more players
  • Bright colored balls that help you keep track of the numbers

Final Note: It's amazing how much is packed into this set, especially as it's our budget pick. You'll get more than your money's worth with this set.

4. Royal Bingo Supplies EZ – Reset – Best Design

Royal Bingo Supplies EZ-Reset Professional Steel Tabletop Bingo

If you want a bingo set that's both gorgeous and has an ingenious design, you've got to check this set out. It looks a little different from most other sets, as the master board and the cage are connected. There's a good reason for this, though. When a game is over and you're ready to start again, all you need to do is pull a lever underneath the master board. The balls will all roll out back into the cage in a matter of seconds. It really is an 'EZ-Reset'. 

There's a lot to be said for the aesthetics of the board, too. The whole set is finished in a tasteful off white, with a black steel cage. The weighted automatic selector is colored gold, so it fits in with the set and is easily found on the cage. The balls themselves are hand-carved wood, looking amazing in the set while you're using it. 

This is the perfect set to buy for a club or group home. It holds everything together in the same unit, so if you want to play, you just need to take it down off the shelf. It's easy to use and ready to go in a matter of moments. 

Top Features:

  • Classic design including wood and steel for a timeless look
  • One full unit holds everything, including the master board and the cage
  • Quickly resets so you can start a new game
  • Good quality materials give you a long lasting set

Final Note: We're so impressed with the design of this set. There's nothing else quite like it, and it's perfect for anywhere that you want to be able to start and restart games quickly. 

5. Lulu Home Bingo Game Set – Bargain Pick

Lulu Home Bingo Game Set

Finally, it's time for our bargain pick, and we're convinced you'll get the most for your money with this set. It's packed full of everything you'll need to play bingo whenever you want, without the hassle. 

The set itself comes in shades of black and white, making it super tasteful and look great anywhere you use it. The bingo cage is black metal and designed to hold up to many uses, plus it comes with an automatic ball selector. The ball tray comes in black too with white lettering, making it simple to use. The balls come in white, so you can easily read the numbers and see them against the black call tray. 

Alongside all this is a set of bingo cards and chips, so you can play right out of the box. It makes the set an absolute bargain, as you won't need to buy anything else to get started with your game. There are 18 bingo cards and 150 bingo chips, so you can play again and again. Even better, the set is small enough that you can transport it anywhere, so you can play bingo wherever you are. 

Top Features:

  • Classic black and white styling 
  • Can be transported anywhere you'd like to use it
  • Multiple bingo cards and chips so you can play right away
  • Simple design makes it easy to use

Final Note: With everything that comes in the box, this makes this set our bargain pick. If you want to get started with bingo, you won't need to buy anything else. 

Your Bingo Set Buyer's Guide

Not sure how to pick the best bingo set for you? Use these tips to help you pick the right set that you and your family will love.

Key Considerations

<Think About Style>

Will your bingo set be on display when you're not using it? If so, you'll want to look for a set that's got some excellent style so it looks at home on your shelves. These days you can pick up all kinds of sets, from wooden ones to brushed steel, and more. 

If you'll only be bringing the game out for games, or it's just something you want to play at home, then you don't need to worry about the style so much. Pick a plastic or metal set that will serve you well.

<Do You Need Bingo Cards?>

This will depend on where you're using the bingo set. You have the choice of buying a set with or without bingo cards, so will you use them if you do get them? At home with your family, you'll get a lot of use out of the cards. There's often lots in a set, and you'll most likely be using 4-6 at a time. This gives you a lot of replay value. 

If you're buying a bingo set to use in a public setting, then the cards may not be the best option. There may not be enough to go around, and it will be hard to keep track of all the chips. Instead, buy some dabbers and a pad of bingo sheets instead, and you'll be able to use your set with ease.

<Consider Who Will Be Playing>

The set you buy will very much depend on who will be playing bingo with you. For example, if you have very young children, they may not be able to read the numbers on the balls. If this is the case for you, you can buy sets designed just for them. The sets have pictures rather than numbers, so they can still play and be involved with the game. 

If you're playing with anyone with diminished eyesight, such as people in an assisted living center, then you'll need to consider this too. In this case, a set with large print on the balls and the bingo cards you buy is going to be the best option for you.

<Build quality>

The last and the most trivial aspect to consider is the build quality, from the construction of the cage to bingo balls. Look for a robust and sturdy cage made out of heavy gauge stainless steel. The thicker the steel, the more long-lasting the unit will be. Try to avoid plastic cages as they tend to break rather easily. Bingo balls are either wooden or made of plastic. Both are decent material depending on the quality used, but one thing you must check is the size. You should look for at least 1.5'' diameter balls as they rotate smoothly and are easier to read as well.

Let's Wrap Things Up:

As you've seen, you've got all kinds of options for your potential new bingo set. Whether you need large print balls, a stylish bingo cage, or a set with all the bingo cards you'll ever need, you'll find it in this guide. Pick the set that speaks to you and get playing.

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