Best Cribbage Boards (Reviewed)

To find the best cribbage board for family game nights and kids, we spent 20 hours researching 29 boards and played 12 of them with 26 players of different age groups and skill levels. And after a lot of deliberation and comparisons, we have shortlisted what we believe are the top five sets currently available.

Here are our picks:

Pro Pick

Mitercraft Pendulums Wooden Cribbage Board Metal Pegs

Mitercraft Pendulums Wooden Cribbage Board Metal Pegs

Best Overall

Royal Cribbage Board With Cards, Pegs And Dealer Button

Royal Cribbage Board with Cards, Pegs And Dealer Button

Best Inexpensive

Bicycle 3-Track Color Coded Wooden Cribbage Game

Bicycle 3-Track Color Coded Wooden Cribbage Game (No Cards)

Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

Cribbage is a game that was invented around the 17th century, and while it's not widely played, it's still a classic that you should get to know. This interesting card game requires a lot of strategic thinking, as you aim to score more points than your opponent. It's the game of both luck of the deal as well as the skill of the player.

When playing Cribbage, you'll often be playing with just two players, making it perfect if you want something that can easily be played on a rainy day with a loved one, or over drinks when you have a visitor. You can also get boards that support up to four players though, so there's a Cribbage board out there for everyone.

Here are some of the best Cribbage boards on the market right now, and why you'll want to consider one for your home. So, whether you're looking for a classic wooden cribbage board or a budget one, you'll surely find something worthwhile!

Top Picks for the Best Cribbage Boards

1. Mitercraft Pendulums Wooden Cribbage Board Metal Pegs – Pro Pick

Mitercraft Pendulums Wooden Cribbage Board Metal Pegs

There are a huge range of cribbage boards out there, and you'll have different requirements from them depending on your needs. If you're looking for excellent craftsmanship, then this is exactly what you'll get from the Mitercraft Pendulums Wooden Cribbage Board. This unique-looking cribbage board is built to last and is something that you can pass onto the next generations.

This board has had rave reviews from customers, describing the high quality of it. The board is made from specially selected hardwoods, making it look great and making it hard-wearing too. Each board is handcrafted with care, using only sustainable woods so you can buy with confidence. The high build quality ensures this board will last for years to come. Moreover, it's made in the USA and manufactured using the sustainably harvested woods.

It looks amazing too, with your choice of design laser engraved into the top of it. There's the classic Pendulums design, as well as wildlife and nature designs that you're bound to love. As this is such an attractive board, it makes a great present.

The board is smaller than others on the market right now, making it ideal if you're looking to take the game on the road with you. It also makes it easy to store away in your home, although the attractive design would look great out on display too.

Top Features:

  • Measures just 7 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Made of sustainable hardwoods
  • Several different etchings available
  • Exquisite design
  • Recommended for ages 12 up

Final Note:

This Cribbage board is one of the most attractive and high-quality wooden boards out there. Plus, being so small, it's an excellent board to take on the go, too.

Overall, if the price isn't a constraint and you're looking for a wooden cribbage board that offers the classic gameplay experience, choose this!

2. Royal Cribbage Board with Cards, Pegs & Dealer Button – Best Overall

Royal Cribbage Board With Cards, Pegs And Dealer Button

If you've not played Cribbage before and want to try it out, this is the board for you. It comes with everything you need to start playing. That includes two full decks of cards, metal pegs in gold, silver, and black, and a dealer button. Once you have this board in your possession, you have everything you need to get started.

What's interesting about this board is that it allows up to three players, with three-player tracks on the board. If you want to involve more people in your game, you can easily do it here. It's a good option if you have three children and want them all to be able to play, or just want to involve more people in your game.

The players' tracks are clearly marked out in red, blue, and green, so everyone can see where they are at all times. This is another feature that makes it perfect for beginners, as it is so simple to keep up with what's happening.

With a walnut style finish, the board is attractive, too. All the pieces can be stored within it thanks to the sliding top, so it's easy to put away once you're done playing.

And if you haven't played Cribbage before, don't worry. An easy-to-understand rulebook is provided along with the set.

Top Features:

  • Fully self contained set, with everything you need to play
  • Sliding top allows for easy storage
  • Measures 15.5 x 2.3 x 5.3 inches
  • Has three-player tracks
  • Beginner-friendly features, such as larger board size

Final note: 

This, in our opinion, is the 'Best Overall' Cribbage set as it comes with everything you need. It's priced reasonably, has a great looking design, and holds everything in the board itself. It's an excellent pick for anyone interested in Cribbage.

3. Bicycle 3-Track Color Coded Wooden Cribbage Game – Budget Pick

Bicycle 3-Track Color Coded Wooden Cribbage Game

If you're new to cribbage, you don't need a costly board, to begin with. You need something which is cheap yet comes with the decent build quality. And this is exactly what the Bicycle 3-Track Color Coded Wooden Cribbage board offers.

The three-track board allows for up to three players at a time, with tracks in patriotic red, white, and blue colors. You'll be able to easily start up a game, as well as know what everyone is scoring as it's so easy to keep track thanks to the different colors. You'll get a set of nine pegs in matching colors, so you can see at a glance what you're scoring.

Note: This set does not come with cards included. However, you can pick a deck of card for well under three dollars on Amazon.

The board itself is a solid piece of wood, designed to look good as well as stand up to a lot of play over the years. Bring sturdy, you don't have to worry about warping that you'd get with some other boards. There are felt feet on the bottom too, so it won't scratch any surface that you put it on.

When you buy this board, you'll also get a condensed rules primer, so it's a good board for any beginner to the game. All you need to do is bring a pack of cards, and you can start learning how to play.

Top Features:

  • Measures 3.75 x 0.79 x 19.96 inches
  • Has a plastic slot in the back for holding your pegs
  • Three lanes for up to three players at a time
  • Fun patriotic color scheme
  • Low price makes it excellent for beginners

Final Note: 

This cribbage board offers the best bang for your bucks. But beyond the cheaper pricing, it's built durably and has everything they need to get started with the game.

4. WE Games Classic Wooden Cribbage Board Game – Supports Up To 4 Players

WE Games Classic Wooden Cribbage Board Game

Most Cribbage boards only support up to two players, or three if you're lucky. If you want a game of Cribbage the whole family can enjoy at once, then you'll want to pick up this version of the game. The board features four tracks with laser-engraved numerical notations, corners, points, and skunks, so you can have four players at any one time as you play the game.

The board itself is made of high-quality Malaysian oak wood, ensuring that it's hard-wearing no matter how often it gets used. It comes in a simplistic design too, so it's easy to get started and play. When you're not using it, the board looks great on display, too.

The board comes complete with 28 pegs for playing, enough for up to four players. They come in blue, red, green, and white. That makes it very simple to keep track of every player on the board. There's also a small slot in the back of the board where the pegs are stored. This makes the board a fully self-contained piece, so you can just keep everything together without a bulky box. It's a great piece to have in your living room or game room, ready whenever you want to play.

Top Features:

  • Four track board ready for four players at once
  • Measures 16.5 x 7.75 x 16.5 inches
  • High-quality wood construction
  • Easy peg storage slot in the box
  • Attractive design

Final Note: 

This board offers you everything you need to get the whole family involved in a game of Cribbage. Its excellent design keeps everything together when you're not using it, too. And the solid oak construction ensures you get years of play out of it.

5. Travel Cribbage Boards with Leather Pocket – Best Travel-Friendly Board

Travel Cribbage Boards With Leather Pocket

The great thing about Cribbage is that with the right board, you can take the game anywhere. After all, all you need is the board and a pack of cards. This is the best travel-friendly version of the game available right now.

The board measures just 24 cm x 8 cm when fully opened, so you'll have room to play it anywhere at any time. The board folds in half thanks to the leather backing that holds the two pieces of the board together. A leather strap then keeps the board tied together until you need it again. It makes it very easy to simply put together and slip into a bag when you're on the move.

The materials used in construction are cowhide leather and bamboo, lending the board an aesthetically appealing look. Plus, bamboo is an environmentally friendly product, so you can ensure that you're doing your bit for the planet by buying this. Also, the 62-holes are laser engraved, giving it a highly symmetrical look. 

The cribbage set comes with four metal pegs, two black copper, and two brass, so it's ready for two players right out of the box. You can expand it for more players, with the peg sets being sold by the same company. Finally, the product is covered under a lifetime warranty, so if anything breaks, you will get the replacement for free.

Top Features:

  • Smaller size perfect for travel, measures just 11.5 cm x 8 cm when folded
  • Top-quality materials used in construction
  • Designed for two players but can be expanded on
  • Lifetime guarantee with this board
  • Felt pouch included to keep everything together

Final Note:

This travel set not only looks great but plays great too. The high quality of this board will keep you entertained, no matter where you go.

6. Mainstreet Classics Traditional Wooden Cribbage Board Game Set – Bargain Pick

Mainstreet Classics Traditional Wooden Cribbage Board Game Set

Looking at this board, you wouldn't think it's the cheapest board on this list. This also happens to be one of the best-selling cribbage boards on Amazon with over 180 rave reviews!

One thing to note here is that this unit does not come with the cards, and you just get the cribbage scoring board. But still, at an $11 price point, it's one hell of a deal, and you can always pick a deck of cards for under 3 dollars. So overall, you can have the whole cribbage set ready to play in under $14.

This Cribbage set is one that's perfect for families, beginners, and kids. So, if you're looking for something to keep the kids entertained and away from the TV, this is it. It's brightly colored tracks make it very easy for kids to keep track of their score and see who's winning. You'll also see that the pegs included match the colors of the tracks, in red, green, and blue. That way, there's no confusion about who's pegs are whose.

This is another board that has three tracks, again allowing for up to three players. It's a good choice if you're looking for something to keep all the kids occupied together.

The board itself is great as it functions as both the board and storage box. To put everything away, all you need to do is fold it over. All the pieces can be kept inside, making it neat and compact. It makes everything easy to tidy up at the end of a game, and easy to store thanks to the small size when folded up.

Top Features:

  • Measures 14-3/4 L x 3-1/4 W x 5/8 D inches
  • Brightly colored lanes making it easy to keep track of the score
  • Board folds up and stores pieces when not in use
  • Designed to be a great beginner board

Final Note:

This bargain board comes with a solid scoring board and excellent quality pegs, all for under $11. The only you need to purchase additionally is the deck of cards. If you're just starting out learning to play, this is the perfect board for you.

Cribbage Board Buyer's Guide

All Cribbage boards are the same, right? As you've seen on this list, that just isn't true. If you're still not sure which board to buy, use this list to help you work out which one you should buy.

This buyer's guide will direct you to the perfect board for you and your family.

Key Considerations

<Price Point>

Firstly, you need a budget in mind when thinking of buying a Cribbage board. The prices of the boards vary wildly, depending on the materials used and the features they include. How much are you willing to spend on a board? The lowest-priced boards go as low as $10 sometimes, so you can grab a real bargain if you want while a top-quality board can cost as high as $100.

If you want a more elaborate board, then you're going to want to budget more for one. These are often worth the money, as they have extra features, or are made with more premium materials, making them worth the extra cash. If you're a cribbage aficionado or plan to take the game seriously, it's best to invest a little more and opt for a high-quality set.

The one you buy is up to you though, so ensure you know how much you want to spend before you start looking.

<Travel Options>

Do you want a board you can play at home, or one you can take on the move? Cribbage makes a great travel game, as you don't need much to get a game going, just the board and some cards. Luckily, there are lots of travel boards out there. If you're looking at a travel board, ensure that there's something included that will hold all the pieces together, such as a pouch or bag.


Next, think about the size of the board you want. There's no one standard size for a board, but some are larger than others. Larger boards (20'' or above in length) are great for home sets, and ones that offer more than two players. They're also great for those with impaired vision, as the bigger size makes it easier to see the scoring.

If you want to be able to easily store your board, then you'll want a smaller board. These are just as good as their larger counterparts, and give you other advantages. Being smaller, they're easier to travel with, so you can take the game wherever you go. If you have limited space or what to take the game with you, then grab a smaller board.


You've got lots of options as far as Cribbage sets are concerned. Many sellers are creating boards that are designed to be beautiful, as well as functional. What do you want your board to look like? Are you more interested in a functional board? There are lots out there that offer you a simple board with just the tracks on them, giving it a clean look. If you want a more decorative board though, you're spoiled for choice as there are so many out there.

Remember that there are lots of boards that have colored tracks, so you can easily see where your track is and what your score is. These designs are often great for kids who are learning to play.


Finally, think about how the game will be stored. How much room do you have for the board? Smaller boards will take up less room in cramped games cabinets. There are lots of boards that come in a self-contained unit with storage for pegs inside them, meaning you won't need a separate box to put it all in either.

Let's Wrap Things Up

A Cribbage board is just the thing for you and your family for a good night in.

Pick one of the Cribbage boards off this list, and you'll have a game that will keep you all entertained for years to come. There's something for everyone here.

Did we leave out one of your favorites? Please let us know your thoughts below. We'll update and enrich the list accordingly.

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  2. Backgammon
  3. Dominoes
  4. Crokinole
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  6. Chess

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