Best Lacrosse Bags (Backpack & Duffel)

Best High End

Warrior Black Hole T1 Bag

Warrior Black Hole T1 Bag

Best Mid Range

Athletico Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack

Athletico Lacrosse Backpack

Best Inexpensive

Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag

Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag

Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

Whether you’ve been playing lacrosse for years, or you’re just getting into it, you know that there’s a lot of equipment to carry. Sticks, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, and helmets, extra balls, stick tape, water bottles, the list goes on and on. One piece of equipment that can help you lighten the load is a good equipment bag.

A good Lacrosse bag can save you time, headache, and lost gear. In this review, we will highlight some of the most popular bags and the features of each bag that makes them a hit with lacrosse players across the country.

There are three basic bag designs that we will look at: duffel bags, backpack bags, and stick bags. Knowing what you need before you decide to buy is important. Check out our reviews of some of the most popular bags on the market today.

Our Top Picks for the Best Lacrosse Bags

  1. Warrior Black Hole T1 BagPro Pick (Duffel)
  2. Athletico Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack Best value Backpack (Large)
  3. TronX Lacrosse Equipment Bag Best value Duffel Bag
  4. Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag Best for Goalies
  5. Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag - Best for youth players
  6. ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack - Best for girls
  7. Athletico Lacrosse Stick Bag - Best Stick Bag

1. Warrior Black Hole T1 Bag - Pro Pick (Duffel)

Warrior Black Hole T1 Bag

If you’re looking for an all-around excellent equipment bag, the Warrior Black Hole T1 is the best choice on the market. As the name implies, this bag is a black hole, large enough to hold all of your gear, and room for more. Starting at under $85, it’s no wonder that the Warrior Black Hole T1 is our pro pick for lacrosse equipment bags.

Have I mentioned this bag is huge? The main compartment measures 42”L x 13”W x 12”H. In addition to that, this bag boasts a separate wet pocket for keeping stinky, sweaty gear isolated. It also has a zippered side pocket to store additional sticks. The Warrior Black Hole T1 weighs 2 pounds empty.

The bag is made of high-quality material and feels as though it will last a long time. It is large enough for all of your gear but still manageable for a youth player to handle. The shoulder strap is wide, which allows for easy handling. The Warrior Black Hole T1 features a large main compartment as well as a zippered side compartment for sticks. It also has a wet pouch for soiled uniforms. It comes with a wide shoulder strap for ease of handling. 

Key Differentiating Factors
The main benefit of the Warrior Black Hole T1 bag is the extra-wide opening that leads to the enormous storage compartment. It is enough room to store your attack or defense gear, as well as sticks and any accessories you need, such as extra balls, stick tape, or water bottles. What buyers love about this bag is the large storage and easy handling straps. It’s large enough to hold all of your gear, while easy for a youth LAX player to handle.

Why We Choose It

The Warrior Black Hole T1 bag is our pro pick for duffel style lacrosse equipment bags. Its large capacity, and sturdy construction makes it a bag that will quickly become your favorite. At under $85, it’s priced right for every player.

This bag is a win, no matter how you look at it. It’s sturdy enough to last you for years, and priced right at under $85. The large main compartment holds all of your gear and then some.

2. Athletico Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack – Best Backpack (Large)

Athletico Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack

The Athletico Lacrosse Bag is the best backpack style equipment bag that we’ve reviewed. And coming in at a price below $60, this is a must-have bag for any lacrosse player. With a mesh back pad and shoulder straps, it’s easily the most comfortable bag in this review. Read on to learn more.

The bag comes in two sizes, XL and XXL. Both have adequate storage space for all of your LAX equipment. We will review the XXL here. It has a 24”x15”x11” main compartment with a separate dirty cleat pocket, great for smelly cleats or sweaty socks. The backpack by itself weighs less than 2.3 lbs

The bag is built for performance. It holds everything you need for a lacrosse match or practice and holds it comfortably on your back. An added feature of the XXL is an adjustable waist belt which helps to distribute weight evenly. 

There are two features of the Athletico XXL Lacrosse Bag that stand out from other bags in this review. The first is the adjustable waist belt. This allows weight to be distributed evenly and takes the strain off of your shoulders and back when carrying a heavy load. The second feature is that there are straps on the outside to hold your helmet, although most people say that there’s enough room inside for all of their gear, including the helmet. This gives you versatility in case you want to carry extra gear.

Key Differentiating Factors:
The key factors of this bag are that it holds all of your gear securely on your back and the low price. It can hold your pads, helmet, facemask, shoes, gloves, two sticks, two water bottles, and more. At less than $60, there’s no wonder that this bag has been dubbed our Best Backpack. 

The biggest draw to this bag is being able to carry all of your gear, including sticks, on your back. This allows you to have your hands free for other things, without the need to carry a bag strap. 

Why We Choose It

The Athletico XXL Backpack is an easy choice when you’re looking for a backpack style lacrosse bag to fit all of your gear, and then some. Its waist belt allows for proper weight distribution and it’s priced right at under $60.

3. TronX Lacrosse Equipment Bag – Best value Duffle Bag

TronX Lacrosse Equipment Bag

If you’re looking for a great all-around equipment bag, check out the TronX Lacrosse Bag. It’s been voted the Best Duffel Bag in our review. It has padded shoulder straps as well as padded carry handles. Its large enough to hold all of your gear, even goalie gear. 

The main compartment of the TronX Lacrosse Equipment Bag measures a whopping 42” x 10”, which is more than large enough to hold all of your gear, plus any extra you’d like to carry. It boasts a separate shoe compartment to hold smelly lacrosse cleats. 

This bag is a monster. It feels like you could hold your entire teams’ equipment. With padded shoulder straps and a padded carrying handle, even the heaviest load won’t hurt. The waterproof exterior keeps all of your gear dry during even the worst weather conditions. 


Our number 1 favorite feature of this equipment bag is the waterproof exterior. It keeps all of your equipment nice and dry while you play or practice. The zippers are high quality, and the seams are double-stitched. Overall, the TronX Lacrosse Equipment Bag is a high-quality piece of equipment. You can buy confidently knowing that this bag will last you for many seasons.

Key Differentiating Factors:

The waterproof material makes this bag a cut above other bags at this price. Most of the bags in this review have exterior pockets for shoes and will fit all of your gear. But at this price, this is the only bag you will find with waterproofing. 

The benefits of a waterproof exterior can’t be understated. I’m sure that it will save your equipment on numerous occasions. Also, the separate pouch for soiled clothes or shoes is a great benefit because it will keep your wet, sweaty clothes away from everything else.

Why We Choose It

For the price, you won’t find a better duffel style lacrosse equipment bag. The TronX Lacrosse Equipment Bag comes with a price tag under $50. Throw in the waterproof exterior material and you’ve got the Best Duffel Bag in our review.

You can’t miss the TronX Lacrosse Equipment Bag. With its large capacity and padded straps, it’s easy to carry. The waterproof exterior is a rare addition. And with a price under $50, it’s a great buy as well.

4. Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag - Best for Goalies

Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag

The Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag is exactly what the name says. It’s a monster. Huge. This bag has been named the Best Bag for Goalies in our review because it’s large enough to hold all of the extra equipment goalies need. The bag features heavy-duty construction with reinforced handles, perfect for carrying a heavy load. And it comes in many colors, perfect for matching your team colors.


The Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag measures 40”x15”x15”, and has more than enough room for all of your gear for youth players or adults. It’s been recommended as our Best Bag for Goalies because it can handle so much gear. It weighs just 1.9lbs making it one of the lightest bags in our review, despite its large capacity.

This bag can hold all of your gear easily, plus room for more. Even goalies say that they can fit all of their extra gear in it with no problems. Heavy-duty construction and marine-grade zippers make this bag a durable “Monster”.


The best feature of the Monster Bag is its monster capacity, while still staying easy to carry. Another great feature is the heavy-duty construction. The Maverik Monster Bag is built to last, so you can buy knowing that it’s the only lacrosse equipment bag you will ever need. And an added feature is that it’s available in an assortment of colors to match your team.

Key Differentiating Factors:

The Maverik Monster Bag is built more solidly than any other bag in this review, and for that reason, it’s been named the Best Bag for Goalies. With marine-grade zippers and heavy-duty construction, the Monster Bag can hold all of your goalie gear without the need to worry about straps ripping or seams tearing.

The benefit of having a well-built bag is that you can rest assured that no matter how much gear you throw into it, and how rough you treat it during the season, the bag can take the abuse. With a price under $60, the Maverik Monster Bag may be the only lacrosse equipment bag that you ever need to buy.

Why We Choose It

For goalies, this bag can handle all of your gear and look good doing it. Its heavy-duty construction means it will last many seasons, and never need to be replaced. This is an excellent bag, and the cost of under $60 makes it a great deal. 

If you are a goalie, or you’re buying a bag for a goalie, this is the one to choose. It’s large enough to hold all of their goalie gear and much more extra gear as well. When this is possibly the only bag that you will ever need to buy, there’s not much reason to look anywhere else.

5. Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag – Best for Youth players

Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag

If you have a young lacrosse player that you’re shopping for, you really need to check out the Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag. It’s nearly identical to the Athletico XXL Lacrosse Bag that we rated as the Best Backpack Style Lacrosse Bag, but with slightly smaller dimensions. The youth bag sells for slightly less than the XXL version, with a price tag of under $55.

The bag measures 19.5”x14”x10”, making it large enough for any youth player to fit all of his or her gear. It weighs in at just 1.7 lbs, making it the lightest bag in our review. 

Just like its big brother, the Athletico XXL, this youth version is built to perform. As a backpack style bag, you won’t find a better bag for youth players than this one. It’s large enough to hold all of your pads and extra gear, as well as two full-sized sticks and two water bottles. It has a strap to hold your helmet attached to the outside of the bag, but many users report they even have enough room in the main compartment to fit their helmet inside.

The bag features a backpack design to keep your hands free while carrying your gear. It has a large main compartment to hold all of your pads and extra gear, and a separate compartment for dirty shoes or soiled clothes. It had two stick holders and two water bottle holders. 

Key Differentiating Factors:
The key difference between the youth model and the XXL model of Athletico lacrosse bags is the smaller size. Other than that, they are nearly identical. 

This bag was named Best Bag for Youth Players because it has the benefit of Athletico’s intelligent design, plus the smaller size perfect for youth players. It holds all of your gear while still remaining relatively small. 

Why We Choose It

Athletico is one of the top-rated brands of lacrosse equipment bags. The youth version of their best-selling XXL bag is great for young LAXers. It has room for their gear without getting too heavy to carry. The backpack style is preferred by the youth player today. And with a price tag under $55, the Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag is a great deal.

If you’re looking for a lacrosse equipment bag for a youth player, especially if they prefer the backpack style (most youths do), this is the bag you need. The quality of the product is top-notch and the size is perfect for your youth lacrosse player.

6. ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack - Best for Girls

ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack

If you are looking for a bag especially for a young female lax player, the ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack comes highly recommended. It has the same great backpack design to hold all of the lacrosse gear with a style and color that girls love.

The bag measures 19.5”x14”x10”, the same measurements as the Athletico Youth bag. This will be easy for a young lady of any age to handle. Even with its smaller size, it’s able to handle all of her LAX gear easily. The ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack weighs in at just 1.7 lbs, and along with the Athletico Youth Bag, its the lightest in our review.


The ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack is durable. It’s made of high-density polyester plastic for long life. A great feature of this bag is that it’s multi-purpose. If your girl plays multiple sports, this bag can follow her from the lacrosse field to the softball diamond, or just about any other sport. And the backpack style is great for traveling LAX teams.

Girls love this bag. It can hold all of their gear, plus any other small items they may need at practice or a game. It has a separate compartment for smelly shoes to keep them isolated from the rest of the gear. It holds two sticks and two water bottles in exterior pouches. It has exterior straps to hold her helmet, but most users report having enough room in the main compartment to include the helmet.

Key Differentiating Factors:
The smaller size makes this bag perfect for a youth girl lacrosse player. Even though it’s smaller, it will still hold all of her gear with no problems. 

The greatest benefit of this bag for girls is the smaller size. She will have no trouble carrying all of her LAX gear in this bag. Also, girls love the purple and black color scheme. All in all, this is our top-rated bag for young lady lacrosse players, that’s why we recommend it.

Why We Choose It

Not many lacrosse equipment bags are targeted toward youth girls. But the ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack is designed specifically with girls in mind. Its smaller size and color are popular with young ladies, and of course, it’s large enough to hold all of her equipment. With a price tag of under $50, this bag is a great deal.

7. Athletico Lacrosse Stick Bag – Best Stick Bag

Athletico Lacrosse Stick Bag

We’ve come to the final product in our review and the only stick bag. Because this is a stick bag only, it won’t carry pads or helmets or any other gear. But for what it was designed for, the Athletico Lacrosse Stick Bag is the best stick bag we’ve found on the market.


The Athletico Lacrosse Stick Bag measures 46.5” in length, and will hold sticks up to 46”. It weighs in at a light 1.3lbs. It’s important to note that this bag will fit sticks with heads 9” and smaller. This bag is designed for attack and midfield sticks only, not goalie or defense sticks.


The features of the Athletico Lacrosse Stick Bag make this the best stick bag we’ve reviewed. It is designed for travel, with extra padding and a comfortable carrying strap. It has double zippers and a wide opening mouth for ease of access. And the style just looks cool!

This stick bag is designed with comfort in mind. It’s padded and adjustable carry strap can be carried over the shoulder or cross-body. It has multiple exterior pockets for carrying additional items. It has an extra-wide opening mouth to accommodate large heads. And it has a convenient carrying handle on top.

Key Differentiating Factors

The number one factor that makes this different from other bags in our review is that it’s for sticks only. That cuts down on the weight and bulkiness of what you’re carrying. The sleek design makes this stick bag look stylish, too.

The benefit of carrying a stick bag is that it’s much lighter and easier to carry than an entire equipment bag. This would be great when you’re going to practice and don’t need all of your equipment.

Why We Choose It

If you’re in the market for a stick-only bag, this is the one to go with. Athletico is a leader in the lacrosse bag industry and their stick bag is the best we’ve seen. It combines style and function, with extra padding and intelligent design.

Stick-only bags serve a very specific purpose. If you’re traveling or only need your stick for practice, it’s a great way to cut down on the weight you’re carrying. And with a price under $20, the Athletico Stick Bag is the only one we recommend.

Buyer’s Guide - What You Need To Know Before Buying

Before you make your first purchase of a lacrosse equipment bag, there’s one important decision to make. The style of bag you want will determine what bag you’re looking for. There are three main styles of lacrosse equipment bags - Duffel style, backpack style, and stick bags.

In this buyer’s guide, we will quickly discuss the benefits of each style so that you can decide for yourself which is right for you.

Bag Types

<Duffel Style Bags>

The duffel style bag is characterized by one large main compartment for your equipment. They also generally have both a shoulder strap and carrying handles. Most of the duffel style bags we’ve reviewed also have at least one exterior compartment for additional gear. The benefit of a duffel style bag is that it holds an enormous amount of gear. Tons. You can practically fit an entire team’s gear into one duffel bag. On the downside, with all of that gear, the bag can get pretty heavy, and duffel bags carried by the shoulder strap can start to hurt if you need to carry it for a long distance. 

<Backpack Style Bags>

Backpack style bags are great for carrying gears on long trips. They are great for traveling teams. Backpack style bags still fit all of your equipment, but they have shoulder straps to carry the bag on your back. Some of them have waist belts to distribute the weight better as well. Most of the backpack style bags hold sticks and water bottles in exterior pouches on the bag. The backpack style bag is popular with youth lacrosse players.

<Stick Bags>

The stick bag is great for reducing the weight that you’re carrying. If you’re headed to practice and only need your stick, it’s a good idea to leave the rest of your gear at home. Stick bags are a stylish and convenient way to carry your sticks to practice. But because they don’t hold all of your gear, stick bags serve a very specific purpose.


There are some great lacrosse equipment bags on the market. You can find top-rated bags for around $60, with some youth bags well below that price. The most important decision you need to make before buying is what style you want. Duffel bags are great for carrying massive amounts of gear, while the backpack style is more popular with youth players today. Stick bags are great when you only need your sticks.

We hope this review helps you narrow your search, and you can find a bag that fits your needs perfectly.

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