Best Magnetic Dart Boards (Reviewed)

Best High End

GIGGLE N GO Reversible Magnetic Dart Board for Kids

GIGGLE N GO Magnetic Dart Board

Best Mid Range

Doinkit Darts - Kids Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Best Inexpensive

STREET WALK Magnetic Dart Board

STREET WALK Magnetic Dart Board

Last Updated: 6th Mar, 2023

Traditional darts have sharp metal tips that pose a risk injury for kids or for the matter, even adults. And while there are soft tip darts available, they can still be hazardous. 

This is where magnetic dart boards come in. 

Magnetic dart boards are a lot safer because the darts do not pierce the surface in any way, rather it clings to the board due to the magnetic force. The darts come with a flat magnetic head, which poses a lesser risk of injury. This allows the kids to play and enjoy the game of darts without putting them through unreasonable risk. 

The worst-case scenario, when someone is hit with a magnetic dart, is minor bump or bruises. This is far better than the injuries caused by hard tip darts, which in many cases end up with a trip to the ER.

So, magnetic dart boards are safe, but how do they compare with regular boards?

Magnetic boards are primarily geared towards kids allowing them to play darts safely and securely. So, the performance isn't worth comparing to regular boards. That said, there are a couple of magnetic dart boards for adults, but the performance is nowhere near to electronic or bristle boards.

For adult players looking for a safer way to play darts, I suggest going for soft-tip electronic dart boards with foam backing. The plastic tip is relatively safer, as well as doesn't do significant damage to the wall beside some cosmetic marks.

When it comes to choosing a Magnetic dart board one needs to pay extra attention. Not all dart boards are made alike. They differ in build-quality, playability, and safety rating. And the gameplay difference between a quality unit and an average one can be like night and day. So, it's vital to pick the right board. But with so many options available, it's not an easy feat.

But don't worry, we have you covered.

We sifted through dozens of popular magnetic dart boards to find the best five.

Here are our top picks:

Our Top Picks for the Best Magnetic Dart Board Sets

  1. STREET WALK Magnetic Dart BoardPro Pick
  2. GIGGLE N GO Reversible Magnetic Dart Board for Kids - The coolest Board (darts + Nerf gun)
  3. Light-up Magnetic Dart Board Game Best design
  4. Rabosky Magnetic Dartboard for Kids Rolls down for easy storage
  5. Doinkit Darts - Kids Magnetic Dart Board - Value Pick & also the safest board
  6. Toysmith Magnetic Dart Board - Bargain Pick

1. STREET WALK Magnetic Dart Board - Pro Pick

 STREET WALK Magnetic Dart Board

For the near authentic darting experience on a magnetic dartboard, we recommend the STREET WALK Magnetic Dart Board. This board measures 16'' in diameter, nearly similar to regulation specifications. The board comes with faux crack patterns on the surface, giving it a realistic look. The design, aesthetic, and size are similar to a standard board minus the risk of pointed dart tips. The board is safe for kids and perfect for any rec room or office break out area. Look wise, it can very much pass as a pro-quality bristle board any day.

One of the common issues with magnetic boards is the bounce outs or darts falling off after hitting the board. But you won't face such problems with this board. The strong neodymium magnets on the darts and thick metal backing on the dartboard result in a stronger bond preventing the darts from falling, no matter what angle you throw darts at.

The dartboard is very well constructed and sturdy. You can expect years of play out of this unit. What's more exciting is that the board comes with two games. On the front side, you have a simpler point-based game, and on the reverse side, you get a real dartboard with multiple rings for serious play. 

Are you looking to play darts outdoors? Don't worry, the board is waterproof (made of plastic), and you can mount it in your backyard or carry on a camping trip.

The board comes with 12 darts; 4 of each color. The darts are shorter than standard ones, neither too heavy nor too light and fly decently. Be it, kids, or adults, the board is ideal for players of all skill levels and age groups.

Final Note:

Overall, if you're looking for the very best magnetic dartboard, it does not get any better than this.

2. GIGGLE N GO Reversible Magnetic Dart Board for Kids – The Coolest Board

GIGGLE N GO Reversible Magnetic Dart Board for Kids

This magnetic board from Giggle N Go takes things one step further. Besides the usual dartboard, it comes with a foam gun with six foam darts, making the game much more exciting and fun. Kids are sure to love this unique dartboard set due to the sheer possibilities of games possible. One thing to note here is that this board is designed for kids five and above.

Like our top pick, the board is reversible and comes with two sets of games. On the front, you have the traditional board design, and at the back, you have a much simpler game for the kids. With the board, you get six darts; 3 of each color. The darts are evenly weighted and are fitted with high-performance neodymium magnetic tips, which cling to the board quite firmly. As the darts are perfectly balanced, you can experiment with different throwing styles - lob, straight, and others. This board can be an excellent starting point for anyone before upgrading to a more professional unit.

The construction of the board is top-notch; however, the darts do feel a bit flimsy. You might want to purchase more of them to accommodate more players and replace the damaged darts.

The foam bow and arrow set is a lot similar to a nerf gun and adds a new twist to the traditional game. It's sure to be a hit among kids, and as the darts are foam, they pose no risk of injury.

Mounting the board is also rather easy. It's lightweight, and you can mount the board on any screw or nail. 

Final note: 

Although it's priced at a premium but considering the number of additional features, it seems to be a solid choice.

3. Light-up Magnetic Dart Board Game –  Best Design

Light-up Magnetic Dart Board Game

Next, we have an innovative board that comes with LED backlight and glow-in-the-dark darts, which by the way, look stunning. Kids will definitely love this lively board as it adds a fun twist to the classic game, and also doubles as cool home decor.

In the set, you get a dart board, six darts, a USB power cable, and an instruction manual. The board can either be powered by four AA (not included) or USB cable making it portable when you want to be. The board in itself is durably constructed with plastic casing and a metal sheet in the middle. The playing surface is 14'' in diameter, which is ideal for recreational and casual games. In contrast, a full-size board measures 18'' in diameter.

The darts are sleek, slim, balanced, and surprisingly quiet aerodynamic, resulting in excellent overall flying characteristics. They also glow-in-the-dark and look pretty cool while playing. Each dart comes fitted with a neodymium magnet, which is known for its strong magnetic properties. As expected, the darts cling to the board easily with little to none bounces outs.

However, in contrast to our other picks, this board comes with only one game and cannot be played outdoors. 

Final Note:

Choose this board, if you like the idea of playing on a glowing magnetic dartboard!

4. Rabosky Magnetic Dartboard for Kids – Portable

Rabosky Magnetic Dart Board for Kids

Dedicating permanent space for a dart board may not be for everyone. For such users, a rollable magnetic board is an ideal choice. It's similar to a regular board, except it's flexible and rolls up for easy and portable storage. Being lighter, it's also easy to carry around and is perfect for camping trips and outings. Imagine playing with one of these in the middle of the jungle or countryside trip. Sounds fun, isn't it?

In terms of playability, the board performs quite close to the standard ones. However, due to thinner metal used on the board, the darts don't stick that strongly, resulting in occasional bounce outs. It comes with two games - traditional dartboard on one side and the target bull's eye game on the other.

The board is made out of rubber steel for magnetic properties and is covered with velvet giving it an elegant look. The darts are lightweight, balanced, and don't damage your wall, nor do they pose any risk of injury. In the set you get 12 darts, allowing up to four players to play at the same time.

Final Note: 

If you're looking for a magnetic dartboard that's easy to fold and store while not compromising on the performance, this is your best choice.

5. Doinkit Darts - Kids Magnetic Dart Board – Value Pick & Safest

Doinkit Darts - Kids Magnetic Dart Board

For users who're looking for a value for money purchase, the Doinkit Darts comes highly recommended. It's priced reasonably, practically indestructible, and at the same time, plays excellently. The unique feature of this board is the flexible darts that retain their shape and as well are perfectly balanced for the authentic darting experience. At the same time, the darts are absolutely safe for the kids and do not damage the walls.

The board is fairly large and measures 16'' in diameter, ideal for kids and adults alike. It comes along with 6 specially designed DoinKit darts, but you may want to buy more of them to accommodate more players. The board looks like any bristle board with realistic graphics and scoring segments. Additionally, it comes with two mounting points for a firm mount. This ensures the board remains stable throughout the game.

Final Note:

Dollar for dollar, the Doinkit Darts - Kids Magnetic Dart Board is certainly the best budget and the safest magnetic board currently available.

6. Toysmith Magnetic Dart Board – Bargain Pick

Toysmith Magnetic Dart Board

Our last and also the cheapest dartboard on this list is the Toysmith Magnetic Dart Board. Priced just about $12, this board offers maximum bang for your bucks. It comes with an 11.5-inch dart board and six darts. This board is also the smallest on the list, making it more suitable for kids.

Being a cheaper unit, obviously, some corners have been cut. The magnet isn't as strong as the top models resulting in more bounce outs, but it's still good enough for kid use. The dart board in itself is well-built and sturdy.

Some buyers found the darts to be tail heavy, making it slightly difficult to throw. The product has minor flaws, but if you consider the price point, you won't be left disappointed.

Final Note:

If you're looking for a cheap magnetic board that plays decent and is well made, the Toysmith Board is your best bet!

Magnetic Dart Boards Buyer's Guide

Magnetic dart boards come in all sorts of price ranges from $10 to $50. Understanding how the boards vary from one another in terms of feature, design, and build quality is essential to make an informed decision.

Below we have highlighted various factors to consider while purchasing a board:

Key Considerations

Magnetic Power

The quality of a magnetic dart board boils down to the quality of the magnet used. And this is the most crucial factor because the whole gameplay experience depends on it. If the magnet isn't strong enough, the darts won't stick to the board firmly, and there would be too many bounce outs.

Almost all magnetic darts come fitted with neodymium magnets, which is known for its strong magnetic properties. But neodymium magnets come in various strength ratings from the lowest 28 to all the way up to 52. Most manufacturers don't disclose these ratings, but the costlier ones are usually fitted with higher power magnets.

Avoid boards with ferric magnets as their magnetic properties deteriorate over time.
Also, the magnetic strength equally depends on the quality of metal used on the board. Again there is no way to verify what gauge of metal is used as manufacturers don't disclose this.

Overall, when it comes to these boards, the higher price point is an indicator of better build quality.

Roll Up Boards Vs. Plastic Boards

There are two popular designs of magnetic boards – Roll up and the Plastic board.

Roll up board, as the name suggests, is made of a flexible rollable mat. The board can be easily rolled up and down when needed. It's lightweight and occupies minimal space when folding, making it extremely portable. You can easily carry roll up boards to the camping trips and outings, and it won't take much space. However, the downside of these boards is that the magnet isn't strong enough, and the darts tend to fall off even after hitting the board. On the brighter side, these boards are cheaper.

Plastic boards look similar to traditional bristle boards. They are sturdier and durable but occupy more space. Also, these boards are costlier but, at the same time, offer better overall gameplay experience.

Number of Games

Kids often get bored of playing the same game again and again. Luckily some magnetic boards come with multiple games leaving kids with more options to choose from. Such boards have playing surfaces on both sides. The front surface houses a normal dartboard while the other side has a different variation of the game.

Also, some of the costlier boards come with nerf style guns to shoot the target making the game all more interesting.


The magnetic dart boards are available in different sizes from 10" to 16". The smaller boards (less than 10") should be avoided as kids would find it tough to land the darts on the board. Boards above 14" in diameter are excellent choices as the surface area is large enough for the kids to aim.


While selecting a magnetic dart board set, pay close attention to the quality of plastic darts, and check if the replacement darts are also available. While you can't expect these plastic darts to fly in air aerodynamically, they should at least fly decently enough for the kids to practice their aim properly.

That said, most of the plastic darts tend to be head heavy due to the magnet on the front. So, one has to lob the darts to get the right trajectory.

Note: All the sets that we have recommended above come with a pretty decent set of darts and also have the replacements available.

Safety Factor

While magnetic dart boards are quite safe, there is still an element of risk. The plastic darts are lightweight and can't cause any serious injury, but if accidentally hit on the eye or other sensitive parts may lead to something severe.

However, some sets like the Doinkit kids-safe board come with flexible darts made out of nylon fibers, which are safer and are virtually indestructible.

Let's Wrap Things Up:

Magnetic dart boards offer multifold benefits for the kids. Besides being obviously safer, the game of darts helps kids improve their concentration and dexterity. And you never know, your young one may develop a serious interest in the game and may very well be the next Michael van Gerwen in the making.

We sincerely hope you found this guide helpful and could pick the right magnetic board for your needs. As always, if you have any further questions, please comment below.

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