Best Racquetball Bags (Reviews)

Best High End

GEARBOX Racquetball Ally Bag

GEARBOX Racquetball Ally Bag

Best Overall

Python Deluxe "3R" (3 Racquet) Racquetball Bag

Python Deluxe"3R"

Best Inexpensive

E-Force Racquetball Backpack

Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

Are you in the market looking for the best Racquetball bag? Something that allows you to haul your gears to the court with ease, comfort, and style. We can help!

Racquetball may seem like a game that does not require much equipment, which is quite true to an extent - all you need is a racquet and a ball to get started. But as you progress, you may also need to carry additional items like the court shoes, gloves, goggles, or even a sweatband. And gym bags, duffel bags, or even plastic bags may get the job done initially but aren't convenient enough, and you also risk damaging your equipment.

A bag tailor-made for Racquetball offers many distinctive advantages. Not only does it allow you to keep all your stuff organized, but also makes a bold statement whenever you step on the court! When you carry a racquetball bag to the court, the opponent knows you're no-average joe!

To get the best results, and to take care of your equipment, you'll need a dedicated racquetball bag. These are designed to hold all your items securely and help you move everything easily. There are lots on the market, so how do you ensure you're getting the right one for you? Check out this list of the 5 best racquetball bags, and you'll be sure to find the right one for you.

Top-Rated Racquetball Bags of 2023

1. GEARBOX Racquetball Ally Bag: Pro Pick

GEARBOX Racquetball Ally Bag

This is one of the best racquetball bags out there, as it can hold pretty much anything you need to take with you to the court. Measuring 15 x 13 x 26 inches, it's big enough to hold everything you need with ease. It's the best option for pro-players or anyone who takes the game quite seriously. It fits like a regular backpack with a chest strap to help distribute the weight.

The bag itself features lots of pockets that help you organize your belongings. The dedicated racquet pocket can hold up to four racquets, more than enough to keep you and your fellow players prepared. There's also a shoe tunnel, so you can carry your court shoes but keep them separate from the rest of your belongings.

The heavy-duty construction of this bag ensures that it's ready for anything. The material is water-resistant, there's a sturdy zipper that will keep everything in place, and padded shoulder straps and back for comfort as you wear the bag. That's good to know for those long trips with it. It's designed to take lots of rough and tumble, so you can take it anywhere.

Top Features:

  • Larger bag, perfect for long trips
  • Backpack design with chest strap and padding for comfort and safety
  • Special pockets for all your items, including racquets and shoes
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures long life
  • Grab handles let the bag double as a duffel bag

Final Note: Designed for pro and serious raquetball players, this bag offers comes with ample storage space. Multiple carry options, multiple pockets, and heavy-duty construction ensure this bag is ready for anything.

2. Python Deluxe "3R" (3 Racquet) Racquetball BagBest Overall

Python Deluxe "3R" (3 Racquet) Racquetball Bag

If you're looking for a good all-rounder, something which does put a hole in your pocket yet comes with solid build quality; this is the one you must pick up. It offers all kinds of benefits that you would need as a racquetball player. First and foremost, you'll see that it comes in three different colors that you can choose from. There's black/blue, black/red, and black/yellow, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

As the name suggests, you can fit up to 3 racquets in the two racquet compartments. There are lots of other compartments you can take advantage of too. There's a mesh compartment that is perfect for wet items, a front accessory pocket, and a protective eye-wear pocket. There are all sorts of pockets that will keep anything you have safe.

Customers say it's amazing how much you can fit into this bag. With the pockets available, you can carry everything you need and more. Plus, the shoulder strap is padded so you won't have to deal with the bag being uncomfortable, no matter how heavy it is.

Top Features:

  • Mesh pocket feature that holds wet items away from other things in your bag
  • Holds up to three racquets at a time
  • Measures 26 x 13 x 3 inches
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfort
  • Multiple pockets for easy storage

Final note: 

This is our best overall pick, as it offers you so much. There's lots of room for everything you need, and the shoulder strap makes it super convenient to carry around.

3. E-Force Racquetball Backpack: Budget Pick

E-Force Racquetball Backpack

You don't need to spend a lot of money on a racquetball bag to get the best quality, and this bag is proof of that. This is an excellent bag if you're just starting out. Despite it not costing much, you can still fit everything you need in this bag with its roomy and versatile pockets. There are 6 separate pockets in all, helping you get the most from it. Each pocket is also lined, so you don't have to worry about wet items touching dry and clean ones in your bag.

The main pocket is large enough to fit anything, from your racquets to your clothes. Whatever you need to take with you, you'll be able to get into this bag. There's also a vented exterior shoe pocket, letting you keep them separate from other items, but still allowing them to air out.

You can carry everything comfortably on your back, making it so much easier to transport your gear. It even meets airline carry on specifications.

Top Features

  • Made of 1680 denier polyester for a strong and durable construction
  • Multiple pockets offer lots of storage for everything you need
  • Vented pockets allow for shoes to air out when being carried
  • Meets airline carry on specifications
  • Lined pockets keep everything dry

Final Note:

For a budget bag, this one offers so much to you. You get multiple pockets, ample interior space, and high-quality fabric. You would be hard-pressed finding a better value bag than this.

4. HEAD Racquetball Backpack – Best For Beginners

HEAD Racquetball Backpack

Again, if you're a real beginner to the sport, then it's hard to know which bag you should pick up. There's so many, which one is going to suit you? This bag offers the best value for beginners, so they can carry the equipment they need without being overloaded with features they may not want or even need yet.

Just because it's a beginner's backpack doesn't mean that you aren't going to get good value for money. The bag is made out of high-quality material that will ensure that you'll get years of use out of the bag. The backpack itself has a padded back, making it comfortable to wear when you're traveling to and from the court.

The bag can hold up to two racquets, more than enough for any newcomer to the sport. With the multiple pockets, you'll see that you can fit in everything you need to and keep the equipment separately. There's a removable glove cord and a vented shoe pocket, so everything is catered for.

Top Features:

  • Measures 30 x 18 x 48 inches, more than enough space to hold everything you need
  • Space for two racquets
  • Padded back for comfortable wear when in transit
  • Enough pockets for everything you need, including a zippered accessory pocket
  • Removable glove cord

Final Note: As a beginners' bag, you can't get much better. It's priced affordably, comes with enough features and space for beginners to carry their equipment comfortably.

5. Athletico Sling Bag: Bargain Pick

Athletico Sling Bag

When looking for a good racquetball bag, of course you want something that offers the best bang for your bucks. This is our bargain pick as it does so much for the price you pay for it.

Firstly, it uses a stylish sling design, allowing you to wear it over one shoulder on your back. You can even flip it between left and right shoulders, and wear whichever way is most comfortable to you. You'll also see the bag comes in multiple colors, including red, pink, blue, and black.

The bag itself has 5 pockets, which is more than enough to fit everything. There's a racquet pocket that can hold up to 5 racquetball racquets, so you can travel prepared. There's also an external water bottle holder, so you can carry your water with you and not worry about it spilling into the bag. There's even a hidden pocket that lies against your back,

Top Features:

  • Multiple color options
  • Hidden values pocket helps you feel secure while on the move
  • Choice between a left or right shoulder strap
  • Quick-release shoulder strap buckle
  • Felt-lined pocket for your phone

Final Note: 

You'll love this bag as it offers so much. There are so many pockets, each designed to keep your belongings safe and sound. The multiple colors and strap ways mean you can wear your bag the way you want to.

Racquetball Bag Buyer's Guide

You wouldn't think buying a racquetball bag would be so hard, but there are all kinds of things you need to consider when buying one. What should you keep in mind when you're shopping around? Think about what you need from your bag.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Key Considerations

<Strap Style>

There are lots of different types of bags out there, and the way you carry them will be different. Backpacks are quite common, and you'll see that they're really useful for carrying the back long distances. You can wear it on your back, leaving your hands free for whatever else you need. There's the sling-style version too, which holds the bag over one shoulder. Which one you choose will very much be up to you and your own personal preferences.

Lots of players also like duffel style bags. These bags have grab handles on the top, which allow you to just grab it from your car and go. It's a good option if you want to just have the bag in your car ready to go when you need it.

The backpacks are the preferred choice by both advanced and recreational players. The convenience of use and small factor makes it a popular choice.


The number of pockets you need depends on the number of racquets you intend to carry and other accessories. You should ideally be looking for a bag with two dedicated slots of racquets. Additionally, if you're going to take a water bottle with you, look for a dedicated external pocket. There's also the option of vented pockets for shoes, keeping them away from other items. Think about what kind of pockets you need, and pick your bag based on this.

If you plan to carry extra racquets besides your main one, it's best to look for a bag with a storage capacity of at least 3 racquets.

<Color And Style>

A racquetball bag may just be a bag, but it also helps you make a statement on the court and be more confident. In the market, you can find bags in all kinds of designs and color schemes. The choice is totally up to you.

<Quality Of Materials>

You'll need a bag that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear, as you'll be taking it out so often. When looking at bags, look at how they're constructed. Do they use high-quality fabric? Is the stitching up to scratch? Take a good look at customer reviews, as they'll be the first to tell you if they're not as good as they look.

Polyester is the most common material used for the construction of these bags - however, not all polyesters at the same. The materials are given a rating from 200 to all the way up to 2000. It goes without saying, higher the rating stronger it.

Let's Wrap Things Up

With so many Racquetball bags from many great brands, it's not an easy decision to make. Hopefully, our recommendations and buyer's guide could help you reach a decision.

While choosing a bag, keep the build-quality and material on your top priority. You don't want a bag that gives up after a season and leaves you with a buyer's remorse.

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