Best Scrabble Boards

Best High End

WS Game Company Scrabble Luxury Edition With Rotating Game Board

WS Game Luxury Scrabble Edition

Best Mid Range

Scrabble Deluxe Edition With Rotating Game Board

Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Best Inexpensive

Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

Scrabble is a timeless classic board game that has been around for a long time! It is one such board game which individuals of all ages and generation can relate to.

Your parents might have played it, you certainly have played it before, and you want your kids to play this word game as well! 

The endless number of possibilities and learning new words every-time you set forth to play is what makes this game so popular.

But with the changing times, online Scrabble and apps like the 'Words with Friends' are fast gaining in popularity. That said, nothing beats the joy of playing on a traditional scrabble board with family and friends. The game is addictive beyond words (literally!), hours simply fly by, and it sure livens up any setting.

But choosing a scrabble board is no easy feat. There are several options available across various price bands, making it challenging to pick the right one. Then you also need to consider the size, features, build quality, and more.

To save you the hassle, we've gathered together some of the best Scrabble sets on the market. You'll be sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly. Whether you're totally brand new to the game or you're simply looking for a board that will fit your needs, you'll find just what you need here.

Our Top Picks for The Best Scrabble Boards

1. WS Game Scrabble Luxury Edition With Rotating Game Board - Pro Pick

WS Game Company Scrabble Luxury Edition With Rotating Game Board

You don't want just any scrabble board. You're looking for an heirloom-quality board with unrivaled craftsmanship and stunning tiles that can be enjoyed for years to come and may very well be passed down to the generations. If that sounds like you, you've got to check out this board.

The board is designed not only to be played with but to be admired. The unit consists of a gorgeous wooden cabinet with the faux leather game board inlaid in the top. What's really ingenious about it is that the board can be spun around like a turntable, making it easier for every player to read the board and make their next move. The board is built to regulation-size with a 15x5 grid (total 225 squares). It measures 7 inches by 7 inches across and will look right at home on your coffee table.

Completing the look is four plated die-cast tile racks that will hold your tiles in style as you plan your next word. You'll get 100 faux ivory tiles with the set, which come collected in a faux leather tile pouch. Everything is kept in an in-built drawer in the unit, so once you're done, you can pack everything away out of sight. It's really hard to find a Scrabble board that looks and plays as good as this one.

Top Features:

  • Top-quality materials such as wood and faux leather create a luxurious look
  • Spinning board, so every player can plan their next move
  • Everything collects into an inbuilt drawer in the unit
  • Comes with the faux leather bound scorebook
  • Not only a game board but a decorative item too

Final Note:

If you're a true Scrabble enthusiast, then you'll love this board. It's one of the best scrabble board ever made, and also offers a lot of play value with its spinning turntable design.

2. Scrabble Deluxe Edition With Rotating Game Board – Best Overall

Scrabble Deluxe Edition With Rotating Game Board

If you're in the market looking for a quality scrabble board without the bells and whistles like hand-carved wood or rich finish, then this set is definitely worth taking a look. The set is a fully contained kit, with the board sitting on top of a mahogany-finished game box. The board actually turns on a lazy Susan, so no more craning your neck trying to read the board if you're on the wrong side.

The board itself is foil-stamped and has a raised grid to hold your tiles in place when you rotate the board. It also helps tiles from being knocked, making it easier to see exactly where tiles should be placed. The tiles themselves are mahogany finish too with easy to read letters, making them fit in perfectly with the effect of the board. It gives you the real luxury touch when you're playing.

You'll get 100 of these tiles, more than enough to play with even with the max amount of players. These will come in a matching Scrabble drawstring bag, so you can keep them all in place. Finally, you'll get four mahogany style tile racks to complete the look.

Top Features:

  • Self-contained Scrabble game to keep all your pieces together
  • Raised tile grid to keep tiles in place during play
  • Rotating board so everyone can read the tiles easily
  • Comes with a sand timer, scorebook, and pencil
  • Board measures 15.75 x 15.75 inches

Final note: 

This no-frills Scrabble board offers you the best gameplay experience without costing you the top-dollars. It's gorgeous, comes with a rotating board feature, and of course, looks great wherever you put it.

3. Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition – Budget Pick

Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Maybe you're not in the market for a luxury or pro-quality Scrabble board. If you're starting out, it does not make sense to spend top-dollars on a board that you're not sure how long you or your kids are going to use it. You just need a board that allows you to play and learn the ropes of the game. And the Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition may exactly be what you need.

Just because this board is our budget pick, doesn't mean that it isn't packed full of features. The board itself is its own carrying case. When you're not playing, simply fold the board in half and use the convenient carry handles to help you move it around. You'll also see that there are drawers on the board that will hold everything you need. During play, they're the perfect place to hold your tiles.

The board itself features recessed squares, so tiles will slot in cleanly and stay in place during play. The board itself spins on six wheels, allowing you to move the board around when needed. This feature is loved by customers, as it makes play so much easier.

The set comes complete with four stylish curved tile racks, a tile pouch, and a gameplay guide. If you've never played before, this is going to be the set for you.

Top Features:

  • Fold up and go feature, perfect for taking on the go
  • Recessed squares so your tiles will fit snugly during play
  • Wheels that allow the board to spin easily
  • Weighs just 4lbs, so you can pack it away for a trip
  • A great budget option for a new player

Final Note:

The Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition costs about 1/3rd of our top pick yet comes with the same set of features. You may be compromising on the build-quality here, but for the price, you can't really ask for more!

4. Scrabble Deluxe Travel EditionTravel-Friendly Pick

Scrabble Deluxe Travel Edition

Are you looking for a version of Scrabble that you can take on the go with you? No matter whether you're going on a short trip or a longer journey, this compact-sized board will hardly occupy any space while giving you hours and hours of fun.

This travel-friendly set measures only 9.8" x 4.6" and weighs 1.5lbs but still gives you everything you need for a full game. Although it's small in size, it still comes with a 15x15 regulation grid. It's just the grid and tiles are slightly smaller but still big enough to play conveniently.

As you would expect, the board folds in half so you can pack it away. It's the perfect size to slip into your bag, so you won't have to worry about trying to fit in with all your other travel essentials. Each half of the board slides out to reveal storage space beneath, so you can store all your tiles and other paraphernalia in there.

The set comes with everything you need for a full game of Scrabble. There are four solid wood tile racks, as well as 100 solid wood high contrast tiles. Even though the tiles are smaller, they're just as easy to read. Plus, there's no fear of losing them, as you have a raised grid that holds tiles in place as you play.

Top Features:

  • Small size makes it perfect for travel
  • Luxury features such as wooden construction, making it a gorgeous travel set
  • Solid wood construction ensures long-lasting Scrabble fun
  • Folds in the middle for easy transport
  • Comes with tiles, racks, a pencil, and a scorebook

Final Note: 

The Scrabble Deluxe Travel Edition is currently the best travel-friendly set out there. You'll see that this set has everything you need to play on the go.

5. Deluxe Magnetic Scrabble – Magnetic Board (Wall Mountable)

Deluxe Magnetic Scrabble

While Scrabble is a tabletop game for the most part, this version of Scrabble works a little differently. It sits in an attractive frame and can be hung on your wall. The game is designed to be played over a period of time, as people come and go by it in your home. If you and your family are too busy to sit down and play, then this is the best option for you. Also, due to the larger size, you can use the board to teach kids complex words.

This game has everything you need for Scrabble. There are solid wood magnetic tiles you can place on the board and will stay in place until they are moved again. There's also a dry erase board feature, where you can keep track of your score and stay on top of who's winning. You can also leave general notes on there, giving the board a neat 2 in 1 feature.
The board itself measures 31.8 x 27 inches, so you're getting the full Scrabble experience even on your wall. You'll be able to play a round every time you walk past and stay in touch with your family even if you're more like ships in the night. It's a fun version of Scrabble, plus it looks great on your wall too.

Top Features:

  • Four magnetic tile racks with dry-erase racks, so you can keep track of who owns which rack
  • Solid wood tiles with magnetic backs to keep them in place
  • Stylish board looks great wherever you hang it
  • Dry erase board for keeping score or leaving notes
  • Is the perfect gift for the board game fan in your life

Final Note:

This game offers something a little different that fans of Scrabble are sure to love. Play a round every time you pass the board, and you can spend time with your family even when you're busy.

6. Winning Moves Tile Lock Scrabble – Bargain Pick

Winning Moves Tile Lock Scrabble

Our final pick gives you a lot of bang for its buck. If you want a Scrabble board that's good quality and a reasonable price, then this is the one for you. It's a bargain price, but it gives you everything you need to start playing Scrabble. There's the board, tiles, tile racks, tile pouch, and the instructions to help you learn the game.

What's interesting about this model is the 'tile lock' feature. The tiles aren't perfectly square, but instead, have notches at each corner. The raised pegs on the board make sure the tiles fit snugly in place. This helps you keep track of your game, and move it around without the tiles falling off. It's a great feature, and customers say it really helps if they're playing on an unstable platform, such as a sofa. Some even like to use it for travel.

This set is such a bargain because it comes at such a low price, yet gives you everything you need to play the game. It's the perfect game for newbies, as they can learn the game without making a large investment.

Top Features:

  • Innovative tile lock feature that keeps tiles in place as you play
  • Super low price for a full game of scrabble
  • Full set of 100 tiles and 4 tile racks
  • A great option for travel
  • Soft pads allow you to move the board around so you can read it

Final Note:

This is an incredible bargain for what you're getting. If you're a first-timer, pick up this version so you can learn the ropes, and take advantage of its extra features.

Scrabble Board Set Buyer's Guide

You wouldn't think that you'd need a buyer's guide for Scrabble, but you'd be wrong looking at our list. How are you going to find the version that's right for you? Read on to see which version you should pick up for yourself.

Key Considerations

<Where Will You Use Your Board?>

Firstly, you need to consider where you're hoping to use your board. Is it something you're going to use at home, or do you want to take it out with you? There are lots of options that you can take advantage of. If you want a home edition, you can pick a basic version that packs away in a box when you don't need it. If you want something a bit fancier, you can go for a self-contained version that's designed to look good even when it's not in use.

As for travel options, there are some things you should look for. Firstly, you need something that will hold the tiles in place as you play. That needs to be either magnetic backed tiles or a raised grid that will hold those tiles in place during play. Secondly, it needs to be easy to transport. Either you can look for a version that folds up small and so can be placed into a bag for later play, or you can find a version with handles so you can carry it with you.

<Who Will Use The Board?>

Next, think about who will be using the board. This is very much a question of will it be mostly adults or children? If it's only adults using the board, then you may want to splurge on a luxury edition or one that otherwise looks great. If you have kids, you may want a version that's more suited to them. For example, there are lots of children's editions you can choose from. These are designed with kids in mind, and help them learn as they play.

Also, consider the construction of the board. A children's board will be able to take more damage, such as spills, when it's being used. As such, it's best to pick a set with plastic pieces and more rugged construction for kids.

<Basic Or Luxury Edition?>

Now, you need to think about whether you want a basic set, or a more luxurious edition. There are plenty of boards out there, so which one should you choose? If you want to keep costs down and just want something you can pull out when you want to play, then a basic edition is the way to go. If you want something that's a conversation piece, and that can be left out when not in use and look good, then you'll want a luxury edition of Scrabble.

Let's Wrap Things Up:

Scrabble is one of the most popular board games out there. No, wonder the market is crowded with hundreds of different models, making it challenging to pick the right one. Hopefully, we have made the selection easier for you. All the seven models that we have selected are excellent choices in their category.

So, no matter if you're looking for a travel set, something you can show off, or something you can hang on the wall, we have got you covered.

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