Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Soccer players with wide feet (including me!) usually struggle to find proper fitting cleats. Due to lack of options and information, most wide footers tend to opt for a half or one size up than their usual size. 

But that's not the solution.

Not only you're compromising on the fitting, but you won't be able to utilize full features of the cleat. Not to forget, there is always the risk of injury as the cleat does not snugly conform to your feet. But things are changing fast. More and more manufacturers are coming with soccer cleats designed explicitly for wide feet.

In this article, I've reviewed six of the best soccer cleats for wide feet, which I've personally tried, and feel confident to recommend.

Whether you're looking for an extra-wide soccer cleat (2E+) for yourself or a wide cleat for your kid, you're sure to find the right fit!

Best High End

New Balance Men's Tekela 1.0 Pro

New Balance Men's Tekela 1.0

Best Mid Range

PUMA Future 19.1

Puma Future 19.1 AV

Best Inexpensive

Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial

adidas Unisex Copa Mundial

Last Updated: 7th Mar, 2022

Soccer is the world's game, and what better way to get involved than to have a go at playing it. You may need to invest in some new cleats. Sadly finding a pair that both look good and fit wide feet can be tricky.

With many pairs of cleats on the market, you may face difficulty finding that perfect pair. But fear not, we've got you covered.

After some extensive research on price, looks, durability, performance, and comfort, we can present the ideal pair of cleats for your feet. Whether you're a defender, midfielder, or attacker, we can help. Ranging from the best overall to the Pro-Choice to budget options, there's bound to be a pair that's got your name on them.

Top Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet in 2023

1. PUMA Future 19.1 - Best overall

PUMA Future 19.1

Summary: The customized lacing system offers infinite combinations resulting in a perfect fit even for the widest feet. No matter, if you have a wide midfoot or a wide toe box, you can tie the lace such that the cleat truly conforms to the shape of your feet.

Lacing for wide feet Puma future 19.1

Lacing Options

If you are looking for some flashy new cleats, then look no further than these - the PUMA Future 19.1s. Puma is notorious for producing high-quality Soccer cleats, and this doesn't change here. Pros even use Future 19.1s, which speaks for itself just how good they are. Furthermore, with exquisite quality and design, these cleats may just be right for you.

These cleats are kitted with PUMA's 2nd generation EVO Knit Pro technology. This molds to the shape of your foot while also providing comfort, ensuring your best performance in-game. In addition to this, PUMA has constructed the "3D Hammock Frame" on the front and lower sides. The 3D hammock frame not only provides support, but the raised texture certifies complete control over the ball. Moreover, these bumps are filled with air, giving maximum grip on the ball while softening your touch. If you're still unsure, then read-on.

The way that you lace these cleats is fully customizable by you, thanks to PUMA's new Net-Fit technology. PUMA has manufactured holes into the knitted upper-section allowing the laces to be placed anywhere. This means that these cleats can fit anybody's feet. A definite plus-point for these cleats. In addition to this, the lightweight textile these cleats are constructed from ensure maximum speed on the pitch.

A common opinion about these cleats is how versatile they are when it comes to the fit. Whatever the shape or size of your feet, you can rest assured that these cleats will fit your feet. A big thanks to Net-Fit technology. Also, the durability of these cleats will not let you down due to the silicone coating over the upper section.

Top Features:

  • The Knit-Pro technology molds to the shape of your foot, providing support and comfort.
  • The lightweight materials give you maximum speed.
  • Net-Fit technology allows the way you lace these Cleats to be fully customized.
  • Cool graphics on the base plate adds style to your game.

Final Note:

Whether you are an experienced player or new to the game, these cleats may be the ones for you. At under $110, you can be sure your investment will leave you fit and firing for seasons to come. A high-quality wide feet cleat for a somewhat reasonable price. You will not be left disappointed.

2. New Balance Men's Tekela 1.0 Pro  - The Pro-Choice

New Balance Men's Tekela 1.0 Pro

Summary: The New Balance Tekela 1.0 is one of the few cleats that come in specific wide sizes from 2E to all the way up to 6E. If you're looking for the best fitting for your wide feet, these are the cleats you should choose! It's lightweight, very comfortable, and has a good feel to it while offering your feet all-round stabilization.

If you are searching for Cleats that boast both style and quality, then look no further than these - The New Balance Men's Tekela 1.0 Pros. New Balance's latest challenger to the market is their best cleats yet, used by pros and amateurs alike. Boasting exceptional aesthetics as well as unparalleled performance, these may be your new favorite cleats.

The premium-quality synthetic material that these are constructed from help provides fantastic support while still remaining soft. This means that the cleats mold to the shape of your foot, ensuring maximum comfort for your feet. In addition, the inside lining is made from memory-foam, which conforms to the shape of your feet, providing maximum stability and comfort. The cleats also feature a very shallow lacing system which is especially good for your wide feet. Coupled with this are silicon grips around the cuff area ensuring the cleats are snug on your feet as they grip to your sock.

The tongue of these cleats is padded to prevent lace bite, further adding to your comfort. Continuing on, the Tekela 1.0s are equipped with two cushion pods to secure your feet in place when playing. These Cleats are fitted with New Balance's "Kinetic Stitch" technology, ensuring that the material will still sit tight with prolonged movement. A feature that will certainly be useful for wide-footed players.

It is in agreement among consumers that these cleats are remarkably comfortable. Thanks to the amount of fancy technology that New Balance has implemented, these cleats can ensure your comfort as well as maximizing your performance on the pitch. What's more, with near-zero break-in time, you can be up and running straight out of the box.

Top Features: 

  • Near-zero break-in time allows you to play right away
  • Wide fit caters for all feet sizes
  • Synthetic material provides comfort and support.
  • Very nice looking

Final Note: 

At around $130, the Cleats are slightly pricey. What you get for your money, however, is a professional-quality cleat that provides support and comfort. No matter the level you play at, you'd be silly to overlook these cleats when purchasing your next pair.

3. Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit

Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit

Summary: The Nike Phantom elite is designed for strikers and midfielders, offering larger rubber zones for clean striking. At the same time, the studs are aggressive and sharp for a quick change in direction. The cleats are ideal for medium-wide feet ranging from D to 2E.

If a fresh new look is what you are searching for, then the Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fits are the cleats for you. Nike's new challenger features a major revamp in design, which we will get to later. Bragging a sleek-design, these cleats can maximize your skills on the pitch as well as leaving you looking sharp.

With the Phantom series of cleats, comfort is high in priority for Nike. This is reflected in these cleats. It's carefully constructed, starting with the inside, meaning that throughout a game or training session, you will not face discomfort. Nike has developed what is essentially a sock, which slips over your foot, conforming to the shape of it. This is Nike's "Quadfit Mesh" which has been designed to contain the foot without restricting it while retaining it's shaping overtime to stop overstretching. The Mesh plays an integral part in the player's experience with the cleat, a grippy sole locking your foot into position for maximum comfort.

The unique thing about these Cleats is the "Ghost Laces" design. This entails a lacing system that sits unseen between the top of the Mesh and the knitted outer. The knitted outer is extremely stretchy, meaning that when pulled, the cleats tighten just as if they were laced. Everything can then be tucked under the tab on the cuff, giving these cleats a laceless look - very fancy indeed. 

It's a common opinion that these cleats provide superb touch and control thanks to the fantastic amount of texturing in the cleat. The triangular textured bumps are designed to enhance long and short-range control of the ball to enable you to perform your best. With lightness and comfort at the forefront of construction, these cleats are perfect wide-footed players.

Top Features:

  • Quadfit Mesh hugs your foot to ensure the best fit.
  • Ghost Laces further add to the comfort and sleek design.
  • Texturing supremely aids touch and control.
  • Ultra-lightweight design maximizes speed.

Final Note:

For under $150, these cleats are somewhat pricey, but it'll be a worthy investment given their quality. No matter your ability, these cleats can sharpen your training and game performance any day of the week. A quality pair of cleats that you should not leave out when searching for your new pair.

4. Mizuno Rebula 3

Mizuno Rebula 3

Summary: Mizuno is well-known for making wide-feet shoes, and Rebula 3 does not disappoint. Made from soft leather, the cleat offers ample space around your midfoot and toe box area, and the stretchable mesh results in a snug fit. We suggest not going one size up with these cleats. The leather stretches over time and comfortably accommodates most feet types, be it wide or extra wide.

Mizuno is known for producing high-quality cleats with class and comfort at the forefront, and the Rebula 3s are no different. If you are searching for cleats with a classic look and feel, then cast your attention to these. Despite not being one of the big companies such as Nike or Puma, Mizuno is more than capable of producing your next pair of cleats. They're also one of the largest sports equipment manufacturers in Japan and are fast-spreading in America. 

Contrary to most brands nowadays, Mizuno continues to make their cleats from leather, and no company in the world does it better. With leather that is as smooth in your hands as it is on your feet, premium comfort is assured with these cleats. The leather is thin, which helps create the intimate touch you get on the ball while still supporting your feet - a trade that Mizuno is so good at. With the supple but supportive leather, everything from running to playing a pass feels graceful and smooth, making these cleats a joy to wear. While leather can be known to cause blisters, you needn't worry with these cleats, as the soft leather is a dream on your feet.

The cleat is never stiff thanks to the marriage of the thin leather and the soft liner. This means that these cleats are perfect for those with wide feet. There's virtually no break-in time with the cleats, which is a testament to Mizuno's focus on comfort without sacrificing performance. Moreover, comfort and the feel improves every time you wear them, which really does boast of the quality of these cleats.

With classic aesthetics and simple colors, it is common agreement that these cleats are phenomenal. This fact is further reinforced by the wide lacing system, allowing you to expertly and precisely tighten the laces to suit your specific needs. The flexible sole-plate and revamped studs give you the speed and traction advantage on the pitch so you can perform your best while remaining comfortable. Hats off to Mizuno.

Top Features:

  • Ultra comfortable
  • Soft leather provides an intimate touch on the ball.
  • Virtually no break-in time.
  • Inner cage provides excellent support for your feet.

Final Note: 

At under $125, these cleats are well worth the price if you are looking for extreme comfort. Furthermore, you can rest assured that these cleats will enhance your performance in training and in-game - a real contender for your next pair of cleats.

Budget Picks - Value for Money (VFM)

1. Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial

Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial

Summary: The Addidas Copa Mundial is one of the classic cleats that has withstood the test time. Boasting classic tongue, with soft kangaroo leather construction, these cleats are ideal for most feet types. Out of the box, it comes with a wide mid-foot and narrow toe, but as you break-in, the cleats stretch and perfectly conform to your feet. Dollar for dollar, the Copa Mundials are the best value wide soccer cleats in the market.

The Adidas Copa Mundial is a prime example of a cleat that's stood the test of time. Having originally been released in 1979, these cleats have survived waves of several new generations while still remaining at the top of the market - a true testament to their quality. If you are looking for a classic pair of cleats at a good price, then these may be the ones for you.

Given their release in 1979, these Cleats are not equipped with much technology. Do not let that deter you; however, as what they lack in technology is more than accounted for in quality. Constructed from Kangaroo leather, class radiates from these cleats as they continue to remain popular 40 years after release. The supple nature of leather means that players can be assured of support on their feet as well as comfort when running or standing still. Furthermore, Kangaroo leather is highly durable, meaning that it outlasts its synthetic material counterparts. In addition to this, the Kangaroo leather has a fantastic feel to it, meaning a player can easily make the most of it in-game.

One thing that is the main conversation topic about these cleats is comfort. The premium Kangaroo leather is a serenely soft material that cushions the foot as well as the player's touch. It seems a fitting feature of a classic pair of cleats. Furthermore, the leather is highly pliable and will mold to the shape of your foot, meaning that these will not be an issue for wide footed players.

Top Features:

  • Supreme comfort
  • Classic look and feel
  • Great cushioning for feet
  • Ideal for wide footed players

Final Note:

For around $100, these cleats are priced reasonably. With exceptional comfort at a great look and feel, these cleats don't leave much to be desired. You would be nuts to ignore these as your potential new pair of cleats.

2. Nike Premier II

Nike Premier II

Summary:  The Nike Premier II is a neutral fit cleat suitable for all types of feet - narrow to wide. The soft kangaroo leather and double-cross stitching on the forefoot allow the cleat to stretch in all directions. These cleats offer an excellent feel on the ball while the soleplate is flexible and responsive. 

Nike's solution to the Adidas' Copa Mundial, the Premier II features the iconic Nike Swoosh emblazoned on both sides of each cleat. With limited technology and a no thrills appearance, there's still no reason to overlook these to adhere to your problems. The iconic American brand has delivered with the Premier II.

Similarly to the Copa Mundial, the Premier II is constructed from premium Kangaroo Leather. The aforementioned material is designed to cushion your feet as well as support them. The cleat features extensive amounts of padding around the toes and top surface of the cleat. This means that taking a touch or shooting feels exceptional. One thing that the Premier II does brilliantly vs. a lot of other leather cleats is that it doesn't dampen your touch on the ball. Consequently, you can still play at pace - a winning feature. 

There's padding within the cleat that perfectly hugs your foot once the cleat is laced up, a brilliant feature for those with wide feet.

Aesthetics wise, these cleats are very bland. The black and white color scheme leaves a lot to be desired compared to today's bright colors. However, the Premier II does feature a blue base plate. Once again, similar to the Copa Mundial, the base plate is plain with little contouring, although it features the perfect blend between rigidness and flexibility.

The general opinion about these cleats is that they may just be one of the best bang for the buck pairs on the market. In addition to this, the premium Kangaroo leather creates an almost unparalleled level of comfort. However, it may take a few wears to fully break-in.

Top Features:

  • Supreme comfort provided by Kangaroo Leather
  • Shooting with these cleats feels exceptional
  • Great value for money
  • The base plate is of perfect hardness.

Final Note:

For around $85, you're getting a cleat that, yes lacks technology, but offers exceptional comfort for wide feet players and excellent performance to make up for it.

Wide Soccer Cleats - Buyer's Guide

Choosing a wide feet soccer cleat may look like a hit and miss process, but if you do the necessary research, you don't have to go through the pain of returning the merchandise.

In the next section, we have covered the important points you must consider.

Do you really need a wide feet cleat?

In my experience, 90% of the soccer players who think they need a wide feet cleat don't necessarily need one. This is mainly due to the misconception and misinformation as to how soccer cleats are supposed to fit. Soccer cleats are supposed to be fit snugly with little to no extra space such that it squeezes your foot. The fit and feel of a soccer cleat or football shoe is a lot different than a typical running shoe.

The reason?

Running shoes are designed for one thing - running. There is no jumping, spring, or sudden change of direction involved. As a result, running shoes are geared to be more comfortable for a longer duration. The fit is more open with spread out midfoot, anti-skid heels, and not overly tight toe box. They also require minimal break-in.

On the other hand, in soccer, you walk, jog, run, jump, accelerate, decelerate, and make sudden cuts. So you need a cleat that can handle all such high-intensity movements and also be fit for playing in all-weather conditions. It must be responsive and securely hold the feet in place for performance and safeguard from potential injuries or blisters. 99% of soccer cleats have an awkward fit right out of the box, and they need proper break-in before you get a comfortable fit.

Now let's say you legitimately have wide feet. In that case, you should ideally choose a cleat with a leather upper. Leather has the natural tendency to expand and form to the shape of the feet as it breaks in.

Your personal judgment and preference play a vital role in the selection. Some may like a snug fit, while some may not.


The next factor you need to consider is the upper material of the cleat. Synthetic and leather are the most common options. Synthetic upper offer less give and do not stretch over time. As a result, they're not ideal for wide feet players. On the other hand, leather upper stretch and conform to the shape of your feet as it "breaks in". So, this is the reason why leather is the best material for wide feet players.

Here we've discussed the pros and cons of each material.




  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Comfortable
  • Good support
  • Good touch/feel of the ball
  • High maintenance
  • Can be expensive
  • Could absorb water
  • Limited color range


  • Easy to clean
  • Light
  • Water resistant
  • Generally cheaper
  • Less comfortable
  • Break-in time
  • Less feeling
  • Not suitable for wide feet

Sizing Guide

With all the many different styles and brands out there, getting the right size cleat can be tricky. But fear not - we are here to help.

Sizing really depends from brand to brand. For example, the size that fits you in Puma cleats may not fit you in Nike cleats. However, generally it is fairly consistent. 

If you are ordering cleats online, it is best to have tried on a few pairs for sizing before you order. Just to be sure everything fits alright.

But what happens if you don't wear the right size cleat?

Fit and why it's important

Generally, your cleats should be the same shoe size or half a size bigger (to compensate for socks etc). Furthermore, there should be between 1 to 2 cm of space in front of your toes.

The size and the top of the boot should be fairly tight to provide the support you need. But certainly not painful.

Not wearing the right size cleats can pose some potentially serious issues.

If the cleat is too big:

  • If your heel is not anchored down, it can slide up and down. This can result in blisters and a skin wound.
  • When running at high speed, the excess material may cause you to trip over.
  • A Bigger problem: If your feet are constantly sliding in and out of the shoe. This is bad because it can build up a nasty strain in your calves and back.

If the cleat is too small:

  • The obvious answer is foot pain. Wearing a pair of cleats that are too tight can cause excessive pain on your feet.
  • Cleats that are too short can cause ingrown toenails caused by extra pressure on the toe area.
  • Shoes that are too tight can cause nasty bruising and calluses.

Summing Up the Guide

Finding the right pair of cleats can be a painstaking task, especially if you have wide feet. We hope to have addressed this problem now. If none of these cleats take your fancy, then hopefully we've helped you find a style that you like.

With so many brands and types out on the market, it can be quite a daunting task finding the perfect pair. But now you should be well on your way to doing that if you haven't already.

Before you rush off to purchase your pair, make sure you know what size to look for as this will not only save time but also lay down a benchmark as to what your new pair may feel like.

The range of prices is quite high, but having addressed some cheaper alternatives, we hope to have catered to everyone's needs in finding the perfect pair of wide cleats.

No matter who you are or your level of play, we can assure you that your new pair of well-fitting cleats is just around the corner.

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