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Pellor Wooden Swing Seat

PELLOR Wooden Swing Seat

Last Updated: 5th Mar, 2022

Whether you're looking for a tree swing for kids, adults, or both, the market with flooded with options. But not all swings are the same, and neither they should be. To save you from the hassle, we have rounded up 5 of the very best tree swings across every budget.

Do you remember what it was like playing on the tire swing at your grandmother's house? There is something special about sitting under the shade of a full-grown tree on a hot summer day. The shade keeps you cool, and you still get to enjoy being outside. I cherish those moments.

Tree swings aren't just for kids, though. If you think of all the romantic movies you have seen, it isn't hard to recall a good percentage of them that have some adorable scene involving a tree and a swing. My parents have this huge oak tree in their front yard with a handmade wooden swing my father built. Sure the grandkids love to play on it, but it has been the centerpiece for our annual family picture as well.

Every spring, the entire family crowds around that tree swing with my parents in the center for a family photo. I absolutely love those memories and frame every single picture. That old swing has been the sitting post for in-depth conversations, watching sunrises and sunsets, and even my cousin's wedding photos. It is something that brings people together and creates an atmosphere of romance, relaxation, and fun all in one.

Whether you have young kids or you're a newlywed couple that loves to spend their time out under the tree canopies, there is no better way to enjoy it all than a tree swing.

Here are 5 of our favorite tree swings for kids and adults.

Our Top Picks for the Best Tree Swings

  1. WONDERVIEW Tree SwingEditor's Pick
  2. PACEARTH Swing Seat Budget Pick
  3. PELLOR Wooden Swing Seat Traditional pick (wooden)
  4. 60 Inch Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults The largest tree swing
  5. Swurfer Kiwi - Best and Safest Baby Swing Seat

1. WONDERVIEW Tree Swing

Wonderview Tree Swing

This is our editor's pick! The WONDERVIEW is extremely durable and suitable for all ages. Whether you plan to lounge in it and read books or your kids want to jump and play on it, the 900D Oxford Fabric (which is thicker and stronger than the 600D) will hold up to 600 lbs safely. Its 40" diameter can seat up to 5 kids at a time or 2 adults. 

The frame is made of Eva Foam padded Grade Steel with M9 Screws. With reinforced stitching straps and high density PE rope, safety and durability are no problem for the WONDERVIEW. The fabric of the swing is sprayed with PU coating making it water and UV-resistant for longevity. 

My favorite feature of the WONDERVIEW is the included easy installation kit. You can hang this swing up in a matter of minutes from any horizontal beam or branch. It's versatile enough to be used indoors and outdoors, on swing sets, trees, pergolas, awnings, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Top Features:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Easy installation allows for portability
  • Can hold up to 600 lbs and is durable
  • Great for all ages

Final Note: For less than $60, you can enjoy a little slice of heaven with the WONDERVIEW. It's built to last and as strong as an ox. It works just about anywhere, which makes it our top choice when it comes to tree swings. You really can't go wrong with the WONDERVIEW Tree Swing. It's made with the entire family in mind. 

2. PACEARTH Swing Seat


This is our budget pick at right under $30. This swing is simple but still very high quality. It meets ASTM requirements and is built with safety in mind. 

If you have long, beautiful locks, rest at ease. This swing has plastic-coated grips on the chains to prevent your long hair from getting stuck in the chains as well as prevent pinching. The plastic coating only goes up a portion of the chains so that you can adjust the length of each chain as needed. They are also zinc coated and anti-rust with a maximum length of 68.9 inches.

The seat is made of EVA plastic material making it strong yet comfortable. Its dimensions are 26" x 5.5" allowing for safer and comfortable sitting positioning. The seat is chemical, corrosion, and crack-resistant and will not deform. It has a non-slip design with an earthy green color. It's easy to clean and also suitable for all ages. 

My favorite feature of the PACEARTH is the simplicity of installation. It comes with two strong nylon straps that wrap around any horizontal beam or tree branch, eliminating the need for tools. The chains are connected to the straps and the seat with strong steel hooks. This allows for quick and easy length adjustment of the chains. 

This probably is the easiest swing on the market to assemble and ideal for kids.

Top Features: 

  • Budget pick
  • Durable and strong
  • Chemical, corrosion and crack-resistant seat
  • Zinc and plastic coated chains
  • Quick easy installation.
  • 660 lb weight capacity

Final note: With lots of products, price is indicative of quality. With the PACEARTH Swing Seat, this isn't the case. You get the benefits of strength, durability, and safety for a fraction of the cost of your average tree swing. It boasts gorgeous earthy colors to blend perfectly with your landscaping, and it holds up to 660 lbs. You can't go wrong with the PACEARTH Swing Seat. 

3. PELLOR Wooden Swing Seat

Pellor Wooden Swing Seat

This is that swing that you think of when you imagine a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie. All the tradition and rustic touches rolled into this simple yet classic wooden swing seat. The PELLOR Wooden Swing Set is absolutely stunning in every way.

No tools are necessary for this swing. It comes with two connect buckles and adjustable ropes. You simply wrap the ropes over a tree branch or horizontal beam and connect them with the galvanized metal connector rings. Though not the strongest swing on the list, the PELLOR can hold up to 220 lbs at a time.

This swing seat can double as a prop in a photography studio or a specialty storefront. Its rustic, chic aesthetic is perfect for your next photo shoot, and it's great for all ages. 

The seat is made of beautiful, smooth pine wood and is comprised of anti-rot material. It isn't meant to be soaked in water as it's not weather-resistant. You would want to keep this swing dry to preserve its natural beauty. 

Top Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Beautiful and strong pinewood seat
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

Final Note: This swing brings you into the love story/fairytale world with its stunning appeal. It's sturdy enough for an average size adult and easy to install anywhere indoors or outdoors. It costs less than $50 and would make a great prop for your next photo shoot. I think this is the perfect pick for a photographer in or outside of a studio as well!

4. 60-Inch Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults

Laegendary 60 Inch Platform Tree Swing

This is by far the largest tree swing we have ever seen. You can fit a lot of people on a 5-foot swing! It's also big enough for an adult to stretch out and relax in the shade of the tree canopy. 

Made from strong sturdy materials, this swing was built for safe use. The ropes have foam grips to prevent rope rubs and burns. The platform of the swing is lined with thick soft foam so that you don't have metal parts digging into your legs or coming in contact with sensitive skin. The seat is made of durable reinforced stitched material so that it can hold the weight of multiple kids. 

The materials are weather-resistant to assure a long-lasting swing. This swing is also low maintenance and easy to clean. 

My favorite perk with this swing is the manufacturing company, LEAGENDARY's passion of putting people before profit. They donate a portion of every purchase to ShareTheMeal Program to help support underprivileged children around the world to maintain proper nutrition through free meals. I'm all for a charitable company. 

Top Features:

  • Built for Safety
  • Strong a durable
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Feeding Children Around the World

Final Note: 

You simply can't go wrong with this platform tree swing. It's easy to install in a matter of minutes, and there is no need for added hardware. Your entire family will enjoy this swing for many years. It's also priced to sell at just under $125! Whether you plan to pile the kids on or just stretch out in your yard in a comfortable place, this swing will meet your every need and then some.

5. Swurfer Kiwi

Swurfer Kiwi

Sorry parents! This one isn't for you. The Swurfer Kiwi is your baby's first starter tree swing. Its sleek ergonomic and modern shell design provides excellent support and added comfort for your little adventurer. 

It can be used indoors and outdoors with a 3-point safety harness to keep your little one locked in safely. The harness straps are adjustable and made with soft fabric that is far more comfortable against the skin than plastic or rope. 

The Kiwi is recommended for infants and toddlers at least 9 months of age. The straps may be adjusted to grow with your child, so you can keep this swing around for a couple of years…or more if you happen to get baby fever. 

The best thing about this infant and toddler tree swing is the simple installation. You can hang inside from a horizontal beam or outside from a tree branch or other horizontal pole/beam. This makes it highly mobile, so you can even take it to family gathers or other places to allow your little one in on all the fun. 

Top Features:

  • Perfect Infant Starter Swing
  • Ergonomic Shell for comfort
  • Mobile
  • Easy Installation

Final Note:

If you have an infant or are planning on expanding the family, this swing needs to be on your baby registry. As a mom to two children, I desperately searched for a tree swing to use for my kid, and all I could find were the clunky, bulky plastic ones. This one looks beautiful, and it's far more comfortable for your little bundle of joy. It's less than $100 and should last you a couple of years as your child grows, so it's well worth the investment.

Buyer's Guide to Tree Swings

As you can see, there are many great options out there when it comes to tree swings for both children and adults. There are some crucial factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best tree swing for you. Some of the most important factors include weight limit, safety, installation protocol, and budget.

Key Considerations

<Weight Limit>

When it comes to purchasing anything that is intended to support you while hanging above the ground, the weight limit is the number one consideration to keep in mind. You want to know without a doubt that your swing will safely bear the load of your weight and then some. 

It is recommended that you allow for an extra 30-45 lbs above your current weight just to be safe for any future weight gain or compromise in the integrity of the materials of your swing as they age. 

You can never have too much assurance, so going well over what your weight is would be considered a perfect approach to ensuring you don't end up on the ground with a bruise on your rear end.


Safety falls close in line with weight limits, but it's a more all-encompassing approach. There are many different safety features to research in a tree swing. Foam or plastic-coated grips protect from pinching and rope burns. Strong materials provide for more stability and durability. Weather, heat, and UV-resistant materials assist in maintaining the integrity of your swing's safety features. Straps and harnesses provide security for unstable users (i.e., infants and toddlers). 

Like anything, we allow our family to use, we want to ensure the swing is safe to use. We recommend conducting frequent inspections of all swings, especially swings that are left outside year-round in the elements. 

Check for cracks in the seats, frayed ropes or straps, rusting chains, and weakening connections. A good inspection once over every month should help you identify when parts may need extra attention or replacement, so that you aren't surprised with a nasty injury down the road. 

<Installation Protocol>

You can buy the safest swing on the market, but if you don't follow the installation or set up instructions, you are setting yourself up for failure. Manufacturers provide instructions in order to provide the best, most enjoyable, and safest experience for your family. 

Many times people realize they may be missing hardware, tools, or parts that were supposed to be included with their swings. Instead of calling the manufacturer, they resort to solving the problem themselves. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; however, more often than not, the improvised part or procedure results in a malfunction leading to injury or damages.

Many different types of installation kits come with tree swings like adjustable ring clamps, adjustable ropes, buckles, and hardy straps that loop through themselves, eliminating the need for tools.

If you're looking for something easy to set up, you really can't go wrong with the assembly kits that require zero tools. We recommend the Royal Oak Easy Hang (4Ft) Tree Swing Strap. It is both sturdy and simple to set up.


Last but not least is your budget! Whether you want to splurge or make a steal of a deal, there are plenty of options to suit your budget. You can find tree swings of all sorts from $20 up to a few hundred dollars. It just depends on what you are comfortable spending.

All of the options we discussed in this post are affordable for even the most frugal buyer. You won't find yourself breaking the bank with any of these swings. They all have amazing features as well.

If you are wanting to stay on the lower end of the budget spectrum, aim for plastic materials. They typically don't last as long as others, but they are more affordable because they are easy to manufacture.

If you are okay with splurging a bit, take a look at the wooden swings. There are so many beautiful wood swings out there. They do require some maintenance, but they make a beautiful addition to your yard, and they are well worth the added work and money.

Pre-Installation Checklist

A tree swing is a staple of any backyard and can provide years of fun, provided it's installed correctly. A poorly or incorrectly hung swing, not only poses a risk to you or your kid's safety but can also permanently damage the tree.

The good thing, however is it's easily doable, provided you do proper research and have the right tools. Here I've listed the exact steps which I followed while installing a spider swing in my yard.

1) Choose the right tree and the branch: The first thing even before buying the swing is to check what type of tree you have in your yard. Mature hardwood trees like Oak, maple, ash, sycamore, or beech are perfect for hanging swings as they're very sturdy and handle the load pretty well. Avoid trees like willow, birch, or poplar as they split rather easily and can't handle the weight. Avoid sick or termite infested trees.

The swing must be attached to a branch with at least 7'' to 10'' thickness, and the height of the branch should not exceed 18'. Anything higher than this would lead to a larger arc while swinging which many, especially the kids, won't enjoy. At the same time, it can be risky. The branch must have a 2 to 3 feet clearance from the main trunk.

2) Location: The branch you're considering should have at least 10' clearance on the front and backside. And it also goes without saying that there should be no structure or furniture nearby to avoid any chance of collision. The landing zone should be flat ground, and you should avoid mounting a swing on a slope or areas with concrete flooring.

Installation Options

There are two ways to install a tree or rope swing. The first and most straightforward way is to tie the knot around the tree. The most common knots are double or running bowline and two half hitches. The knot loosens when the swing isn't used, allowing the branch to grow normally. You also have the option to remove the swing whenever you want. However, as the rope is in direct contact with the branch, continuous to and fro motion works as a saw, causing damage over time. You can use a rope sleeve to limit the damage, though.

The other option involves drilling vertical holes in the branch and putting eye-bolts. The rope is attached to the eye bolt directly. It damages the tree branch in the short term. However, the tree would eventually grow around it, filling the hole up.

So, which one should you choose? In most cases, a rope knot should work. It's durable, easy to install, and cheaper as well. Eye-bolts are more suitable if the branches are too high (above 20') or if you're looking for more of a permanent installation.

Strap vs Rope - Which is better

In earlier days, husk ropes were used to hang the swing, but the issue with them was that they needed to be changed every year. Also, husk ropes rot under the weather and aren't that durable or sturdy. Then came the double braid polyester ropes, which are still a preferred choice. Polyester ropes are strong and have more weight load capacity. There is nothing majorly wrong with them except they aren't UV resistant and may degrade over time. Also, they may wear out the branches quicker. However, the advantage of polyester rope is that they are quite cheap.

If you ask me, straps are the best way to hang the rope. They are more durable, easy to install, can withstand weather elements, and are graded to hold even 10000 lbs weight. The best part is that the length can be easily adjusted, and they are also easy on the branches.

Let's Wrap Things Up

There is simply no way you could go wrong with a tree swing…unless you have no trees to hang it from, and even then, you can hang most swings from any horizontal pole, branch, or beam. As long as it can support the weight of the swing and its patrons safely, you can enjoy a tree swing without a tree!

In comparison to metal swing sets, dome climbers and playsets, a tree swing is far more affordable, requires less time to install, and requires little to no maintenance or foundational work. It's high time you replace that old tire swing for something that is built to last and bring copious amounts of fun and enjoyment to your family.

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