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Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

What's the difference between women's lacrosse sticks and men's lacrosse sticks?

Well, the women's lax sticks are designed to be lightweight, shorter, and they come with a shallower head than the men's sticks. These differences mainly crop up due to how the women's lacrosse game is played. Unlike men's games, in women's lacrosse, there is no cross-checking allowed, nor female players are allowed to hold or block the opponent with the stick. This makes women's lacrosse more of a game of skill and finesse, rather brute strength.

And for this very reason, the stick plays a more vital role in women's lacrosse. While there is no substitute for grit, skill and hard work, a quality lacrosse stick is sure to make a positive impact in the game. But it's not an easy task to find the best lacrosse stick for girls. There are so many factors to consider like player's position, size, design, and more!

But don't sweat, we have you covered.

After researching, testing, and trying out several sticks, we have narrowed down the list of best girls and women's lacrosse sticks of 2023. So, whether you're looking to pick the first stick for your young girl or are looking for a pro-quality stick for a college or high school player, you're sure to find the right pick among these options. 

We have also included a handy buyer's guide highlighting the factors you need to consider while picking a girl's lacrosse stick.

Note: Although all the recommendations on the list are from STX, neither the brand has sponsored us, nor we are biased towards them. It's just that when it comes to women's lacrosse, the STX is way ahead than any other brands both in terms of performance and product offerings.

Our Top Picks for the Best Women's/Girl's Lax Sticks

1. STX Lacrosse Crux 600 Girls Complete Stick - Pro Pick

STX Lacrosse Crux 600 Girls Complete Stick

The Crux 600 from STX is arguably the best women's lacrosse stick available. No wonder you find many elites and college-level players using them. Even the lacrosse star Michelle Tumolo used the very same stick, of course, with custom stringing.

Designed for collegiate and high school lax players, the Crux 600 head comes with a lot of new technologies that result in best-in-class ball control and maneuverability. The head comes with a speed scoop, which allows faster ball grab and, at the same time, protects the top strings from fraying. The launch II pocket is flexible, which pushes the sweet spot higher up the head, giving you more control and power whenever you are shooting, passing, or cradling.

The 10-degree drop rail lowers the depth of the pocket while making the sidewalls thinner. This, along with offset shafts, results in a higher and deeper pocket resulting in excellent ball retention, ball handling and quick ball release.

The head is stiff, which allows you to put insane power in your shots while allowing you to be creative and finish with finesse.

The head comes with a Com10 offset shaft, which has an oval shape and is coated with tacky rubber film for a firm grip. The 10-degree shaft allows for a deeper pocket than the straight shafts. This also helps to keep the ball in the pocket and improves catching and passing accuracy.

Top Features:

  • STX Speed Scoop for improved ground ball pick up and top string protection
  • Launch II pocket is easy to adjust and offers a better feel
  • Drop rail technology for better ball retention

Who is it for?

While the STX grades the Crux 600 as an attacker stick but I personally found this stick to be suitable for all positions, obviously except for the goalie.

If you're looking for the top-of-the-line girl's lacrosse stick and the price isn't a constraint, the Crux 600 is your best bet!

2. STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly Complete Stick - Best for Youth Players

STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly Complete Stick

Designed for first graders and younger, this is a perfect stick to introduce kids to lacrosse. It's inexpensive yet built close to regulation specifications allowing your young one to work on the fundamental techniques. The head comes with a wider face, which makes it easy to pick the ground balls and makes it easy to throw balls. The lower sidewalls results in smoother ground ball pick up and easy ball retention.

The net length of the stick, including the head, is 36'' which is ideal for youth girls to handle. You can always reduce the length by cutting the excess shaft. But remember, the length does not meet high school or college specifications. The mesh is made out of nylon, which also makes it water and weather resistant. The simplified mesh stringing gives a good feel of the ball and requires little to no maintenance.

Top Features:

  • Designed for girls 6 and under
  • Wider face and lower sidewall 
  • 36'' long, 7/8" diameter octagonal shaft

Final note: 

The STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly is an excellent stick to introduce youth players to the game of lacrosse. The stick is priced affordably and has a durable build quality.

3. STX Lacrosse Crux 300 Girls Complete Stick - Best for Intermediates

STX Lacrosse Crux 300 Girls Complete Stick

For intermediate players, improvers, or players looking for a more serious stick, the STX 300 comes highly recommended. The STX 300 is the middle of the road option in the Crux series, offering a perfect balance of pricing and performance. For this very reason, the Crux 300 happens to be the most popular stick in the lineup.

Predominantly it's an offensive stick designed for intermediate to advancing high school and college players. The ball sits higher up in the head right at the sweet spot for attacking play. It comes with a runway pocket with overlapping center strings, which allows the two center runners to flex out and hug the ball more securely. This results in better overall precision, control, and feel of the ball.

The sharp turn on the sidewall scoop allows you to put more whip on the ball which further adds to ball control. The top scoop is curved, which helps you to be more accurate in your shots and passes. The minimal sidewall height allows you to have the deepest permissible pocket giving you an upper hand on the field. Finally, the head comes with multiple holes, helping you customize the pocket with the stringing of your choice.

The stick utilizes a 7075 shaft, which comes with a straight throat and rubberized textured finish for a comfortable grip. The diameter of the shaft is 7/8'' which is more or less the standard.

Top Features:

  • Runway Pocket for better ball retention
  • Extreme scoop angle for added snap
  • 7075 alloy shaft

Final Note:

The STX Crux 300 complete stick is an excellent all-round choice for advancing beginners and intermediate female players. It comes with all the essential features to train and play competitively while still being reasonably priced.

4. STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Girls Complete Stick - Best for Beginners

STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Girls Complete Stick

The STX Crux 100 is an entry-level stick and also the cheapest in the crux series. It's geared towards beginner girls or anyone who is getting started. The stick is designed lighter, making it easier for the budding players to catch and throw the ball. The stick also comes in a range of attractive colors like Blush, Capri, Lizard, and Orchid, helping make a statement on the field.

The first thing you would notice about the head is the unique sidewall design. This is specifically done to reduce the weight of the head without compromising on the strength. The head is strung with a precision pocket similar to men's stick, allowing for greater ball control and feel. The wide scoop makes it simpler to scoop up the ground balls and catch balls. Additionally, the raised ball stop helps keep the ball in place while cradling or making a pass. The stick comes with a 30'' STX 6000 octagonal-shaped alloy shaft with a built-in end cap. The grip is smooth with a non-slip finish for a strong hold.

Top Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Multiple color options
  • STX 6000 shaft

Final Note: 

You'll be hard-pressed to find a better complete stick for beginners than the Crux 300. It's inexpensive yet comes with enough features for the young lax players to practice and play without feeling constrained.

5. STX Fortress 300 Complete Girls Stick - Best for Defenders

STX Fortress 300 Complete Girls Stick

Designed for young and aspiring defenders, the STX fortress 300 features a stiff and more durable head to hold up against the quick and hard checks. The stick comes with a specific set of features tailor-made for the defender's position. It comes a wide head that helps to block the opponent's passes and catch with much more ease while making it easier to scoop ground balls. And the elongated face helps put more power on the long passes. All these features, along with the STX build quality, makes it one of the best defensive lax sticks for girls.

Similar to Crux 600, it comes with a runway pocket, which basically helps you put more whip on the ball while still hugging the ball for more precise control. Also, the new string lock technology ensures the pocket does not bag over time.

The steep incline from the bottom to the top rail allows for a quick release while the grooved sidewall reduces the weight without impacting the strength. And the STX forward cant technology ensures the ball always remains at the sweet spot of the stick for quick and high-speed passes.

The stick comes with a 7075 shaft, which is a widely accepted shaft for all forms of play. It's lightweight and comes with a rubberized finish grip.

Top Features:

  • Runway pocket for improved flex and control
  • Forward cant technology pushes the ball to the sweet spot
  • String lock technology prevents bagging

Final Note:

The STX Fortress 300 may very well be the best value female defender stick on the market. It's built durably and allows defenders to play true to their position.

6. STX Lacrosse Exult 300 Girls Complete Stick - Best for Midfielders

STX Lacrosse Exult 300 Girls Complete Stick

A midfielder has to be versatile, alternating between offensive and defensive play based on the scenario. The objective of the transitional mid-field players is to block the opponent and get the ball out quickly and pass it down to the attackers. So, a midfield stick should be strong enough to handle defensive play while light enough to allow for offensive play. The key parameter to look for is the strength to weight ratio, stiffer head, and wider face shape.

The Women's Exult 300 with 7075 shaft is an excellent all-round stick suitable for both sides of play. It comes with a stiff sidewall for stability and precise ball control. The sidewall is further flared, allowing for quick ball release. The tight scoop angle provides the much-needed whip, and improves ball accuracy while the flexible front face makes it easy to scoop the ground balls.

Similar to Crux 600 and Fortress 300, it comes with Runway Pocket but with a unique stringing more tailored to mid-fielders. The reinforced corner ledges make it ideal for the draw and give additional control on the ball.

Top Features:

  • Reinforced corner ledges giving better control on the draw
  • Stiff sidewall for improved control
  • Runway pocket

Final Note:

In all, the Exult 300 complete stick is a great option for midfielders or girls who aren't sure which position they're going to end up playing.

7. STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick - Best for Goalies

STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick

The Eclipse II is the successor to the all-time best selling eclipse goalie head, which was first released about 18 years back! Yes, you read that right. While the Eclipse II may seem like a men's stick but as the rules for a goalie in men and women lax games are the same, it's legal to use in women lacrosse.

The upgraded version comes with a more aggressive look and offers better features and outright better performance.

The head is considerably stiffer due to the improved sidewall geometry and is easier to string. The new scoop design helps handle ground balls more comfortably, and the updated ergonomic throat provides a firm and secure grip. It does not bend as the previous models and is overall more stable. And did we mention, STX achieved all this without adding any extra weight.

All this results in better control and helps goalies perform better on the field. It was a much-needed update, which STX nailed it down to perfection!

Final Note:

If you're looking for the very best girl's goalie stick, this is it. It's something your young one can use for her entire lax career.

Buyer's Guide to Girls Lacrosse Stick

The stick is the most crucial piece of equipment in both men's and women's lacrosse. Players may just fly by with an average glove or helmet but not with a sub-par stick. But not all lacrosse sticks are made the same although size-wise they're similar (except goalie stick). Stick design varies based on the player's position and comes in different weights and sizes.

The lacrosse stick has two parts - Head and the shaft. For beginners and intermediate players, it's best to buy a complete stick with the head and the shaft attached. The stick is ready to play out of the box. As the player advances in the game, one can consider buying shafts and heads separately to suit their playing style.

So, for this review and buyer's guide, we will limit the discussion to complete sticks only.

It's essential to pick a legal stick and, at the same time, something that perfectly complements the individual's game and skill level. Here are the factors you should consider while making the decision:

Attributes of Girl's Lacrosse Stick

Unlike men's lacrosse, in women's lacrosse, all players, except the goalie, have the same permissible shaft length. For players, the shaft can vary from 35.5 to 43.25 inch in length, and for goalies, 35.5 to 53 inch shaft is allowed. Also, the pocket should be just deep enough such that the ball, when placed in the pocket, must be above the side walls. This severely limits the choices for women players and the stringing they can do. 

This makes it essential to pick a stick that's legal and something that perfectly complements the individual's game and skill level.

Construction wise, Women's lax stick comes with a rounded scoop on the head that allows playing on both grass and turf field. The pocket is generally tightly strung and more consistent on the head. The ball pocket sits higher up the stick, allowing for quick ball release while the head is a bit wider, which makes catching easier. They're also lighter, which makes female players less fatigued while playing.

Key Considerations

<Player's Age>

The stick for youth players is shorter and lighter for easy ball handling, while high school or collegiate players tend to use a heavier and sturdier stick for competitive play.

For girls 6 and below, you should pick a youth stick, which will allow them to learn to catch and to pick the ground balls. To save the cost, don't be tempted to buy an adult stick as it's too heavy for them to handle.

For kids above 6, buy a beginner stick with an aluminum shaft and cut the shaft down to something which is more convenient and comfortable. As a rule of thumb, the complete stick should be right around the player's hip.

<Player's Position>

Predominantly there are four positions in lacrosse: Attacker, Midfielder, Defense and Goalie.

Attackers and midfielders play with a light stick and a thinner head. The face of the head is narrow, which allows better control, improved ball handling, quick ball release, and more accuracy. The rounded scoop with pinched head pushes the ground ball straight into the pocket's sweet spot allowing for offensive shots. The lighter stick also helps attackers and midfielders to maneuver through the field more quickly while cradling, dodging, shooting, or passing. The midfielder stick additionally comes with reinforced heads for better control while drawing and preventing damage to the head.

Defender sticks are heavier and come with a more rigid and broader head. This allows the defenders to deliver powerful checks, play long passes, and ultimately cause more takeaways.

Goalies play with the widest head (among all players) and a longer shaft. The head is flexible and comes with a deep pocket to block the fast shots. 

<Skill level>

If you're shopping for the first stick for your girl who is just getting started in lacrosse, it's best not to spend too much. There are two reasons for this. First, as the player's skill improves, she would eventually need a stick that's more customized to her position. And secondly, you can't be sure how long your daughter is going to play lacrosse. So, there is no point in going for a costlier stick upfront. That said, you can get a decent beginner stick under $100.

Intermediate players who play high school or college lacrosse should be looking for a stick that is well built and comes with a custom strung pocket. Such a stick can cost anywhere from $100 to $200.

Let's Wrap Things Up:

When choosing a lax stick, a lot depends on the player's preference and style of play. So, it's essential to try out various sticks as you progress as a player and see what fits your game best. With that said, beginners and intermediate players can surely benefit from an all-round stick that helps that experience different types of playing styles.

All the women's lax sticks that we have recommended above are excellent choices in their segments. All you need to do is consider the player's skill level, intended usage, and make a choice.

If you still have any questions or doubts, please feel free to comment below.

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