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HP-07 Ping Pong Robot Review

hp 07 table tennis robot

Expert: Kevin James, Last updated: 15/02/2020

Hello folks, today we'll be reviewing the HP-07 ping pong robot - a budget intermediate-level robot which comes with a host of competitive features.

A popular Chinese firm - Huipang manufactures the robot. But in the US, the product is sold under different brand names like CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine, YAETEK Robot, Popsport and Promotor Table Tennis, etc.

Priced under $250 and $100 over the closest rival iPong V300, does the robot justify the price tag? Let's find out.

In this review, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the features of the robots, quality, and who is it recommended for.

Let's start:

#PingPongBros Rating: 4.7/5

Recommended for: Casual to Intermediate players


Shoots the ball with good speed, decent enough for serious practice.


Can produce all types of spin - top, back, and side.


Very consistent and accurate ball throw.

Review Summary

{Value for Money, Suitable for beginners to intermediates}

At the price point of under $250, the HP-07 is truly a steal. The robot packs enough power to keep you on your feet and improve your ping pong skills.

What We liked: The robot can produce over 20 types of spins, comes with a wired remote, and the two powerful motors can impart sufficient speed and spin on the ball for serious practice. Additionally, the oscillating head can throw the ball at eight different locations on the table, helping you work on your footwork. And the best part is that the robot is compatible with both the new plastic 40+ balls as well as the old celluloid balls.

The robot can produce almost all types of spin - topspin, backspin, side spin (by rotating the head), and no-ball spin. The wired remote makes it easy to change the ball parameters on the fly.

What we didn't like: On the negative side, the robot does not come with a catch-net to collect the ball and auto ball feeder. However, if these features matter, you can opt for the more advanced robot from the same company - HP JT-A, which can produce 36 varieties of spins and comes with both the missing features.

Who is it for: If you're an advanced beginner or an intermediate player, spending $2000 on a robot would not be justified just yet. While going for cheaper robots like iPong v300 would not make sense because of the limited functionality and power. This is where the HP-07 robot comes in.

The robot is ideal for recreational to intermediate level players who're looking for a budget robot.

The simple design and sturdy build quality make the robot a durable purchase. Moreover, the robot has gone through multiple improvements over the years, and the robot in its current form is quite fine-tuned.

To summarize: The HP-07 is an excellent ping pong robot offering you maximum bang for the buck. With multiple settings to adjust the ball parameters, the robot can seriously help you train and improve your game.

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The HP-07 table tennis robot has been in the market for well over four years, and the raving online reviews are a testament to the quality of the product. Also, as the manufacturer Huipang, deals only in table tennis robots, so you can be assured about the product quality and after-sale support.

Now, let’s dive into the features of the robot:

Features/Construction Quality


  • Net weight: 3.5lb
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Power: 36W
  • Spin: Top, back, No, left and right spin
  • Serving Frequency: 40-70
  • Serving Speed: 4-40m/s
  • Ball holding capacity: 120
  • Random: Point of fall only

Unlike the iPong V300, which is a tabletop robot, the HP-07 mounts on the edge of the table using the brackets. The robot can be mounted anywhere along the edge, but the oscillation feature works only when the robot is placed at the center.


The two-wheeled robot comes with a rotatable head and 100 balls holding capacity. The two wheels can rotate in the forward or backward direction to produce topspin and backspin, respectively, while the head can be manually rotated to produce right or left sidespin. For a no-spin ball, you need to set the topspin equal to backspin.

All in all, the robot can produce 20 types of spin.

hp-07 head rotation 20 spin

The oscillation functionality can place the ball at eight different locations on the table – corner, middle, ¾ and 2/3rd distance from the edge. However, the oscillation is not random, and the robot follows the same series over and over again. But adjusting the other ball parameters can bring in the required randomness.

Also, the head can be tilted up and down at varying degrees to produce different levels of ball bounce. Tilt the head extreme down to emulate a serve.

hp-07 head adjustment

Lastly, the robot is quite easy to operate.

Basically, there are four knobs to adjust the ball parameters:

  • On/Off and Ball frequency – Increase or decrease the time delay between each ball throw
  • Oscillation – Increase or decrease the speed of oscillation or ball placement
  • Topspin – To increase or decrease topspin
  • Backspin – To increase or decrease backspin

The Bad

No custom drills
The robot is not programmable. But that may be too much to ask from an intermediate-level robot. None of the robots below $1000 range comes with a custom programming option.

No Random play
Similar to the point discussed above, the robot does not offer random play. It can only throw one type of spin at a time, but the point of fall is random.

No Auto ball feed
Auto ball feed lets you practice uninterrupted without needing to pick the balls up after the ball runs out. While the HP-07 does not come with this feature, its next model, HP JT-A, comes with both auto ball feeder and catch net.

HP-07 vs. Rest

Under ~$250 price tag, the HP-07 is the undisputed leader — none of the robots in the same price range offer similar features.

While the new IPONG Trainer Motion ($199) is more portable and also comes with the oscillation feature but the head is non-adjustable, and it has limited ball holding capacity in comparison.

Recommended For?

The robot is perfect for casual to intermediate players who’re looking for a budget ping pong robot. The robot can accurately place the ball and can help you train various strokes and bring consistency in your game. Whether you’re looking to practice serve returns or you’re simply looking to have a physical workout, the HP-07 may be a perfect choice for you.

But as mentioned before, after each drill, you may have a tough time picking up the balls. 

Alternatively, you can opt for the upgraded version of the robot instead, the Huipang JT-A which comes with an auto feeder, more spin options, and random play. The Huipang JT-A is priced roughly at ~$380.


No doubt, the HP-07 is an excellent robot offering a great value for money. The robot competes with the likes of top-end thousand dollar ping pong robots. I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find any better intermediate robot then this.

Still confused which robot to go for? Check out our complete guide to choosing the best ping pong robot.

Kevin James

Kevin is a NY based digital entrepreneur, blogger, and a table tennis aficionado. He is a former professional table tennis player with the career best USATT ranking of 2419. He is also an ITTF Level 3 certified coach and conducts weekend coaching programs in and around the New York area. You can connect with him at [email protected]

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