iPong V300 Table Tennis Robot Review

ipong-v300 review

Expert: Kevin James, Last Updated: 4th Mar, 2023

iPong V300 is an entry-level table tennis robot designed to practice basic strokes, all while offering a fun workout. Primarily targeted for recreational players and enthusiasts, the product features a minimalist design and an affordable price tag.

But is it right for you?

In this review, we will be discussing the features and limitations of the robot. And finally, we'll answer the most crucial question - Who is it recommended for?

Let's find out!

#PingPongBros Rating: 4.0/5

Performance Rating:


Can throw the ball with above-average speed


Produces average spin


Fairly accurate

Review Summary

{Budget Robot for recreational and casual players}

The iPong V300 is an excellent option for beginners and starters to practice and perfect their basic strokes. The robot comes with plenty of features to keep you and your family members entertained for hours.

This compact robot comes with adjustable oscillation, frequency, and spin, letting you practice a wide range of shots. Whether you're starting with the sport or are looking to improve your game, iPong V300 may very well be a perfect companion for you.

Go for this robot if you're a beginner, improver or are merely looking for a fun workout.

That being said, due to limited features, adults or players with competitive zeal would outgrow the robot rather too soon. I feel, spending $50 extra and going for a more feature-rich robot like HP-07 would make more sense.

Suitable for: Casual to Beginner Players

Strokes you can practice - Drive, Smash, Top/Back Spin and Loops


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Adjustable frequency, oscillation, speed, and spin
  • Can produce topspin, backspin and no-spin
  • Wireless control


  • No side spin
  • To increase speed, you need to increase spin
  • Can't throw serves
  • No random play option
  • Limited set of training features

Final Verdict: Priced at $122, no doubt the iPong V300 is a value purchase. If you're looking for a robot that is fun to practice with and at the same time offers a decent physical exercise, then it is an ideal choice for you.

But if you're one those with a competitive zeal, then you sure are going to get bored soon. I suggest going for the Hp-07 ping pong robot instead, which is about $50 costlier than the V300 but comes with a better set of features. 

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iPong V300 In-Depth Review 

In the next section, we'll be discussing in detail the features, construction, and performance of the robot.



  • Two-wheel throwing head
  • Holds up to 100 balls
  • Shoots up to 70 balls/min
  • Adjustable frequency, oscillation, top/backspin
  • Wireless controller
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty.
ipong v300 ping pong robot

Upgrade/Issue Fix: The iPong V300 is the upgraded version of the very popular iPong V200. The newer robot comes with upgraded hardware and features, improving overall playability.

Assembly: Lightweight and easy to set up. Simply, stack the three sections on top of another, feed in the ball, power the robot, and you're all set. It's that simple! The whole process hardly takes 2 to 3 mins.

Features: The iPong V300 comes with a two-wheel head, wirelessly controllable with adjustable ball frequency, oscillation, spin. The improved throw-wheel shoots the ball with better speed while the new feeder disk reduces ball jams. It is compatible with both 40 and 40+ ping pong balls, and the top tray can hold up to 100 balls.

The robot can shoot 30 to 70 balls per minute with variable frequency while the side-to-side oscillation can place the robot at five locations on the ping pong table.

Being a two-wheel robot, it can generate either top or backspin, and there is no option of sidespin. To generate a no-spin ball, set the topspin equal to backspin. The digital display at the base of the robot shows all the selected settings. The memory feature lets you save your favorite drills while the play/pause button enables you to start or stop the drill.

A three-step tilt stand is provided, which lets you place the robot at varying degrees, thus helping you practice even more variety of strokes.

Recommended for?

Ideal for Beginners and Casual players. If you're looking for a robot which is fun to practice with and at the same time offers good physical exercise, then this robot won't disappoint you. The robot lets you repeatedly practice basic strokes, helping you bring more consistency and power in your strokes.

Just make sure you practice with the correct technique and posture; otherwise, you may end up picking bad habits, which would be difficult to fix later on.

Not Recommended for anyone remotely competitiveAverage speed/spin, predictable ball throws, and no random play option makes it unsuitable of intermediate to serious players.


The iPong V300 is a bang for the buck purchase. The robot is excellent for kids, casual and beginner players. It is effortless to set up, requires little to no maintenance, and works right out of the box.

An excellent choice for anyone who is getting started with Ping Pong or someone looking to practice basic strokes.

That being said, you may outgrow the robot rather too soon, due to the limited functionality it offers. If you can slightly extend your budget, you can get the Hp-07 table tennis robot, which offers a better set of features suited for serious play. The robot retails for ~170$

Still confused about which robot to go for? Check out our complete guide to choosing the best ping pong robot.

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