5 Best Mini Ping Pong Tables (Reviews)

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Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Table Review

Butterfly Junior

Best Mid Range

STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table Review

Stiga Space Saver

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JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table Review

Expert: Kevin James, Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

A quick guide on how to choose a Mini Ping Pong Table.

Owning a personal Ping Pong Table is a real joy (especially if you have kids around). But the only issue is the SIZE. Not everyone has either space or a budget to put a full-size table in their home.

We get that. Invest in a mini ping pong table instead, which not only occupies less than 2/3rd of the space compared to a regular one but also folds away when not in use. Problem Solved, Right!

Best Mini Ping Pong Table Reviews

Okay, so mini/portable ping pong tables occupy less space and are cheaper. However, how do they play? Are they merely suited for fun games with kids, or can you do a fair bit of practice on them as well?

These were the exact questions going inside my mind while I sat down for this review.

And BOY, I was impressed!

All my doubts were put to rest as soon as I played a round on our top pick – Butterfly Junior. Except for the size, this table behaved like any other regular table. The ball bounce and spin adherence were similar.

So YES, on smaller tables, you can very much engage in the fun as well as competitive games (on top models). Also, there is a blessing in disguise. Playing on mini tables means that when you transition to full-size tables, you will have no trouble keeping your shots on the table.

With all doubts out of the way, let's move to the actual selection. With so many options currently available in the market, we had to scour through dozens of tables to find you the Best Choices.

Our Top Picks for Best Mini Ping Pong Tables

  1. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table - Best of the Best (¾ size)
  2. Joola Midsize Table Bang for the Buck
  3. Stiga Space Saver - Value Pick
  4. AceLife Compact Table - Best Budget Set (Table, Paddle, Ball)
  5. GOPLUS 60" Portable Table Best Portable

1. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

butterfly junior ping pong table


Our top pick is the Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table. Measuring 3/4th the size of a regular table, it is larger than most mini tables. Compared to a regular table, it is just 2 feet shorter in length and 1 foot along the side. So as you see, the difference in gameplay won't be substantial, and it's easier to keep the ball in play. A perfect sized table for smaller spaces. Kids and adults alike are bound to have a great time playing Ping Pong on this table.

This mini table carries an excellent design, offers excellent playability, is lightweight, and most importantly, is very sturdy.

In the playing position, the table measures 7' in length, 4' in width, and 2'6" in height. The table is foldable in two parts measuring 3'5" X 4", small enough to fit inside a closet. Each half is equipped with two-wheels making it exceptionally easy to move. It doubles up as a multi-use table when needed, excellent for dining or playing board games.

The 12mm thick MDF tabletop is perfect for recreational play, producing above-average ball bounce and spin. The undercarriage is made of 1" thick steel tubes, providing stable support to the top. Butterfly includes a regulation height easy-to-install clip-type net set along with the table. The corner protectors are provided, which reduces any risk of injury due to sharp edges and protects the table corners.

The table comes 100% pre-assembled and is ready to play out of the box. And to top it off, the table is available in blue and green color and comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Bottom line: You may have compromised on the size but don't compromise on the gameplay experience. The Butterfly Junior is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a quality table at a space-saving size. And above all, the build quality is the best in the category.

+ Proper 3/4 size scale-down of a regular table
+ Regulation table and net height
+ 12mm thick tabletop
+ Lightweight yet sturdy
+ 3-year warranty

- Missing height levelers

2. Joola Midsize

Joola Midsize Review


The Joola Midsize is a real bang for the buck! Priced just under $150, making it a perfect choice for family game time. The table is lightweight, portable, and sturdily built. Measuring 2/3rd of a standard ping pong table with regulation height (76cm), this table boasts compact design yet doesn't compromise on performance.

An excellent choice to introduce your kids to sports. Additionally, you can use the table for meals, board games, art and craft, homework, and more. When not in use, slide the table under the bed or in the closet.

The best feature of the table is the 15mm thick tabletop, which offers good ball bounce and spin adherence, similar to a regular table. The table splits into near-perfect square halves, making it easy to store and move the table. The undercarriage is sturdy and made using a 1" thick steel frame.

What more, when you've guests around, throw in a table cloth and dine like you usually do on a table (they wouldn't even know).

The table comes fully assembled, unfold the two halves, attach the net, and you are ready to go.

+ 15mm thick tabletop
+ Compact design
+ Multi-use table

- The net posts could have been better

3. Stiga Space Saver

Stiga Space Saver Review


Stiga Space Saver, as the name suggests, is a compact ping pong table suitable for tight spaces. It comes 100% pre-assembled and is ready to play right out of the box. The table measures 71" L x 40.5" W x 30" H or 2/3rd the size of a regular table and weighs 65 lbs.

The length and width of the table are an exact scaled-down version of a regular table, but the height is non-standard, and it stands 30" above the ground.

The 16mm thick tabletop is the best in the category, offering excellent all-round performance. The top is painted with multiple coats of high-quality paint with silk screen white strips, for a smooth finish. The undercarriage is well-built and made out of 1.25" square steel tubes. While an apron of similar size wraps the tabletop, resulting in consistent ball bounce.

This budget table can also be used for multiple purposes. You can use the table to host board/card games, or even as a dining table (don't forget to use a tablecloth).

However, I found the supplied net posts to be quite flimsy and not strong enough to resist fast smashes.

But hey, this is a budget table, Right? Expecting a professional net set may be too much to ask for.

+ Excellent build quality
+ 16mm thick tabletop
+ Adjustable height levelers

- The net posts are flimsy

4. Acelife Midsize Compact Ping Pong Table

Acelife 60'' Mid Compact Ping Pong Table


Are 3/4th or 2/3rd size tables a bit too big for you? Don't worry! The Acelife Midsize compact ping pong table may just be an ideal choice for you. The table is 4'' smaller in width compared to a 2/3rd table. It is lightweight, portable, and compact - perfect for anyone who is space-constrained.

Ideal for kids and recreational usage, this table is easy to set up and store away when the game is finished.

But don't let the small size fool you - the tabletop offers decent playing performance, and the price point is simply hard to pass by. Additionally, two complimentary paddles and three 3-star balls are provided along.

The table comes pre-assembled, so it'll be game-time right out of the box. The table splits into two self-standing square halves, and the table legs fold up, making it easy to store the table in your closet or even under your bed. An excellent quality screw net is included along with the table.

+ Lightweight, Portable
+ Sturdy Construction
+ Complimentary paddles and balls
+ Excellent net set

- None!

Best Portable Ping Pong Table

5. GO plus 60" Ping Pong Table

Go Plus Portable Ping Pong Table


Last on our list is the Go Plus 60" Ping Pong table. The prominent features that make it a value proposition are the price and the compact folding design. This mini ping pong table folds down like a suitcase for easy portability and comes fitted with rubber handles for easy transportation. You can carry this table to your family picnics, camping or even beach.

The table is well-built, does not wobble; however, the tabletop is relatively thinner. The ball bounce is about average and suitable for just casual play. The set also includes two ping pong paddles and two ping balls, making it a no-brainer choice for budget buyers.

+ Portable, folds down to a suitcase size
+ Lightweight, decent build quality

- Net posts could have been better

Buyer's Guide

While looking for a mini Ping Pong table, you need to account for a couple of factors, as discussed in the next section.

Key Considerations

1) Size:

Mini Ping Pong tables are available in different sizes - 3/4th, 2/3th or less. A 3/4th table is almost as good as a regular table, letting you practice and play the sport freely without feeling cramped. A 2/3rd table is ideal for kids and families for fun game time. While smaller ones are ideal for anyone who is looking for a portable and easy-to-carry table.

2) Top Thickness:

The top surface thickness ultimately decides the level of gameplay you can expect. Thicker boards (<15mm) offer the best playability, while thinner boards (<10mm) are more suited for casual play.

If you're looking for a bit of competitive gaming, choose a 15mm+ top. For recreational usage, 12mm to 15mm is recommended.

3) Construction

This factor is often the most overlooked. The quality and the table design decides whether the table will last you for a summer or for many years to come. 

Look for tables with undercarriage built of at least 1" thick steel frame. Next, check how robust the folding mechanism is? A sturdy table will have extra supporting bars on each of the L section and a cross-bar along the folding hinge.

Most mini tables come with a pretty average net, but if you have to choose, choose a table with a screw-type net as it's more solid.

Rubber padding on each of the legs is a must. Without those, you may end up scratching your prized flooring or even worse tearing your carpet.

4) Price:

Mini ping pong tables fall in a price band of $130 to $300. I personally find tables prices in and around $200 range offer the right balance of value and pricing.

Cheaper tables less than $150 offer average playing performance and are suited for kids.

If you have a budget and are looking for premium performance, a $300 table may work out for you.

To Wrap it Up

Whether you're looking to introduce your kids to the game of Ping Pong or simply don't have enough space for a full-size table, portable ping pong tables make up for an excellent choice. But choosing the best table can be tougher than it looks, especially due to the myriad number of options available.

You need to keep a couple of factors in mind while choosing one - build quality, size, budget, and kid-friendly.

It is my sincere hope this guide was helpful in your decision making. Let us know what you think!

Help Us Improve

While writing the review, we analyzed and researched the top mini and portable ping pong tables in the market. But we may have missed some. If you would like to suggest a table which you've personally tried and tested, we're all ears.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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