Best Ping Pong Nets (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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JOOLA WM Table Tennis Net Set

Joola WM Professional Net set

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DHS Table Tennis Net & Post Review

DHS Table Tennis Net Set

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STIGA Premium Clipper 72 Review

Stiga Premium Clipper 

Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

Has your old ping pong net worn off and needs replacement? Or maybe you're looking to upgrade the net post set that came along with the table.

Whatever the reason be, in this guide we'll help you choose the best net for your table tennis table.

Whether you're a casual player or a professional, you'll definitely agree with the fact that - A lousy net can kill the whole gameplay experience.

In ping pong, getting edge balls from your opponent can be frustrating. Well, so is getting a cheap point from the ball hitting the top of the net and falling on to your side - RIGHT?

It could be a coincidence, but it can also be the case of a loose and saggy net.

Well, you can't do much about the edge balls, but if an improper net is causing the issue, you can surely replace it.

Best Ping Pong Net & Post Reviews

In this article, we'll discuss different types of table tennis nets and posts available in the market and share our top recommendations.

But before that, you need to decide:

You need - A Net & Post Set OR Just the Replacement Net

Net Post or Only Replacement Net

You can buy either the net and post set or just the replacement net. If your net posts are in good condition and the net has either torn off or become saggy, buy a replacement net alone. These nets come in standard size and fit all the regulation-size tables.

However, if you're looking to upgrade or replace the existing setup, you are better off buying the whole net and post set.

Best Table Tennis Nets - Comparison

Net & Post Set

Best For
Our Rating
All Levels, School, Club
Pro Choice
Clip On
All Levels, Club, Home
Best Seller
Clip On
All Levels, Home
Value for Money
Recreational, Home usage
Best in recreational category
Elite level, Tournament
Tournament quality net set

Replacement Net

Any standard size table
Butterfly National and Europa table
Killerspin Zephyr, apex, and aurora table

{High-quality, Durable, Bang on Buck}

DHS Table Tennis Net & Post Review

Product Highlights:

  • Both height and tension adjustable
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Compatible with all regulation-size tables

Review Summary:

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line professional net and post set which does not put a hole in your pocket, then this net set won't disappoint you.

You may not have heard about the DHS brand before, but they're one of the most popular table tennis brands in China. They are also one of the lead sponsors of WTTC.

It comes with a high-quality 72" polyester fiber mesh net and a heavy-duty screw-type net post with both height and tension adjustment options.

The pricing is the biggest plus of the product. At the cost of a mediocre net, you get a professional quality net and post set.

Overall, a solid choice, in all aspects.

Additional Feedback:

For mid-range ping pong tables, this set is even more ideal. Tables in this price range come in two independent halves, which are held together by spring activated clip-type posts.

In contrast to the clip-type post, the screw clamp posts hold the two sections of the table more firmly.


  • ITTF approved
  • Comes with a height measuring ruler
  • Great price point


  • None

STIGA Premium Clipper 72"

STIGA Premium Clipper 72 Review

Product Highlights:

  • Tournament quality net
  • Precise tension adjustment system
  • Fits any regulation size table
  • Comes with a height measuring ruler

Review Summary:

What I liked about Stiga Premium Clipper is the simplicity of the design and ease of setup. It hardly takes two minutes to set up and remove.

This competitive quality net is made up of premium polyester cotton blend while the posts are made out of heavy-duty steel. It also comes with a precise tension adjustment mechanism.

The quality of the set is best in this price range. The robustness of the woven fibers eliminates the possibility of poor ball rebounding. The steel beads based tension adjustment system not only looks great but is also very effective.

Stiga also couples the net with a height measuring ruler to adjust the height of the net as per the ITTF specs (6'' above table surface). 

To summarize: If you're looking for a top quality clip-type net and post set, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Stiga Premium Clipper.


  • Built as per ITTF specification
  • Tension adjustment option 
  • Easy to install


  • None

Killerspin Clip-On Net & Post Set 

Killerspin Table Tennis Clip-On Net & Post Set Review

Product Highlights:

  • Compatible with all regulation size tables
  • Both height and tension adjustment mechanism
  • Free carrying bag

Review Summary:

If you're looking to upgrade your existing net and post and don't want to spend a fortune, the Killerspin clip-on net may be an ideal choice. The product is designed for both beginners to intermediate level of usage, and its sturdy build quality ensures long-lasting durability.

It fits all regulation-sized tables and comes with a height adjustment knob to adjust the height of the net. Additionally, there is a net tension adjustment mechanism. The clip has an internal rubber padding which safeguards the table from scratches.

To summarize: The Killerspin net set is easy to set up, has a durable build quality, and the price is spot on.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Sturdy clip with internal rubber cladding
  • Both height and tension adjustment option


  • None

JP WinLook Ping Pong Net 

{Ping pong net for any table}

JP WinLook Ping Pong Net Review

Product Specs:

  • Retractable spring net system, made with high-quality plastic
  • Fits any surface up to 60" width and up to 2" thickness
  • Compatible with regulation-sized table
  • Available in two colors - blue and orange
  • Comes with a carrying case

Review Summary:

This net was designed by JP Winlook (a professional table tennis player himself), keeping in mind the needs of recreational players. He knew that it's not possible for everyone to own a ping pong table, mainly because of the space constraints in homes or offices.

His ingenious idea was to convert any flat surface into a ping pong table. He made a spring clip-on net, which was retractable and fits most of the tables like a dining table, office table, or kitchen islands.

The product took off and was widely accepted.

I've to admit it's such a smart design. I wonder why no one invented it sooner.

The net is targeted towards recreational players who are looking for a replacement net set or are looking to convert their existing table or desk into a ping pong table. It's lightweight, portable and it just works right out of the box.

The 60" inch mesh netting is sturdy, and the retractable spring has proven to be very effective. It can fit tables up to 2 inches thick and can be clipped to any surface like kitchen tables or office desks.


  • Fits almost any table up to 2'' thickness and 60'' width
  • Very smart and practical design
  • Value for money


  • The posts slightly protrude on to the table surface. During the game, the corner balls may end up hitting it.

JOOLA WM Table Tennis Net Set

JOOLA WM Table Tennis Net Set

Product Highlights:

  • High-quality workmanship.
  • ITTF approved net. Can be used in professional leagues and international tournaments
  • A great set up for players who're looking to take the game seriously.

Review Summary:

The ITTF approved JOOLA WM Table Tennis set is made for professional competitions. This net was used in the past US Open and US National Selections.

The posts are made of solid metal, and the net is double-woven for durability. The clamps are also rubber-padded to protect the table. It comes with both height and tension adjustment system. Joola also clubs a height measuring ruler to verify the height of the net.

The high-quality performance of the net makes the investment truly worth it.

Ping Pong Net - Buyer's Guide

The type of net you choose will depend on the frequency of use, your experience level, and the budget. In this buyer's guide, we'll discuss all the use cases and mention important points to consider while buying a ping pong net.

Official Specifications

If you're a recreational player, these specs may not mean much to you. But buying an ITTF approved net is always a good idea. In the future, if you ever plan to take table tennis seriously, the change won't be drastic. And also, the price difference between standard and the non-standard net is not so huge.

Structure of the Net System

As per ITTF, the net system should contain:

  • Net 
  • Suspension
  • Posts and clamps
Ping Pong Net Post Specifications

Ping Pong Net Dimension:

  • Height: 15.25 cm or 6'' 

  • Length: 6 feet or 1.83 m

  • Post length: 15.25 cm or 6'' outside the table


  • The net must be mounted on the post and suspended with a cord running across the table. 
  • The height of the net must be 15.25 cm above the playing surface throughout the width of the table.
  • The bottom of the net should be as close to the table surface as possible.
  • The net post should not extend more than 15.25 cm outside the table on each side.
  • The net should have a sufficient amount of tension throughout its length. 
    (This prevents the net from sagging from the center and other places. And it also prevents the balls which hit the top section of the net, dribble down to the opponent's court.)

Types of Net

Table tennis nets broadly fall into three categories:

  • Retractable Net - Best for recreational use only
  • Clip-on Net & Post- Most popular, suited for players of all skill level
  • Clamp or Screw type Net & Post - Suited for professional tournaments, schools and summer camps

Retractable Net

retractable ping pong net posts

As the name suggests, the retractable nets consist of a spring-loaded net and post. It can help you convert any flat surface into a playable ping pong table. Whether it's your dining table, kitchen island, or office desk, these nets would be compatible with most of them.

Simply, attach one end of the net on one side of the table and extend it to the other end and you are done. Typically these nets can extend up to 75" and fit any table up to 2" thickness.

Summary: Retractable nets are perfect for recreational play with family, friends, or office colleagues. It's quite handy, durable and provides a competitive playing environment.
The only downside is that the net posts are quite wide, and some shots, especially side ones, may end up hitting them. Not a deal-breaker, I would say.

Clip-on Net Set

ping pong clip on net post

These are the most popular and commonly used net sets. Most of the manufacturers include a clip-on net along with the ping pong table.

It consists of a spring-activated clip post and a suspension net.

The clip serves to two purposes:

  • Mounts the net
  • Hold the table two halves together.

The clip is generally made up of high-quality steel with internal rubber padding. The rubber padding prevents the clip from scratching the table.

Due to the spring clip, these nets are very easy to mount and remove. It would hardly take a couple of minutes to install them on the table.

Summary: Whether you're looking for a replacement net system or looking for a new one, you can't go wrong with these. Ideal for players of any skill level and affordable pricing makes it our top proffered type of net system. 

Screw-On Clamp Net Set

ping pong clamp net post

These types of net sets are commonly used in tournaments, clubs, schools, or summer camps. Due to the strong and sturdy build quality, these nets can take more about abuse as compared to the other types of net. 

Instead of a clip, the posts are attached to the table using heavy duty screw clamps. The clamps firmly grip the table and are less likely to move or get dislodged from its position during the gameplay.

Summary: These high-quality net and post are best suited for professional play or places where the chances of abuse are higher.
The downside of this net is that, since it is a clamp, it takes a bit of extra time to attach and remove from the table. 

To Wrap it Up

No matter how good your ping pong table is or how good your ping pong paddle is, a loose or saggy net can kill all the fun. It is very important that you buy a net which is made of high-quality parts and are resilient to long hours of play. A good net will last you many years to come. So investing in a good quality net is definitely worth every penny. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preference and need. If you are just playing for fun, retractable nets are definitely a good pick. For something more professional, the clip-on nets are great beginners and home use. The screw-type nets are the premier option for the full-on professional table tennis gameplay.

Help Us Improve

While writing the review, we analyzed the top available net and posts in the market. But we may have missed some. If you would like to suggest a product which you've personally tried and tested, we're all ears.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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