JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade Table Tennis Table Review 

Also known as: Joola Rally TL 300

Joola Rally TL Review

Author: Kevin James, Review last Updated: 7th Mar, 2022



Short Review

Pro quality entry level table suited for recreational and home usage.

Best Price

Between $400 to $450 Online

Recommended for

Recreational players who are looking to improve their game


Sturdy build quality, ball holder, abacus scoring system, good overall aesthetics


Price, slow customer support

PPB Rating


For those who're looking to buy a quality ping pong table loaded with features and at the same time is aesthetically pleasing, then Joola Rally TL might be for you. 

It's an entry-level ping pong table, but it's build quality, and features put it in the same range as the more expensive ones. 

In this product review, we'll sift through all the specs, physically test the playing characteristics and compare it with some of the top tables in this category.

Let's start:

For entry level-ping pong tables, we have set certain benchmarks. The tables in this category should at least have:

  • 15mm+ thick top with silkscreen stripping
  • Four 3''+ castor wheels for swift movement
  • 1.2 inch+ thick steel legs / 1.2 inch+ thick steel aprons
  • Clamp type net with tension adjustment
  • Price range of $350 to $450

Joola Rally TL ticks all the above benchmarks, but it has more to offer. 

Let's find out:


+ Great Aesthetics

The first thing you will notice about the table is the grey charcoal table top (looks way more beautiful in person). Typically, the tables are in navy blue or green in color, but the grey charcoal surface top stands out. It may very well become the center of attraction of your house. The quality of the paint is top-notch and better than the other tables in this category.

Joola Rally TL 300 Undercarriage
+ Beefier Undercarriage

The legs of the table are made using high quality 1.5'' steel tubes. The apron that runs across the edges is also made using 1.5'' hollow steel pipes. The frame construction is best in the category. This table would definitely last you for many years to come. 
Joola Rally TL 300 Corner Ball Storage
+ Additional Features

This table comes with four corner ball storage where you can slide up to 3 balls in each of them. This is definitely an excellent feature and helps in keeping the balls safe and organized.

The next feature is the abacus scoring system. Well, I'm pretty sure you won't be using the feature, but if you have kids, they will surely love it. My young one loves to use the abacus scorer while playing with his friends.

Joola Rally TL vs. Stiga Advantage

Now, let's compare the Joola Rally TL head-on with one of the best selling tables in this category. 


Joola Rally TL

Stiga Advantage

Table top width



Ball bounce when dropped from 30 cm

19 cm

19.40 cm

Additional Features

Corner storage, Abacus scoring


Assembly Time (For two adults with necessary tools)

30 mins

30 mins

Time to set up to the play position

7 mins

7 mins

Time to fold into the storage position

5 mins

5 mins

Apron width



Leg width




3 years

3 years


~$400 to $450


As you would notice, both the tables are quite similar except for the table top thickness, additional features, and pricing. The thickness of Stiga Advantage is marginally higher than Joola; as a result, the ball bounce is slightly better in the former.

Short Summary: So, Should you go for Joola Rally TL 300?

This table costs about $30 to $50 higher (depends on where you buy it) than our top pick in this category - Stiga Advantage. But the additional features, better build quality, and good aesthetics justify the price difference. 

So if these features matter to you, go for Joola Rally TL. Otherwise, you can go for our top value pick in this category - Stiga Advantage, which is almost similar to Joola Rally TL except for those additional features.

Joola Rally TL In-Depth Review 

Today we'll be reviewing and taking a look at the Joola Inside Table Tennis Table. Introduced in 2016, this table has gone on to become one of, if not the most popular indoor table tennis table in the US and abroad. For the casual and recreational user, it has been lauded for being a quality product at an extremely affordable price. 

But as with all products, does it live up to the expectation? Let's find out in our review.

Review Summary


  • Strong and sturdy build quality
  • Good aesthetics
  • Corner ball storage
  •  Abacus Scoring System


  • Slightly costlier compared to peers
  • Customer support could have been better

The table is ideal for?

This table is designed for recreational players who are looking for a high-quality indoor ping pong table. The table has excellent aesthetics, and the grey charcoal top looks very classy.

You can play fun games of ping pong with your family, friends, and kids on this table. At the same time, you can practice seriously and improve your game.

Ideal for: Home users, beginners, recreational players

Brand Overview (A+)

Buying a table from a well-known brand like Joola has its fair share of advantages. The 3-year limited warranty covers all the issues against manufacturing defects. The brand also takes care of any product breakage during transport until the delivery of the product to your doorstep. Joola would send you a replacement table in the event of any damage during the transit completely free.

Spare parts are also readily available nationwide. You would need to call up the Joola customer support to order spares.

Design & Build Quality

Next, let's look at the individual parts and overall construction quality.

Assembly Time

Takes about 30 mins for two adults to unwrap and set up the table.

Tools required: 14mm wrench, standard screwdriver

The parcel comes in two huge and heavy boxes. The corners of the table are protected with additional support, as those are the most damage-prone areas. In most cases, the logistics company would leave the product at your doorstep or garage. You would need two adults to carry the boxes inside. It's generally a good idea to inspect the box, in front of the logistics company, and take pictures during unboxing. In case of any damage, it would be easier to claim the replacement with the supporting pictures.

The table comes 95% pre-assembled. You just need to attach the four brackets that hold the caster wheel. You would require a 14mm wrench for tightening the bolts. Next, using a standard screwdriver, attach the ball holders in the corners.

Setting up the table alone may be a bit of a challenge. It is recommended to have two adults carrying out the installation. The entire process of assembly should not take more than 30 mins if you have the right tools.

Summary: Takes about 30 mins for two adults to assemble the table (with the right set of tools)

Table Top 

The table top is 15mm thick constructed with high-quality MDF (medium density fiberboard). The top is charcoal grey in color, which looks classy and sleek. The top surface is painted using polyurethane paint, making it resistant to ball marks and scratches. Overall the table top is of excellent quality.

Summary: 15mm table top, good paint quality


This table comes with a standard clamp-type net and post with a tension adjustment mechanism.


Joola Rally TL has a robust and sturdy undercarriage. The legs are built using 1.5" steel tube and powder coated to prevent corrosion. Additionally, the edges of the table are supported with a 1.5" inch thick steel tube apron, providing additional stability to the structure. The whole frame sits on eight industry grade 3" caster wheels. Each wheel is individually lockable, which prevents the table from moving due to sudden force. The wheels make it really simple and safe to move the table around.

The height adjustment levers are provided to level the table even on an uneven surface.

Summary: Undercarriage is strong and sturdy.


All decently made Table tennis tables are quite heavy (150lbs+). And it can lead to some safety issues. However, this table comes with the necessary measures to safeguard you and your young one. The anti-tilting mechanism prevents the table from opening up accidentally when in storage. The wheels are lockable and do not move when external pressure is applied. And the corners have a decent amount of padding to limit the impact. 

Additional Features:

This table comes with corner ball storage, which is very handy. Additionally, the abacus scoring system is really helpful in keeping track of the scores.

User Reviews - What Other Owners Are Saying

Overall, Joola Rally TL is positively reviewed across all online stores:

Here is the breakdown of the reviews:

  • Amazon: 4.6/5 based on 567 reviews
  • 5/5 based on 20 reviews

Some of the most common complaints:

Few users complained about the fragile quality of the corner ball holder, but the issue seems to date back to 2016/2017. The recent reviews indicate that the issue is resolved by the manufacturer.

So the Final Question - Should you buy it?

Without a doubt, Joola Rally TL is a great entry-level ping pong table that will last you many years to come. We highly recommend this table for recreational players who are looking for a quality table for home use.

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