Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Review

Expert: Kevin James, Last Updated: 22/05/2019



Short Review

Best Table Tennis Table under $400 for beginners/Recreational players. 

Best Price

Around $400 Online

Recommended for

Recreational/Beginners Players, Decent table for practicing


Regulation Size, Durable, Easy to setup, Sturdy frame, Self-Play, Portable Storage, Easy spares availability 


16mm thick table top produces average bounce, No complimentary paddles and ball, 90 days limited warranty

PPB Rating

4.9/5 (Read about our Rating System)

If you’re looking for the perfect indoor table tennis table for recreational and home usage, look no further then Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table.

The only other table which comes close to this is - Joola Inside. Although the table is good, but it marginally falls short of Stiga Advantage table. Read more about the table here.

Whether you’re looking for a fun game of table tennis with your family members or are a beginner looking to develop your skills, this table will serve you well.

This table is a perfect combination of good features, long durability, and an affordable price point, making it a very popular choice.

Editor’s Note: Stiga Advantage is our top pick in Beginner/Recreational Table Tennis Table category.

Stiga Advantage Indoor TT Table
In-Depth Review 

Last weekend I managed to play a couple of matches on this table at my friend’s place. He has the table installed in his garage where he mostly plays with his son.

When the table is not in use, he folds up the table and stores it at one of the corner.

So here is what I think about the table:


Assembly Time

{Simple 5 minutes setup}

Stiga Advantage Table Play Position

The table comes in two independent halves. It took me about 10 minutes to assemble the table from the upright position. It involved moving the two halves in the playing position and installing the nets.

I’m sure if my lazy friend helped that would’ve cut down the setup time by half.

One thing I liked straightway about the table was the safety latch mechanism which prevents the table from opening up unexpectedly while moving and storing.

However, I did feel while moving around the table, one needs to be a bit careful so that the table does not fall or dis-balances.


Table Top

{Top Notch table top surface quality}

Stiga Advantage Table Play Position

Coming to the most important part of the table – The Top Surface.

The tabletop surface thickness was about 16 mm (from the measurement which I took, it came out to 15.8 mm).

The table top is made up of MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board) painted on both the side.

Visually the paint quality looked very consistent and the white markings were clearly visible.

The table surface was smooth and had no visible imperfections. 

The bottom surface of the tabletop is also painted with white paint, which is definitely a plus.

However, one thing which I didn't like was that there were no edge protectors on the table top.

The edge protectors not only prevent the table from damage but also save the players/kids from getting hurt from the sharp corners.

If you've kids in your home, I would to baby proof the corners.



Stiga Advantage Table Net

The table comes with a standard clip-on net/post system. It also levels and holds the table's two independent halves together.

The quality of the supporting post was good. And the net has a tension adjustment mechanism to tighten or loosen the net. 

However, I felt the net was of poor quality. I found it be saggy and not tight enough.



Stiga Advantage Table Undercarriage

The frame on which the tabletop sits is decently built and adequate enough to take the load of the table top.

The frame is made of square hollow steel pipes about 1.2'' inch thick. Just for reference, for high-end tables generally, 2-inch thick steel is used.

The whole frame sits on eight three-inch rubber castor wheels. The best thing about the rubber wheel is that it won’t scratch the floor surface.

All 8-wheels are individually lockable which keeps the table firmly in its place. Also due to the bigger wheel size, the table is quite easy to move around.

Each leg comes with levelers to increase or decrease the height. That means even if the table is placed on an uneven surface, it can still be leveled up.

One thing where the table missed on is the undercarriage storage options. I feel Stiga should have provided some space to store bats and balls.

Delivery Checklist: Table tennis tables are very heavy (upward of 200 pounds). These tables are prone to damage during transit, especially the corners. Although this table is well packaged, but its always a good idea double check before accepting the delivery.

In case any damage is found, its best to reject the delivery and request for a replacement. Otherwise, it would take atleast a couple of weeks for the manufacturer to send the replacement parts. 

Review Summary


  • Quick Assembly Time (Under 10 mins)
  • Strong And Durable Frame
  • Ease of storage and moving around
  • Safety Latch to prevent the table from tripping
  • Table leveling mechanism
  • Easy availability of spare parts
  • Good Support from the manufacturer


  • While the net post is good, but the net in itself is of poor quality.
  • Missing edge protectors on the table top
  • Lower bounce (Beginner players would not even notice)
  • Does not come with racquets or balls

Game Time – How does the table play

I’ll be honest here. I knew the specs of the table and I knew it was just a 16mm (5/8'') table. Like with every 16mm table I expected it not to produce enough bounce.

So, I was not much enthusiastic about the game.

But boy, I was so WRONG!

My friend is an advanced beginner so he could play decent rallies

We started with some rallies and gradually moved to smashing and blocking.

It took me some time to get used to the bounce and speed. But once I was in my zone, I was looping (a personal favorite) and blocking like I normally do.

We played for an hour or so. By the end of the practice, my friend was sweating like a pig. I did sweat but not that much (Pro's advantage I guess).

Yes, the bounce was definitely less. But if you’re a beginner or starter you would hardly notice it. I thought the bounce was almost equal to a 19 mm table.

Another thing I felt that the table did not carry the spin well. But that was also quite expected.

Overall I would say the table offered a very competitive gameplay, better then what I had originally anticipated.

User Reviews - What other Owner's Are Saying

This is what my friend has to say about Stiga Advantage TT Table:

I bought the table primarily for the price and the feature it offers. It’s been around a year and I did not face any issue. It’s definitely a recommend from my side for anyone looking for a table for home/recreational use’.

I did some further digging. I analyzed the reviews about the table across the major eCommerce sites (Amazon, Walmart, DICK'S Sporting Goods).

Most of the user had good things to say about the table. Most of the issues mentioned were around damages during transportation which in most cases Stiga/eCommerce company rectified.

So the Final Question - is this table Right for you?

If you’re a beginner or recreational player who is looking for a durable, decent and value for money table then Yes - You can definitely go for this table.

You can have hours of fun playing on this table. And when you're not playing you can simply fold the table and store it safely.

However, if you’re planning to take the game seriously (maybe not now but in future), then I would suggest you spend extra and get yourself a competition level table.

Bottom Line: Stiga Advantage Indoor TT table is a solid product for a low price tag. The table is excellent for beginners and recreational users.

Due to its robust build, excellent durability and great features, I highly recommend this table.

Kevin James

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