Joola Inside Table Tennis Table Review

Also known as: Joola Inside 15, Joola Inside 5/8'' competition grade table

Joola Inside Table Tennis Table Review

Author: Kevin James, Review last Updated: 6th Mar, 2022



Short Review

Good entry-level table for Beginners/Recreational players 

Best Price

Around $400 Online

Recommended for

Recreational/Beginners Players, decent table for practicing


Standard size, good build quality


15 mm table top, average paint quality, slow customer support

PPB Rating


If you're on this page, this means you are in the market looking for a new ping pong table for your home. You may have come across Joola Inside table on Amazon or at DicksSportingGoods website and are wondering if you should go ahead with the purchase or not?


Well, in this review, I'll be laying down the pros and cons of the table and compare it with other tables in the same price band. 

Let's start:

In the price range of sub $400, only two ping pong tables make the cut: Joola Inside and Stiga Advantage. Both the tables are equally good and slightly vary with one another. 

In the next section, we'll compare the two tables head on and see which is actually better.

Joola Inside Vs. Stiga Advantage 

Joola Inside

Stiga Advantage


Table Top thickness

15 mm

16 mm

Thicker the better

Paint Quality



Both use silk stripping technology, but the overall paint quality is better in Stiga Advantage.

Build Quality




135 lbs

189 lbs

Leg Frame Thickness



Apron Thickness



Wheel Size




1 year

90 days

On paper, Joola offers a better warranty, but the support is bad.

Spares Availability



Customer Support





~5% costlier

Stiga Advantage is well worth the extra dollars spent

Short Summary: So, Should you go for Joola Inside?

Ideally Not! In the recreational/beginner category, our top pick is Stiga Advantage. For almost the same price, you get a thicker table top, better build quality, and great support.

Go for Joola Inside only if Stiga Advantage is unavailable in your area or if the table is available at a substantially lower price. 

Alert: Incentive Marketing by Joola

On, Joola Inside table has a high number of positive reviews. Well, there is no doubt that the product is good. But the manufacturer has come out with additional incentives for users who post a review.

Joola sends a pack of 6 balls to users who post an online review on Amazon. For the free balls, some of the users may end up putting an overly positive review of the product.

Joola Inside In-Depth Review 

Today we’ll be reviewing and taking a look at the Joola Inside Table Tennis Table. First, introduced in 2016, this table has gone on to become one of, if not the most popular indoor table tennis table in the US and abroad. For the casual and recreational user, it has been lauded for being a quality product at an extremely affordable price. 

But as with all products, does it live up to the expectation? Let’s find out in our review.

Review Summary


  • Great entry level table for recreational/beginners users
  • Quick Assembly Time (Under 30 mins)
  • Very easy to store and move around
  • Sturdy frame
  • Cheaper compared to peers


  • 15 mm table top thickness (1 mm less than Stiga Advantage)
  • Paint quality could have been better
  • Customer support could have been better
  • Difficult to get spares

The table is ideal for?

Joola Inside table is tailor-made for recreational users who are looking for a personal ping pong table. Good quality build and a great price point make it a great choice. 

If you're looking for a table to have a fun round of play with your family, friends, and a little bit of practice, then this table won't disappoint you.

Ideal for: Home users, beginners, recreational players

Brand Overview

Joola is one of the leading manufacturers of table tennis equipment worldwide. It also sponsors major ITTF and USATT tournaments across the USA and abroad.

With over 40 years of operational history, when you buy a Joola product, you are getting a quality product from a quality company. And Joola Inside table tennis table is no DIFFERENT! 

Summary: Buying a table from a reputed brand like Joola means you get excellent support and spares parts easily.

Features & Build Quality

Now, let's move to the actual review:

Assembly Time

The table comes 95% pre-assembled. Simply attach the eight wheels onto the frame, and you are done. Setting up the table alone may be a bit of a challenge. It is recommended to have two adults carrying out the installation. The entire process of assembly should not take more than 30 mins if you have the right tools. 

Note: You would need a wrench to tighten the bolts and attach the wheels to the frame.

Summary: Takes about 30 mins for two adults to assemble the table (with the right set of tools)

Joola Inside Assembly

Table Top

The top is constructed with MDF (Medium-density fiber) board. The thickness of the top is 15mm. The underneath surface of the table is also laminated, which is definitely a plus. 

The paint quality is above average. The surface is smooth, but I found a slight niggle here and there. Moreover, I found the silkscreen stripping of Stiga advantage slightly better than Joola inside.

Joola Inside Table Top

Summary: Good quality 15mm table top, average paint quality


No major complaints with the net and post set that came along. The clamp-type net system serves a dual purpose - mounts the post and holds the two independent halves of the table together. The net tension is adjustable; however, the height cannot be adjusted.

Summary: Net is of good quality


The top sits on a 1.5'' steel frame, which is powder-coated to prevent corrosion. The frame quality is top-notch and very sturdy.

The frame is mounted on eight wheels. Each wheel is 3'' in size and has a locking mechanism to prevent the table from moving unexpectedly. 

There is also a height adjusting mechanism to level the table in case the table is placed on an uneven surface.

Joola Inside Undercarriage

Summary: Undercarriage is strong and sturdy.

User Reviews - What Other Owners Are Saying

Joola Inside has raving reviews across all the eCommerce platforms.

Here is the breakdown of the reviews:

  • Amazon: 4.7/5 based on 3503 reviews
  • 5/5 based on 20 reviews
  • DicksSportingGoods: 4.8/5 based on 43 reviews
  • Walmart: 4.8/5 based on 215 reviews
  • Target: 4.7/5 based on 23 reviews
  • Wayfair: 5/5 based on 222 reviews

Some of the common complaints:

Most of the complaints revolved around shipping, logistics, and weight of the package. In some cases, the courier company left the product at the door, and it was cumbersome for users to carry such a heavy table inside.

Not a deal-breaker! These tables are meant to be heavy (200 lbs+). Two adults can easily carry around the shipment inside and assemble the table.

So the Final Question - Should you buy it?

Without a doubt, Joola inside is a great entry-level table that offers maximum value for money. But I feel, spending a little extra (5%+), you can get a better quality table - Stiga Advantage.

So my recommendation will be to go for the Stiga Advantage table instead of Joola Inside. Go for Joola Inside only if the former is not available in your area or is available at a substantial discount.

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