Best Hanging Egg Chairs

(With Stand, Outdoor & Indoor Options)

Best High End

Modway EE1-739-SET Encase Egg Chair With Stand

Modway Egg Chair with stand

Best Mid Range

Flower House FHPC100-BRK Hanging Pumpkin Chair

Flower House Hanging Pumpkin Chair

Best Inexpensive

Barton Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair Swing Lounge Chair

Barton Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair

Last Updated: 6th Mar, 2023

Are you looking for a way to brighten up a corner of your living room, or take advantage of a sunny spot on your balcony? They could be just the place to put a chair, perfect for reading in the sunlight, or simply relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. You don't want any regular old chair, though. You want something that will catch people's eye, add some style to your home, and of course be comfortable.

The hanging egg chair is having a moment right now, and you've got to check one out for your home. They're super stylish and offer a real unique spin on the easy chair. What's perfect about them is that they can be used either indoors or outdoors, so you'll be able to place it wherever it will fit best.

Want to add something new to your home? Here are 6 of the best hanging egg chairs on the market right now, for you to choose from.

So, whether you're looking for a hanging egg chair with a stand, indoor chair, or an outdoor one, we have you covered.

Our Top Picks for the Best Hanging Egg Chairs

  1. Modway EEI-739-SET Encase Egg Chair with standBest High-end
  2. Greenstell Rattan Wicker Hammock Egg Chair Best Ceiling mounted chair
  3. Barton Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair - Budget Pick
  4. Island Gale Hanging Basket Chair Best Splurge 
  5. Flower House FHPC100-BRK Hanging Pumpkin Chair - Best Oversize (can seat two people)
  6. Flower House FHEC100-RD Egg Chair Best for indoor usage (relatively smaller)

1. Modway EE1-739-SET Encase Egg Chair With Stand – Best High-End

Modway EE1-739-SET Encase Egg Chair With Stand

There's something timeless about the design of an egg chair, and you'll certainly see this with this egg chair. The chair itself is made from durable woven wicker, which makes it a perfect piece either indoors or out. As you'll see, many customers have tried both and love it wherever they place it. The wicker allows light through, so you can easily read a book cocooned up in it. It's the perfect place to relax. 

You'll find a version that works perfectly no matter what your décor is like. The comfortable seat cushion comes in a huge array of colors, including orange, turquoise, mocha, peridot, and more. These beautiful colors are sure to complement any home. 

The frame is made out of heavy-gauge steel and further powder-coated to prevent corrosion. The chair itself can support up to 265 lbs, so anyone can relax in the chair without worry. The wide base stand and the sturdy chain will ensure it stays hung up for a long time to come, even if the chair is left outside. Even the cushions are designed UV and water resistant to withstand nature's elements all-year-round.

Top Features:

  • Dimensions: 43.5"L x 40"W x 71"H;
  • Delicate wicker design that works with any décor style
  • Supports up to 265 lbs
  • Wide base for stability
  • Several different seat cushion colors available

Final Note:

This is our best overall pick, thanks to the excellent design, choice in colors and solid construction. The chair will fit in with any home, no matter where you want to use it. You will be hard-pressed to find a better hanging egg chair with a stand than this.

2. Greenstell Rattan Wicker Hammock Egg ChairBest Ceiling mounted chair

Greenstell Rattan Wicker Hammock Egg Chair

Not everyone needs an egg chair with a stand. Some might be interested in hanging the chair from the ceiling of their room or patio. For such users, Greenstell Rattan Wicker Hammock Egg Chair is definitely worth considering.

There's no denying that this hanging egg chair is eye-catching. The beautiful egg shape is designed to stand out and become the focal point wherever you put it. The chair features handwoven rattan, which is made out of environment-friendly PE material. Moreover, the chair is corrosion-resistant, non-static, and also fade resistant. 

The wicker design is stunning, and the seat comes complete with a cushion and a headrest in the same color. This makes it incredibly comfortable to sit in, making it an excellent spot to kick back at the end of the day. 

The seat comes in several different colors, depending on what you want from your chair. The wicker egg seat comes in brown or black, and you can buy the seat cushion in red, brown, blue, or red. You have more choice too, as you have the option to buy the chair without the stand too. This is perfect if you already have a stand and just want a seat to put on it. 

The wonderfully wide stand gives you a lot of peace of mind. The metal tubing is thick and sturdy, so you know it will be as stable as can be. This is important if you use the chair outside, as you don't want it to topple over in bad weather.

On top of it, the manufacturer includes all the hanging hardware in the package. You get a hanging chain, stainless steel pad-screw, spring snap hooks, and expansion screws in the kit.

Top Features:

  • Max weight load: 300 lbs
  • Compatible with the stand from the same brand (need to purchased separately)
  • Several different colors, so you can customize the chair to what you want
  • Headrest cushion for extra comfort
  • Can be suspended from the ceiling with the correct fastenings

Final note: 

This chair offers you a lot of options as to how to use it. Put together a hanging egg chair that fits your needs, and you'll be able to create the look you want. 

3. Barton Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair – Budget Pick

Barton Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair Swing Lounge Chair

If you want to go the other way and pick a chair that's on a budget, you can't go wrong with this one. At first glance, you won't even be able to see why it's cheaper. The wicker basket looks beautiful, really appearing to be woven reeds. In actuality, the wicker has plastic in it that reinforces it, making it stronger than it looks. 

The wicker is made from polyethylene rattan resin and wrapped around a decently sized sturdy steel frame. The chair is big enough for adults and kids to lie down comfortably. 

The chair comes with a cushion as well as a headrest for extra comfort. The cushion measures 13"(W) x 6-1/2"(H) and comes in two color options - Beige and Blue. You'll be able to move the headrest around, so you'll be super comfy no matter how you like to sit. The stand keeps it stable, so you can place the chair wherever you like. 

Customers say it's very simple to put this chair together, most reporting that it takes under an hour to do so. You'll have your chair ready and waiting for you to relax in before you know it. It's an absolute bargain, considering the low price point. 

Top Features:

  • Max load capacity: 265 lbs
  • Dimensions: 41-1/2"(W) x 50"(L) x 78-1/2"(H)
  • Pale colored wicker for a different look
  • Seat cushion and headrest for extra comfort 
  • Can be placed indoors or outdoors
  • Excellent price point

Final Note: 

You really can't get a better egg hanging chair for cheaper, and that's why this chair is our budget pick. 

4. Island Gale Hanging Basket Chair – Best Splurge

Island Gale Hanging Basket Chair

Want to go all out on a statement piece? This hanging egg chair does the thing. It's a gorgeous piece that looks just like a piece of art, as well as a functional chair. You can buy the chair with different brightly colored cushions, such as lime green, blue, and red. It's a brilliant chair to have out in the summer, to sip cocktails on.

Measuring 41.3 x 41.3 x 78.7 inches, the chair is quite big - A big size adult and a kid can comfortably sit in the chair. It wicker is made from All-weather synthetic rattan, which is very durable yet soft. The handcrafted wicker along with antique bronze finish gives the chair it's contemporary yet modern look. The cushion is made from waterproof polyester and filled with cotton beats for added comfort.

If you want a chair to put by the pool, this is the one for you. The cushions are actually waterproof, so you can take in the sun by the pool without worrying about damaging the chair itself. Want to use it indoors instead? Not a problem. You can use it anywhere indoors, creating a statement wherever you place it. 

The chair itself is very easy to assemble, with the 'egg' portion needing no assembly itself. You'll have it up and ready to try out in a manner of minutes. You'll have a step by step manual and all the tools you need to put it together. 

Top Features:

  • Weight load capacity: 264 lbs
  • Several seat colors to choose from
  • Waterproof cushions and powder-coated metal, perfect for outdoor use
  • A statement piece wherever you use the chair
  • Easy to put together

Final Note:

This is by far the best splurge egg chair on the market. It's a gorgeous chair yet very functional.

5. Flower House FHPC100-BRK Hanging Pumpkin Chair – Best Oversize

Flower House FHPC100-BRK Hanging Pumpkin Chair

Want something a little different from the other chairs on this list? Then you've got to check this chair out. Unlike all the others, that are single-seaters only, you can fit two people into this chair with a weight limit of 400lbs. The chair has a distinctive 'pumpkin' shape that gives it its name, and looks amazing. The egg shape is created by a fabric canopy, providing shade from the sun if you place this chair outdoors.

The chair is quite spacious - 66" tall, 50" wide with 43" high opening. It can seat two adults or up to 4 young kids with ease. With a 48'' wide and 36'' deep cushion, you can even have a cozy sleep on the chair.

There are several colors to buy this in, including blue, red, tan, and of course, orange, befitting a pumpkin. You can also choose a tan vine pattern if you want something a little more elaborate. The material is all washable, so you'll always be able to keep the chair clean and inviting. 

This is a really unique and original idea. Once you have it installed in your home, you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Two people can snuggle up together, making it perfect for date nights at home with a glass of wine, watching the stars. What could be better?

Top Features:

  • The oversize design allows for two people to sit together
  • Washable fabric
  • Choice of several different colors
  • A unique style that will look great

Final Note:

We love that you can share the fun of the hanging egg chair with someone else. Why not buy this model and have a swinging love seat in your home? Overall, this is the best two-seater hanging egg chair on the market.

6. Flower House FHEC-100-RD Egg Chair – Best For Indoor Use

Flower House FHEC-100-RD Egg Chair

Most of these chairs are set up to withstand outdoor use, but what if you want an egg chair for inside your home? A hanging chair is sure to be a center of attraction of any room, as well as a comfy place to curl up when you want to. To do this, you need a chair that's not too large and will easily fit into any space. If that's what you want, then this is the chair for you. 

This chair has slightly smaller dimensions, making it the perfect chair for your home. You can place it in any corner and make it your relaxation chair. Maybe you could place it by a window, so you can enjoy the view as you relax. Whatever you choose to do with it, you'll see that it's easy to put together. Some customers say they got the frame together in just 15 minutes. With 2 of you working on it, it won't take long at all.

As it's a smaller size, you won't have to worry about the weight of it on your floorboards. It's totally safe to enjoy, wherever you want to put it. In red, bark, blue, and light blue, you're sure to find a color that will complement your home. 

Top Features:

  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Multiple colors to complement any room
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Easy to put together
  • Easily washed fabric covering

Final Note:

Create the perfect spot to read a good book or enjoy a cup of cocoa with this hanging egg chair. Its dimensions make it easy to set up indoors, so why not try it out?

Hanging Egg Chairs - Buying Guide

There are so many hanging egg chairs on the market across various price ranges. So, how do you differentiate between a quality chair and a dud one? To help make an informed decision, we have discussed in detail various factors to consider while purchasing an egg chair swing.

These are the exact same points that we considered to select the top 6 models.

Here's what you should keep in mind when you're shopping.

Key Considerations


The first and foremost point you need to consider is, do you need a chair with a stand, or do you intend to hang the chair from the ceiling? If you're looking for a chair for outdoor usage, a chair with a stand makes more sense. But on the other hand, if you intend to use the same chair on your patio or inside the home, you can consider ceiling mount chairs.

While the ceiling-mounted egg chair is a great option, installation isn't that straightforward. You would need to drill a couple of anchor bolts on the ceiling.

<Weight Limits>

The next thing you need to consider is the weight limit of the chair. As they hang from a frame, they will have a limit on how much weight they can hold. Egg chairs come with a weight-bearing capacity anywhere from 200lbs to 400 lbs. And a typical weight of an adult is close to 150 lbs. So, depending on your weight or the people who intend to use it, you should make a choice here. It's generally a good idea to include some extra buffer and go for a higher weight limit model.

Also, it's important that you take the weight limit seriously. This weight limit is in place to keep you safe, and you must obey it. If you don't and your chosen chair is overloaded, you do risk injury.

All good chairs will have a weight limit listed. Will you and your family be able to use it? If the limit is too low, discount the chair and move on. No matter how good it looks, you won't be able to rely on it. If you're looking for a love seat model, think about the combined weight of you and the other person who will use it. Will it be enough for you both to use it? Also, if there's no weight limit listed, don't buy the chair, as you won't know if it's safe.


The size of your hanging egg chair is something else you'll need to consider. It doesn't matter where you'll want to place it, you'll need to think about where it's going to go. Is there enough space for the chair to sit in? This is something you really need to think about if the chair will sit indoors. Is there enough space for you to place the chair without it getting in the way of anything else? You don't want to be tripping over it when you enter the room. You'll also need to think about the height of the chair. Is there going to be enough clearance between the ceiling and the top of the chair?

If you're placing the chair outside, you'll have a little more freedom to place it where you like. If you're putting it on a patio with other furniture though, ensure that it's going to fit. Also, leave a good amount of space around it so you can easily move around your yard, even with the chair in place. 


Next, you need to consider the materials of the chair you're buying. Most hanging egg chairs will come in two styles, wicker or fabric. The one you choose will very much come down to personal preference. Wicker will let light in through it, so while you'll be sat in the chair, you'll still be able to see the book in your hands, for example. The trade-off is that the wicker will be slightly less comfortable. However, the addition of cushions will probably fix that.

The other option is fabric. This creates a cozier feel, as you're surrounded by it when you sit in the egg. If you go for fabric, you will need to keep it clean in order to keep it looking its best. Many egg chairs have instructions for washing, so this shouldn't be a problem. They also work well indoors, so if that's what you're looking for, then fabric will be the best material for you.

<Stand Type>

Finally, take a look at the stand that comes with your egg chair. Most have a similar shape and style, but the stand will affect where you place it. Remember, it's not just the size of the chair you have to take into consideration, it's the stand too. The best stands are wide at the bottom, as this makes the chair stable and strong. Find a stand that offers the greatest stability, for safety and comfort.


Finally, what are you expecting to pay on a hanging egg chair? These are highly engineered chairs, and you will need to spend some money to get one that's reliable. Of course, you'll also be able to get really good chairs on a budget. A budget chair can cost you anywhere from $200 to $250, while a high-quality designed chair would set you back by at least $500. The choice is totally up to you.

Use our 6 picks as a guide. What are you willing to pay, based on the prices of those chairs? With a baseline in mind, you can start looking around and find a chair that will work perfectly with your décor and needs.

Let's Wrap Things Up

There you have it. You're sure to find the perfect egg chair amongst the ones on offer here. Do you want a fancy wicker chair to put outdoors, or a small fabric one you can snuggle up indoors? Whatever you want, you're sure to find it on our list. Take a look, and pick the perfect one for you. 

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