5 Best Giant Jenga Sets (Reviews)

Best High End

Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower V2.0 XXL

Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower XXL

Best Mid Range

Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

Best Inexpensive

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

Last Updated: 6th Mar, 2022

Jenga! A game of concentration, cunning, strategy and of steady hand.

I'll always cherish my memories of the festive holidays. Sitting around the crackling fire, giggling at the concentration of my Jenga opponent's face as they precisely slip out one of the blocks. This is why it has been an absolute treat to review the evolved counterpart of this family classic.

You may be thinking that you couldn't go wrong with just any backyard giant Jenga set, right? As long as it has the minimal 52 blocks of wood that can be stacked into the temperamental tower, it's just as fun. Wrong.

There are many different versions out there, but many of them are produced with cheaper softwoods, which significantly affects the playability, appearance, durability, and the safety of the players. After much deliberation, I have managed to choose and rank the 5 most superior versions on the market.

After researching over 12 giant Jenga sets and legitimately playing with 7 of them, we conclude that the Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game set is the best for most buyers.

It's made in America, built durably and made out of precision-crafted polished hardwood with super-smooth finishing. This set is sure to offer you and your family hours and hours uninterrupted outdoor fun and entertainment.

Best Giant Jenga sets Reviewed

Our Top Picks for The Best Giant Jenga Sets

  1. Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower V2.0 XXL - Starts at 3' feet & stacks well over 5' during the game!
  2. Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game Brandishing the Jenga name & ready for competitive players.
  3. Splinter Woodworking Co. Giant Tower Game Just as much fun, as it is in value
  4. Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers - An absolute bargain that does not skimp on quality.
  5. Limelite Games Ultimate Black Light Giant Tumbling Tower - Ready for "glowing" party fun.

1. Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower V2.0 XXL

Starts at 3' feet & stacks well over 5' during the game!

Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower V2.0 XXL

The Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower is by far the best life size Jenga set out there. When starting your game, it will stand at 3 feet, but as you and your opponent strategically begin repositioning the blocks, you may want to consider grabbing a step ladder as this particular set can stack well over an impressive five feet.

Each of the 57 blocks has been precisely milled to identically sized pieces. No varnish or paint has been applied to the wood, which makes them undoubtedly the best for sliding the pieces out.

The cherry on the top of this wooden cake, is that it has a bottle opener on the 57th block. I used it to flip the cap off my drink after a very tense game, I just wish I could have toasted a victory!

The storage bag is made of heavy-duty Nylon, which has been produced to a high-grade. It makes the set perfect to store in the shed, attic, or basement without having to worry about the condition of the pieces.

What I love most about this set, is that each pine block does not have the company logo printed on them, and has been cut through the rings, which gives them a stylish and rustic appearance. I could see it being used for quirky outdoor fun for both the children and adults at a wedding or social gathering, without looking garish or out of place in a beautiful environment.

Top Features:

  • Tallest On The Market
  • Working Bottle Opener On 57th Block
  • Comes With Heavy Duty Nylon Bag
  • Sturdy Wooden Blocks

Conclusion: The Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower V2.0 XXL is the titan of the giant Jenga sets. It not only plays smoothly but also fits in with every environment, no matter the occasion.

2. Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

Brandishing the Jenga name & ready for competitive players.

Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

The Jumbo counterpart to the original Jenga namesake. This set has pieces that are almost 15 times the volume of the original (Each block being 7.12 inches long, 2.38 inches wide, and 1.38 inches tall).

The tower starts at 2.5 feet and is able to stack up to 5 feet. This set will definitely build tension the higher it climbs. In fact, I would recommend you add a new rule to the game: When the tower is rocking, the players must call out "Timber!"

This officially released version from the Jenga company comes with the tournament charts. These ideal for those of you who have really competitive friends, that enjoy the bragging rights to be written down in black and white.

The attractive orange bag that stores them has the printed logo on it and is of durable quality. The cleverly designed rims in the edges adds to its longevity when storing and transporting the game.

Top Features:

  • Official Jenga Brand Counterpart
  • Sturdy And Well Finished Pieces
  • Fun & Attractive Storage Bag
  • Tournament Charts For Competitive Play

Conclusion: This version of giant Jenga is popular among many for its recognizable founding brand name. Its pieces are well made, sanded and finished to a high standard, and is precisely what it says on the tin…. Well block.

3. Splinter Woodworking Co. Giant Tower Game

Just as much fun, as it is in value

Splinter Woodworking Co. Giant Tower Game

Coming in at under $100 and boasting a brilliant quality, I found this set to be fantastic value for its price. It is straight down the line, honest and destined for those family holidays on the beach or camping, where it can get dirty or scuffed and still hold up its function for years to come.

Even its storage is suited to a no-nonsense approach, which should be the only way when enjoying the great outdoors. Instead of a bag, this set uses a storage case that matches the aesthetics of the game pieces. One of my favorite features of this set is that the storage case doubles up as a playing table, so you can play Jenga literally anywhere!

This set is very lightweight, and each block is 7 inches long, 2.31 inches wide, and 1.12 inches high. It is comfortable for children to handle and big enough for adults to use easily.

Each piece is made from New Zealand pine, kiln-dried, and has rounded corners. This leaves the blocks looking charming and relatively safe when they fall. The wood used is of quality grade that is designed to hold up against the elements out in the yard or under the porch, that promises not to crack, split, twist, splinter or warp.

What makes me love this set the most, is that the Splinter Woodworking Co. plants one tree for every game sold. It's quite poetic that every toppling tower means there's a new tree that will eventually reach up the sky!

Top Features:

  • Outstanding Value
  • Lightweight
  • Storage Crate Doubles As Table
  • Tree Planted For Each Sale

* Cons: Minor Crate Assembly

Conclusion: I can see this sturdy set sitting with the patio furniture, patiently waiting for the next big party or event. It is of durable quality and looks attractive. Especially ideal for a young family.

4. Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

An absolute bargain that does not skimp on quality

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

This set was an absolute steal for under $70. It has 56 pine timber blocks that are 7.5 inches long, 2.5 inches long, and 1.5 inches tall. It can climb to 4 feet tall if skilled stackers are at work. This set has two extra blocks that add to its already impressive height, making it all that scarier when it is time for the fall.

Its pieces are sturdy, lightweight, and sanded well so they can be pushed or pulled out easily.

I actually let my nephew play with this set on the weekend. He made a quite impressive 'Jail for Batman'. If he starts painting his face in white clown make-up and dancing down the stairs, I will start to worry!

Come to think of it, you could even take a few blocks and place them in a toddler's playpen. They will love playing with them, until it's time for the next Jenga game of course.

This set is ready for the next party, bbq, or camping trip. I could even see this as a wedding favor, or a quirky kind of guest list to write a personal message on to the bride and groom. The wood's surface would be perfect for writing on with a marker pen.

The Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers comes with a smart-looking black nylon bag, brandishing the company logo. I do worry about the durability of the straps could falter after a while, as stitching could be a tiny bit tighter.

Top Features:

  • Absolute Bargain For The Price
  • Versatile Usage
  • Impressive Size

* Cons: Nylon Bag Could Be More Durable

Conclusion: A bargain price for a solid version of this game. Its pieces are sturdy and easy to play with. The bag it is stored and transported in could be a little better, but overall is fantastic value for those bargain hunters among you.

5. LIMELITE GAMES Ultimate Black Light Giant Tumbling Tower

Ready for "glowing" party fun

LIMELITE GAMES Ultimate Black Light Giant Tumbling Tower

This set is definitely unique to all the others I looked into when searching for the perfect products to review. Not only is it jumbo-sized, but it glows in the dark, via the blacklight paint covering them. The set has two Black Lights included, which is excellent to keep the flow of the game going if each player uses one.

The tower starts at 2.5 feet and can grow into an almost 5 foot glowing structure, meaning you could make your own miniature Las Vegas in your backyard. Just remember, if two young lovers appear and ask you to marry them – you probably can’t!

Though the blocks are of uniformed size, the finish could be slightly smoother on the edges. Another problem with this set is that a few blocks do have a few paint splatters on the sides.

The first thought that came into my head was the infinite uses for this set. Whether it be out camping, bonfires, parties or summer nights on the beach.

The green duffel bag that contains the pieces is well made and holds them snugly. On its side is the company logo that is printed to a very high standard.

Top Features:

  • Glow In The Dark
  • Can Tower Just Under 5 Feet
  • 2 Black Lights Included

* Cons:

  • Blacklight Paint Splattered On Sides Of Some Blocks
  • Some Edges Could Be Smoother

Conclusion: Glow in the dark Jenga, do I say more? It is different from the other products on the market and can be played both day and night. Its only downside is that it has a messy paint finish, and needs sanding on the edges more.

Buyer's Guide to Giant Jenga Sets

When looking for the right Giant Jenga set, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration, especially if you are buying it for children.

If the blocks are not finished and sanded correctly, the edges can be sharp. If you buy a higher quality product, you will not have to worry about this. That being said, I strongly urge that an adult is always supervising games at all times. No matter how lightweight or smoothly finished the pieces are, a wooden block to the head, is still a wooden block to the head.

Though some Giant Jenga sets are still bigger than the originals, they can be deceiving by how big they actually are. When deciding which one would be perfect for your event or family, take note of the actual size of the pieces, and how tall they can stack.

How to Play Jenga

The premise of the game is simple, you start with a sturdily stacked tower and take pieces out, re-stacking them onto the top. It won't take long for the structure to become less stable and drop, when one of the players runs out of options.

Jenga Games Variations

How about spice things up, and throw the rule book out the window?

How about truth or dare Jenga?

Written on one side of the block is a dare and a blush-worthy question on the other. The puller of the block must obey one of the sides.

Could you and your friends play Jenga, but in reverse?

Start with a single block that you must awkwardly try to build up each turn. Why not be strategic and make the structure weaker in parts, for your unsuspecting opponent to knock down.

Chess Clock Jenga - Super Fast
Similar to the classic game, each player needs to complete his/her turn within 10 seconds or any mutually agreeable time. 

Let's Wrap Things Up:

Though on the face of it some giant Jenga sets are generic, it's really not the case. It would be easy to be caught out by buying an inferior product that can't even do the basic function of slipping out the blocks from the tower.

When it comes to the scaled version of the much-loved classic, quality and execution is crucial. You want to look out for size, the softness of edges and corners, quality & type of wood, and smoothness of the finish. Moreover, unlike bocce ball or the game of croquet, the game is less formal, more engaging, and does not require any special to get started.

I hope you have as much fun with the set you choose as I did, testing out and researching these 5 picks.

Why just limit yourself with Giant Jenga? We have rounded up 15 of the best giant yard games here. 

Are there any sets that you have used that you think should have made this list? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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