Best Bocce Ball Sets (Reviews)

Best High End

Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set Review

Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set

Best Mid Range

GoSports 100mm Regulation Bocce Set Review

GoSports 100mm Regulation Bocce Set

Best Inexpensive

AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set with Soft Carry Case Review

AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set

Last Updated: 6th Mar, 2023

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Bocce Ball? A couple of elderly Sicilians gathering at the town square and playing the game, which loosely resembles modern bowling. While that still holds true, this popular Italian game is fast becoming a global phenomenon and is spreading like wildfire across America and the world. When you play Bocce ball, you're actually playing a "sport" which holds huge historical significance. The Egyptian pharaohs have played this very game, so do the Romans and Greeks.

What's even more surprising is that this classic lawn game is the THIRD largest game worldwide in terms of participation (behind soccer and golf) - a great feat for such an ancient game.

This fun and easy-to-play game can be played by players of all ages and skill levels and doesn't require any specialized setup. But the game also requires a great deal of strategy and can get quite competitive and hours simply fly by!

Not all Bocce ball sets are created equal, nor should they be. That's why we spent 60 hours researching and playing with over 9 of the best-selling Bocce ball sets, checking each of them for durability, playability, and price-to-performance ratio. While one thing was quite clear, cheaper sets are a strict no-no because they really can't take the beating and eventually break.

After hours and hours of playing and conducting durability tests, we conclude that the Go Sports Regulation Bocce Ball Set is the best for most recreational players. This durable set comes with 8 regulation bocce balls and is priced reasonably.

The 7 Best Bocce Ball Sets

  1. Perfetta Club Pro Set - Pro Pick
  2. GoSports 100mm Regulation Set - Best Overall
  3. Baden Bocce Ball Set - Popular Pick
  4. AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set - Budget Pick
  5. BocceNation Complete Tournament Set - All-In-One Tournament Ready
  6. SeaTurtle Sports Bocce Ball Set - Best For Beach
  7. Funsparks Bocce Ball SetBest for Kids

1. Perfetta Club Pro Set

Pro Pick

Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set 107mm Made in Italy Review

You'll all have to agree - no one knows more about Bocce Balls than the Italians after all, the game has been their staple for centuries. When you order a Perfetta Club pro Bocce ball set, you get an Italian masterpiece, skillfully designed and perfected over the years by world's best Bocce ball manufacturer. 

This is exactly the same set that has been used in the World Bocce Ball Championship for the last 20 years. The preferred choice for most Pros in the game, this set is truly the best out there. As you would have already understood by now, this set is designed for professionals and serious players. Built as per regulation specifications, each bocci measures 107mm in diameter and weighs about 2lb 4oz (920 gms). The Pallino or target ball is also built as per regulation and measures 50 mm.

The set includes 8 laser engraved regulation balls (4 red and 4 green), one Pallino ball, and a carrying bag. However, a measuring tape isn't included and needs to be purchased separately. 

This is easily the most durable set. The manufacturer Perfetta covers Bocce balls under the industry's best 10-year warranty against breakage. In contrast, most other suppliers provide a limited 30-day warranty. This is definitely one such set which you're going to own for many years to come and may pass down the generations.

If you're looking for the very best Bocce ball set, this is the one to get.

What we Love
+ Excellent build quality
+ Regulation Size
+ 10-year warranty against breakage

Watch out for
- No measuring tape
- Expensive

2. GoSports 100mm Regulation Set

Best Overall

Baden Bocce Ball Set with Carry Case and Measuring Tape Review

Next up, we have the GoSports 100mm Regulation Bocce Set. This set costs almost half the price of our top pick and offers unbeatable value for money. This premium set, although cheap in price, sports top-notch build quality. The bocci balls measure 100mm well within the regulation guidelines and weigh 2lbs 5oz each. The white Pallino measures 45mm.

The set includes everything to get started with the game. It comprises of 8 bocce balls - 4 red and 4 green balls with circle and square markings, a Pallino ball, a measuring rope, rule book, and a padded canvas case with dividers and shoulder straps.

The quality is definitely visible here. The glossy balls are well-built and can handle all sorts of terrains, be it beach, clay, or camping ground. That being said, the overall construction is slightly lower than our top pick, but hey you're also getting this set for half the price - isn't it?

This versatile set is designed to be used in all sorts of settings, from tournaments to simple and fun backyard games. Whether you're a pro, intermediate, or a beginner, this set will serve you well.

What we Love
+ Regulation Size
+ Value for money
+ Comes with a measuring tape

Watch out for
- The build quality is slightly inferior to our top pick 

3. Baden Bocce Ball Set

Popular Pick

Baden Bocce Ball Set with Carry Case and Measuring Tape Review

The Baden Bocce Ball set is hard to beat for those looking for a little bit of everything. This comes with all the basic essentials: 8 bocce balls in two different colors, a white pallino or "jack" ball, and a measuring tape. You'll also notice that the balls come in different patterns for each color. This is especially helpful when playing in large teams. The balls are made of resin material, which is fairly standard for most sets. While intended for use on grassy areas, expect this set to hold up on most surfaces.

This set lends itself to easy travel as well. It comes with a convenient travel case, and the balls are a bit lighter than other sets. They measure in at 90mm compared to the standard 107mm. For those just starting out, this is a great option. Ideal for younger and older players alike who want to get a feel of the game. However, for players interested in a heavier set, Baden does offer a 107mm version of this product for a slightly higher price.

Speaking of the price, that might be the biggest draw of this set. This entry-level set comes in at around $60. While it may not be the highest quality product, you are still getting a great set at an affordable price. Baden even offers a 90-day warranty after purchase.

There are reports of this set getting cracked and scuffed on rough surfaces - something to keep in mind when choosing a spot to play. Besides that, however, there are not many drawbacks to this set. A solid price, good quality material, easy travel size, and a warranty to boot makes for a great product!

What we Like
+ Traditional set with elegant design
+ Available in different sizes
+ Premium carrying case

Watch out for
- Average build quality

4. AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set

Budget Pick

AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set with Soft Carry Case Review

If the price is your biggest blocker, then check out the AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set. This set includes everything you'll find in our top pick: 8 Bocce Balls, one jack ball, a measuring tape, and a carrying case. All-in-all this set is nearly identical to the Baden set but at around half the price. With this product, you are trading quality for a better cost. The biggest issue with this budget pick is that on hard surfaces, this set tends to get chipped and damaged more easily.

This product also comes with 2 size options - 100mm and 90mm. Both are essentially the same price. Oddly enough, there is no choice for the standard 107mm size. This could be another indication that this budget set is not meant for competitive play. At the very least, you do have some flexibility in the size you want.

We recommend this budget pick to anyone who is looking for a basic set at an affordable price. If you don't mind a little scuffing, the price point can't be beaten!

What we Like
+ Bang for the buck pricing
+ Decent build quality
+ Convenient carrying bag

Watch out for
- Recommended for occasional and non-competitive play

5. BocceNation Complete Tournament Set

All-In-One Tournament Ready

BocceNation Complete Tournament Bocce Ball Set Review

For anyone who is looking for tournament level playing experience, BocceNation set makes up for an excellent choice. This set comes with 8 full-sized 107mm Bocce balls, one 60mm pallino ball, and a portable court sized to regulation, drink holder, and measuring tape.

The unique feature of this set is that it includes bright yellow color strips to build your very own regulation size 36' x7' court. The measuring tape in this set is also more robust than you usually find in other sets. Unlike plain rope, the tape measure won't leave room for debate. A common problem most Bocce Ball players have experienced at least once.

The extra add-ons include a scoreboard with rules, a drink holder, and a stand to support those items. Although optional, these added accessories take the playing experience to the next level. All this comes at a reasonable price of $100 to $100. Not bad for a tournament-ready kit with all the accessories included. We definitely recommend this set to those looking to start a local club or pro league in their community.

The cons with this set are the quality of the supplementary items like the scoreboard and cup holder. Regardless, it will do the job well from the get go.

What we love
+ Tournament ready set with all accessories
+ Priced reasonably
+ Decent build quality

Watch out for
- Scoreboard and cup holder are quite flimsy

6. SeaTurtle Sports Bocce Ball set

Best For Beach

SeaTurtle Sports Luxury Beach Bocce Ball Crack and Rust Proof Set Review

Next on the list, we have the SeaTurtle Sports Bocce Ball set. The key feature of this set is the synthetic polymer material used for the construction of the balls. Even though this set is branded as a "beach bocce set," don't let that discourage you from playing off the beach. This is by far the most durable set on our list. If you want something that will last, and put up with plenty of use, then this is the product for you. It also comes with a measuring rope and jack ball made of the same impact-resistant material.

Another great feature is the sleek and compact carrying case. The quality is certainly there and will beat out the competition in terms of durability and convenience. The multi-color set also helps divide up teams and keeps your balls within sight regardless of the terrain. The only downside is the size. The balls measure 74mm in diameter (referred to as "Petanque" size in french). On the plus side, this makes them much more travel-friendly and might appeal to younger players who would need lighter Bocce Balls.

If you want an excellent Bocce Ball set that is sure to last, then definitely consider the SeaTurtle Sports set. For the pro-player who wants to keep their tournament set at home, this might be a good alternative to have when on the road during vacation. Or possibly for anyone who likes to play in harsher terrain.

What we love
+ Sturdy build quality
+ Comes with a rule book
+ Durable canvas carrying case

Watch out for
- Expensive
- Non-regulation size

7. Funsparks Bocce Ball Set

Best for Kids

Funsparks Crazy Indoor/Outdoor Bocce Ball Set for Kids

This next pick is a bit different. The Funsparks Bocce set actually comes with a set of cubes rather than balls. A fun twist to the classic game. This set is ideal for kids, letting them play the game just about anywhere. The Bocce cubes are made out of solid wood. They weigh around 2.2oz and are only 50mm in length. Perfect for the younger players that might struggle with the heavy full-sized balls. You also get a nice selection of 4 bright colors for a total of 8 cubes along with a white jack cube.

The price for this set comes at under $20, even cheaper than our budget pick! It's a great place to start for kids who might be interested in Bocce Ball. Of course, it won't do you much good for competitive use. But adults in the family can still have fun with this alternative version of Bocce Ball with or without the kids. Given the affordable price and the fact that most other kid sets come in cheap plastic, this is a great option!

Buyer's Guide to Bocce Ball Sets

Are you looking for something new and different? Bocce Ball, a popular European game, is now up and coming in America and spreading across the rest of the world. While you may not be familiar with the name Bocce, this lawn sport is believed to have been around since the days of the ancient Romans. It wasn't until 1850 that the first club of Bocce appeared in Lyon, France. The object of the game is simple: roll your bocce balls closer to the jack ball than your opponents. Simple and easy to pick up! Yet it takes time to master.

Today you'll find that it's a great time to break into this sport. The recent surge in popularity has helped flood the market with great products. How do you tell the mark of quality? What size ball should you consider? What is the best material to use?

We are here to help you answer these questions and find just what you need to get started. Now, let's take a look at factors to consider when purchasing a Bocce ball set.

Material Choice

You'll find that there are a couple of choices for Bocce Ball materials. The most common is a resin-type material. Most professional Bocce balls are made out of resin composite, very similar to bowling balls. If you want to get into the competitive scene, then consider this material first.

Other sets will use a durable polymer that has a hard plastic feel. This type is less common and tends to be more expensive on the market. Due to the extra durability, polymer materials are great for various outdoor environments. However, if you only plan to play on standard grass or turf courts, then you don't have to worry about going with a polymer Bocce set.

If you'd like a more traditional feel, then go with wooden Bocce balls. They tend to be even harder to find, however. They will also be much lighter compared to their resin counterparts. Wood Bocce balls are really more of an aesthetic choice. You won't really gain any extra functionality.

The only material you should avoid is plastic. Nearly every plastic set is of low quality. They tend to get damaged easily and are not suited for competitive play. Even if the price tag seems alluring, always stay away from plastic sets.

Ball Size & Weight

Bocce balls come in various sizes and weights. Typically, tournament grade balls range from 100mm to 115mm in diameter. As mentioned before, the standard size is considered to be 107mm at 2 lbs of weight. Some manufacturing fluctuation is allowed up to +/- 0.5mm.

For personal use, it may be a good idea to play around with similar-sized objects to get a feel for what you like.

What ball size and ball weight you use is up to you and the players to decide. For tournament play, the only thing that matters is that all balls are the same between each player. Check with your local group to see what sizes they use, or decide what you are comfortable with if starting your own league.


If you're a dedicated player, you'll want to consider picking up a few accessories when shopping around. The first is a Bocce Court. The best and easiest ones to use are the poly cord. They can be rolled out on most surfaces and under any weather conditions. This will be an essential item to have with you.

You'll also want to consider picking up Bocce Ball polish. This might seem like a luxury item, but it is actually important to keep your Bocce Balls in good condition. Also, it helps to maintain a better grip on the ball. The last thing you want is to slip up on an important throw!

The final item you'll need while playing is a measuring device. It is up to you what kind of device to use. Just make sure all players are in agreement on what method to stick with during play. There are a few options on the market - From measuring tape to mechanical devices, and simple rope. Keep in mind most sets will come with some sort of measuring device already.

Who Should Own a Bocce Ball Set?

The great thing about Bocce ball is its simplicity and flexibility. The concept is simple enough for the youngest of players to jump in. It can be played casually without taking into account strict rules. Or it can be played competitively with a high level of precision and skill. Unlike a game of Horseshoes or Spikeball, the game is not very physically demanding either, so older players can pick up a Bocce ball and start playing immediately.

There are a variety of sizes and weights to choose from, to fit each individual player. Various colors can be found as well for those with colorblind issues. No matter where you live, there is a Bocce ball set that can be played in your environment. The game doesn't require a ton of components, making it perfect for travel as well.

The game plays best in teams, but you can always practice on your own or play solo. Up to 8 players are allowed in traditional rules making Bocce ball a good party game. Of course, feel free to throw in a few extra balls and more players just for fun.

The real question is, who shouldn't own a Bocce ball set? 

Regardless of age, skill, or athleticism, you can still play. It's a great game to play all year long no matter where you are at. If you are looking for a fun game with broad appeal to casual and competitive players, then Bocce ball should be on the top of your list!

Bocce Ball Rules

To start a game of Bocce Ball, you begin by throwing the jack ball halfway down the court. The jack ball may be thrown further than halfway, but not less, and cannot hit the backboard of the court. Next, the team that tossed the jack ball will toss in a Bocce ball. They must toss within the boundaries of the court. After that, both teams take turns tossing depending on who has a Bocce ball closer to the jack ball. The team that is closer is the "in" team. The "out" team continues to throw until they become the "in" team.

All balls are thrown underhand. You are allowed to roll, toss, or bounce the ball down the court as long as you do not exit the boundaries or cross the foul line. If a ball goes outside the court, it is removed until the end of that frame. You can also knock the jack ball or Bocce balls during your toss. However, if the jack ball goes out of the boundary, then the frame ends with no points being awarded.

Once all the balls are tossed, points are awarded to only one team. One point is given for each ball that is closer to the jack ball than your opponent's closest ball. If there is a tie in who is closest, the frame ends with no points awarded.

Hopefully, this quick overview gives you a good idea of how the game is played.


From centuries ago to modern times, Bocce ball is still going strong! Increased popularity and standardized rules have helped bring a new crowd to this simple and easy to pick up game. Now is a great time to join that crowd. Whether you want to be a pro player, need something to play while on the go, looking for a game the kids can play with the grandparents, or just wanting to try something new, Bocce ball will deliver a great experience.

Take this opportunity to pick up a Bocce set and head out to the beach, the park, or just out front in your neighborhood. You are sure to have fun and maybe meet some new people along the way. A bocce ball set also makes up for an excellent gift for the family and is an ideal camping ground game. There aren't many games like this where you can expect the equipment to last from generation to generation. Definitely consider investing in a high-quality, long-lasting set, and possibly a custom engraving on the Bocce balls! It would make for a wonderful gift that could be passed down through the family for years to come.

There are a lot of great brands for Bocce ball sets out on the market. Our top 5 list will help you get started in the direction you need. Make sure to follow our buyer's guide when covering your options. Next time we are out on the court playing Bocce, we hope to see you also!

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