Best Giant Yard Games for Life-Size Fun

best giant yard games

Tabletop games are no longer destined for rainy afternoons. As time has progressed, so have the family classics that have now found themselves out in the open air and sunshine. Whether they are for a gathering, holidays, or outdoor events, there is a giant yard game for all and every occasion.

Jenga is fun, but Giant Jenga is super AWESOME! Typical outdoor games like Bocce ball, Croquet, or even Cornhole are great, but nothing beats the joy of playing life-size lawn games. 

Oversized yard games are fun to play and sure to be a hit among your guests, friends, and family members. They're perfect for parties, family reunion, and tailgating.

From Giant Chess to Giant Bowling, we have rounded up 15 of our favorite giant lawn games.

1.  ​Giant 4 in a Row Game

Giant 4 in a Row Game

One of the earliest games many will remember playing, connect 4 will always sit upon the throne of tabletop games. The rules are so simple that they fit into the title of the product's name.

Taking it in turns, you and your opponent must be the first to align 4 of your colored discs. Both of you must use vigilance and cunning to break each other's intended path and discover a way of winning.

We Recommend: GoSports Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game

This version is one of the largest on the market, measuring over 3 feet wide and a staggering 32" tall. Easily seen by all around, If there is ever a time to play your very best, it will be with this set.

It has a sturdy lightweight frame that comes with the choice of a White or stained dark.

The robust and well-designed carry bag comes with pockets for each assembled part, along with a foam inlay to protect the main body of the set.

The 21 red and 21 blue coins are attractively colored and have been produced with extremely durable plastic that will never break. What makes this set even more enticing, is the fact that GoSports now offers an impressive selection of alternative coins to customize the game.

2. Giant Jenga

Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

The rules are simple, slip out blocks without toppling the structure. It is a game that requires a steady hand and patience. Giant Jenga is quirky and modern, which allows it to fit in at any wedding or engagement party, without taking away the class and elegance of the venue. 

We Recommend: Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower

By far, the most superior Giant Jenga set, This is the tallest on the market, towering to an impressive five foot or and more.

A unique feature of this product is the bottle opener on the free 57th brick, ready to flip the cap off a well-deserved drink after enduring a stressful wobble.

The kiln-dried wooden blocks give them the perfect finish to be slid out from the structure, as well as being cut across the grain to give it a rustic and chic appearance.

Its heavy-duty Nylon bag will not fail to transport your game to whatever function or event it is intended for.

Read our in-depth guide on the best Giant Jenga sets here.

3.  Flarts

Giant Floor Darts

Darts has to be one of the most recognizable and most played games in a social setting, whether it is in the common room at college, or in the bar. Why not play the jumbo outdoor version during those hot summer days, when it's far too stuffy to stay inside?

We Recommend: GIGGLE N GO Lawn Darts Outdoor Games

A fun alternative to the bean toss games you may remember from your youth, the game of Flarts is played by tossing the three inflated darts onto the high-quality target sheet to score points.

If it happens to get windy, don't worry. This set comes with durable pegs that can be hammered into the ground, and darts that are weighted at the nose.

A feature I love about this version is that on the reverse side of the traditional target is a picture of a monster, that the little ones will enjoy vanquishing.

 GIGGLE N GO has also released a unicorn version of the target mat, to add even further variation to their addictively fun game.  

Costing around $25 for both versions of this exceptional product, it really hits the bullseye!

4.  ​Bubble Football

Giant Bubble Football

Have you ever seen those television game shows, where people are stuffed into inflatable bumper balls and pit against each other? Well, now you have the chance to recreate the hilarity in your own back yard.

We recommend: Holleyweb Bubble Football Suits

Offering both 4ft and 5ft balls, which come in an array of colors, the Holleyweb company is our top pick for this style of product.

The inflatable plastic is thick, strong, and non-toxic. Also, they have hardened TPU handles and canvas straps on the inside to promote safety, stability, and peace of mind for the user.

The bubble ball comes with a patch up kit that can be used to fix a puncture and resume the game quickly. 

The Holleyweb Bubble Football Suit can be used both on the ground and in the water, making it an absolute hit at pool parties or at the beach.

5.  Giant Yard Pong

Giant Yard Pong

Made popular by its drinking variation, Pong is traditionally played with plastic cups lined in a triangle formation, with players attempting to toss a ball into them. Will having a gigantic version make it any easier to sink a point?

We recommend: Giant Yard Pong by Yard Games

As you would expect in the giant yard version of Pong, the red cups are scaled up to heavy-duty giant buckets, along with 2 robust throwing balls.

Compared to others on the market, we can't stress how much better the quality is with the Yard Games version. Their buckets are 2 times heavier, which makes them perfect for windy days, and the tops are much wider for accurate gameplay.

6.  Giant Yahtzee (Yard Dice)

Giant Yard Dice

Yahtzee is a fun game to play and even more fun to cry out when you roll a 5 of a kind. You play by rolling five dice and scoring points. If you manage to roll a particular combination, you can earn even more points! You may think nothing can beat the original until you discover the jumbo counterpart.

We recommend: Splinter Woodworking Co Yardzee, Farkle & 20+ Games

The first thing to mention about this version is how beautiful the pieces look. Each dice and the storage/toss bucket is painted a deep amber and polished to a weatherproof finish. When the dice are stacked in the right way, they have a sleek decorative appearance. This makes it ideal for weddings or engagement parties, where you don't want to compromise the elegance or class of the event.

It is perfectly safe for children of all ages, with each of the five dice having rounded edges.

The large scorecard included is laminated, so once the game is over, the dry erase marker can be wiped off ready for the next game.

7.  ​Giant Bowling Set

Giant Bowling Set

Throw the ball down the lane and knock down those pins to win!  Bowling nights with friends are always fun, even if it can get pretty competitive. Why not turn the yard into your very own lane, only on a much larger scale.

We recommend: GIGGLE N GO Giant Bowling Set

The GIGGLE N GO Giant Bowling Set is fantastic for value, coming in at just over $30.

This version is safe for everyone in the family as the pieces are not heavy and produced with extremely high-quality PVC. The set comes with a hand pump for quick assembly and a repair patch.

The scale of this Giant set will only add to the hilarious gameplay. The 6 inflatable pins measure 27" tall, and the big black bowling ball measures 24" in diameter.

8.  Giant Chess

Giant Chess

The history of Chess goes back almost 1500 years ago, making it a pretty well-known and highly favored game. The objective is to use your pieces, that vary in movement capability, to target your opponent's king and put it in checkmate.

We recommend: MegaChess Large Premium Chess Set

Giant chess sets have been popular among the rich and royal for decades. Now you have the chance to purchase your very own affordable version to use at any outdoor soiree.

It is a whopping 8 times bigger than a traditional tabletop set, with pieces that scale from 8"  to 49" tall.

The black and white pieces are made of high-density polyethene, that is designed to stay outdoors in all climates for extended periods, without compromising their condition.

The playing board is made of heavy-duty nylon fabric, that is just as durable and weather-resistant as the pieces. If you want to go the extra mile, you could get a slab or wooden board permanently installed in your yard to impress all your neighbors, friends and family.

9.  Giant Checkers

Giant Checkers

Like Chess, Checkers is an ancient game that dates back to the Egyptian times! Where it differs, is that you must capture your opponent's pieces by leaping over them with your own. There are many different variations of this game, all of which can be played on its upscaled counterpart.

We recommend: Elite Sportz Jumbo Playing Cards and Giant Checkers Combo

The 26" x 26" high-quality microfiber game rug is reversible with a tic-tac-toe grid on the other side. If that wasn't versatile enough, it also has a jumbo pack of playing cards, which makes this set perfect for family vacations, long days at the lawn, beach or camping trips.

10.  Giant Cards

Giant Cards

Texas Hold 'em, Crazy eights, Solitaire or to build the biggest house you possibly can. Whatever you do with them, playing cards will probably rank as the most played tabletop game of all time. Why not inject new life into this classic by buying a jumbo deck.

We recommend: GAMELAND Super Jumbo Playing Cards

The GAMELAND Super Jumbo Playing Cards are by far the biggest on the market. They are printed on heavy-duty 350g art paper coated with lamination, which gives them the same appearance and quality of any other standard sized deck.

At just over $10 a pack, these are a bargain buy for any camping trip, bbq or party.

11.  Giant Uno

Giant Uno

Uno is a card game with its own unique designed deck. The aim of the game is to score 500 points, by playing your cards before your opponent has a chance to.

We recommend: Cardinal Giant Uno

This official jumbo version of Uno does not disappoint. Each card has been printed and produced to an excellent quality, and measures a gigantic 10.1" x 7.4".

Having a blank 'WILD' card to write your own rule on is a very entertaining feature of this deck. If the size of the set wasn't game-changing enough, then this certainly will be. 

12.  Giant Tic Tac Toe Game

Giant Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe can be played anywhere, whether it be on a corner of a newspaper or chalked on the side of the pavement. The rules are to take it in turns to fill in the 3 x 3 grid with Os or Xs until either you and your opponent reach 3 in a row.

So how could an enlarged version be an improvement on such a simple concept? Well, wait until we introduce you to its colossal counterpart.
We recommend: Splinter Woodworking Co. Giant Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game

It's not the first time we have mentioned the Splinter Woodworking Co. on this website, and surely won't be the last. The Os and Xs are made from high-quality poplar wood, with an extra smooth weather and water-resistant finish.

The rope divided grid is not only well constructed and sturdy but also looks quirky and cool. The canvas carry bag is robust and very well made too.

13.  Giant Dominoes

Giant Dominoes

Dominoes is an ancient blocking and scoring game, played with white blocks with black dots. Some want to play strategic games, and others only want to stack them in a way that they topple in an insanely creative fashion. Whatever your style, we have a mammoth set that will make your activities ever more spectacular!

We recommend: Triumph 28-Piece Wood Lawn Outdoor Large-Format Domino Set

Each of the 28-pieces in this wooden set has color-coded dots for easier identification. They have been finished with a weatherproofing varnish, which makes it perfect for outside use.

The Oxford cloth storage bag is shaped perfectly for the pieces, and has a heavy-duty strap to hold the weight of the packed away game effortlessly.

This game is suitable for all ages, even toddlers who can be used as an educational matching game.

14.  Giant Scrabble Board

Giant Scrabble

Scrabble is a game of words, strategy, and brainpower. The objective is to score the highest amount of points you can with your word combinations. Why not increase the scale? No one can ever use the excuse, " I didn't see that letter," ever again.

We recommend: Hammer Crown Giant Wooden Words Game

This set comes with the standard scrabble set tiles, only much larger! They Measure at  2.5" x  0.44", which makes them ideal for the elderly or those with poor vision.

The nylon playing board and bag makes this game extremely easy to store and transport to your next family gathering or outdoor party.

Looking for wedding favors or something quirky to decorate a venue with? Why not use the jumbo letters to spell out names, or leave a heartwarming message.

15.  Giant Pick Up Sticks

Giant Pick Up Sticks

Last on the list is the oversized lawn version of an all-time classic game - The Pick-up sticks. The game will test your hand-eye coordination, patience, accuracy, and mental fortitude. It's an ideal game for large groups and is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

The object of the game is as simple as it gets. To remove stick(s) without displacing/disturbing any other stick or you lose your turn. The winner is the who picks the most number of sticks.

We recommend: Mikado Giant Pick-Up Sticks

This large pick-up stick game is a perfect outdoor game that you can enjoy on your next camping trip or BBQ party.

The set contains 25 sticks, each measuring 35'' in length and 1/4 to 1/2 inch in thickness. The finishing is smooth, allowing you to execute tricky maneuvers while making the game more exciting. The sticks are durably built and are sure to withstand years of play.

Summing Up

With the massive selection of giant yard games out on the market, it can be daunting when trying to decide which one is perfect for your events. You want to buy products that are endlessly fun, attractive and manufactured to a high standard.  

We hope our large yard games recommendation can help you make the right decisions, and not get caught out with inferior products.

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  1. What an amazing list of games you have shared. I think not only kids but adults too, will have a great time enjoying these fun games. Our family loves playing different activities on weekends in our backyard. We enjoy games like Giant Jenga, Giant Pickup Sticks with all family members. Activities like these should be planned at least on weekends to spend some quality with our loved ones. Saved your entire list of games to enjoy with all family members. Thanks for sharing this!

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