If you’re wondering whether you read the title correctly, you did.

I’ll give you a minute for a quick Youtube search


Welcome back! Now take some deep breaths and calm down.

Yes, Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks is as mind-meltingly awesome as it sounds. But you know deep deep down, there’s that annoyingly pedantic gremlin with a nasal voice that we call Cynicism, wagging a finger and tutting.

Is it actually real? the whiny, joyless voice of Cynicism says.

Hell To The Yes!

The world-renown martial artist, actor, director, inventor of Jeet Kune Do and pop cultural legend was less of a man and more of a superbeing with an impeccable bowl-cut.

His one-inch punch could knock every pocket of air out of his opponents.

During a scene in 'Enter the Dragon', his kicks were so fast they actually asked him to slow things down a tad so that they didn’t look fake.

And remember that scene from the Karate Kid, where the kid catches a fly out of thin air with a pair of chopsticks? Well, this was inspired by Bruce Lee who could do the same but with a grain of rice.

In short, the question shouldn’t be whether the video is fake or not, it should be: why didn’t Bruce just defeat his Ping-Pong playing foes using the Jedi mind powers he most definitely had?!

Actually, I Think You’ll Find That’s Not Quite Correct

Oh God, here comes dream-shattering cynicism. What is it now? Can’t you just let us have this one??

Well, I do hate to be the burden of bad news, but it would appear that JWT Shanghai created this video as a commercial. 
They hired an actor to play the part of Brucey, and through a few tricks of the camera and pushes of buttons in post-production, they rustled up this rather splendid, award-winning video that has foiled gullible folk around the globe.
Once again, apologies for ruining everything you believe in.

Why Cynicism Why?!

Yes, I hate to break it you find people holding onto the thinning strands of hope in our existence, but on closer inspection, it would appear that the martial arts God Bruce Lee was not blowing our minds with nunchuck top spins, backhands and sweet, swishing loops.

It was all a horrible hoax. You Win Again Cynicism

Or Maybe Not?

Name a favourite Bruce Lee fighting flick... Enter the Dragon? Fist of Fury? Game of Death? Heck, maybe you’ve never even watched a Bruce Lee movie! (deep breaths)

But whether you’ve worked tirelessly through his entire canon or just browsed a view vids on Youtube, you’ve experienced the magic of Lee.

You see the fist-throwing Sensei was ultimately an actor, the best darn martial arts actor until your boy JC roundhoused his way onto the scene (Jackie Chan, not Jesus Christ).

And like all world-class actors, Lee made us believe in him. He made us believe that he was destroying all his kimono-clad adversaries, that he was cracking skulls and puncturing rib-cages, and yes even beating the holy nunchucks out of those bat-swishing Ping-Pong players. Even if for only a while.

So let’s be honest, who really cares whether the video is real or fake? Let’s all just agree that it’s awesome.

Yes but what about the –

You’ll have to excuse me, good people, I’m gonna take a leaf out of Bruce Lee’s book, pick up a set of nunchucks and have a quick word with Cynicism.    


So, yes Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong with nunchucks is not REAL. But that shouldn't stop you from picking this amazing sport. We at PingPingBros believe, Ping Pong is an amazing sport which anyone from any age group can learn and enjoy.

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