Best Luxury Ping Pong Tables

Top 15 Luxury Ping Pong Tables

You want a ping pong table, but you don't want just any table, do you? You're looking for the finest custom made Ping Pong tables which oozes luxury left, right, and center.

Obviously, these tables will cost you a bomb, but luxury doesn't come cheap, which you already know!

From classic to modern tables, we have rounded up 15 best custom made and bespoke high-end Ping Pong tables.

Here are the best:

1. Subtle Luxury

Source: Seanwoolsey

This table provides luxury without being over the top. The harmonious walnut color pairs well with the white accents on the table. The neutral tone of this table would make it a great addition to any game room - that is if you can afford it. This table sells for almost $10,000.

2. Black and Sleek

This sleek, black tabletop looks like a slab of granite and would complement nearly any decor style. The legs of the table are handcrafted from wood, and their deep stain pairs well with the dark tabletop. This ping pong table runs for nearly $10,000.

3. Glass Ping Pong Table

This glass ping pong table may look lightweight, but in actuality, this tabled weighs in at over 300 lbs. This design is very modern and would blend into a room of any color design, although the neutral color scheme of the picture above seems to work best. This table can set you back several thousand dollars.

4. Bright and Cheery

Source: Popp

This is a Ping pong table made for outdoor use; therefore, it can handle the wear and tear of weather. The odd, triangular legs of this table give it an intriguing look, not to mention the yellow highlighter tabletop. This pool table is perfect for anyone looking to add some fun, physically and aesthetically, to their outside space. Depending on the style, this table can go for roughly $18,000.

5. Eleven Ravens

Source: 11ravens

Meet the $70,000 ping pong table. This also happens to be the costliest Ping Pong table currently available. The company Eleven Ravens manufactures this ridiculously expensive table, and only five were ever made. This table is crafted from carbon fiber and jet craft aluminum. Each table as its own secret drawer to store ping pong paddles in, and they are all signed by creator Bernard Semerdjian.

6. Lungolinea Collection

This gorgeous table is more a work of art than a playing surface. The tabletop is made of thick, durable glass, ensuring that it won't break during a match. This table is one in a line of glass ping pong tables designed by Lungolinea. Each table goes for several thousand dollars.

7. Ping Pong for Royalty

Source: Vismara

This table, with its golden top and ornate base, looks like it belongs in a palace. Although the site does not list a price, we can be sure this pretty table costs a pretty penny. Vismara Design created this ping pong table, and there are several variations of it in many colors.

8. All Natural

Source: Etsy

This ping pong table is made from a giant slab of black walnut and has been sanded down to an even level. The uneven, wooden sides of the table give off a sense of relaxation as if you’re in the forest itself. This gorgeous table sells for $10,000.

9. Handcrafted Is Best

This beautiful table is handcrafted from wood and has a vibrant stain. This table would fit in well with a room that has a rustic theme to it. While, this table could easily go for $1,000, but we have no price for it because someone crafted this table for themselves in their garage. The materials may not be costly, but several dozen hours certainly went into the making of this lovely table.

10. Layers

Source: 11ravens

The layers of wood holding this table up come in a variety of colors, all of which pair well with the smooth black surface of this table. The website does not list the price of this ping pong table, but it was designed by the same company that produced the $70,000 table, so it is safe to assume that it is costly.

11. Cradle Design

Source: 11ravens

This is another table designed by Eleven Ravens, so go ahead and assume it's going to cost a lot of money. It is challenging to discern with the dark background, but this table has a flat, black base so that the table stays secure despite its cradle-like structure.

12. Blinded By The Light

This chrome ping pong table can withstand the elements, but we don't recommend playing outside, especially on a bright day. The chrome is extremely reflective and can be blinding when the light hits it. This table is better suited for the dimly lit game room of a millionaire since it runs for $55,000.

13. Multiplayer

Don't let the circular design throw you off guard; this is, indeed, a ping pong table. Although we don't know the rules that pertain to this particular type of ping pong, we do know this is a sturdy table. Its concrete base and sturdy top make it suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. This table costs about $3,800.

14.  Chalkboard

Source: Aruliden

This table is created with a chalkboard top, so players can keep score directly on the table, or simply doodle when not playing. Chalk and ping pong supplies can be kept in the open space inside the ping pong table. This fun table sells for around $3,000.

15.  Minimalist

The minimalist design of this table ensures that it will fit into any room of your home. Although this may not look like much at first glance, this table is constructed of steel and coated to be weather resistant. It sells for roughly $2,700.

Wrapping Up

If style and substance matter to you over performance, these luxury ping pong tables are sure to add the missing glamour in your house or office.

But if you're looking for a table to practice on, you might want to take a look at real Ping Pong tables, which are built as per regulation specs.

So, which of these tables you liked the most? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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