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7 Best DIY Ping Pong Table Plans

7 Best DIY Ping Pong Table Plans Perhaps you’re a beginner ping pong player, looking for a cheap alternative, or a creative way to get hold of a Ping Pong table? Maybe you’re more experienced, and are just looking for a new challenge? There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing off a pet project. Stepping back to […]

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Why hasn’t Table Tennis taken off in the US?

Why hasn’t Table Tennis hasn’t taken off in the US? Quick, Complex and ConfusingKanak Jha – Top Table Tennis Player in USA Source: XgamesFor the casual spectator, watching table tennis can be an often bemusing experience: two people hitting a ball across the table from one another very quickly until, after a few seconds, one of […]

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How to Properly Hold a Ping Pong Paddle

How to Properly Hold a Ping Pong Paddle Author: Kevin James, 02/08/2019 Are you a beginner ping pong player, fascinated by the intricate skill and unpredictability of the quick-paced game? Perhaps you’re a more seasoned player, looking for ways to further your skills as a table tennis champ? Regardless of your skill level, the technique will be […]

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Are Table Tennis Robots Really worth it?

Author: Kevin James, Last Updated on: 05/07/2019Looking to up your game and improve your fitness levels? Unable to clock enough training hours? Or, maybe you want to practice to avenge for the losses at office discreetly? Well, whatever be the case, a table tennis robot (also referred to as Ping Pong Robots) can help you with […]

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Ping Pong Rules – A Comprehensive Guide

Author: Kevin James, 08/07/2019 We all have played Ping Pong (officially known as Table Tennis) at some point or another. The sport is quite engaging and fun to play with literally everyone from friends, family to co-workers. But we’ve to agree, playing Ping Pong with correct rules can make the game more exciting and fair.Whether you’re […]

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Table Tennis

Author: Kevin James, Last Updated: 21/05/2019Table Tennis, also known as Ping Pong, may not seem like the most serious of sporting pastimes when compared to the likes of football and basketball. But it is actually one of the most popular sports in the world in terms of the number of people who play the game […]

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How to Properly Clean & Maintain Ping Pong Paddle

Expert: Kevin James, Last Updated: 30/05/2019The paddle is the most crucial piece of equipment for any ping pong player. The paddle carries the same vitality as a painter’s paintbrush or a writer’s pen. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, you’ll know that every point in every match comes down to your paddle. And none […]

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Ping Pong Table Dimensions – Regulation Vs Compact

Author: Kevin James, Last Updated: 21/09/2019Let me guess, you’re planning to order a ping pong table.You may have already selected the table, or maybe you’re still researching for one.You’re looking to verify if the table you have selected is of standard size or not!Yes? The standard size (LxBxH) of the Ping Pong table is:2.74m X 1.525m […]

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5 Ways to Practice Table Tennis Alone

Expert: Kevin James, Last Updated: 30/05/2019Table Tennis is an incredibly competitive sport and often demands vigorous training to master it. If you want to get serious about Table Tennis, you need to give it all that you have. That includes long and well-planned training sessions. These sessions are often carried out along with a coach or […]

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