Author: Kevin James, Last Updated on: 29/05/2020

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Modern offices understand that well and that is why they are trying to be as fun, stimulating and desirable as they can be. Wondering how?

Enter ‘breakout areas’, where employees take time off to play Friday beer fridges, pet the pets, exercise on bikes, play foosball or just bond over board games and coffee. Small startups to tech giants like Facebook and Google, everybody is doing that, because a workplace is at its best when its people are happy and active.

Dominating these modern, breakout area is the centuries-old game of Ping Pong, also known as Table Tennis or TT. While having a foosball table has always been the most popular choice for start-ups due to its low space requirement and simpler rules but the game offers a limited number of benefits compared to Ping Pong.

We aren’t surprised but if you are, we tell you the top five reasons why having a ping pong table in your office is a great idea. Thank us later!

1. A fun workout

Many people are intimidated by the gym, or simply cannot fit time in their schedule to go. However, playing short bursts of TT is known and proven to do wonders for the body. Because it is a high-impact sport that challenges your core, lower and upper body really well.

So small incentives like this can push people in the office away from their desks and to the table for bursts of effective exercise without hitting the gym.

No costly memberships required either. Beat that!

2. The brain teaser

Table tennis surely packs in a lot of physical exercises, but did you know that it is also one of the few indoor sports that promote active and strategic thinking? In fact, it’s said that after just 15 minutes of TT, employees return to work more engaged with sharper strategic thinking.

Just like table football or even basketball, table tennis improves concentration, stimulates tactical thinking and significantly improves hand-eye coordination. 

Read more about the health benefits of table tennis here.

And which company wouldn’t want their employees happier and sharper?

3. The social game

Uniting the office doesn’t have to be a task. Simply place a ping pong table, paddles and balls, and off you go!

Employees will huddle up around the table just as bees come running for honey – easily and certainly not forcibly. Really! It is a fantastic way of bringing people together and some companies are even including table tennis matches in their regular meetings and after-work activities.

So give it a shot, we say.

4. Don’t shy, compete

No, no, I am not competitive. Just about everyone says this but then are we all not competing with one thing or the other every day? The world is such, especially offices. So having a sport where you can play doubles in the office allows people to vent some steam or just have fun.

In fact, many people thrive on these friendly competitions at the workplace, and table tennis is a perfect way to get to that. Even if it turns into a heated competition, don’t forget that ping pong paddles are hard to break!

Somewhat ironically, it also helps people wind down after a stressful streak or day at work. Having a coffee or beverage over a casual, competitive game is not uncommon. It also lets the player compete without fear of competing with a customer, which in the global workplace today can be very tricky.

5. Best use of office space

Space is often at a premium at an office. However, a table tennis table does not require much space and is also easy to set up and play. You can use it at all times of the day, even after work. Some offices even use these tables for extra dining space, or for other games or casual meetings!


As little as ten minutes of Table Tennis game can improve your physical and mental shape, it's good for socializing, and it takes up hardly any space. So what’s there not to like it and buy it?

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Ping Pong Table in Your Office”

  1. I totally agree, Kevin. Aside from it being a fun sport, you can use the table for certain occasions as well in the office. We had one of our table tennis tables before as an extra table for food but what I like about it the most is that the competition is always pretty tough after working hours and it’s great that there are multiple tables available for actual gameplays and practices with the use of return boards.

    1. Hey Kit,

      Couldn’t agree more. A ping pong table can double as a food table when required.

      In between, I tried the Wall Rebounder a couple of months back at one of the local clubs in NY. Amazing! Would be reviewing it shortly.


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