Ping Pong Promotes Family Bonding

Author: Kevin James, Last Updated: 24/01/2021

Any adult who has a family of his own would know how crucial it is to make time for them. But in this day and age, carving time out of your busy daily schedule exclusively for your family can be quite the task. Even if you do manage to get the whole family together, what do you do in that time?

Well, play a fun game of Table Tennis (often referred to as Ping Pong).

It is well known that sports in general, are a great way to bring the family together, and Table Tennis, especially, is a perfect way to do just that.

It's a relatively easy sport to pick. And the best part is, it's an indoor game. So whether it's raining outside, or it's freezing cold, you can still play the game with your kids and family members.

No matter what the occasion be, there’s nothing a good session of Table Tennis can’t fix. 

Here are the top five reasons why every family should play Table Tennis.

1.  Get to Know Your Family

It is completely natural to have your family with you throughout your life and still know very little about some of them. Family activities like Table Tennis can help you learn more about your family members.

It offers a peek into their personality and can lead you to discover qualities in them that might take you by surprise. This is especially helpful when you have a few family members that are shy and reclusive.

Table Tennis is a great way to draw them out of their shells and fully express themselves.

Learning more about your family and seeing them in a different light also helps you value them even more.

2.  Settle Your Differences

Family time is more than just sitting down for dinner or watching television together. All families experience awkward silences and have personal issues that need to be worked out.

Table Tennis can be of great use here.

The way the game is structured makes it incredibly hard not to have fun. It can be therapeutic for folks that have a tough time coping with stress.

You can also use Table Tennis to put old grudges to rest and work out issues between yourselves in a healthy way. Don’t believe us?

Just try it out.

Letting bygones be bygones is essential to keep your family from falling apart. And there’s no better way to kick this off than with a casual game of Table Tennis.

3.  No More Couch Potatoes

Over the years, family gatherings have changed from spending sunny days on the beach to folks just lying on the couch with eyes glued to their smartphones.

If you have teenage children or siblings, this may be familiar to you. So, how do you get their attention and get them moving?

Table Tennis is the perfect solution.

It is a sport with an ideal combination of high-energy and pure fun. Additionally, Table Tennis is an indoor game. So, you can engage your family in a healthy workout without having them leave the house.

Table Tennis also sharpens your mind and helps young children develop quick reflexes. It is also beneficial to your mental health. 

There cannot be a better way of getting your family members to shut down their devices and spend some time away from technology.

4.  Great Memory Builder

An ideal Table Tennis game involves a lot of laughter and cheers. It is the sort of sport where every match keeps you on the edge of your seat. Table Tennis is also a great game to watch and often draws in a large number of spectators. In this way, it can help you create great memories of the time spent with your family.

Whether it’s a family reunion or a summer vacation, some of the most cherished memories of family time can very well be made around the Table Tennis area.

Many country clubs and holiday resorts have Table Tennis tables in their rec rooms or hall.  Next time when you're off for your family holidays, do give the game a try. It may very well be a great way to break the ice and set the ball rolling. 

5.  It’s All Inclusive

Another unique feature of Table Tennis is that it is an inclusive sport. Anybody can play it at any place or time. Your age, gender or physical strength doesn’t matter.

Everyone from grandparents to younger cousins can partake in the excitement and fun.

A table tennis table, two paddles, and a ball is all you need, to start playing.

Table tennis is one of the rare activities that brings everyone together and leaves no one behind.


These are all the reasons why you should introduce your family to Table Tennis. Apart from strengthening familial relationships, Table Tennis also offers you a great opportunity to start a tradition.

A customary game of Table Tennis on Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other festival that you celebrate is a great tradition to pass down to future generations of your family.

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