Top Reasons Why Ping Pong is Great for Your Kids

Table Tennis For Kids

Author: John Karter, Last Updated on: 16/04/2019

Let’s face it. In today’s age of smartphone screens and social media, it is incredibly hard to persuade kids of the benefits of sports. Consider yourself lucky even to capture their attention at the dinner table, yet much less to convince them into signing up for a team sport.

However, you must know that you’re not alone. Parents everywhere have a common concern of getting the kids off their devices and indulging in a physical sport.

One solution can be to introduce your kids Ping Pong, also known as Table Tennis or TT. It's a fun game which I'm sure your young one will find interesting.

In this post, we tell you the top five reasons why Table Tennis why you should encourage your kid to play this beautiful game.

1. It’s an Inside Job

One of the favorable aspects of Table Tennis is that it is an indoor game. This means that your kids can participate in an energetic and competitive sport at home or at the nearest activity center.

It also means that unsuitable weather conditions can never disrupt your kid's practice. With the benefit of being an indoor game, TT stands to become a daily, productive routine in your child’s life. 

What’s more, you could also purchase a TT table for your home. Having a TT table at home could save you the hassle of driving your kid to practice every day. It also changes the otherwise competitive sport into a cheerful bonding experience between family members.

And who knows, a TT table might be just the thing to spruce up your home décor!

2. Save a Fortune

Table Tennis is an incredibly athletic sport that just doesn’t ask that much of you. While sports such as football requires you to invest in uniforms and additional gear, it is surprisingly cheap to play Table Tennis.

A ping pong table, two paddles, and a couple of ping pong balls are all you need to go from amateur to pro status. 

Not just that, TT also cuts expenses where it matters. It is a relatively risk-free sport which means you can avoid dishing out the big bucks for healthcare costs.

Summing up the benefits, you'll find that TT is a relatively inexpensive way of getting your child to participate in a healthy exercise while gaining additional skills.

3. Get the Wholesome Experience

Table Tennis is an action-packed, highly-competitive sport that is extremely rewarding when it is played diligently. It is widely known to be one of the few sports that help develop an all-round skill set.

Although it can be played leisurely or competitively, TT is a real workout. It can help the youthful body of a kid develop a lot of upper body strength. Additionally, it also helps improve unique skills such as a firm balance and superior muscular control. 

In terms of mental strength, there are few sports as worthwhile as Table Tennis to help your kid cope with the stress of school and homework.

TT players are most commonly known for their quick reaction time and flexibility. Since it is a fast-paced game, it also demands great mental concentration in analyzing and responding to your opponents moves in real time.

Thus, TT is a high-yielding game where your kid can develop a whole skill set that they can retain for life.

And the best part? They get to have the most fun while doing it.

4. Play It Safe

Most parents, whose kids’ play sports, constantly have to worry about sports injuries. But if you’re a parent of a kid who plays Table Tennis, you can breathe normally. Table Tennis is known to be an injury-free sport with little to no chance of major injuries. 

Unlike many contact sports, Table Tennis is a game where injuries are extremely rare. Even if your kid somehow injures his hand on the TT table, it would mostly be nothing major.  

With Table Tennis, you can always count on your child being on the safe side.

5. The Game of Life

Table Tennis has many health and mental benefits for your kid. But the most important of them all is the essence of the game itself. TT is a disciplined sport that could teach your kids about work ethic and responsibility. These qualities could enhance your kid’s personality and prove to be beneficial off the court as well.

Unlike team sports such as Football or Baseball, Table Tennis is almost entirely dependent on the individual. This would give your kid complete control over the outcome of every match and rapidly build up his self-confidence.

TT is recognized throughout the world as a humbling sport where you reap triple of what you sow.


To this day, it is one of the few sports that transcends barriers such as age, gender, and physique. It’s a sport for girls and boys, a sport for young and the old, a sport for the scrawny and the bulky.

As you can see, Table tennis can help your kids overall physiological, mental and physical development. Moreover, there is little to none scope of your young one getting injured in the game.

All these reasons make table tennis, a perfect sport for you kid.

Kevin James

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