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Best For Experts

L-Style L8 PRO Bullet Shape Dart Flights Review

L8 Pro Bullet Shape Flights

Best All-Round

Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Review

Harrows Retina Black Flights

Best Flight Set

IgnatGames Dart Flights and Accessories Review

IgnatGames Dart Flights Set

Last Updated: 10th Mar, 2023

Would you fly in a plane with bent or broken wings? Or can an Airbus A380 fly with the wings of Boeing 737? Never right... Well, the same holds true for dart flights. Darts with torn, battered, or ripped flights, don't do well aerodynamically. The flight trajectory would be random, and your accuracy will be up for Toss! You also need to carefully choose the right flight for your setup based on the weight, length, type of the dart shaft, and your throwing style.

Dart flights are available in over ten different shapes with numerous textures to choose from. With so many options of dart flights available, picking the one which accurately matches your need can become rather overwhelming. But don't worry, we will help guide you to the best ones to try. Even if you are an old pro, you might find something to improve your game. And all you new players, we've got you covered. You'll want to start experimenting with new flight types to learn what fits your style of throw.

We tried and tested over a dozen of dart flights to find 5 of the absolute best you can buy. In case you don't like our recommendations, we've also included in-depth buyers guide to help you make an informed choice.

Best Dart Flights Reviews

Our Top Picks for Best Dart Flights

  1. L8 Pro Bullet Shape Flights - For the Pro's
  2. Harrows Black Slim Flights Editor's Pick [Best for Most]
  3. IgnatGames Dart Flights Set - Best all-in-one flight set
  4. L-Style L1 Standard Shape Flights - Best starter flight
  5. Dimplex TRIM Standard Flights - Best for durability (ideal for any developing player)

1. L-Style L8 Bullet Shape Flights

Pro Pick


  • Shape: Bullet
  • Surface area: 685 mm2
  • Weight: 0.44 gm
  • Set: 3 flights
  • Characteristics: Fast, less drag and resistance, medium 
L-Style L8 PRO Bullet Shape Dart Flights Review

Taking your game of darts to the next level means upgrading to pro-level gear. These L8 flights come in the bullet shape. If you don't know, Bullet shape flights have a very low surface and weight. These are around 685 mm2 and 0.44 grams. The lower weight and surface area guarantees a high-speed throw right down the middle with little to no arc. Expect your darts to fly as straight as an arrow.

These are an ideal option for the pros or anyone who likes to throw their darts straight. New players might struggle with accuracy as the setup is quite fast and requires high precision and a proper technique.

The pre-molded fins of the flights ensure a rigid form that maintains a straight angle for best performance. Along with that, extra thickness on the top and bottom edges provide a little more reinforcement to the flights.

You'll also notice the unique cutout in the flight's design. This is intended to be used with L-style's Champagne Rings. The rings prevent the flights from damage in "robin-hood" situations. A "robin-hood" is basically when a dart pierces into another by the flights instead of hitting the board. The rings are just an additional safety measure and do not impact the performance.

A lot of pro players use the very same L-Style flights, so don't hesitate to grab a set of your own!

What we Liked
+ Pre-molded fins for max accuracy
+ Reinforced edges
+ Pre-cut slot to place the champagne ring
+ Compatible with most shafts

Watch out for
- Beginners and intermediates may find these flights bit too fast

2. Harrows Black Slim Flights

Intermediate Pick


  • Shape: Slim
  • Surface area: 885 mm2
  • Weight: 0.59 gm
  • Set: 15 flights
  • Characteristics: Medium fast
Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Review

Our second pick is a Slim style flight. Slim style flights are the second most common style of flights you'll find (first being standard). They achieve higher speeds with their smaller size and lighter weight. For new players who are moving into an intermediate level, Slim flights are a popular choice. You can get a very straight throw with these. Slim flights perform quite similar to more advanced flights. However, they're easier to control, helping you to correct any bad habits in your throw.

These flights by Harrows are 100 microns thick. A decently thick flight that will have a bit more resistance to bending and damage. The design has laminated areas to improve strength, and smooth translucent sections to help keep consistent accuracy. Because of the slim build, you will most likely find that these flights perform best with lighter weight darts. A good range to consider is 18 to 20-gram barrels.

You get a total of 15 flights at a steal of a price (less than $6). Plus, if any of them are damaged, you can quickly swap in for one of your several spares. There is also a variety of colors available from Harrows in this size, giving you a chance to have a more personalized touch to your darts.

These are great flights for mid-level to advanced players, but new players shouldn't shy away from these either. If you think you prefer a lighter weight dart, give these slim flights a try. They might be the perfect fit.

What we Liked
+ Medium fast, fairly easy to control
+ Thick and durable flights
+ Laminated out layer to reduce drag

Watch out for
- Available in only black color

3. IgnatGames Dart Flights Set 

Best all-in-one flight set


  • Shape: Standard, Slim, Pear, Vortex, Fantail, and Shield
  • Surface area: Varies based on design
  • Weight: Varies based on design
  • Set: 18 flights
  • Characteristics: Varies based on design
 IgnatGames Dart Flights and Accessories Review

The best way to learn what flight fits your throw style is simple. Practice with them! IgnatGames has a great variety set for the new player looking to discover their desired flight. You'll get a variety of colors and shapes to choose from - 6 in total. This includes sizes for Standard, Slim, Pear, Vortex, Fantail, and Shield.

Each shape will have its own unique properties in terms of area, lift, arc, and speed. Depending on what your natural throwing style is, you can incorporate the right shape of flight to complement your throws.

You also get a handful of extra items to go along with the flights. This includes two different sizes of aluminum shafts, 1.73 and 1.97 inches, allowing you to experiment a bit more. The set also comes with 6 O-rings to keep the shaft tight and in place and 6 flight protectors to boost the lifespan of the flights. A tool to install and remove the shaft and maintain the dart is included, as well.

The one thing we didn't really like about this set is that even though you are getting a good mix of flights, it is the fact that you only get a set of 3 for each. Should one become damaged or lost, you won't have any way to replace them immediately. Buying a whole set just to replace one flight doesn't make sense. Hopefully, backups will be offered separately or included in the future.

What we Liked
+ 6 different shaped flights and two shafts to experiment with
+ Flight protectors and O-rings
+ Dart tool for easy maintenance and installation

Watch out for
- You only get three flights of each type. If any of the flight gets damaged, you would need to buy a new set.

4. L-Style L1 Standard Shape Flights

Best starter flight


  • Shape: Standard, Slim, Pear, Vortex, Fantail, and Shield
  • Surface area: 1092 mm2
  • Weight: 0.52gm
  • Set: 3 flights
  • Characteristics: Stable, easy to control, slower
 L-style L1 PRO Standard Shape Dart Flights Review

Next up, we have the L1 flights by L-Style. These are Standard sized flights, which is the most common style you'll find on darts. This is an excellent pick for beginners who are still learning the game but need to replace or upgrade their flights. The vast area provides plenty of lift to get those throws onto the dartboard. This kind of flight offers substantial control and stability, so your shots are consistent and predictable.

You won't be able to get a high-speed throw with these, but that is okay. Your primary focus should be on hitting the dart board, and you can't ask for better than with these flights.

You get the same great benefits that all L-Style flights have with these standard flights - pre-molded fins at a clean 90-degrees for accuracy. The same reinforced areas to prevent breaking on the most stressed parts of the flights. These are also compatible with the L-Style Champagne Ring if you decide to integrate them into your darts.

Overall, it's a great choice for all players and a safe bet for new players to darts. Stick with these if you like the larger style of flights or are not ready to branch out to something unique. Even though these are considered beginner-friendly, they are still a pro-level product that can hold up in competition.

If you find that Standard size is your favorite flight, then check these out.

What we Liked
+ Ideal for beginners and casual players
+ Stable and easy to control
+ Well-built with precise 90-degree fins
+ Virtually indestructible
+ Multiple color options 

Watch out for
- These are the slowest flights you'll find. Not recommended if you tend to throw straight

5. Dimplex TRIM Standard Flights 

Best for durability (ideal for any developing player)


  • Shape: Standard
  • Surface area: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Set: 15 flights
  • Characteristics: Aerodynamic, stable
Dimplex TRIM Dart Flights Reviews

Dimplex provides a unique option for Standard sized flights. These flights feature an aero-dynamic styled texture across the surface. The design is very similar to the dimples you would find on a golf ball. We will admit that we don't have official proof of the effect the dimple features across the surface, but we did see that these perform very well and seem to fly smoothly.

You are also getting five sets of different colored flights. That makes a total of 15 flights - a good value buy. In terms of negatives, these don't seem quite as sturdy as other options on the market. They are still strong, but it feels a bit thinner. We also noticed that the fit is very tight. Be careful when attaching these. Even though it feels snug, they will go onto the shaft slots. If you overdo it, you could end up damaging the flights.

These make for an interesting alternative for all players. If you are a beginner and learning, consider these as a unique alternative to standard sizes. Pros may want to check them out as well to see if the dimple aero-dynamic design is right for them. We think these are solid flights all-around. Certainly, worth considering for your next set.

What we Liked
+ Great set of flights for practicing players
+ Highly durable
+ Stable and aero-dynamic
+ Multiple color options

Watch out for
- Few buyers found it difficult to install the flights

Buyer's Guide to Dart Flights

The last section of the dart is the flight. It's also the most vulnerable part of the dart and something which you will change most often.

They come in all shapes, sizes, texture, and thickness. Like with shafts, choosing a flight also boils down to the weight and length of the dart and personal preference. But there are a couple of standard configurations which you can't go wrong with.

The general rule of thumb is to use a larger flight if you use a heavy or longer dart. Also, if you like to float or lob the dart, a larger flight is recommended. Smaller flights are recommended for lighter and short darts. If you like to throw straight, it's best to use smaller flights.

Put a small flight on a heavy setup, and your dart will tank like a submarine.

The concept is simple. Larger flights result in more drag and hence travel through the air slower. Smaller flights create less drag and move faster through the air.

Properties of different shaped dart flights

Common Shapes

The two most common shapes you'll, and the best place to start when choosing flights, are Standard and Slim shapes. Every design you'll find of a flight has an intention. 

For starters, small sizes with minimal texture provide fast speeds and less drag. You can get very straight shots with these kinds of flights, but any error can completely throw off the angle of your shot. For larger flights, or any less-smooth flights, your dart's top speed will be less, but you'll generally have more freedom in the angle of approach.

Standard flights are the most common shape you'll see (they are named standard after all). They are suitable for beginners who tend to have a more looped style throw. Also, they require less force, which most new players will lack, to be thrown accurately. Larger sized flights like standard will work better with larger shafts and heavy darts. This is because the heavy dart needs more overall lift, which large flights can provide.

Slim flights are noticeably smaller and lighter than standard. They work better with lighter darts that don't need the extra float, and can sustain much harder throws through the air. It's very common to find soft tip darts with slim flights because of the natural lighter material used in soft tips. It is common for pros to use this style of darts because once you master the more difficult control, you get fast straight throws that result in less bounce offs. The smaller area helps you avoid getting clumped up also.

Unique Shapes

Beyond the Standard and Slim sizes, you'll find a wide variety of other flights to use. These are many to list, but the main types fall into three categories. Some of the largest ones you'll find might be called Shape or Rocket. They look very similar to the Standard shape. These fall into the class of high control and stability. Good for heavier darts, and getting slow arcing shots. They can fix control issues with longer shafts.

They middle types have names such as Kit, Teardrop, or Pear. These styles are just a bit smaller than the Standard level weights and surface area. Some have the same weight as heavy flights, but just less area. These will fly a bit faster and a bit straighter as you'd expect. The mid-range shapes are less common to see, but worth trying if Slim and Standard don't feel right for you.

The last category is the highest speed flights. It's best for players with max control and experience. If you like shorter shafts, and prefer to throw with more force, this category is for you. Beginners should be careful when using these flights.


Flights come in varying thickness from 50 microns to 150 microns. Higher the microns thicker the flight is. Thicker flights add weight to the back of the darts, which is generally done to counterbalance the weight of the barrel. Also, heavier flights are more durable and don't deflect as much as the thinner ones.

Thinner flights are cheaper than thicker ones. Most players prefer flights in the range of 100 microns. Anything lower or above than this is more suited for experienced players who know what they're doing.


This is usually the last feature you adjust when trying to improve your shots. Switching between smooth and rough surfaces on your flights will alter the drag experienced by the dart. If your shots are particularly angled one way or the other, adjusting the weight will likely do the trick, but you can always play around with drag.

Don't expect to get dramatically different results from using a textured flight, but it is worth considering. Think of it as fine-tuning a guitar. It will improve the end result, but won't completely change your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need to change the Flights?

An average player goes through a set of flights in a couple of games. The best way to know if it's about time to change the flights is to see the flight pattern. If you see your dart is wobbling or unstable, it's time to put a new one.

How can you save your flights from Damage?

There are a couple of ways to do it. The easiest way is to use a thicker flight, but that might not be suitable for most. The best way is to puncture the flight, fit a champagne ring, and then install the shaft. This results in a much tighter fit, and the flights remain completely perpendicular to one another. 

Some darts come with a ring just at the bottom of the flight, which keeps it in place for a secure fit. But remember, no matter what you do, the flights are something that would get damaged eventually.


The many factors that go into building the right dart can be overwhelming. Hopefully, this guide gets you started on the right foot and relieves some of the pressure. The best thing to do is to take your time to analyze your throw style. Experiment carefully with different types of flights until you start to hone in on the perfect build.

Also, remember that your preferences can change over time. It is not uncommon for pros to adjust their darts as they develop their shot style. Sometimes these changes can even happen unintentionally. Flights are one component of the whole package that makes up your darts. However, they are an essential factor for performance. Don't overlook your flights, and make sure to invest in a quality set to up your game to the fullest!

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  1. Is it necessary that the flights for the shaft so that they push all the way down to the bottom of the slits intended for the flight?

    1. Yes, the flight should sit all the way till the bottom of the shaft for a tight and wobble-free fit. Otherwise, the dart may not fly as intended and follow weird trajectories.

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