Best Kids Picnic Tables (Reviewed)

We tested over 14 kids picnic tables, had eight kids try each of them to see how they performed. Some kids preferred the table with an umbrella while the others liked the table with a sand and water pit option. But overall, all the kid testers loved the concept picnic tables, and we're sure your kids would too.

Here are our top 5 picks:

Best High End

RELIANCER Kids Picnic Table

RELIANCER Kids Picnic Table

Best Overall

Little Tykes Easy Store Picnic Table With Umbrella

Little Tikes Picnic Table with Umbrella

Best Inexpensive

Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic Table

Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic Table

Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

Right now, the weather seems dull and cold, but before you know it, the sun will be back. That's going to be a relief for parents, as their kids have been cooped up in the house all winter and need to get outside. You want anything that will encourage them to get outdoors and play.

There are so many advantages to encouraging your kids to go outside. They'll absorb Vitamin D from the sun, which is so important for any growing child. They can run around and play, getting some all-important exercise. Also, they will be able to share and play with others, helping them build social skills.

That's all a lot of work for your little ones, so they'll need a place to relax at the end of the day. A kid's picnic table is just the thing. They'll have somewhere to sit and eat their lunch or their snacks, before they dash off to play again. Plus, it's an excellent pit stop for their drinks and anything else they may need.

We've gathered together five of the best kids picnic tables on the market right now. Take a look and see if one of these is right for your kids.

Our Picks for the Best Kids Picnic Tables

1. RELIANCER Kids Outdoor Picnic Table: Best Overall (Water & Sand)

RELIANCER Kids Picnic Table

This table is our favorite as it has so much to offer, both to you and your kids. The table itself is an attractive wooden model, made of solid Montana pine wood for quality. The seats even come with padded cotton cushions, making it comfortable to sit at even for extended periods. There's lots of room for snacks to be laid out for kids when they're ready to take a break.

What's really interesting about this table is that the middle section of the table top can be removed, revealing a play area beneath. This consists of two large capacity drawers. These are designed to hold sand and water, leading to hours of imaginative play. They can be removed with the wooden channels built into the table, so you won't need to remove them through the table top for cleaning. Plus, they make great ice boxes for drinks or hidden storage compartments for outdoor toys. Plus, the table top flips over to reveal a chalkboard finish. Your kids can draw to their heart's content, and the drawings can be simply washed away when they're done.

Top Features:

  • Made of non-toxic unpainted wood, with no harmful chemicals
  • Two hidden storage compartments for play or hiding away toys when needed
  • Chalkboard finish table for drawing
  • Each bench has a 100lb weight capacity, enough for two children each
  • Cushions on the benches for comfortable seating

Final Note: This table offers a lot of value to any family. The table itself is a great place to stop and eat, but the multiple play options really make it special.

2. Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic TableBest Folding Table

Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic Table

Not everyone can have a picnic table out in the yard 24/7. They need to make room, if they're hosting a BBQ or have work being done in the area. In these cases, you'll want a kid's picnic table that can be folded up and put out of the way. This is the perfect table for you, if you need a model that folds up.

The table is made from High-density Polyethylene and is stain resistant, perfect when your messy eaters are using it. You can easily clean it up once you're done using it. When you don't need it, the table is easily folded up flat for storage. It's perfect for putting away in the garage or a shed without taking up a lot of space.

The manufacturers are confident about the quality of this table, as they back it with a 2-year warranty. If there are any problems, they'll happily put them right for you. However, the guarantee that the table will not crack, chip, or peel, making it perfect for leaving outdoors when need be. With impact-resistant corners, it should be able to cope with anything life can throw at it.

Top Features:

  • Folding feature makes it easy to put away when not in use
  • Can easily seat four children for lunch or crafts outside
  • Manufacturer's warranty covers you in case of any problems with the table
  • Stain-resistant so you can let kids paint, draw, or eat on the table without worry
  • UV protection to prevent peeling or fading of the table top

Final note: 

This table offers you everything you need in a kid's picnic table, as well as allowing for easy storage. If you want a table that's easily folded and put away, this is the one for you.

3. Costzon Kids Picnic Table Set with Umbrella: Best Wooden Table

 Costzon Kids Picnic Table Set With Umbrella

Are you looking for a classic wooden table design for your kids? You're bound to love this one. It offers great looks and design, with real practicality for your little ones. Kids will love it as it looks just like an adult's picnic table set. The set comes with the wooden table, two separate wooden benches, and a folding umbrella that sits in the middle of the table. They'll feel just like a grown up when they have their lunch at this table.

As an adult, you'll love the look of this table. It'll look right at home in your yard, as it looks just like a scaled down regular picnic table. The multi-color umbrella is a cheery touch, perfect for summer. It looks good and course will help keep the kids out of the sun as they eat. The weather resistant wood ensures that your table will be able to sit outdoors and stand up to the elements, no matter what.

You'll also love the fact that the table comes in pre-assembled pieces, so you won't have to spend long putting the whole thing together. It comes with detailed instructions, so you won't ever get stuck when you're trying to put it together.

Top Features:

  • Weather-resistant wood to ensure your table can stand up to sun and rain
  • A fun 'adult style' table that your kids will love
  • Umbrella adds protection from the sun on hot summer days
  • Designed for 36 months olds all the way to 8-year olds
  • Measures 32 x 29.2 x 19 inches

Final Note:

This table is by far the best wooden option online for you. It offers real style for you, and a fun table for your kids, complete with an umbrella for shade.

4. Step2 Naturally Playful Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella - Best Plastic Table

Step2 Naturally Playful Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

If you're in the market for a plastic table on the other hand, this is the one for you. There's lots of reasons for choosing plastic. It's hard-wearing, comes in lots of colors, and can stand up to even the roughest play. This table offers a fun, chunky and colorful design that your kids are sure to love. The table features an all-plastic design that mimics wood and stone, so it will look fantastic wherever you put it. The pastel colors in its design also help it look great.

One of the best things about this table is that there are actually sit seats in the provided benches. That's more than a lot of kids picnic tables will offer, making it the best option for big families or those that hold playdates often. There's also a wide umbrella that's perfect for blocking out the sun. The umbrella can block out 97.5% of UVA and UVB rays, so it's the best option when you want your kids to get outside and stay out of the sun.

The great thing about this table is that it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. If you want to bring it indoors, the umbrella is easily removed so you can all enjoy it wherever you want.

Top Features:

  • Wide umbrella designed to block most harmful sun rays when it's out outdoors
  • Sizeable benches hold up to six kids, perfect if there's lots of little ones around
  • Easy to put together, with minimal assembly required
  • Holds a maximum of 300lbs
  • Easy to clean plastic construction that resists fading

Final Note: This is by far the sturdiest plastic picnic table we could find. The build quality is excellent, and so is the design. You can expect your kids to use this table for a long time.

5. Little Tykes Easy Store Picnic Table with Umbrella: Best For Toddlers

Little Tykes Easy Store Picnic Table With Umbrella

Little Tykes has offered quality children's products for years, and this table is no exception. If you want a table that will suit your younger kids, this is going to be perfect for you. At 19.75 inches high, it's just tall enough to allow them to play with and enjoy their very own table.

The best thing about this table is that it allows for folding away, once you're done using it. This is a good option for you if you have limited outdoor space, or want to be able to move it around easily. It folds flat, so it's very simple to slot into storage spaces as needed. It will need assembly when you purchase it, but it's simple to put it together and once you have, you can fold and unfold it whenever you need to.

The table offers a lot of practicality for your little ones. The center includes a tray perfect for holding crayons or other toys, as well as two cup holders that help avoid spills. You'll even get an umbrella included with this model, so you can set it up even on the hottest days and keep the kids in the shade.

Top Features:

  • No tools needed to set up or fold down the table as needed
  • Umbrella included for protection from the sun
  • Sturdy benches hold six kids total, at 200lbs total per bench
  • Fun plastic design that's easy to clean up
  • Cup holders and a crayon or condiment tray for maximum value

Final Note: 

Toddlers will love this table, as it gives you everything you need to give them a full picnic table experience. It's easy to clean and with cupholders, there will be minimum spills.

Kids Picnic Table Buyer's Guide

Now you've seen just how much range there is in kid’s picnic tables out there. How are you going to pick one that fits your needs? Use this buyer's guide to help you pick out one that works best for you and your family.

Key Considerations

<Size and Weight Limits>

Firstly, you'll need to think about the weight limits on a table. Each table is designed slightly differently, and so will be able to hold a different number of kids on each of its benches. You'll see that most tables come with a weight limit of around 200-300lbs per bench, so keep your kid's weights in mind as you pick. Will they be able to get the most play out of it if you buy a certain model, or will you need one that can hold more weight?

Keep an eye on the size of the benches too. The most standard benches can hold two kids, giving your total of four seats per table. Is that going to be enough for you? If not, you can buy models that give you up to six seats, so keep that in mind.

<Wood vs. Plastic>

Another thing to think about is the materials the bench is made out of. Your two main options are wood and plastic. Both offer lots of benefits, so you'll need to decide what works best for you.

For example, let's take wood. Wood's a great looking option, and any wooden style is going to look good in your back yard. If you get an untreated table, you can even paint it to look like anything you want. If you have creative kids, you can even have them join you for the painting process. However, it's not as portable as plastic, and you'll need treated wood in order for it to stand up to the elements.

Plastic is a great option as it comes in all shapes and sizes. You'll find some truly creative plastic tables out there when you look. It's also a lightweight option, so you can easily move it when needed. However, some parents don't like the look of them as much as wooden tables, so think about what you would prefer to have.

<Room for the Table>

When you're looking at picnic tables, ensure that you take a look at the dimensions of them. You'll need to have a place in mind for the table, so when you pick one out, you can be sure that you'll be able to fit it into the space you have available.

Remember, you'll need some space around the table too so little ones can move around, and get on and off the benches as needed. Will the table you want and the space you have picked out give you the space you need?


Something else to consider when picking out a table is the portability of it. When you get your table, do you want it to stay in the same spot, or do you want to be able to move it around as needed? This is an important question to ask, especially if space is limited. There are fold-up options available, so you can fold a table down and place it elsewhere if you need to.

If you do want a portable option, then you'll probably need a plastic table. These are usually the models that come with the option for folding, so keep a lookout for this feature when you're looking for a table.

<Extra Features>

Finally, consider any extra features that you may want from a table. There's so many on the market and they all have features that you may find highly useful. For example, a lot of picnic tables come with umbrellas. If you want to use the table in the summer, this is a must as it helps block out the sun and provide shade. It offers a lot of safety to your kids.

There are also tables that offer functional options, such as storage trays and cup holders. Storage is so useful, as you can use it to hold anything that you want to store away. Crayons, toys, and more are all easily packed away here. Cup holders are also great, as they help minimize spills.

Finally, there's extra play options. How about a table with hidden compartments for water and sand? What about a table with a chalkboard finish for drawing? These are all great options, and they offer so much variety for your kids.

Let's Wrap Things Up

As you've seen, there are lots and lots of options for anyone wanting to get a kid's picnic table. There are tables for all ages, sizes, and functions. There's wipe-clean tables, tables with hidden compartments, and tables with umbrellas to beat the sun.

Choose the best table for you from our recommendations, and be ready for the summer with a fun kid's picnic table.

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