Best Pool Cue Racks (Review)

Best High End

Flintar Wall 8 Cue Rack

Flintar Wall 6 Cue Rack

Best Mid Range

Iszy Billiards 6 Pool Cue Rack

Iszy Billiards 6 Pool Cue Rack

Best Inexpensive

Fat Cat 2-Piece Wall Mounted Hardwood Billiard/Pool Cue Rack

Fat Cat 2-Piece Wall Mounted Cue Rack

By Phill Williams
11th Mar, 2023, 17 min read

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There are a couple of reasons why you might be looking to get a pool cue rack for your game room. For starters, it's incredibly helpful to keep all your equipment organized and sorted in one place. It also prevents your accessories from getting lost and preventing untimely breakage.

Keeping the cues, ball set, ball rack, chalk, and brush in order can save you from the hassle of searching for them, every time you set out to play. But the problem is that there are a lot of choices, and you might not necessarily know what to look for. Do you need a wall-mounted rack to save on space? Perhaps you're looking for a standing rack (corner or straight)? What advantages do different cue racks offer?

In this article, we'll look at the five of the best pool cue racks currently available. Whether you're looking for something cheap and cheerful to just save a bit of room or tidy things up, or if you're in the market for a top-of-the-range cue rack with every feature available, we'll be able to point you to the right product!

We know that you may still have some concerns, which is why we've also included a handy buyer's guide at the bottom of the page!

Let's get started:

After testing over a dozen of cue racks, we conclude that the Flintar 6-cue rack is the best on the market. It is well-built, durable, and offers excellent value for money.

Best Pool Cue Racks Reviewed

The 5 Best Pool Cue Racks

1. Flintar Wall 6 Cue Rack

Best Wall Mount Rack


  • Size: 28.25” x 27.25” x 2.75”
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Holds - 6 cues, billiard balls and ball rack
  • Price: $55-$65
Flintar Wall 6 Cue Rack

For our top pick, we have the Flintar 6 wall mount cue rack. This rack features a simple yet elegant design and comes with an appealing price point. It's designed to hold 6 cues, full set of billiard balls, and a hook to hang ball racks - keeping your play area organized.

The cues are held side by side, making it easy and convenient to access the cues when needed while the groves at the center hold the billiard balls in place. Made out of solid wood, this unit is sturdily built and is sure to last you a long time.

The rack is easy to set up and install. All the installation hardware, including the L clamps, are provided along.

To summarize: If you're looking for a wall mount cue rack, it doesn't get any better than this.

What We Liked
+ Great value at a good price
+ Solid and durable
+ Holds up to 16 balls and 6 cues, as well as a triangle
+ Easy installation
+ Stylish and professional

Watch Out for
- None!

2. Iszy Billiards 6 Pool Cue Rack

Budget Pick (Wall Mount)


  • Size: 28.25” x 27.25” x 2.74”
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Holds - 6 cues, full set of billiard balls and ball rack
  • Price: $40-$50
Iszy Billiards 6 Pool Cue Rack

Another great suggestion for a wall-mounted cue rack is the budget pick from Iszy. This cue rack is a cheaper option than the Flintar rack, and offers a very similar set of features. However, you would need to compromise on the quality. The workmanship and finesses aren't the best, but for the price, you can't really complain.

The rack is available in three classic finishes - Black, Mahogany, and Oak, offering something for all tastes. Similar to our top pick, it holds a full set of billiard balls, and up to 6 cues and a triangle. The installation process is straightforward, and all the parts necessary for installation are included.

As you would expect, the lower price also means a slight compromise on the quality. But if you're on a budget, this rack is definitely worthy of serious consideration!

What We Liked
+ Budget Pricing
+ Comes in three different colors/finishes
+ Elegant design
+ Easy installation

Watch Out for
- Not as sturdy as the top pick

3. Fat Cat 2-Piece Wall Mounted Hardwood Billiard/Pool Cue Rack

Bargain Pick (Wall Mount)


  • Size: 14” L x 8” W x 6” D
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Holds - 6 cues
  • Price: Under $15
Fat Cat 2-Piece Wall Mounted Hardwood Billiard/Pool Cue Rack

If you like simple and practical design, this bare-minimum cue stick holder might be an ideal choice for you. This wall-mounted rack is built out of solid wood with pre-cut holes and grooves to hold the cues. It's designed to hold six cues, which should be more than sufficient for most house setups.

The installation is pretty easy, as well. Just drill two holes and screw in the two pieces onto the wall, and you're done. All the mounting hardware is included along. While mounting, make sure to consider the shortest cue in your set as a reference. On the downside, there is no space to store balls, chalks, and other stuff.

If you're looking for a rack just to store your cues, this might be an ideal choice for you. Moreover, it costs less than $15, making it the cheapest rack on the list.

What We Liked
+ Bang for the buck pricing
+ Simple and practical design
+ Easy installation

Watch Out for
- No option to store balls, chalk etc

4. Iszy Billiards 8 Pool Cue Floor Corner Rack

Best Floor Rack (Corner)

  • Size: 31.5” x 15” x 15”
  • Type: Floor corner Rack
  • Holds - 8 cues, full set of billiard balls and ball rack
  • Price: $80-$90
Iszy Billiards 8 Pool Cue Floor Standing Rack Review
If you're more interested in a self-standing floor rack, this attractive 8 cue corner rack could be an ideal choice. The all-hard wood construction with mahogany finish makes for a durable and stylish unit, and a great option to safely store all of your equipment in one place.

This rack holds up to 8 cues – 2 more than the previous wall racks, so it could be a good option if you have or are planning to have a large number of cues. The rack also holds a full set of balls and any accessories you may require. The cue holes are also ringed with rubber to keep them protected and secure.

You will need to assemble the rack yourself partially, but that's fairly easy and doesn't require any special tools.

Considering all the above, we feel that the Iszy 8 Pool Cue rack is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a corner floor rack.

What We Liked
- Sturdy and durable
- Slots into a corner, fitting flush to the wall
- Holds up to 8 cues and a full range of equipment and accessories
- Comes in two colors

Watch Out for
- Partial assembly required
- Takes up more space than a wall rack
- More expensive than the wall racks

5. Iszy Billiards 10 Pool Cue Floor Straight Standing Rack

Best Floor Rack (Straight)


  • Size: 31.25” x 29.5” x 8.875”
  • Type: Floor Straight Rack
  • Holds - 10 cues, full set of billiard balls, chalk, brush and ball rack
  • Price: $80-$90
Iszy Billiards 10 Pool Cue Floor Straight Standing Rack

This is the largest cue rack on the list, allowing you to store up to 10 cues. The rest of the features are pretty standard - storage space for billiard balls, ball triangle, and chalk. It's a self-standing unit, but it's best to keep it against the wall for stability.

The rack comes in three classic finishes - Black, Oak, and Mahogany which is bound to go well with your room's decor. The build quality and overall finish are excellent. It's made out of solid wood, so you can rest assured this rack will last you a long time.

If you're looking for a rack with plentiful storage, this may be an ideal choice.

What we Liked
+ Ample storage
+ Comes in multiple colors
+ Excellent build quality, durable

Watch Out for
- Partial assembly require
- May need to be placed against the wall for stability

6. Iszy Billiards 8 Pool Cue Floor Corner Rack

Budget Pick (Floor Rack)


  • Size: 22.25” x 14” x x4”
  • Type: Floor Straight Rack
  • Holds - 10 cues, full set of billiard balls, chalk, brush and ball rack
  • Price: $50-$60
Iszy Billiards 8 Pool Cue Floor Corner Rack Review

If you're looking for a budget-friendly corner rack with above-average build quality, the Iszy Billiards 8 pool cue rack is worth considering. It offers ample storage to keep eight pool cues and a full set of billiard balls. The cue holes are also secured with rubber rings, ensuring sturdy protection for your billiard cues.

This cue rack comes in three classic colors - Black, Oak, and Mahogany finish, enhancing the decor of your game room. One thing that sets this rack apart is the built-in score counter to keep track of the scores. It also features a well thought four rubber padded cup holders to hold beverages while playing.

The installation is as easy as it gets and does not require any special tools.

Between the rock-solid pricing and an excellent set of features, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better corner cue rack than this.

What We Like
+ Built in scorer
+ Comes in three colors
+ Holds up to 8 cues
+ Budget friendly
+ Beverage holders

Watch Out for
- Some assembly required
-  Bit congested

Buyer's Guide to Cue Racks

Now that we've had a look at different cue racks and features they come with, you should have a fair idea of what you're looking for.

Naturally, you may have some further questions. Here's a quick guide highlighting what factors you should be considering before making a purchase.

Corner, Straight, or Wall Mounted?

The first thing you need to decide on is what kind of cue rack you need - corner rack, straight rack, or wall-mounted. Each one offers distinct advantages over the other, though ultimately it is a matter of personal preference. Floor racks are self-standing and don't require any installation. While wall-mounted racks are hung on the wall and would need a bit of drilling.

Corner Rack

A corner rack is designed to fit snugly in the corner of the room. This is only useful if the room you intend to play in has suitable corners – it won't fit a curved wall! 

Corner racks are a great space saver and ideal for smaller game rooms. As it's placed in the corner, it doesn't pose any hindrance, nor does it occupy extra space. However, you may find it difficult to reach out as it may sit a bit far from the table. Also, corner racks are relatively congested compared to a straight or wall-mounted rack, something to keep in mind.

Straight Rack

A straight rack is designed to be free-standing and sit straight on the floor. They're quite similar to wall-mounted rack except that they're not mounted on the wall. It's more spacious and easier to use in contrast to the corner rack. They do not necessarily need to be placed against a wall, though it's generally more common.

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted racks are mounted on the wall, saving valuable floor space, making them a good addition to smaller games room. It features a compact design and ample space for storage. Typically, wall cue racks are mounted 30 to 32 inches above the flooring for easy access.

On the downside, it's heavy and needs to be properly installed, preferably in a stud if you have a drywall wall. It's also a good option to keep the cues and balls from the reach of kids or pets.

Size & Storage Options

Cue racks come in different sizes - from two cue storage option to as high as ten. For home usage, where you usually play with a couple of cues, it's best to look for a four cue rack to accommodate for future upgrades. It would be impractical to go any bigger than this unless you have a sizable collection of cues. Also, such racks are smaller and easy to place in the home setting without taking up much space. Space to hold ball set, ball rack, brush, and chalk are common to all models, but some may have more generous space than the others.

Pub, bar, or club owners should ideally opt for larger racks which can hold 6 to 10 cues to accommodate various specialized cues like jump or break cues.

While this is optional but some racks come with additional storage options to store an extra set of balls. If you own multiple billiards ball set, you can opt for such racks.


Pool racks vary in terms of quality, features, and storage capacity, though every rack will offer the same core functionality.
The more expensive racks are generally made of better quality wood and sport better overall craftsmanship. They're also more durable and look aesthetically pleasing. With budget or mid-range cue racks, you are primarily paying for the functionality and above-average build quality.

A budget rack would cost you under $70, while a premium rack may cost you upwards of $100. It boils down to personal preferences and features that matter to you.

Cheaper racks are made of a thinner, more flimsy material than the more expensive options, though they will still be relatively long-lived if the correct care is given. It does mean that you may be more likely to split or crack the rack when trying to assemble the rack or drilling mounting holes. A more expensive alternative is much more likely to last longer.


A pool cue rack can be an essential addition to your game room, allowing you to store all of your equipment and accessories properly. There’s nothing worse than realizing you can’t find your chalk or triangle, or that you’re missing a ball!

Hopefully, this guide has helped to convince you which cue rack is ideal for you or your game room – there’s an impossibly large selection, but the five on this list will provide high quality for very reasonable prices.

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