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DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket

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Yaheetech Portable Disc Golf Basket

Last Updated: 10th Mar, 2023

Permanent, Portable, Foldable, Narrow, there are so many different types of Disc Golf baskets to choose from. To complicate the matter even further, you need to consider factors like weight, number of chains, and other trivial points.

Sounds too complicated, right?

Don't that's what we're here for. We've sifted through a couple of dozen baskets across various price ranges to help you pick the very best Disc Golf Basket for the money. Whether you're looking for a budget basket or something easy to carry around, we've got you covered.

Below, we've rounded up the best 8 disc golf baskets. Check them out!

A Disc golf basket can make or break your game. Playing on a poor quality basket can be frustrating. You putts might slip through, or the frame might not be stable enough. Also, cheaper baskets don't do well under the weather and aren't durable enough.

So, how do you identify a quality basket? Four things - Build quality, weight, size, and PDGA approval. A quality disc golf basket would be constructed out of higher gauge steel with at least 12 chains. Generally, weight is a good indicator of how well the unit is built. Lastly, if you plan to practice and train competitively, you should be looking for PDGA approved basket.

I hope this has given you a fair idea as to what should be looking for. If you would like to dig more, I've also included a detailed buyer's guide below. And for all those new disc golfers, we've also included disc golf rules to get you started.

Best Disc Golf Baskets Reviewed

Our Top Picks for the Best Disc Golf Basket (Portable & Permanent)

  1. DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket Pro Pick
  2. Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Basket Editor's Pick (Best Practice Disc Golf basket)
  3. Yaheetech Portable Frisbee Basket Budget Pick
  4. DGA Mach Lite Portable Disc Golf Practice Basket Best Portable Disc Golf basket (Regulation)
  5. Latitude 64 Golf Discs ProBasket Competition Best Permanent In-Ground basket
  6. Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target Best lightweight option
  7. MVP Disc Sports MVP Black Hole Precision Basket Best narrow basket for training
  8. Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set - Best for casual players

1. DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket


  • Number of chains: 18
  • Number of rows of chains: 2
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Assembly: Some tools required
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Approval: PDGA Standard
DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket

The 'DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket' is by far the most superior model on the market. It is made of heavy-duty steel which has been hot-dipped with galvanized corrosion protection, which bolsters its already sturdy construction, and weatherproofs it for long stints out on the course.

What really surprised me when testing it out was how lightweight the basket was. I could easily move it from course to course, without much effort. Its sturdy manufacture gives you faith that it will not loosen or rattle after being moved around a lot.

DGA is also the founding company of disc golf. This ensures that their product aligns with all competitive and official rules, making the ideal choice for those who are ready to play at a regulation standard, or merely upgrading their tired old set. The PDGA will also supply a certificate that approves it as an official regulation basket.

Out of all the products I have tested for this review, the 18 strands of heavy-duty chains that come with this product are the most sturdily welded and smoothly finished.

Like the rest of the basket, the chains have been hot-dipped with galvanized corrosion protection, so you will not have to worry about rust or stiffness happening over time.

Top Features:

  • Galvanized Corrosion Protection
  • Lightweight & Sturdy Manufacture
  • Certified PDGA Regulation Basket 

Final Note:

If you are looking for a professional-grade disc golf basket, from a reputed brand, the 'DGA Mach 2' is undoubtedly for you. It's rare you see a product that is both sturdy and lightweight. With 40 years of innovation, you can rest assured that this DGA product will not let you down.

2. Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Basket


  • Number of chains: 24 (12 outer/12 inner)
  • Number of rows of chains: 2
  • Material: Stainless steel chains
  • Assembly: Screw in
  • Weight: 35.5 lbs
  • Approval: PDGA Standard
Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket

Visually, the 'Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket' is the most attractive set I got to test for this review. Its framework stands out nicely against its 12 inner and outer chains and comes in a very impressive array of colors. I could see any serious players out there buying multiple variations of this product to create courses with increasing difficulties.

The 12 inner and outer chain formation is specially designed to reduce the chance of cut through shots and pole bounces, which can be annoying when attempting to sink your disc!

This product is ideal for the serious player practicing their game at home, as its size and height are to regulation, and PDGA approved. Of course, if you are an amateur like me who will enjoy taking it to the park to have a fun afternoon with friends, you will love this product.

The construction of the basket is incredibly sturdy, as well as being lightweight and easy to transport. This makes it great for vacations or parties, as it is not time-consuming at all.

 Top Features:

  • 24 Chain Basket
  • PDGA Approved
  • Very Easy Construction

Final note: 

The 'Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket' has to be my best pick. It's $139 price tag is very reasonable for the exceptional quality you get. It is a regulation set, attractively colored, and has easy construction. It is ideal for serious players looking to practice, as well as amateurs who are interested in a fun activity to play outdoors with their loved ones.

3. Yaheetech Portable Frisbee Basket


  • Number of chains: 12
  • Number of rows of chains: 1
  • Material: Galvanized
  • Assembly: Push pins and screws
  • Weight: 18.3 lbs
  • Approval: N/A
Yaheetech Portable Disc Golf Basket

The frame of the basket is sturdy and lightweight, with a nice broad base that gives it stability when hit by a powerful throw, or windy conditions. The 12 heavy-duty galvanized chains, though less in volume compared to the more expensive models, have been welded in a net-like formation that makes it adequate to catch most shots. The basket measures 24.4 inches, which is ample room to catch any size disc or frisbee. 

It was effortless to construct and take down this basket, making it super easy to transport around and store away when not in use.

Costing just under $100, this budget pick does not skimp on the quality of manufacture. In fact, I was delightfully surprised that it played almost as well as the expensive counterparts out on the market. 

The only issue we had during play, was a chain occasionally becoming unhooked when struck by a more weighted disc. Though it is slightly annoying when this happens, it can be easily hooked back in place to continue the game.

A feature I love about this product is the addition of the yellow flag on the top. It is a simple detail that significantly increases visibility when out on the course. 

Top Features:

  • Sturdy & Lightweight
  • Costs Under $100
  • Yellow Flag On The Top

Final Note:

For the excellent quality of this basket, along with its appealing price tag, the 'Yaheetech Portable Frisbee Disc Golf Basket' is not only a great starter basket but will appeal to the more serious player. Because of the price, I could see multiple baskets being bought to make several courses at the park, playground or yard. If you are curious about trying disc golf or looking for a fun party game to play at an outdoor event, this will be the one for you!

4. DGA Mach Lite Portable Disc Golf Practice Basket


  • Number of chains: 16
  • Number of rows of chains: 2
  • Material: Galvanized steel frame
  • Assembly: None - Opens/closes like an umbrella
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Approval: PDGA standard
DGA Mach Lite Portable Disc Golf Practice Basket

If you're looking for a portable disc golf basket that's easy to fold and carry while still being of standard size, the DGA Mach Lite is your best bet. This is an ideal choice for players of all skill levels, be it a beginner or a pro. The basket opens or closes just like an umbrella making it super convenient to use. As it's built to regulation specifications, you can play competitively as well.

It's lightweight and folds down in its own carrying bag making it easy to put in any car as it does not occupy much space. It comes fitted with 16 galvanized chains that easily catch all the putts thrown its way. The frame is sturdily built and does not wobble during play. Overall, this is a perfect go-anywhere basket suitable for beaches, camping grounds, parks and a lot many places.

Final Note: This is by far the best portable disc golf basket in the market. The pricing is slightly steep, but the quality is top-notch, and it is sure to last you for a long time. If you ask me, this is a no-brainer choice for anyone looking for a portable basket.

5. Latitude 64 Golf Discs ProBasket Competition


  • Number of chains: 26
  • Number of rows of chains: 2
  • Material: Galvanised steel frame
  • Assembly: None, permanently installed
  • Weight: 57 lbs
  • Approval: PDGA competition
Latitude 64 Golf Discs ProBasket Competition

This list would not be complete without including a permanent in-ground disc golf basket. We choose the Latitude 64 due to its superior construction, ease of installation, and competitive pricing. This is a PDGA championship level approved disc golf target designed to be used in top tournaments and leagues. It weighs about 57 lbs and is built like a tank. It is sure to serve you for years to come.

It features 26 strands of heavy-duty galvanized chains - 13 outer and 13 inner chains that easily catch your putts. The structure is powder-coated to withstand outdoor weather elements all year around. The 2'' yellow deflector band makes it easy to spot the basket from a long distance while the tension screws are provided to increase the overall stability.

All the accessories and hardware for permanent installations are included along - Ground sleeve, locking collar, and padlock.

Final Note: If you're looking for a best-in-class permanent Disc golf basket, the Latitude 64 won't disappoint.

6. Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target


  • Number of chains: 12
  • Number of rows of chains: 1
  • Material: steel
  • Assembly: None
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Approval: N/A
Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target

The 'Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target' is the ultimate lightweight disc golf basket, weighing only 15 pounds. The matching large tote bag that fits the basket is made to excellent quality, making it very easy to transport.

What really surprises me is how sturdy the frame of this basket is, considering how easy it is to put away. The 5 fold-out legs spread out wide, which protects it from being knocked over by a thrown disc, or the wind. The anchor rings and stakes at the bottom of each leg further stabilize the basket. A nice feature The 'Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target' is that it comes with a removable blue flag, that adds to its visibility on the course.

The mesh fabric of the basket is lightweight, non-absorbent, and dries quickly if it gets caught out in the rain. The nets construction is robust, so catching and storing the discs won't be a problem. I even tried the heaviest disc I had, to see if it would rip or put a lot of pressure on the stitching of the mesh, which it did not!

This product comes in three bright and attractive colors (blue, red, and yellow), which have corresponding tote bags. Why not get one of each and set up three courses of growing difficulty to challenge your friends and family?

My only problem with the 'Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target' is the chains. Though it has 12 chains, they are not connected by horizontal sections, which means the disc can slip through when a player takes their final shot. Though this doesn't affect the player's game, it is far more satisfying having the disc caught in the basket, and not having to chase after it.

Top Features:

  • Fine Quality Tote Bag
  • Very Easy To Put Up & Down
  • Absorbent Lightweight Mesh Basket  
  • 3 Color Variations


  • 12 Chain Basket

Final Note: 

The 'Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target' is lightweight, attractive to look at, and by far the easiest to put up and take down. It is the prime choice for outdoor events, and you will not have to worry about construction or the carry weight. The anchor rings and stakes mean it can be played on any outdoor terrain without any problem. 

7. MVP Black Hole Precision Basket


  • Number of chains: 12
  • Number of rows of chains: 1
  • Material: steel
  • Assembly: Minimal
  • Weight: 47lbs
  • Approval: PDGA
MVP Black Hole Precision Basket

This is an excellent basket for someone looking to improve his/her putting skills. The basket is smaller than regulation targets, resulting in a lesser margin of error in your throws.

Putting on a narrow basket will make you more confident, and you'll find your putting percentage improve quite a bit when you play on regulation baskets. Yes, you'll miss a lot many putts than a regular basket, but you'll eventually get better. That said, this basket is ideal for serious disc golfers who are looking to improve their game.

The basket features 12 zinc galvanized weighted chains and a powder-coated frame for extra durability and protection. Setting up and installing the basket is also as easy as it gets. The company claims one-minute installation and disassembly. The smaller footprint also makes the unit extremely portable and easy to carry.

The structure is well built and very sturdy and does not shake, no matter how hard you throw the discs at it. Being a narrow basket, it tends to miss a couple of discs here and there. But that's quite expected considering the cage is smaller. Moreover, it is built to PDGA height and size regulation. So the difference is just the size of the basket, and the rest of the parameters remain the same. 

Final Note: If you're looking for a disc golf basket to practice and improve your game, this is the set you should go for!

8. Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set


  • Number of chains: 12
  • Number of rows of chains: 1
  • Material: Plastic chain
  • Assembly: None
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs
  • Approval: N/A
Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set

For less than $40, you get an excellent quality basket, with three discs included. For the casual player, this product is ideal. The lightweight plastic parts throughout make the 'Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set' perfect for children, or anyone who is just starting out with Disc golf.

It deconstructs into two slimline pieces, that fit nicely into its handled black carry case. The bag itself is of excellent manufacture, which won't split any time soon after purchase or rip with the weight of the folded basket.

The chains on this basket are made from plastic, instead of metal. Though at first, I worried about how they would hold up over time, I found they were faultless when using the plastic discs that were included. A positive I found with having plastic chains is that they are far quieter than metal ones, which will keep the neighbors happy if you play late into the afternoon.

The umbrella-like basket design does a great job in catching the discs, but without any tiny holes in it, as you would find in the mesh variations, playing on windy days can blow it over. The lack of any extra grounding options such as anchors or stakes does bring into question its stability when the weather isn't great.

 Top Features:

  • Less Than $40
  • Handled Carry Case
  •  Quieter Plastic Chains


  • Basket Can Catch The Wind

Final Note:

The whole product is sleekly designed and compact for traveling and storing away, without taking up too much room. It's very affordable price tag is enticing, and the quality of the 'Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set' will not disappoint the casual player who wants to show off their throwing arm at the family bbq, camping trip or the beach!

Disc Golf Basket Buyer's Guide

Buyers should always be on their guard not to end up with an inferior basket. Though visually, they may look the same, the sturdiness of manufacture is everything when it comes to a product that will have to take hits from the flying discs, moved around and stored away.

When searching for the right Disc golf basket, you need to ask yourself what you are looking for. If you and your family are going to play it casually at outdoor events for fun, our last 3 picks will offer exactly that.

If you are looking to play more seriously with an official regulation set, you should definitely consider the 'DGA Mach 2' or the 'Axiom Discs Pro'.

The amount of chains on your basket is something that should be considered when buying a product. If there are too little, as you will find with inferior variations on the market, you will find yourself chasing after the disc if it slips through the chains.

If your going to play all year round, especially when the weather isn't as calm as it is in the summer, I would recommend getting a set that has a chain or mesh basket, as wind will pass through it easily. Also, water will drain through them and not puddle inside of it.

Key Considerations

<Intended Usage & Skill Level>

Are you looking for a disc golf basket for recreational and casual play?
Or, are you looking for a competitive grade basket to practice and train?
How often do you intend to use it?
Do you need a portable basket or a permanent one?

These are the questions you need to answer to help identify the right basket for you. 


Disc golf baskets can primarily be grouped into three main categories - Tournament grade (heavy duty), Recreational usage (Lightweight), and Foldable (Portable).

Tournament Grade - As the name implies, these baskets are designed to be used in official PGDA sanctioned tournaments. They're heavy-duty, made out of stainless steel, and come with a higher number of chains (generally 14 inner and 14 outer). They offer the best gameplay experience but are expensive. 

Recreational - These are the most commonly found baskets. Designed for beginners, enthusiast and kids, these baskets are lightweight, features galvanized chains, and come with a lesser number of chains (usually 13 inner/outer). They offer decent playability and are budget-friendly. However, putting discs isn't as easy as you find in a tournament-grade basket. 

Foldable - If you're looking for a basket that is easy to carry around and portable, a foldable basket is ideal for you. It folds down for convenient storage, reducing the size by 1/3rd. They're also intended for beginners and starters and offers average performance in terms of catching discs.


The disc golf basket chains are usually made of either stainless steel (found in the expensive units) or zinc-coated iron chains (used in the cheaper sets). The thickness or gauge of the chains is very important. Thicker the chain, the more durable it is, but that also means higher cost.

The base of the basket must also be strong and sturdy such that it remains footed throughout. The general rule of thumb is heavier the basket the better overall build quality is. The basket must also be powder coated so that they can withstand the elements and not rust over time.

<Number of Chains>

Another feature you should look for while buying a disc golf target is the number of chains. The work of these chains is to catch the discs and prevent them from passing through or falling down. You will find baskets with chains as low as 12 and as high as 26. Higher the number of chains, the better it is. Don't settle for anything less than 14 chains. Anything below it will result in poor playability.

<Permanent vs. Portable>

Most disc golf baskets sold today are the portable ones, and portability is just not the sole reason for this. You see, permanent sets do not offer a substantial advantage in terms of playability or performance in comparison to portable targets.

The baskets are designed to catch discs, and both types of targets do the work almost equally. Yes, a lighter basket may wobble, but if you go with any quality portable baskets, they perform as good as any in-ground basket. That said, permanent baskets have their own advantage. As they are permanently installed in the ground, they are ideal for public parks, and they can't be easily stolen. Moreover, they can be installed in uneven terrains, which might not be the case with portable ones. On the downside, permanent baskets are difficult to install and are costly.

PGDA Disc Golf Dimensions & Classifications

PGDA or Professional Disc Golf Association is the regulatory body that sets the standards and rules for disc golf in America. The official specifications pertaining to disc golf basket are quite complex, but here I've mentioned the most crucial measurements. 

Disc golf basket dimensions
  • Total height: 133 +/- 6 inch
  • Target Zone Height - 51 +/- 3 inch
  • Rim height - 82 +/- 4 inch
  • Basket Diameter - 57 +/- 4 inch
  • Chains: Min 12 chains inch

* Note that these specs are for championship approved targets only.

PGDA classifies disc catching targets in three categories based on the type of leagues. 

  1. Championship - Heavy duty, designed for professional events.
  2. Standard - Designed for public installation; acceptable for B-tier leagues.
  3. Basic - Designed for practice and portability. It can be used in local leagues and X-tier events.

Disc Golf Rules Explained

For those you don't know the rules of Disc golf, we've included a simplified version for easier understanding.

  1. Disc golf is played like regular golf; only you are throwing a disc instead of hitting a ball. Each throw will determine the score. The winner is the player with the lowest score.
  2. Tee throws are completed in specific tee areas.
  3. After Teeing off, the player who tossed their disc farthest from the basket always throws first.
  4. The player who sank a disc in the least amount of throws on the previous hole gets to tee-off first on the next hole.
  5. Throws after the tee-off must be made with one foot on the spot, where the last throw landed. The other foot can't be any closer to the hole.
  6. A run-up and follow-through of up to 20 meters is allowed for the hole. Inside of 10 meters, "falling" or "jumping shots" are not allowed.
  7. When the disc lands inside of the basket (and its chains), the hole is completed. A disc that does not rest inside the basket doesn't count as a completed hole.
  8. A throw that lands out of bounds must be played from the point where the disc was last inbound, with one penalty throw (similar to traditional golf).
  9. Always be courteous to other players, and other people if you are playing within a public area. When others are putting, stand quietly and stay out of the line of sight. 

Finally, play safely by making sure the path is clear before the disc is thrown, especially if you are using the weighted disc as these have a much higher possibility to injure others.

Let's Wrap Things Up:

Having your very own Disc golf basket allows you to practice and train whenever and however you want. And the best part is that they aren't too expensive. The Axiom Discs Pro that we've recommended is an excellent budget-friendly choice, while the DGA Mach 2 is ideal for anyone looking for a competitive-grade basket.

We sincerely hope that this guide could help pick the right disc golf basket for your needs. If you any questions or you want me to review any particular model, please leave your queries in the comment section below.

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