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RAM Gameroom 44-Inch Filigree Billiards Table Light Review

RAM G. Filigree Billiards Table Light

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CO-Z Pool Table Light, Billiard Hanging Lighting Fixture Review

CO-Z Pool Table Light

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RAM Gameroom P54 3 Shade Billiard Light Review

RAM G. P54 3-Shade Billiard Light

By Phill Williams
11th Mar, 2023, 17 min read

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Did you recently buy a pool table and are looking for the perfect pool table lighting to complete your home setup? Or maybe your existing billiard table lights aren't good enough, and you're eyeing for an upgrade. Or perhaps you're looking to create a pub-style atmosphere right in your home and are looking for lighting suggestions. Whatever be the case, we're here to help!

The game of pool is all about focus and concentration. But improper/inadequate lighting makes it difficult to properly spot the balls, making it impossible at times to have a clean shot. The shadow from the balls and the surroundings can make it challenging to play your natural game.

The goal of Pool table lights is simple: minimize the shadows and maximize the lighting.

Besides the functionality aspect, these lights are also an essential decor and styling element - setting the room's ambiance, tone, and mood. Depending on your taste, you can choose from contemporary, Tiffany-style stained glass, traditional, vintage, or modern lighting. But don't let, looks be the sole criteria. It's essential to strike a balance between style and functionality.

But....... I will be frank here. Choosing the Perfect Pool Light isn't an easy task but definitely a rewarding one. There are simply too many criteria to consider, like the size of the fixture, lighting intensity, height of installation, and more.

Sound overwhelming, right? Don't sweat, we've got you covered. We've put together this buyer's guide highlighting exactly what you should be looking for when shopping for pool table lights. To save you the hassle, we've researched and picked the best six pool table lights on the market. 

Factors to Consider:

1) Light Fixture Size

Based on the size of your pool table, you need to choose a fixture that adequately lights up the whole playing surface without casting shadows or glaring. Most light fixtures range between 48'' to 72'' in length with the option of a single or multi-shades. 

Recommended fixture size and number of shades/bulbs based on the table size:

  • 7-Foot Pool table: 40'' to 50'' with 3 shades/bulbs
  • 8-Foot Pool table: 50'' to 60'' with 4 shades/bulbs
  • 9-Foot Pool table: 60'' to 72'' with 4 shades/bulbs
  • 10-Foot +Pool table: 60'' to 72'' with 4 to 5 shades/bulbs

Note: You would also need to use the correct wattage bulb. More on this in the next section. Also, these lights are intended to light up the pool bed, not the room - Something to keep in mind.

2) Style - Single or Multi Shade

Now that you know what size you want, you'll need to decide on the style. Broadly all billiard lights can be grouped into two categories: Single and Multi Shade.

Single Shade (Price Range: $400 to $1000)

These are Tiffany/Antique theme light canopy with multiple bulbs put inside a single shade. It's generally made out of stained glass, producing warm and subtle lighting. They look upscale, unique, and go well with the decor. But it's quite heavy, costly and requires proper installation.

Multi Shade (Price Range: $100 to $300)

As the name suggests, it comes with multiple cones or bowl-shaped shades typically mounted on a chain or rod. It's functional, looks classic, cheap, and easier to maintain. They generally come with 3 to 5 shades and suspends from an adjustable hanging chain.

Which one should you choose?

If you have an eye for details or are looking for something upscale, go with single shade lights. However, if you're looking for something functional and affordable multi-shade lights may be more suitable for you.

3) Light Intensity

As per the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), the bed and side rail must receive 520 lux or 48 footcandles of lighting throughout. While this may not be entirely possible to achieve in the home environment, but you can definitely get close. Choosing the correct wattage bulb is very crucial. If you buy a low-wattage bulb, you will start noticing shadows while a high-wattage bulb would lead to glaring. You should aim to get close to 500 lumens of lighting across the table bed.

To achieve 500 lumens of lighting, here is the recommended wattage for various lighting sources:

  • Incandescent: 60 watt
  • Halogen: 50 watt
  • CFL: 15 watt
  • LED: 8 watt

4) Height and Installation

Typically, you should fit the light above 30 to 32 inches above table cloth or 62 to 65-inch above the flooring. A good way to verify the height is that in the standing position, the bottom of the light's canopy should be at your nose-level. If you hang it too low, the cue stick might hit the shade during play. Hang it too high, and there would be too much glare. 

The regulation height mandates 40 inches [1.016m] height, but that's not suggested for home/recreational setup. 

You must install the lighting source precisely at the center at the table, not little right or little left - precisely at the center. Otherwise, it would lead to uneven lighting. Also, it's a good idea to install the pool light before fitting the pool table. The installation would be easier, and the table remains protected from the masonry dust.

And, now let's move to the selection:

The 5 Best Pool Table Lights

1. CO-Z Pool Table Light, Billiard Hanging Lighting Fixture

Editor's Pick


  • Suitable for: 7 to 9-foot pool table
  • Size: L 43.4" x W 18.6" x H 11.1"
  • Material: Metal and glass
  • Weight: 41.8 lbs
  • Bulbs: 3 E26 bulb max 100-watt each
  • Chain: Adjustable (31” to 66”)
  • Wiring: Direct
CO-Z Pool Table Light, Billiard Hanging Lighting Fixture Review

For our top pick, we've chosen the CO-Z Pool Table Light. It's an exquisite, handcrafted stained glass pool table light with a modern yet antique touch to it. This light fixture is designed to fit 7 foot to 9-foot billiards table.

This Tiffany-style light oozes luxury and elegance without sacrificing the functionality. The stained glass pieces are articulately put together in a uniform geometric pattern inside the all-metal frame. The light radiates through warm honey, amber, and cream tone glass pieces brightening up the whole space with soft and vibrant light.

The shade measures 11.1" x 18.6" x 43.4", big enough to brighten up the whole table bed. The fixture suspends from the ceiling using a pair of chains. The hanging chain is adjustable from 33'' to 66", making it a good choice for tall ceilings as well. Weighing over 40 lbs, this is heavier than usual lights but is also more durable and sturdy. The installation is pretty straightforward and requires to drill two holes in the ceiling to screw the fixture. All the mounting hardware is included along. The fixture hard-wires directly into the existing ceiling wiring, and it doesn't come with a plug.

You can fit three E26 type bulbs, max 100 watts each inside the canopy. Based on your preference, you can install any compatible incandescent, CFL, and LED bulb. You can also use existing wall dimmer or install one separately to adjust the light intensity.

To sum it up: Anyone looking for a functional yet stylish pool table light, which doesn't put a hole in your pocket, should definitely consider this.

What We Liked
+ Looks elegant and classic
+ Reasonably priced
+ Long adjustable hanging chain
+ Positive customer reviews
+ Great customer support
+ 1-year warranty

Watch Out for
- Heavy, requires two adults for installation
- One of the buyer's mentioned that the ceiling plate was not as sturdy and bends outwards, leaving a gap between the plate and the ceiling

2. RAM Gameroom 44-Inch Filigree Billiards Table Light

Best Stained Glass Pool Table Light


  • Suitable for: 7 to 9-foot pool table
  • Size: L 44" x W 19" x H 13"
  • Material: Metal and glass
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Bulbs: Upto 4 max 150-watt each
  • Chain: 3' adjustable 
  • Wiring: Direct with 5' cable included
RAM Gameroom 44-Inch Filigree Billiards Table Light Review

If you have a penchant for classic Tiffany-style design, this exquisite light fixture is definitely worth considering. It features a yellow stained glass filigree with a dark finish frame. Priced under $600, this is the costliest lighting to feature on the list. But for the quality of workmanship, finesse, and durability, the pricing seems well justified.

When lit, it perfectly sets the mood for playing pool and adds a unique character to your game room. The light diffuses through the golden yellow and deep orange stained glass, producing soft-warm light, setting a soothing and serene playing environment.

The fixture measures 44-inch in length and is ideal for 7 and 8-foot tables. You can still use it on a 9-foot table, albeit minor adjustments. Besides the aesthetic aspect, it is highly functional too. The four 150-watt bulbs produce ample light, letting you focus and concentrate on your game without worrying about the shadow or the corners not clearly visible. The fixture suspends from two 3-foot height adjustable chain to set the desired height. Also, the installation is fairly straightforward, and it comes with all the mounting hardware and instructions.

This is an excellent addition to any game room, pub, or a man cave. The contemporary yet classic lighting is sure to elevate the look of your entire space, giving you the same feel of traditional pub-style pool. Add to that sturdy build quality ensures durability and longer lifetime. 

To sum it up: This is a premium and upscale lighting unit with no major flaws except the cost. If you have a budget of $600 and are looking for an aesthetically appealing yet functional fixture, look no further.

What We Liked
+  Attractive, Rustic design
+ High-quality workmanship
+ Strong, sturdy and durable
+ Four E26 bulb, 150-watt max produces amble lighting
+ Adjustable height

Watch Out for
- More expensive than other options

3. RAM Gameroom P54 3 Shade Billiard Light

Best for Durability


  • Suitable for: 7/8-foot pool table
  • Size: L 54 inch × W 14  inch × H 13 inch
  • Material: Metal
  • Bulbs: 3, max 100-watt each
  • Chain: 3' adjustable 
  • Wiring: Direct or corded
RAM Gameroom P54 3 Shade Billiard Light Review

If you've been playing pool for quite some time, chances are you would have heard about the Ram Gameroom products. If not, let me tell you they're a well-known billiards equipment brands known for their quality products and classic designs. Incidentally, this is the second product from the same company to feature on this list (for a good reason).

It's available in 6 classic finishes - Stainless steel, Matte green, Polished Brass, Matte Black, Oil rubber bronze to complement any style and decor.

Measuring 54-inch wide, this fixture is ideal for 7 and 8-foot tables. It may be a tad bit small for a 9-foot table, but it comes down to your personal preference. It features three conical metal shades with an E26 base that accepts max 100-watt bulb. This fixture produces ample lighting to illuminate the table bed evenly. Additionally, the metal shades are painted white from inside to direct maximum light onto the playing surface. The shades are mounted on a similar colored metal rod, giving the structure a uniform and classic look.

The quality of paint job and workmanship is clearly visible here. You may find fixtures with a similar design at cheaper rates, but nothing compares to this quality piece.

The fixture is suspended from a pair of 3' height-adjustable chains for easy mounting. The installation is fairly easy, and the hardware and instruction manual is provided along.

To sum it up: If you're looking for a simple yet classic pool table light that doesn't wear or lose luster with time, this may be the choice for you.

What We Liked
+ Durable and high-quality construction
+ Classic and elegant design
+ Produces ample lighting
+ Sturdy and durable
+ Positive buyer reviews

Watch Out for
- Not suitable for 9-foot tables

4. Wellmet 59 Inch Billiard Lights

Classic Pick


  • Suitable for: 7 to 9-foot pool table
  • Size: L 59.05 inch× W 14.17 inch × H 13.62 inch / L 70.86" × W 14.17" × H 13.26 "
    Material: Metal
  • Bulbs: 3 or 4 , max 60 -watt each
  • Chain: 35.4'' adjustable 
  • Wiring: Direct
Wellmet 59 Inch Billiard Lights
Perhaps you're not a fan of the rustic or stained glass look – it isn't for everyone. If you prefer a more modern, simplistic and stripped back design, you may prefer this Pool Table Light from Wellmet.

It's a stylish and modern lighting fixture that offers excellent lighting and is quite easy to maintain. The conical shades focus and reflect maximum light on the playing surface, leaving no scope of shadow or glaring effect.

The fixture is available in four color options (Black, Blue, Green, Red) and two sizes to suit the needs and tastes of most users. The 59-inch variant comes with three metal shade and is suitable for 7 and 8-foot pool tables. The 72-inch variant is recommended for 9-foot+ pool tables and comes with four metal shades. Depending on the size, you can fit three to four 60-watt E26 medium-base bulb (CFL, LED, or Incandescent).

It features matte finish metal shades, brass rod, and real multi-color billiard balls at the top. The metal frame is treated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating, further ensuring it doesn't lose its luster over time. Overall, the construction quality is top-notch and is sure to last you a long time.

To sum it up: It's an excellent all-round choice - the lighting is above-par, so is the build quality. It's relatively cheaper compared to our top pick, and most buyer's had positive things to say about this unit. Finally, it's backed 30 days money-back guarantee and 18 months of manufacturer warranty, making it a no-brainer choice for anyone looking for multi-shade lighting.

What We Liked
+ Simplistic, classic design
+ Multiple color and size option
+ Sturdy and durable to ensure longevity
+ Lightweight
+ Cheaper than the stained glass lamps listed above
+ Adjustable chain

Watch Out for
- Not as bright as the top picks
- Not suitable for high ceilings due to smaller chain
- Few buyer's complained about the finishing issues

5. 61"/72'' Pool Table Light - Billiard Lamp Brass Rod

Budget Pick


  • Suitable for: 7/8/9-foot pool table
  • Size: L 61 inch× W 14  inch × H 14 inch /  L 72 inch× W 14  inch × H 14 inch
  • Material: Metal
  • Bulbs: 3, max 60-watt each
  • Chain: 3' adjustable 
  • Wiring: Direct or corded
61" Pool Table Light - Billiard Lamp Brass Rod

Are you looking for a cheap and functional pool table light? I hear you! I gave this low-priced light from Iszy Billiards a shot, and I was left mighty impressed. Although this is the cheapest unit on this list, but there is nothing cheap about the build quality. It comes with a heavy-duty brass lamp rod with a matching hanging chain and three matte finish metal shades.

But what I loved most about this unit is the multitude of color and size options. It's available in three classic colors - Brass Black, Brass Burgundy and Brass green to match most decor styles. Coming to the size, it comes in two variants - 61'' with three metal shades for 7' to 8'' pool tables and 72'' with four metal shades for a 9-foot table. You're sure to find a suitable unit among these options.

Depending on the size, you can install 3 or 4 E26 type bulbs of max 60-watt. You can use any compatible CFL, LED, or incandescent type bulb depending on your preference. The fixture produces plentiful lighting to light up your arena without casting any shadow or producing harsh glare. Additionally, the conical metal shades are painted white from inside to direct maximum light onto the table.

Installation is pretty straightforward and doesn't take much time either - Screw the latch on the ceiling and suspend the unit. You can set the desired height using the adjustable chain. All the mounting hardware and instructions are included. The fixture can be hardwired to the existing wiring, or you can use an adaptor (needs to be purchased separately). It's always a good idea to get someone experienced to do the electrical part. 

Between the rock-solid pricing and above-bar build quality, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this.

What We Liked
+ Bang for the buck pricing
+ Simple and classic design
+ Multiple color and size options

Watch Out for
- Not as visually appealing as the other lights on the list
- Not as sturdy as the top pick

6. Create For Life Modern Wave LED Pendant Light

Modern Pick


  • Suitable for: 7/8-foot pool table
  • Size: L11'' W4.72'' H1.6''
  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Bulbs: LED 36-watt
  • String: 1'' to 59'' (adjustable)
  • Wiring: Direct or corded
Create For Life Modern Wave LED Pendant Light

At first glance, this wave-shaped Led pendant light might seem like an odd pick for a pool table lighting. It certainly doesn't look like a typical billiard light. But it does serve the purpose very well, and at the same time looks modern and contemporary. Also, as it's an LED unit, it takes less power than the traditional incandescent or CFL Bulbs.

It features a powerful 36-watt LED source which produces adequate lighting to brighten up the table surface. You also have the option to adjust the color temperature, light intensity, and brightness wirelessly.

The fixture measures L11'' x W4.72'' x H1.6'' making it ideal for 7 and 8-foot pool tables. For larger tables, we suggest looking for multi-shade lights. It comes with a pair of adjustable hanging string (1" to 59'') to set the desired height. It must be hardwired directly into the existing wiring, and it's recommended that a licensed electrician carry out the installation. 

If you're looking for a modern LED pool table light that really makes a statement in itself and also offers good overall lighting, you should definitely consider this.

What We Liked
+ Unique, attractive and compact design
+ Wirelessly Controllable
+ 36-watt led is plenty bright and affordable
+ Adjustable color temperature and intensity
+ 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs

Watch Out for
- Installations instructions aren't that clear
- The remote is a bit tricky to get the hang of initially

Buyer's Guide to Billiard Lights

Now that you have had a chance to look at six of the best pool table lights available, you should have a fair idea of what exactly you're looking for. There is still a lot of choices though, and you may be double-minded about which one to choose.

This buyer's guide has been written with you in mind – here we will outline everything you should look for in a quality lighting.


Pool table lights can cost anywhere from $100 to as high as $1000. While high-end lights are more of a decor element than a functional one - but if looks matter to you, then definitely opt for this one. The price range between $200 to $500 is where you get the maximum bang for your buck. Avoid cheaper lights as they lack quality and lose luster over time.

Let's look at the difference between expensive and cheap lights:


These are crafted intricately with a focus on design and specification. This makes them more reliable and sturdy, and you would be more likely to experience longevity. More expensive lights are usually routed directly to your mains supply, though some may give you the option to plug into any outlet.

In short, expensive lights will last longer, are more convenient to use, and usually much prettier than the cheaper alternatives.


Remember that the definition of cheap here does not necessarily mean low cost – simply that it is less expensive than the higher-end models.

Cheap lamps will be made with cheaper materials, which in turn leaves them less durable or more likely to break. Most cheaper lights need to be plugged into an outlet – this is not the case for the cheaper lights on this list, however. They're less intricate and more simplistic in design or function.


Pool table lights are available in several designs from modern classic to heritage style stained glass. The design choice is a personal preference, but each design has there pros and cons.

While Tiffany themed lights offer better lighting but it's recommended to hang it higher than normal height as the light is dispersed differently - Height of 36'' above cloth is recommended. For conical shade lights, the height of 32'' to 34'' is suggested.

If you have a high ceiling, it's best to go with the lightweight multi-shade lights with a long adjustable chain. Stained glass lights would be difficult to install in such ceilings and may sway with slight disturbance - posing a risk of injury.


One of the most crucial factors to look for is how you plan on fitting or installing the fixture – hard wired or corded. While most buyer's prefer to hard wire the lighting but it's crucial that a licensed electrician carry out the installation. By attempting this yourself without training, you leave yourself open to a serious risk of injury.

If you opt for corded wiring, keep your cables hidden where they are not a risk to anyone.

Wattage & Bulb Type

Choosing the correct lighting is just half the battle won. You also need to choose the right wattage bulb to fit inside the fixture. You can choose between incandescent, LED, or CFL bulbs. The fixtures are clearly marked with the max wattage and the type of bulb they can take. It's crucial to stick to the specs; otherwise, you may end up burning the fixture.

For incandescent lighting look for 50 to 60-watt bulbs, 15 to 20 watt bulbs for CFL, and 8 to 10 watt for LED.

Summing Up the Guide

So, there you have it! The best pool lights available, whether you're looking for a beautiful conversation piece to impress your friends, a themed Tiffany lamp to match your luxury decor, or something cheap and cheerful.

Hopefully, this has helped narrow your selection down to just one fixture. If you’re looking to brighten a man cave or games room, maybe the CO-Z Pool Table Light is a great idea. If your games room is ornately decorated to relax in, you may be more interested in the Tiffany or stained glass option.

But don't forget that the only thing that matters is that the fixture should adequately brighten up your pool table!

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