Best Balance Beams For Home Use

Best High End

Milliard Adjustable Balance Beam

Milliard Adjustable Balance Beam

Best Mid Range

Milliard (Wood 9.5 Feet) Folding Balance Beam

Milliard (Wood 9.5 Feet) Folding Beam

Best Inexpensive

We Sell Mats 9 Foot Folding Foam Balance Beam

We Sell Mats 9-Foot Foam Beam

Last Updated: 10th Mar, 2023

Here's our review of 6 of the Best balance beams for at home gymnastics practice plus an in-depth buyer's guide for your reference. Whether you're looking for a beam for your kids or something to practice on seriously, we've got you covered.

Similar to gymnastics bars, home balance beams are a great way to bring gymnastics training home. Whether it's for kids or adults, novices or professionals, they can help you learn and become better.

As a kid, I did gymnastics, and the balance beam was one of my favorite parts. Handstands, lifts, cartwheels, and other stunts were the best part of my week. If I would have had one of these at home, I can't imagine how much fun I would have had!

But finding the right gymnastics beam can be a challenge. This is why we have rounded the best gymnastics balance beams, so that you can find one that is just right for you, and continue the fun and training at home!

Our Top Picks for The Best Home Balance Beams

  1. Milliard Adjustable Balance Beam Best height adjustable beam
  2. Milliard (Wood 9.5 Feet) Folding Balance Beam Best floor beam
  3. Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Gymnastics Beam Best sectional beam
  4. Z ATHLETIC Gymnastics Folding Training Low Beam Excellent Value
  5. juperbsky Balance Beam for Kid's Practice Best for starters (full foam construction)
  6. We Sell Mats 9-Foot Folding Foam Beam  - Bargain Pick

1. Milliard Adjustable Balance Beam


  • Dimensions: 8' (L) x 4' (W)
  • Height: Adjustable 7' to 24''
  • Material: wood padded beam with solid steel support
  • Recommended for: Up to level 6 gymnasts
  • Weight: 40 lbs
Milliard Adjustable Balance Beam

Milliard Adjustable Balance Beam is a pro-quality gymnastics beam designed for beginners to intermediate gymnasts, thanks to height adjustability feature. Coming from the stable of Milliard, a well-known brand in gymnastics equipment space, you can undoubtedly count on the quality of the unit. This beam is also highly rated on Amazon with over 200+ positive reviews to its name.

It is built in the style of professional gymnastics training equipment, so you can train as if you're an Olympic athlete. This adjustable feature is unique, as barely any other home balance beams have it. It has a floor mode for beginners, so the beam can rest on the floor, and you can practice without fear of getting hurt. But it also has a high mode with adjustments at different increments. This allows you to do more advanced practice and to change it to suit your specific needs.

The 8-foot long beam is suitable for practicing most tumbling moves, and you can be sure your little one is going to use it for a long time. Just like a standard beam, it measures 4" in width and comes with wooden core for stability and suede cover for better grip.

The construction is solid, the feet are non-slip, and the locks are tight. Every part of this beam is geared not just towards your enjoyment, but also your safety! 

Top Features: 

  • Both high and low modes for all levels of practice
  • Competition grade size and construction
  • Built to ensure your safety 

Final Note: 

This unique beam is suitable for gymnasts of all levels and is something your young one might never outgrow. It is also built to be sturdy and safe, and provide maximum protection and fun! It's definitely priced at a premium, but considering the quality and features, it's well worth it.

So, if you are looking for a competition-grade adjustable beam, then this beam is a must for you.

2. Milliard 9.5 Feet Folding Balance Beam


  • Dimensions: 9.5' length, 4" top width, 6" bottom width
  • Height: 2.2''
  • Material: Wooden core with padded foam top
  • Recommended for: Up to level 5 gymnasts
  • Weight: 18 lbs
Milliard (Wood 9.5 Feet) Folding Balance Beam

Another beam from Milliard, this one is just as impressive. Unlike the last one, though, this is only a floor beam. But don't let that get you down! This is quite possibly the best floor balance beam out there. 

Measuring in at 9.5 feet, this beam is even longer than the adjustable beam (out top pick). So it is great for all manner of activities, especially those that require more space like backward pike roll or back walkover.

Like any competitive grade beam, this balance beam is sturdy, stable and reliable. It has two layers of wood underneath a foam layer that covers the top. This wood is nice and solid, so it provides all the support you need. And the foam creates a soft feel that is great for practice. 

The beam folds down the middle for convenient storage. But don't worry - the hinges won't cause any damage! The lie flat hinges are sure to be completely flat against the floor, leaving no damage. This makes sure the beam is sturdy and makes it great for all types of floors. 

Top Features: 

  • 9.5 feet for extra practice space
  • Lie flat hinges, so it's safe for all floors
  • Two sturdy layers of wood for stability
  • A nice, soft outer layer of foam

Final note: 

As far as floor balance beams go, this one is fantastic. It provides extra length for all sorts of practice activities. It is solid and sturdy, and won't damage your floors. And at under 70 dollars, it is a great value. So if you want a strong, competition-style floor beam, this is the right pick for you.

3. Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Floor Balance Beam


  • Dimensions: 4' length, 4" top width, 8" bottom width (each section)
  • Height: 4''
  • Material: two layer foam with  synthetic suede cover
  • Recommended for: Up to level 4 gymnasts
  • Weight: 4 lbs
Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Floor Balance Beam

Tumbl track is certainly no slouch when it comes to gymnastics equipment. After all, they have been involved in the manufacturing and design of gymnastics products for over two decades. Their products are used across all major gymnastics halls and tournaments in America. And this product is no different!

Sectional gymnastics beams offer a lot of benefits. They are smaller and more lightweight than other beams, so they're easier to move and set up. They also allow you to connect more than one beam together, so you can control the length of your space. And, typically, they're much cheaper than typical balance beams. 

This sectional beam is one of the best out there. Each section measures 4' in length and has 4" top width. The beams are made of two layers of sturdy foam wrapped in a smooth synthetic suede cover. The dense foam provides rigidity and strength, so you get all the support you need. And it is durable, unlike many other sectional beams, so it won't fall apart after just a few uses. 

The beams come fitted with Velcro on both ends for attaching multiple beams together easily. And, they're very lightweight, only weighing about four pounds! So they're easy to move around and store whenever and wherever you need. 

Top Features: 

  • Lightweight, only four pounds
  • Sturdy, durable foam
  • Easily connect multiple together

Final Note:

This beam is great if you like sectional beams. It is super easy to connect multiple beams together. It's lightweight yet sturdy and durable, so it has the best of both worlds. And it only costs under 40 dollars. So if you want something simple yet trustworthy, then you should get this beam.

4. Z Athletic Folding Low Balance Beam


  • Dimensions: 9' length, 4" top width, 6" bottom width (each section)
  • Height: 2''
  • Material: two layer foam with  synthetic suede cover
  • Recommended for: Up to level 4 gymnasts
  • Weight: 4 lbs
Z Athletic Folding Low Balance Beam

This is another great floor beam, especially for beginners. It's only two inches high, so you can practice while still feeling safe and comfortable. And it's nine feet long, so you have a lot of room to do whatever you want.

The foam in this beam is of high quality. It is a cross-linked polyethylene foam core, which provides strength and support. So your feet will never sink into it, and you can exercise and practice safely.

It is covered in synthetic suede that is comfortable on your hands and feet. It is also tear-resistant, so it can hold up over time and not break down. And the material is easy to wash - it's just a great all around cover! Moreover, the product is lead-free and meets the CPSIA standards.

Like with any folding beam, it's very easy to store and carry. And it's an incredible value - all of this for under 70 dollars!

Top Features: 

  • Tear resistant synthetic suede cover
  • Cross-linked polyethylene foam that is sturdy and durable
  • Foldable for easy carrying and storage
  • Two inches high, great for beginners 

Final Note: 

If you're a beginner looking for a great value, then this is the beam for you. It is low enough to provide comfort and safety for your training. It is durable and sure to last. And it can be stored and carried easily. Overall, this is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.

5. Juperbsky Balance Beam for Kid's Practice


  • Dimensions: 10', 8', 6', 4' length, 4" top width, 5" base
  • Height: 2''
  • Material: Foam with PU leather cover
  • Recommended for: Up to level 3 gymnasts
  • Weight: 4 lbs
Juperbsky Balance Beam for Kid’s Practice

This is absolutely the best balance beam for beginners, especially kids. It is a ground beam, so parents don't have to worry about their child's safety when using it. Additionally, the child can feel better while learning and practicing their skills. 

The main reason why it's so great for beginners and kids is because of its all-foam construction. The foam is sturdy enough to provide the necessary support and firmness. But it also makes a softer beam that is easier to practice on. It's almost like a stepping stone to a high beam or a wood beam. At the same time, it's 8 feet long, allowing the kids to practice all kinds of moves and postures. 

And the best part for parents, the beam is foldable and portable. So when your kids are done, it's an easy cleanup! 

This gymnastics beam comes in a variety of lengths and colors. So you can find the beam that best suits your wants, or your kid's! 

Top Features: 

  • All-foam construction that is soft and light
  • Low beam is great for safety
  • Foldable for easy storage and transport
  • All kinds of colors and sizes!

Final Note:

If you're looking for a gymnastics balance beam for your kid, which is safe and easy to use, this is your best bet. It is low to the ground and soft, so you don't need to worry about their safety. Plus, you can get whatever size and color your kid likes best! And it's easy to store.

5. We Sell Mats 9-Foot Folding Foam Balance Beam


  • Dimensions: 9' length, 4" top width, 6" base
  • Height: 2 1/2''
  • Material: Foam core
  • Recommended for: Up to level 4 gymnasts
  • Weight: 3 lbs
We Sell Mats 9 Foot Folding Foam Balance Beam

This beam is a great bargain pick. It is a floor beam that is 9 feet long and 2.5 inches high, so you get plenty of space to practice. But the low height helps to build confidence and provide safety for those who are newer. 

The cushioned foam pads provide safety and reassurance for anyone using the beam. They make it soft and comfortable to use. 

This beam is also foldable, making it easy to store and carry. It's great for on-the-go fitness, going to the gym, going outside, or even to bring to a party!

The surface is tear resistant and great for any indoor or outdoor surface. So it will be sure to last. And, it can be set up on nearly any surface, providing lots of opportunities for fun! 

All of these features come at a great price of under 50 dollars! So this beam is very affordable without sacrificing any of the quality of more expensive beams. 

Top Features: 

  • Foldable design for storage and carrying
  • Cushioned foam for safety and reassurance
  • Tear resistant surface 

Final Note:

All in all, this is a great beam. It is durable and sure to last, and perfect to use on almost any surface. It provides safety and comfort for both new and experienced gymnasts. And all of this at such a low price! So if you're looking for a great bargain beam, this is the one for you.

Buyer's Guide to Balance Beams

Obviously, home balance beams can be great for both fun and exercise. But when it comes to choosing the right one, the options can be daunting! How do you know what material you want? What size? How much should you be spending? What's the difference between a cheaper and a high-quality beam?

Too many questions, right? Luckily for you, we can help. Here's a list of some of the most important things to consider when buying a home gymnastics balance beam.

Key Considerations


Gymnastics balance beam for home use can be broadly grouped into three categories: foam balance beams (under 5 years), junior beams (6 to 12 years), and advanced beams (13 years and older).
  • Foam beam: These beginner balance beams suitable for up to level 4 gymnasts. It's an ideal choice for preschoolers and under, who're just starting out with gymnastics. The beam is made of full foam, 4'' wide with 6'' base, 2'' height, and is available in 6' to 9' length. You would still want to consider using a mat underneath as an added safety measure.
  • Junior Gymnastics beam: These beams are geared towards intermediate gymnasts. It comes with a wooden core with a foam top layer, which is covered with a suede cover similar to pro-quality beams. The work surface is 4'' in width, and height varies from 4'' to 12''.
    If your little gymnast is doing cartwheels or back walkover, you might want to consider them.

  • Advanced Beam: Built similar to professional beams except for the height. They come with a steel core, padded top, 16.4' length, and 12'' to 24'' height. The only difference here is the height. The standard balance beam is 4.1' in height, but that would not fit most homes. You're just compromising on the height part, but what you get here is a quality beam that lets you practice most of your moves. Gymnasts can practice all sorts of tumbling skills, be it standing handspring or stand back tuck.

    Although expensive, these beams would last for the entire gymnastics career of your young one.


The size of your beam is important, both in length and width. The regulation length of the beam is 16.4' which won't be suitable for most home use due to space constraints. Typically home balance beams are available from 4' in length to 10' in length.

Choosing the right size, all depends on what activity you want to do, and how much space you have. The longer the beam, the more room you have to do your routines, but the more space it takes up! So choose a length that will fit where you want it, but will also allow you to do whatever you need. A 6' beam is ideal for kids and beginners, and a 9' beam is suitable for intermediate gymnasts.

Width is a tougher decision. Typically, beams are four inches in width. This is good for competition-style training. However, you can also buy wider beams, which will help to provide more safety and room to work. Wider beams are great for beginners or younger kids.


The thickness of a beam plays a large role mainly in height, especially for floor beams. For younger kids or beginners, you probably want a beam that is no more than two inches thick. But for more experienced gymnasts, you could try four inches or even thicker, as that provides more support and is more like a competition style beam.


The next thing you need to look for is the height of the beam. You can find the beam with height as low as 4'' (floor beams) and even as high as 24''. You need to consider the skill of the gymnast using the beam and the safety element. For beginners and kids, it's best to stick with floor beams, which has a height of 4'' to 6''. This height is perfect for young ones to build confidence and practice the moves without the risk of injury.

Taller beams are ideal for intermediate or level 4+ gymnasts who have been doing gymnastics for quite some time. But it's still suggested to use a safety mat no matter what your experience or skill level is.


The last thing you need to consider the materials from which the beam is built. The material of a beam controls its sturdiness and safety. Balance beams can either be all foam or built with a wooden or steel core. 

Foam beams are great options for kids, as they provide more cushion in case they fall. Multiple density foams are sandwiched together to make the beam firm enough to retain its shape while still being soft. Such beams are ideal for beginners or anyone just starting out.

Wooden core beams are more sturdy, durable, and allow to practice complex moves. The build quality and feel are near similar to standard beams. This makes them great for more experienced gymnasts looking to practice complex exercises.

Let's Wrap Things Up

Home balance beams are a great way to continue fun and training outside of the gym. They can provide hours of fun for the whole family. Or, for more serious gymnasts, they can practice in the comfort of the home and become better. Whatever you need a beam for, it is sure to be a great addition to your home.

All the gymnastics balance beams that we've recommended above have been thoroughly tested by our team and are the best in there segments. You just need to consider your requirements and budget and choose an appropriate product.

We sincerely hope this home balance beam buyer's guide was helpful and you could find the right beam for your needs. 

For any queries or questions, please comment below. 

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