Best Pool Table Covers For 7/8/9 Foot Tables (Reviews)

Best High End

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise: Billiard/Pool Table Naugahyde Review

Imperial NFL Naugahyde Cover

Best Mid Range

Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Fitted Naugahyde Cover Review

Imperial Fitted Naugahyde Cover

Best Inexpensive

Boshen 8FT Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover Review

Boshen Leatherette Cover

By Phill Williams
7th Mar, 2022, 17 min read

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Did you recently buy a Pool table, only to find out that the manufacturer didn't include a Cover along? Or maybe your old Pool Table Cover is torn and frayed. Perhaps you're looking for something upscale to compliment your home decor. Whatever the case may be, we've done the research and testing to help you choose the Best Pool Table Cover for your needs.

There is no denying a pool table cover is a quintessential accessory. Without a cover, your game table AKA battlefield is constantly under the threat of mold, mildew, dust, debris, liquid spills, and more... The pool table isn't cheap either, so you would obviously want to take extra care to maintain the table in the best shape possible for prolonged life and excellent playability.

Having said that, the market is filled with hundreds of covers from PVC sheets to leather covers and everything in between, making it difficult to pick the right one. Then there are varying table sizes from 7 to 9 foot, that makes the selection even more tricky.

Not anymore! After extensive testing, we've picked the top 5 pool table covers currently available.

After 28 hours of research and personally trying 8 pool table covers, we have come to the conclusion that Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Fitted Naugahyde Cover is the best for most users. Available in varying sizes and built from top quality material with immaculate stitching, this cover offers the highest protection to your prized possession which it truly deserves.

Although slightly costly, but the quality and excellent craftsmanship justifies the premium.

best pool table cover reviews

Our Top Picks for Best Pool Table Cover

1. Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Fitted Naugahyde Cover

Top Pick

Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Fitted Naugahyde Cover Review

For our top pick, we have the Imperial Pool Table Fitted Naugahyde cover. It's durably built and offers durable protection for your pool table - all at an outstanding price. This premium cover is available in three different colors (Black, Brown, Mahogany) and three different sizes (7', 8', 9') to suit the taste and size requirements of most buyers.

The cover is made with Naugahyde which is much more stronger and durable than the conventional leather or cheaper Vinyl. With this cover on, you don't need to worry about dust, spilled drinks, dirt, or your pets damaging your prized possession.

The double-edge polyester stitching increases the strength, helping the cover retain its proper shape and provides optimal protection to the top playing surface and the side aprons. The cover is firm but not stiff, making it incredibly easy to take on and off. While due to its heavier weight, the cover stays in its place at all times.

If you're looking for the very best protection for your pool table along with stylish flair, this cover is your best bet!

What We Liked
+ Great value for the price
+ Will provide more protection than a vinyl cover
+ Long-lasting
+ Stylish and functional

Watch Out For
- Creases in the Naugahyde are difficult to remove

2. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Table Naugahyde  Cover

Best Premium Pick

 Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise: Billiard/Pool Table Naugahyde Review

For those NBL fans, we have a very special pick. This Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Pool Table cover comes printed with the logo of your favorite NFL team, from Baltimore Ravens to New York jets. Being an official merchandise, you can count on the quality and craftsmanship.

The cover is only available one color (black) and is designed to fit 8-foot tables. You can still use it on a 7-foot table, but there would be a slight overhang; not a deal-breaker. Like our top pick, it's also made out of Naugahyde which is extremely durable and can withstand far more abuse than the Vinyl or leather counterparts. The silk screened logo at the center looks crisp and stands out against the black drop. The simple slip-on design makes it easy to take the cover on and off.

This Naugahyde cover is reliable, durable, and safeguards your table from dust, dirt or drink spills which may occur if there are drinks involved around the table. It also efficiently protects your table against any accidental damage from pets.

Of course, this cover isn't perfect, but it's quite close. Due to the heavy material, wrinkles and creases can show up on the cover. The simplest solution is to either keep it under the sun for a while or use a hair blower. All the wrinkles and creases will vanish in NO time

This is an ideal pool table cover for sports fans, sports-bar or anyone looking for a quality unit. 

What We Liked
+ Personalized NFL team emblem
+ High quality
+ Long-lasting and durable
+ Easy to remove and put on

Watch Out For
- Expensive
- Only available in 8-ft size and black color

3. Boshen Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Cover

Value Pick

 Boshen 8FT Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover Review

Budget wise, the Boshe Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover offers the best value for money. It's reasonably priced, without compromising on the quality or aesthetics.

This leatherette cover is stylish, functional, and offers excellent all-round protection. Although, the material used in this cover is inferior to the Naugahyde (used in our top pick) but does a fine job in protecting the table from dust, debris or spills and is also wrinkle-free. It comes with weighted corners, making it easy to install or remove the cover while the machine-sewn edges add to the durability.

It also comes with a cotton fleece backing, which prevents the cover from scratching the pool felt. The cover is available in various sizes to fit 7' to 9' tables and comes with three color options - Black, Brown, and Green.

As with the other covers featured on this list, this cover is for indoor use only, and can not withstand the outdoor elements.

Overall, if you're looking for a good and inexpensive pool table cover, look no further than this!

What We Liked
+ Great value
+ Durable and reliable
+ Comes in a variety of sizes and colors

Watch Out For
- May not protect as well as the Naugahyde options
- Indoor use only, though it is slightly waterproof

4. Iszy Billiards 8 Foot Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Cover

Multiple Color Options

 Iszy Billiards 8 Foot Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Pool Table Review

If style is important to you, the Iszy Billiards cover may be a perfect choice - from amber to burgundy; there are lot many color options to choose from. The premium textured covers look as if it's made of genuine leather, though this is leatherette.

The cover is heavy duty and protects your table from unwanted dust, debris or accidental spills. At the same time, the cotton backing doesn't leave any fuzz or scratches the felt. Though it does not come with weighted edges, it's still pretty easy to set up and remove.

As with any vinyl cover, its prone to wrinkling. A simple way to fix this is to use a blower to heat the cover and straighten it out.

Available in three different sizes (7'/8'/9') and various color options, you're sure to find something that's right for you.

What We Liked
Wide range of colours
+ Attractive leatherette texture and pattern
+ Great price point; offers good value

Watch Out For
- Not as durable; may rip
- Wrinkles and creases are hard to remove

5. Iszy Billiards Rip Resistant Pool Table Billiard Cover

Best for Light Protection

Iszy Billiards Rip Resistant Pool Table Cover

For light and basic protection against dust and dirt, the Iszy Rip Resistant table cover may be the way to go. This cover also happens to be the cheapest cover on this list, priced just under $15.

Available in 5 different colors and three standard sizes, this is an ideal cover for anyone looking for lightweight protection. It doesn't come with the bells and whistles of our top pick, but for the price, you can't really complain. It's made out thin nylon material and the fitting is mostly loose. But it does come with fitted corners for easy installation and removal. Add to that its quite lightweight which is both good and bad. Good, as it's easy to take on and off. Bad because it doesn't stay in place and slips.

While there is nothing spectacular about this cover, it provides enough protection against dust, dirt and is priced affordably.

What We Liked:
+ Low price point
+ Excellent value
+ Lightweight protection
+ Multiple sizes and colors

Watch Out For
- Not as durable as the other table covers on this list
- Isn't waterproof

6. Kalsa 7/8/9 ft Billiard Pool Table Covers

Best Outdoor Cover

Kalsa 7/8/9 ft Billiard Pool Table Cover Review

If you're looking for an outdoor cover to protect your table from weather elements, the Kalsa Outdoor Pool table cover is a perfect choice. This cover completely covers your table, right from tabletop to the legs. It's made out of high-density Oxford fabric with silver undercoating. The outer fabric is rip-resistant and waterproof while the inner silver coating prevents sun damage. Additionally, it's available in three different sizes - 7', 8' and 9' to fit most tables. 

A sturdy drawstring is provided which firmly holds the cover in place, even during harsh weather. Be it dust, dirt, rain, wind, bird poop, or the pets, your pool table is protected at all times. While the material isn't as thick as we expected it to, but surprisingly it's quite strong and should hold well in outdoor weather. 

No doubt, this is an excellent cover. If you own an outdoor pool table, then you don't need to worry much. But if you're using an indoor pool table outside, you must be extra careful. The pool table in itself is a costly piece of equipment, and slight temperature variations can also damage or warp the table. It probably would make more sense to buy an additional cover (like this one) and put it along with this cover for double protection.

Overall this Outdoor pool table cover is definitely worth the investment.

What We Liked:
+ Suitable for outdoor use
+ Heavy duty vinyl
+ Long lasting
+ Covers the table completely till the floor
+ Waterproof
+ Drawstring to secure the cover

Watch Out For
- May rip; needs to be carefully put on and removed

Buyer's Guide to Pool Table Cover

If you've been trying to find that perfect pool table cover, you may have realized that the range available is massive. It can be quite a challenge to find the right kind of cover, which is why we've put together this buyer's guide.

The guide outlines the things you should consider when shopping for a cover for your pool table.

Features to Look For

<Material Type>
The best pool table covers are made of a material known as Naugahyde. It looks similar to leather, comes in a wide range of colors and offers the best protection for your table. Yes, they aren't cheap but definitely worth the investment if you don't want to risk your table. It's durable, water-resistant, looks upscale and is quite heavy.

Next is the vinyl material which is commonly found in mid-grade covers. They do a decent job and protects your table from dust and debris, but they don't offer much water resistance.

Last is the Nylon material which offers basic protection against dust and liquid. It's water-resistant, lightweight and above-all cheap! On the downside, the fabric is quite thin and may rip easily.

Pool tables come in all sizes and styles. While most covers are available in sizes ranging from 7ft to 9ft, its best to measure your table before you put down the order. In some tables, the side rails protrude out, and you may need to order one size extra to cover the whole surface.

If the cover is not correctly sized, then you may find it challenging to put the cover on and off. At the same time, it wouldn't look nice either.

<Reinforced Seams>
Look for a cover with double-stitched seams. But why, you may ask? Reinforces corners ensures the cover doesn't rip apart from edges. It also helps the cover retains its shape, making it easy to put on and off.

<Secured Fastening>
This is an optional feature for an indoor cover but an absolute must for an outdoor cover. The fasteners safely secure the cover onto the table even on windy days and ensure the cover stays put, no matter what.

Indoor Vs Outdoor

Pool is essentially an indoor game, but that doesn't mean it can't be played outside. Playing the game outdoors has its own benefits - you can soak in the sun, relax, and play with family and friends without feeling congested.

Just like Ping Ping table covers, indoor and outdoor pool table covers are totally different. The outdoor environment is a lot more harsher than indoors. For this very reason, you would need to pick a more durable cover for outdoor usage, which can resist weather elements. Also, the cover must be waterproof, breathable, should have fasteners and must cover the table completely.

For indoor covers, there are lot many options to choose from. Look for covers which are weather resistant and are built durably.


A quality pool table costs upwards of $2000 or more, and then there are ongoing costs. By investing in a proper cover, you are not only safeguarding your table from deteriorating but also save on the ongoing costs. A good quality cover can delay the need of table resurfacing, paying for itself in due time.

If you own a professional-grade table, I would suggest not to compromise and go for costlier covers. Such covers come in a range of $60 to $100. For the mid-range table, you can settle for budget-friendly cover ($40 to $60) which offers decent all-round protection.

To Wrap it Up

It's extremely important to keep your table protected whenever it isn't in use - pool tables are expensive, and any damage can cost a lot to repair. If you don't know, a typical resurfacing job can cost up to $500. Save yourself from the hassle and invest in a reliable cover.

Just remember, if your table cover starts showing signs of wear, it may be best to replace it. A cover costs a lot less than a resurfacing job!

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