Billiard/Pool Room Decor Ideas

Top 16 Pool/Billiard Room Decor Ideas

Owning a pool table is no less than a luxury. Even a basic model is not cheap, and it can take many people years to save up for such an extravagance. One you saved up the money and purchased one, you are now faced with the daunting question of where to put it?

Pool tables aren't exactly small and will stick out in any room that it's in.

Here are a few ideas on how to model your billiards room.

1. Fun With a Dash Of Elegance

It's most unfortunate that pool tables have become synonymous with dingy, dive bars. Billiards is a classic and sophisticated form of recreation, and your pool room should reflect that sentiment! Here we have elaborate carpeting, which sets the tone of the room and brings out the ruby red cloth of the pool table. The chandeliers provide an elegant, candle-lit atmosphere with sufficient lighting to play.

2. Who Doesn't Like A Cowboy?

This billiard room takes us back to the American Mid-West with this modern cowboy design. With a low-hanging light over the pool table, there will be plenty of lighting to help you make the perfect shot. The cowboy boots, ornamental gun, and animal skin in the corner all work to pull this rustic look together. These decorations could all easily be replaced by saddled, animal skin furniture, or mounted taxidermy.

3. Time For A Vacation

The bright blue felt of this pool table paired with the arching branches of the fake palm tree is reminiscent of a beautiful, sandy paradise. Beach themes have been done time and time again and rarely travel outside the realm of tacky and cheesy. This subtle combination of colors brings the relaxation of the beach to your home without being overwhelming.

4. Night Of Stars

The black leather recliners with the red accent wall give this room a movie theater vibe. This design is perfect for those who want to play pool with friends, but perhaps not everyone in the friend group enjoys billiards. This design can be achieved using a dark neutral as the primary color in the room and using a bright color, either in the form of a wall or furniture, as the accent color. The movie posters lining the walls pull the theme together.

5. Clean And Simple

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on frills to achieve a visually appealing billiards room. Minimal supplies were required to craft this quaint and comfortable pool room. A cue rack was added to the right wall, a bar was added in the corner (if it wasn't already there), and a tv mounted to the wall give this room its fun atmosphere and ample space to store accessories.

6. A True Man Cave

This room brings the term "man cave" to the next level. The rock walls, paired with the neutral colored carpeting and pool table, give this room its cave-like look. Dark, metal decorations such as the Mercedes symbol mounted to the wall gives this room a Machine Age flair. The angle of the ceiling lights brings the eyes to the more attractive areas of the room.

7. Vintage Arcade Room

What pairs better with billiards than foosball and arcade games? This playful room brings out the child in you while maintaining a sense of sophistication. The games mixed with the old-school Coca-Cola sign leaves one reminiscent of simpler times. The fireplace and leather couch in the far corner give the room a sense of comfort.

8. Warm And Cozy

The ambiance of this room is one of peaceful relaxation. The neutral colors and the natural rock fireplace create a log-cabin-esque atmosphere. The floor to ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the room, illuminating the otherwise dark color-scheme. The plush couch, with its many cushions, allow for payers to relax after a game of pool.

9. Sports Bar

This room has only three purposes: pool, sports, and drinks. This trifecta is perfect for weekend recreation or an entertaining game night. The racks of baseball bats produce a sports bar theme, but they are easily interchangeable with helmets, jerseys, footballs, and other sports equipment. Depending on your budget, bars can be built to be more or less elaborate.

10. Medieval Lair

This custom pool table is built from rock to match the surrounding walls. The roaring fireplace and candle-lit chandeliers hanging from the rafters give off a medieval aura without sacrificing modern comfort. This room is ideal for anyone who enjoys the beauty of nature while enjoying the pleasures of the indoors.

11. Classic Interior Design

The three conical lamps in a row are a classic design for pool rooms. They offer proficient lighting, which covers the entirety of the pool table. The vintage painting of someone playing pool in the background further asserts that this is a dedicated pool room, and, of course, the bar in the back is a must-have.

12. Sports Den

This room is a shrine dedicated to hard-core football fans. Jerseys, TVs over the pool table, and a football field styled carpet bring together this room's theme. The addition of a bar ensures that you'll never have to waste your money at a sports bar again! The decor can be replaced with memorabilia from the sport of your choice to personalize the look.

13. Contemporary And Chic

This billiard room gives the sport a modern, youthful touch. This room keeps the classic billiard theme with multiple pool table lights centered in the middle of the table, providing ample lighting. The use of blue lights is evocative of a night club's lounge and creates an environment of relaxed yet upscale recreation.

14.  1950’s Classic

The red walls contrasting the classic green cloth of the pool table takes the player back to a mid-1900's bar. The vintage furniture and lamps add to the illusion of being brought to a different time in history. The use of more vintage artwork would complete this look.

15.  Keeping It Funky

For anyone in love with the vivid colors and loud patterns from the 60's era, this is the billiards room for you. The vibrant red cloth lining the table contrasts magnificently with the bright yellow couch and funky purple carpeting. The theatre styled red curtains surrounding the television brings out the color in the beautiful billiards table.

16.  British Pop Art

Even without the pillow sporting the Union Jack, this room is evidently for fans of British pop culture. The red pool table and matching conical lamps above bring out the red in the gorgeous carpet runners. Splattered across the wall, we see references to England, especially it's music history. Many of the photos are of the Beatles.

Wrapping Up

Now that we've seen a variety of pool tables and the way they can make a room stand out, what are you waiting for? Head to your local home decor store and start shopping.

If you don't have a pool table, wipe the dust off your piggy bank and start saving today..

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