Best Swing Sets For Toddlers (Indoor & Outdoor)

After more than 30 hours of research, testing 8 of the top-rated toddler swings, and interviewing two mom and two child safety experts, we have narrowed the top 5 for you.

Best High End

Costzon Toddler Climb And Swing Set

Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set

Best Mid Range

Toddler Climber And Swing Set, Mosunx 3 In 1

Toddler Climber and Swing Set

Best Inexpensive

Movement God Baby Toddler Indoor/Outdoor Metal Swing Set

Movement God Baby Toddler Swing

Last Updated: 6th Mar, 2023

Anyone with toddlers in the family knows that they have so much energy. They love nothing more than to run around and explore the world. As a parent, it's hard to keep up. You want to allow them to burn off all that energy, and of course, get some exercise in too. At the same time, you want to keep them safe and happy.

One of the best places to do this is at a local playground. They're packed full of exciting play equipment, and they can run laps around them to their heart's content. For you though, they may not be as convenient as you'd like. Maybe the closest playground isn't very close at all to your home. Maybe they're always too busy, and it's hard to keep an eye on your toddler there. Maybe you don't feel as though it's safe enough for them to play freely.

If you're having these problems, or just want to bring the playground to your home, a toddler's swing set is just what you need. Modern styles come with all kinds of features you'll love, and your child will love having their very own swing set to play with. 

Here are our top picks of sets on the market right now.

Top 5 Toddler Swing Sets

1. Costzon Toddler Climb And Swing Set – Best 3-In-1 Indoor Swing Set

Costzon Toddler Climb And Swing Set

You won't always want to play outdoors with your little ones. Sometimes the weather just won't allow for it, and during the winter it's going to be too cold. That doesn't mean your toddler has to miss out, though. This 3-in-1 swing set can be used indoors, so they can play whenever they want.

The set includes a swing, a slide, and a basketball hoop. It's a unique feature you won't find on many other playsets, and something that your kids will love. What's better, the basketball hoop will encourage them to work on their hand-eye coordination skills, without them even knowing it.

The whole set is incredibly sturdy and comes with all the hardware you need to put it together. That means no runs to the hardware store looking for screws or nails to put it together. Every element has been designed with your children in mind. There are no hard or sharp edges, so your children are safe when they play. That gives you such peace of mind when they're playing, too.

The swing comes with safety seat backrest, which securely holds the toddlers in place and gives you peace of mind that the baby is safe. The swing is designed to support up to 66 lbs weight.

The slide supports up to 110 lbs weight and is designed for kids from 10 months to 6 years. The gentle slope of the slide and easy-to-climb stairs makes it easy for the young ones to complete the activity by themselves.

Top Features:

  • Unique 3-in-1 design, including a swing, slide, and basketball hoop
  • Can be used either indoors or out, so your kids can play no matter what the weather is like
  • Very simple to put together, no extra tools or materials required
  • Made out of non-toxic HDPE materials, keeping your children safe

Final Note:

This is the best set when you're looking for an indoor swing set for your toddler. It's durable, safe, and a lot of fun for them. 

2. Toddler Climber And Swing Set, Mosunx 3 In 1 – Top Indoor Budget Pick

Toddler Climber And Swing Set, Mosunx 3 In 1

As a parent you're always looking to save money, as parenting a little one is expensive. When it comes to toddler swings though, you don't want to skimp as you want the safest option possible. Is it possible to get a good swing set for a good price? You certainly can with the Mosunx 3 in 1 set. 

This gorgeous swing set comes in either pastel blue or pink, so you can pick the color that suits your children and your décor best. It can be used either outdoors or indoors too, so you can always use it. Is it raining outside? Bring it in so the kids can play even when the weather's too wet for outdoor play. 

The whole set has been designed to be toddler-sized, so they can navigate it at their own pace. The anti-chafe design means you don't have to worry about pinched or rubbed skin, especially on the slide. They'll love being able to use the set themselves, as independence is so important at that age. 

The set comprises of a swing, slide, and basketball hoop, so there's all kinds of options for play. If you don't want to use the basketball hoop, you can take it off, leaving the swing and slide. It's a set that's flexible for your needs. 

Top Features: 

  • Two different colors to choose from, so you can pick the best look for you
  • Sturdy design that will accommodate your toddler as they grow up
  • A swing, slide and basketball hoop gives your child lots of options for play
  • A lower price point makes the set much more affordable to many parents

Final note: 

This set offers you a full and well-made swing set for your toddlers, at a lower price than many others are offering. This is our best budget pick for you.

3. Movement God Baby Toddler Indoor/Outdoor Metal Swing Set – Best Outdoor Toddler Swing Set

Movement God Baby Toddler Indoor/Outdoor Metal Swing Set

What if you're looking for a good quality outdoor swing? This is going to be the set for you. This brightly colored swing has everything you need for your children to enjoy being outside while keeping them safe and secure. The set comes with a full molded seat with a lap bar and seatbelts, so you can strap them in well before you swing your children. They'll love being swung, and you'll know they're safe in their seat. The swing measures 48"(W) x 40(D)" x 44(H)" and supports up to 55 lbs weight, ideal for 9 to 36 months kids.

The set is designed to work both indoors and outdoors, but we love it as an outdoor swing set. The swing is made of high-quality metals, so it can stand up to all kinds of weather. What's better with this set, is that you just need to put it together and place it outside. There's no worrying about cementing it into the ground or otherwise anchoring it.

As your child gets older, you'll still be able to use the swing. You're able to extend the set to make it taller as your children grow. It can hold up to 55lbs, so you can keep using it as your children get taller. This makes it an excellent value for money.

Top Features:

  • Sturdy construction allows your child to swing safely
  • Seat meets ASTM safety standards, so you know it has been tested to meet your needs
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • No need for securing the swing into the ground, so you can move it around as needed
  • Rust and UV resistant to prevent discoloration and fading

Final Note:

We love this swing as an outdoor option, as it doesn't take up much space and doesn't need to be secured into the ground, allowing you a lot more flexibility. 

4. BestValue Go Toddler Swing Seat A-Frame Metal Swing Play Set - Budget Pick (Outdoor)

 BestValue Go Toddler Swing Seat A-Frame Metal Swing Play Set

Looking for an outdoor swing set that isn't going to break the bank? This is going to be the best swing for you. It offers all the features you would expect of a good toddler swing set, but at a price that's a lot more affordable for many families.

The set includes a fabric seat that has a built-in lap bar and wide leg holes, so your child will always be comfortable while they're in the swing. Seat belt is also included, to keep your child in place. It gives you peace of mind when you're using the swing, and they'll love the comfy seat so much they won't ever want to come out of it.

The powder-coated frame is made to stand up to the elements. It resists rust and other issues, so you know it'll be in good condition whenever you come to use it. If you want to remove the seat when the weather is wet or cold, you can do so you can store it away.

The whole set is designed for children aged 9-36 months, and for weights up to 30kg. This helps you decide whether you can use this set with your child safely. If they fit into these ranges, you're good to go.

Top Features:

  • Powder-coated frame for protection from rust, prolonging the life of the swing set
  • Comfortable set for your child to swing in
  • The set grows up with your child, with adjustable ropes
  • Folds down for easy moving and storage
  • Easy-clean fabric seat that can be removed

Final Note: This is our favorite budget pick for an outdoor swing set. It gives you all the benefits of the best swing sets out there, with a much lower price, so you don't have to break the bank. 

5. Costzon Toddler Swing Set – Best Design

Costzon Toddler Swing Set

Not all swing sets are created equal. The design means so much in playsets like these, as they can mean the difference between a set that will only last a season or two, and one that will go on for years to come. This set has some excellent design that makes it one of the best picks out there.

The frame itself is powder coated as you would expect, in order to protect it from rust and discoloration. You'll also see that there are metal braces included with the set. They're super easy to install as there are pre-drilled holes for them, so you can make the swing set safe and secure before your children use it. Constructed in a durable A-frame design, this swing is comfortable and sure to be your toddler's new favorite place. The triangle reinforced seat belt not only offers excellent safety but also ensures the young ones sit comfortably on the swing.

The set is a free-standing model, so you won't need to think about trying to cement it into the ground. It will stay stable thanks to the black non-slip feet on the bottom of each leg. They're easy to attach and use with your swing. Because you don't need to secure it, you can move the swing around wherever you need it.

The rope on the swing itself is designed to hold up to 55lbs, so you can use the swing as your toddler grows up. The rope is designed to be tough and stand up to repeated uses. You can even take it off the frame and attach it to other areas, such as to a tree if you so wish.

Top Features:

  • Freestanding, so no need to cement the frame in
  • Tough rope construction so can stand up to wear
  • Durable swing seat that holds up to 55lbs
  • Metal braces to add security

Final Note: There are so many great design choices here that this is our pick for the best design. The tough frame and rugged ropes all add security and usability.

Buyer's Guide To Toddler Swing Sets

If you're thinking of picking up a swing set for your toddler, then you want to ensure you're picking up the best one possible. As with anything you buy your child, you want to know it's safe, fun, and easy for them to use. How do you know if you're getting the best swing set?

While one thing is clear as a whistle that you should never compromise on your kid's safety by choosing a sub-standard swing. To help you make an informed decision and ensuring you get the best set possible, use this buyer's guide.

Key Considerations

<Consider The Space You'll Use The Swing In>

The benefit of a toddler swing set is that they're smaller, so you won't have to allocate as much space to them. You will need to consider how much space you need, though. Remember, it's not just the floor space you'll need to think about. Will your toddler have enough room to swing backward and forward? This is especially a concern if you want to use the swing indoors. Pick a room that has a lot of floor room and space around it for children to swing, run, and play.

<Will The Swing Work For Everyone?>

Think about your family. Right now, a toddler-sized swing set may be perfect for you. However, will it work in the long term? Even when you buy a budget version, you'll see that the right swing set is an investment. As such, you want to be able to use it for a long time to come.

Is your family going to change in the next few years? For example, maybe you have one child who's toddler-aged. Are you planning on having more children? If so, they'll be able to use the swing even though your oldest child will grow out of it. Will your children have friends over, and if so, could they play with the set too? If you multiple children to be able to play at once, a 3 in 1 set is going to be your best bet. Pick your swing set with your future plans in mind.

<Take Your Kids To The Playground>

One of the hardest things about buying your child any toy is knowing if they'll like it or not. This is especially true when you're buying a more expensive piece, such as a swing set. You don't want to spend all that money, only to find that they don't like it.

How can you know if they'll enjoy it? It's simple, take them to go try out a swing. You can go to the local playground, or to a friend or family member's house if they have a swing set themselves. Let your kid play on it, and see how they get on. Do they enjoy it? When you take them to the playground, do they gravitate towards the swings? If they seem to really enjoy it, it's worth getting them the swing. If they don't or show more interest in another piece of playground equipment, such as a slide, you can look into one of those instead.

<Pick Your Materials>

You'll need to consider the materials used in the construction of your swing set. There are lots of options, so see which one works for you. 

  • Wood: Wood's quite popular these days as many companies are working to make their equipment more sustainable. Also, wood offers a great look that blends in anywhere, indoors, or outdoors. However, the sets are heavier, and there's the risk of termite damage. 
  • Metal: Metal is another popular option as it lasts for years when treated well. It's less expensive than wood, and faster to put together. If you put older kids on these though, they can bend or break.
  • Plastic: All plastic sets work well indoors and outdoors. They're resistant to weather damage if they're well cared for. They're also very simple to put together.


Toddler swing sets are primarily designed for kids from 18 months to four years under 45 to 55 pounds. One should strictly adhere to the guidelines; otherwise there may be a safety risk. Also, keep a close eye on the infant and make sure the safety belt is on all at times. It goes without saying never leave your toddler on the swing unattended.

While toddler sets are quite secure but there is a minuscule chance of them tipping over as they're not designed to be anchored down. This primarily happens when the maximum weight limit is exceeded. Also, for
metal swings, pay close attention to the sharp edges and file them if necessary.

For outdoor swings, it's best to disinfect it before use using either a damp cloth or baking soda.

Let's Wrap Things Up:

In this guide, you've seen five of the best toddler swing sets out there today. There's so many on the market, and it's hard to know where you should even start looking. Hopefully, this guide will give you the best place to start.

Every parent wants something different, and we hope we have covered all the bases here. Want an indoor-only swing set, or an outdoor one? Want a set that comes with extras, such as a slide? Want something you can leave outdoors without having to cement into place? You should be able to find it here.

Soon you'll be able to surprise your little ones with a swing set that they'll be able to use, all year round. Encourage them to be independent, to be active, and to have fun with the right swing set. You're sure to pick up the right one with this guide.

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