Killerspin Jet800 Review

Also known as: Killerspin Jet 800 Speed N1

Killerspin Jet800 review

Author: Kevin James, Last Updated: 8th Mar, 2023

Hello folks! In this review, we'll be taking an in-depth look at a very popular pre-made ping pong paddle - The Killerspin Jet800. This paddle directly competes with the Stiga Pro Carbon, which is our top pick in the intermediate paddle category.

We'll discuss in detail about the playing characteristics of the paddle, who is it recommended for and finally find out how it compares to the Stiga Pro Carbon.

The Killerspin Jet800 happens to be the costliest pre-made paddle currently available in the market for intermediate players. But is it worth the price, and most importantly, does it really offer substantial performance improvement compared to the Stiga Carbon Pro?

Let's find that out:

Killerspin Jet 800 Racket Rating

Paddle Performance Rating


Insanely fast, great for smash and drives


Quite grippy, excellent top/back/side spin and loops


Control is quite subjective, but relatively, this paddle offers lower control

#PPB rating

4.1 / 5

Review Summary

Killerspin Jet800 is a tournament-ready paddle, well-suited for intermediate to advance level players, who're looking to step up their aggressive game with the extra speed and spin.

The paddle is insanely fast, but the downside to this is that the paddle is difficult to control. You would need a fair bit of practice to tame the extra power the paddle produces. In the spin department, the paddle does well. You can extract a good amount of spin out of the grippy rubbers.

The paddle has different gears. Excellent for touch and short play while your little flicks can go quite fast. It totally depends on how much power you want to get out of the paddle. 

However, compared to the Stiga Pro Carbon, this paddle is costlierheavier, and offers lower control. On the positive side, the Jet800 is faster, is more comfortable to hold, and the overall build quality is better in comparison.

So, if you're after speed and power and price is not a concern, then Jet 800 is an ideal choice for you.

However, I feel the performance improvement offered by Jet800 is marginal in comparison to the increased price. So my recommendation would be to go for a well-rounded and better value for money Stiga Pro Carbon racket instead.


+ Offensive++ paddle (Very fast with decent spin)
+ Replaceable rubber
+ Tournament read (ITTF Approved)
+ Elegant Looking
+ Complimentary hard paddle case


- Heavier ~190gms
- Lower control

Who this is for:
+ Competitive intermediate level players

Not Suited for:
- Defensive players (choppers)
- Absolute beginners

Killerspin Jet 800 In-Depth Review 

Killerspin Jet800

Killerspin Jet800 is the top-selling paddle in the Jet series promising serious power, control, and spin in an all-in-one package. Designed for competitive intermediate players who're looking to generate extra power and spin in their strokes without compromising on control.

This beautiful looking paddle boasts great aesthetics and excellent performance parameters. But how does it really perform?

Let's find that out.

Features/Construction Quality

Killerspin Jet800 comes with a 7-ply carbon composite blade - 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber layer provides the much-needed stiffness for offensive play, helping you generate more power in every stroke. 

The paddle comes with ITTF certified high tension Nitrx-4z rubber on each side. The rubbers are grippy, helping you put a heavy spin in your serves and strokes. Coupled with the fast 7-ply blade, the overall setup is great for offensive games, looping, and long-distance play. The overall feedback of the ball is quite good, which is very important if you're working on to improve your technique. 

However, players who're upgrading from a cheaper paddle may face some difficulty in keeping the balls on the table due to the increased power. But with a couple of hours of practice, you should be good to go. Also, being an offensive paddle, the control is obviously on the lower end.

The paddle comes with an ergonomic flared handle, which provides an excellent grip regardless of the hand size. The concave flared handle design prevents the paddle from slipping out of your hand even during those hard smashes.

killerspin-jet800 n1 side view

Extra Features

The wooden side tape safeguards the paddle during accidental falls and mishits. The paddle comes with a high quality rectangular hard case which helps you safely store and transport the paddle. Also, the case comes with a memory book to jot down your key accomplishments and wonderful memories right on the case.

Customer Support At It's Best

Killerspin is a customer-first company, and it is known for its excellent support. Be it email or phone, you get a fast response.

I know an instance where one of the customer's paddle broke after 7 months of usage. The customer just mailed the support with the pictures of the broken paddle, and Killerspin sent him a new paddle in a week. This highly speaks about the company. 

When you are investing such a large amount of money, you want to be sure that you get the prompt support at least in the warranty period. And Killerspin definitely stands by its commitment.

Playing Characteristic

I had a chance to play with the Jet800 for a couple of sessions. I borrowed the paddle from a fellow club member. The paddle was fairly new and was just used for a couple of hours before.

About me: I'm a professional table tennis player (USATT 2200+) with an all-round offensive game. My game generally involves a lot of power loops and backhand flicks.

Here is what I think about this setup:





Carbon Offensive++


Flared, shakehand


190gm (heavy)


Nitrx-4z rubbers (ITTF Approved)


7-ply, 5 layer wood with 2 layer carbon

Official Rating

Speed: 90, Spin: 90, Control: 75


Stroke Type














Speed: The paddle is quite fast; at the same time, it offers decent control. However, you would need to practice to control the extra speed the racket generates. Great for flat smashes and rallies.

The drives are effortless. You just need to Aim, and the ball shoots off. And by chance, if you put more energy in the drive, the ball simply flies off.

Serves & Returns:
The nitrx-4z rubber is grippy, and you can extract a good amount of spin. With proper technique, you can do slow short serves, and long fast serves. Due to the grippy outer sheet, you have to be careful returning the serves as its susceptible to opponent's spin. 

Touch Play:
The feedback on the paddle is on the lower side. Hence, the short strokes would be difficult to execute.

Top Spin:
You can generate a generous amount of topspin on this setup. However, you may find it challenging to do super-spinny slow topspins, due to the stiffer blade.

The paddle has excellent looping characteristics, great for long-distance play.

Open Ups/Block:
Open ups in itself is an advanced technique and is difficult to master. That being said, this paddle is great at opens up, and the ball just flies out with a good parabolic trajectory. At the same time, you may find blocking difficult on this setup, mainly due to the stiffer blade.

Chopping slow returns or serves is quite doable but anything fast, you would find it difficult to chop.

Conclusion: Killerspin Jet800, as the name suggests, is an offensive and super fast setup. If you're working on improving your technique, then this paddle can amplify and compliment your skills, while intermediate players will surely appreciate the competitive characteristics of the paddle.

You just need to practice to control the paddle, and you will surely experience positive improvements in your game.

Killerspin Jet 800 Vs. Stiga Pro Carbon 

Compared to Stiga Pro Carbon, the Jet800 is marginally faster, spinnier, and is more comfortable to grip. But on the downside, the Jet800 is heavier, costlier, and difficult to control in comparison.

I personally think the performance improvement that Jet800 offers is marginal in comparison to the ~20% cheaper Stiga Pro Carbon. So I vote to go for Stiga Pro Carbon instead.

That being said, if we remove the price out of the picture, then Jet800 is the best offensive pre-made paddle currently available.

User Reviews - What other Owners Are Saying

The paddle has positive reviews all over the web. Here is the break down of the reviews across various e-commerce sites:

Although limited, most of the common complaints revolved around the build quality of the paddle. Some users reported, the handle breaking off the paddle.

Personally, I found the construction quality top notch. Possibly, the breakage could be due to the mishandling of the paddle.

So the Final Question - Is it RIGHT for you?

Simply put, if you're an intermediate player and are looking for the best offensive pre-made paddle, then the Killerspin Jet800 is an ideal choice for you. But if you're price conscious and are looking for something more controllable and are ready to compromise a bit on speed, then you can opt for the Stiga Pro Carbon.

By no means just buying the paddle will change your game, but if you regularly practice on this setup, you will surely see an increase in your winning percentage.

Coming at the price point, it is the costliest pre-made paddle available in the market, but considering the build quality, I personally think it's well worth the price.

Still confused which paddle to go for? Check out our complete guide to choosing the best ping pong paddle.

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