5 Best Ping Pong Paddle Cases (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

best ping pong cases reviews

Expert: Kevin James, Last updated: 13/04/2019

If you're in the market looking for a new case for your ping pong paddle or if your old case has worn out and needs replacement, this guide is for you.

Buying a ping pong case can be a tricky task. Whether you're a club champion or casual weekend player, every table tennis player needs a good racket case. Something that you can trust your equipment with and is easy to carry around. 

But how do you go about choosing a ping pong paddle carrying case?

We're here to help you.

Let's jump into our selection of best ping pong paddles cases and find out what's best for you and why.

5 Best Ping Pong Paddle Cases Comparison

Best For
Our Rating
All level of players
Rectangular, semi hard case
Pro Choice
Racket shaped, medium hard case
Top rated oblong case
Rectangular, hard case
Top rated rectangular hard case
Racket shaped, medium hard case
Best Seller
Recreational Players
Racket shaped, soft case
Value Buy


Eastfield Original Table Tennis Racket Case

{A case designed for players of all level, well designed, practical & bang on buck}

eastfield table tennis case review

Product Specs:

  • Available in three colors- Black, Grey and Navy Blue.
  • Available in two variants - single or double paddle storage
  • Made with high quality faux leather
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 4 cm

Review Summary:

Arguably the best designed and a very practical paddle case currently available in the market. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this case will serve you well. And the price point is hard to miss. Manufactured by a relatively new company ‘Eastfield Inc’, this case is our Top Pick.

The case is lightweight, very classy, built with high-quality faux leather, and spacious enough to keep two bats and a couple of balls.

Each of the compartment is well cushioned which prevents the paddles from rubbing against one another.


  • Durable build quality and highest level of craftsmanship
  • Ample storage space
  • Good design
  • Affordable price point


  • None


Killerspin Hard Table Tennis Paddle Bag

{Small case, easy to carry around, hard outershell}

Killerspin Hard Table Tennis Paddle Bag Review

Product Highlights:

  • Semi-hard case
  • Can store upto two bats

Review Summary:

Next up in our list is a case from a very popular company 'Killerspin'. The Chicago-based company has always been known to make quality equipment at an affordable price point.

Killerspin Table Tennis Paddle bag is a racket shaped semi-hard case. It is made from semi-rigid polyester. The case can house upto two paddles and has sufficient amount of internal cushion padding.

Each paddle is held together with a strap which also prevents the paddles from rubbing against one another.


The case has a small footprint which makes it very easy to carry around. On top of that, the internal padding is the best among all the cases I’ve reviewed.


The case does not have a separate side pocket for storage. You can still put the balls inside the case, there is sufficient space, but a separate pocket would have been better.


TIBHAR Table Tennis Racket Hard Case Square

TIBHAR Table Tennis Racket Hard Case Review

Product Highlights:

  • Hard Waterproof case
  • Generous amount of storage space
  • Available in two finish - Silver or Black

Review Summary:

This rectangular hard case from TIBHAR, can fit two table tennis bats or upto 8 balls. The case is waterproof and very sturdy.

The zip liner runs around the three sides which allows the case to open flat. Thus it makes it very convenient to store and remove the paddle out of the case.

Internally it has a stretchy strap on one side and a mesh on another side to hold the paddles in its place.

Due to its practical good looking design, hard outer shell and a great price point, Tibhar hard case is our top choice in hard case category.


Killerspin Berracuda Paddle case

Killerspin Berracuda Paddle case Review

Product Highlights:

  • Semi-hard case
  • Separate side pocket for storage
  • Can store upto two paddles

Review Summary:

Here is another Killerspin paddle case. The main distinction is that it is a medium hard racket shaped case and has a separate storage compartment.

It is made from reinforced polyester fabric that offers maximum protection from any external pressure. It also features independent elastic fasteners that hold the paddles apart.

There is a separate side pocket which can store upto 3 balls. The side pocket can also be used to store your keys, wallet or mobile phone during practice.


The case has a very practical design and generous storage space. The material used for construction is top notch and offers good protection.


The case does not open flat due to the way the case has been designed. This makes the sliding in or removing the paddle from the case a but cumbersome. But it’s still manageable.


Butterfly Logo​​​​ Full Ping Pong Paddle Case

Butterfly Logo​​​​​ Full Ping Pong Paddle Case Review

Product Highlights:

  • Medium hard case
  • Ample storage space
  • Can store only one paddle

Review Summary:

Butterfly is a world renowned manufacturer of table tennis products. And this case is no different.

It’s a medium hard racket shaped case made from neoprene material. The case is fairly big and comes with a good amount of internal padding. Although, there is no separate storage space for balls, but you can still keep them inside the case.

This case is primarily designed to hold one racket. That being said there is a generous amount of internal space and you can slide in a couple of calls along easily. The case comes with a high-quality double metal zipper.

Overall, it’s a very economical case which offers practical storage for your paddles. If you’re looking for a case within a tight budget this is a case for you.

Ping Pong Paddle Case - Buyer's Guide

There are a countless number of cases available in the market. To choose a good case you need to account both design and functionality. An aesthetically pleasing case does not necessarily mean it's good.

So how do you go about choosing the one that best suits your need?

Ping pong cases are available in various shapes and sizes. And they further differ based on the material used and quality of construction.

Broadly there are four types of cases:

  • Soft racket shaped case (Avoid at all Cost)
  • Hard racket shaped case
  • Soft rectangular case (often referred as oblong case)
  • Hard rectangular case (offers maximum protection)

What’s in a Shape – Racket Shaped Vs Rectangular

ping pong case shapes

Racket shaped cases are small and easy to carry around. They practically fit into any bag pack. And some of the cases even have separate storage space for balls.

The downside of this case is that the zip liner may damage the edge of the paddle or even worse the rubber. As the paddle snugly fits into the case, the chances of zip lining touching the surface or edge of the paddle are high. This can be avoided by choosing a case which is relatively big compared to the racket. 

If you mainly play in your office or school, racket-shaped case may be ideal for you. You can simply slide the case inside your bag pack and continue with your business.

Rectangular Case:

The rectangular case offers maximum protection and storage space for your paddle. These are professional cases recommended for intermediate plus players.

Personally, I’ve been using a rectangular case since I started playing table tennis.

Summary: If you’re looking for a case which is easy to carry around, choose a racket shaped case. If portability is not a factor, then choose a rectangular hard case.

Hard or Soft Case

hard case vs soft case

Soft cases are made of materials like PVC or nylon while hard cases are made up of stiffer plastic or composite metal material. Due to the rigid material used, hard cases offer superior protection to the paddle inside.  

Overall hard cases do a better job in protecting your paddles from any external damages. And if you love table tennis as much as I do, you would definitely want to take extra precautions to save your equipment.

Also, in case of an accidental fall or if by chance somebody steps on your case, a hard case can absorb the impact more easily. While the soft case can NOT!

Summary: Always opt for medium to hard case. Generally soft cases are provided by the paddle manufacturers free along with the paddle. It should be avoided at all cost.
storage options - paddles and other accessories

Number of Rackets

It’s always a good idea to choose a case which can house upto two paddles.


Well if you’re planning to carry a backup paddle to the game or if you’re planning to play doubles in your office, it would come handy.

Storage Options:

Some of the cases have dedicated space for storing balls. Some even have the option for storing glues, sponge or a cleaner. It’s a personal preference. Ideally, look for a case which offers enough space to place a couple of balls.

To Wrap it Up

When it comes to choosing a ping pong racket case, ultimately it boils down to individual preference and requirements. If you're a casual weekend player, choose an economical and decent looking case which offers all-round protection for your paddle. 

Top Choice: Killerspin Hard Table Tennis Paddle Bag

While if you're an improver or are serious about the game, I would suggest you spend some extra money and get a professional case. A good case will last you a lifetime.

Top Choice: ​TIBHAR Table Tennis Racket Hard Case Square

To summarize, if you’re looking for something portable go for hard racket shaped case. If you’re looking for a professional case, go for a hard rectangular case.

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