Best Multi-Game Tables (Reviews)

We spent over 30 hours playing and testing over a dozen multi-game tables. We put each of the tables through a battery of in-house tests to determine the build quality, overall performance, and value for money.

Based on our testing, here are the best multi-game tables for home and office use:

Best High End

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Multi Game Table

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Multi Game Table Set

Best Overall

 Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multi game Table Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multi game Table Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multi game Table

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

Best Inexpensive

MD Sports Multi Game Combination Table Set

MD Sports Multi Game Combination Table Set

Last Updated: 5th Mar, 2022

You love Pool while your kids love Air hockey, but you don't have enough space to put in both the tables in your home or rec room? So, what are you going to do? You should get a Multi-game table! As the name suggests, these tables allow you to play multiple games such as Pool, Ping pong, or Air hockey on the same table.

While multiple games on a single table may seem like a novel idea, one thing you should not forget is the overall playability and experience. I would be frank here, these tables do not offer a similar experience as what you get on the individual tables, but that's not what they're intended for in the first place.

The multi-game or combination tables are mainly geared towards kids and adults looking for a fun-filled and casual gaming experience in limited space and budget. So, the pucks on the Air Hockey top won't glide as fluidly as you find on a standard table, nor the ball bounce on the ping pong table would be the best. That said, it is still good enough from recreational standards.

The two things which you must absolutely consider while choosing a multi-game table is the build quality and the size. The market is filled with hundreds of these tables, most of which are absolute trash and won't last more than a couple of games. The size of the table is equally important - the larger the table size, the more realistic the game experience will be.

To save you the hassle, we have handpicked 6 of the best multi game tables across different categories:

Top-Rated Multi-Game Tables of 2023

1. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Multi Game Table: Pro Pick

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Multi Game Table

If you're looking for the very best multi game table, nothing comes close to the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 game table. The table supports three popular and full-fledged games - Table Tennis, Pool, and Air hockey. Each of the games is near-regulation size, around 7-foot in length. So, when the time comes, you can flex your muscles and play some competitive matches as well. And the best part is that all the games easily stack on the table and there are no loose parts.

The unique feature of this table is the user-friendly swivel tabletop with a patented latch system. The Pool and the Air Hockey top are directly built into the table, and you need to rotate the top to set the game. The rotation mechanism is convenient and safe. Even the kids can rotate the top with ease.

The table tennis conversion top sits at the bottom of the table, and you can set it up over either Pool or Air Hockey section to play. The table is durably built, and the tri-fold tabletop technology makes it a breeze to switch games. All the accessories like pucks, mallets, paddles, cues and billiard balls are included along and can be neatly stored in the built-in storage slots.

Let's talk about individual games now:

Pool table: The pool table is 7ft, slightly smaller than the regulation one but still good enough for recreational play. The bed is made of wood and covered with Teflon felt. The rubber bumpers have decent rebounding properties and play true. However, the table plays slower than the standard table, but from multi-game table standards, it doesn't get any better than this. You get a set of regular pool balls, two chalks, two standard pool cues, a brush, and a triangle. All the items safely store on the side of the table. 

Playability Rating: 8/10

Air Hockey: The Air hockey top is just as good as any standard Air hockey table you'll find. It's also 7-ft and is powered by 110v motor, which pushes 80 cubic feet of air per minute from the 512 symmetrical holes creating a thick cushion of air for the pucks to glide smoothly. On each side, there is a traditional bead style scorer to keep track of individual scores. The pushers and mallets are all of the standard sizes. The kids are sure to have hours and hours of fun playing Air hockey on this table.

Playability Rating: 10/10

Table Tennis: The table comes with a 3-piece table tennis conversion top along with two paddles and two balls. To install the top, you need to rack the individual sections on the tabletop and install the supplied net. The process does not take more than two to three minutes. However, the table is slightly smaller with average ball bounce, which certainly kids won't mind. But adults may find struggle to play ping pong freely on the table. 

Table tennis isn't the best aspect of the table but still good enough for casual games. 

Playability Rating: 6/10

Final Note: The majority of the buyers had an overly positive opinion about the table, and we also feel this is by far the multi-game table for the money. The table costs about $900, which we think is quite fair the quality you get.

Moreover, if you were to buy those game tables individually, it would cost a lot more.

2. Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multi game TableBest Overall

 Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multi game Table Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multi game Table Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multi game Table

The Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table hits a sweet spot between functionality and pricing, and for this very reason, it's our 'Best Overall' choice. Priced $200 cheaper than the Fat Cat 3-in-1, you get near similar features, size, performance, and ease of use. The only difference here is the rotating mechanism isn't as intuitive, and the Air hockey table blower is slightly less powerful than the Fat cat model. Rest specs like the number of games, size, and overall build quality are more or less the same.

The table comes with three games - Air Hockey, Billiard, and table tennis each roughly 7' in size. Air hockey and the billiard top is built directly into the table, and one needs to rotate the top to switch between the games. The four-point locking mechanism ensures the top does not rotate accidentally. The patented Air hockey blower design distributes the air evenly across the top. However, we found the blower wasn't as powerful as the one used in Fat Cat.

The table tennis conversion top comes in three-pieces and can be used on either side. However, due to the lower thickness of the top, the ball bounce isn't the best, but it's something which kids won't mind.

Finally, all the accessories for each game are included along - Four pushers and pucks, billiards ball, triangle, two cue sticks, brush, two table tennis paddles, balls and net with post set.

Final note: 

Dollar for dollar, this is the best value multi-game table currently available. A no-brainer choice for anyone looking for a quality unit without spending the top dollars!

3. MD Sports Multi Game Combination Table Set: Budget Pick

MD Sports Multi Game Combination Table Set

Not everyone has the space to put in a 7-foot game table, and we get that. For such users, this 54'' MD sports 4-in-1 multi game table may be an ideal choice. While the table is smaller than the standard size, it does not compromise on quality, and the gameplay is still excellent and engaging. Also, this table costs less than $250, which as per us, is a steal of a price.

This 4 in 1 table includes Air hockey, Foosball, Ping Pong and Billiards. The individual tops easily stack on top of another and lock in place with four clamps on each side safely securing them in place. The interchangeable tops make it super easy to switch from one game to the next in seconds. The overall design is compact, easy to store, setup, and enjoy.

The table is durably built with the combination of solid wood, MDF, ABS plastic and stainless steel rods for Foosball. You can be sure this table is going to last a long time and offer hours and hours of uninterrupted fun.

Each game comes with all the accessories needed to play. You get two pushers, two pucks, a billiard ball set, two cue sticks, a ball rack, two chalks, a brush, a net post, two paddles, two ping pong balls, and two Foosball balls.

The only downside to this otherwise solid table is that the Air hockey top does not come with an electric blower. So, the pucks would not slide as freely as you find on standard air hockey tables. But considering this table costs 1/4th the price of the top-models, I think it might be too much to ask for!

Final Note:

The MD Sports Multi Game Combination Table Set may be priced affordably, but the construction is as good as the some out top picks. Budget-conscious buyers would be hard-pressed to find a better multi-game table than this.

4. Playcraft Danbury 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table - Best for durability

Playcraft Danbury 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table

If you're looking for a high-quality multi-game which comes loaded with several games and something that would last you for years to come, the Playcraft Danbury 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table won't disappoint! You can play games like Foosball, Pool, Air hockey, Indoor arcade basketball, Shuffleboard, Chess, Checkers & Backgammon Yahtzee, Dominoes, Poker & Pinochle cards on this table.

The table measures 56"L X 30"W X 35"H and weighs 215 lbs. It comes with storage space to keep all the accessories in one place. The construction quality is top-notch, and the frame and legs are all made of solid wood. The table comes with a full-fledged Foosball table with 1/2'' rods as a base upon which the rest of the tops are stacked.

The quality of the Foosball table is as good as any regulation table you find, so obviously, the game experience will be great. The Air hockey top is powered by a single 100v motor that produces adequate airflow for the pucks to glide smoothly. The kids are sure to love playing Air hockey on this set.

The pool top is quite small, suitable only for kids. All the accessories like pool ball set, cues, and triangle are included along.

The ping pong conversion top is sufficiently large for the kids and adults to get a real feel of the game. The shuffleboard game is particularly quite fun to play, and it's probably the only table that has it. The rest of the games are also well-designed to be easily played on the table.

Final Note: Overall, if you're looking for a durable multi game table and don't mind spending a bit extra, the Playcraft Danbury 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table is definitely worth considering.

5. IFOYO 48" Multi Function 4 in 1 Combo Game Table: Best folding table

IFOYO 48" Multi Function 4 in 1 Combo Game Table

If you do not want to commit dedicated space for a multi-game table, then this folding table from IFOYO is your best bet. It easily folds down for compact storage when not in use, delivering space-spacing every time!

It comes with four popular games - Foosball, Air hockey, Billiards, and ping pong and is priced quite reasonably as well. The table costs under $130 and offers the best bang for bucks. It's sturdy, well built, and remains stable throughout those aggressive games. Measuring 48" in length, this is ideal for kids under 12 years. Adults may as well join in the fun, but primarily it's geared towards kids. 

With a playing surface of 31.5" x 18.9" x 25.6", this takes minimal space in your room and folds away for storage. When folded it measures 49'' x 24'' x 31''. It only weighs 27.6 lbs and is made of solid cabinet grade MDF with a PVC playing surface. Like any budget table, the Air hockey table does not come with an electric blower either. 

The setup includes all the accessories - Billiards balls, two cues, the soccer balls for Foosball, two pucks and two hockey pushers, two ping pong paddles, and ping pong balls.

The installation is straightforward and requires you to attach the legs to the pool tabletop. The rest of the tops simply stack on one another.

Final Note: 

If you're looking for a portable folding multi-game table for kids, it does not get any better than this.

6. Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Game Table: Bargain Pick

Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Game Table

Last on the list is the Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Game Table. This table comes with a whopping ten games - Air hockey, Foosball, pool, shuffleboard, table tennis, chess, cards, checkers, bowling, and backgammon. And the best part, this table costs less than $150, and yes it's built durably. The table offers a good mix of active and strategic board games which the kids are sure to love and enjoy.

The table tops are easily interchangeable and hardly take any time to put together. All the tops stack together between the Billiards and Foosball table, keeping the whole area organized while taking up minimal floor space. Of all the games, the build of Foosball and Billiards top is best and offers close to the real experience. The billiards table measures 22.5 inches wide x 27.5 inches tall x 40 inches long while the Foosball table measures 24 inches wide x 32 inches tall x 41.25 inches long x 3.5 inches deep.

The design is built to be easy to put together without requiring any special tools for assembly. The table itself is constructed of durable MDF with adjustable leg levers to help make all the games as level as they can be. The table also comes with all the accessories to play each game.

As with some tables that try and cram everything into one setup, some customers have voiced their concerns. Our research indicates that, while you do get a lot more games on this table, some of the initial setups can be frustrating. Also, some of the parts are not as high quality as you'd get if you were getting a proper setup for any of the major games included with the table. The majority of the buyers were happy with the table and found the construction quality adequate enough for kids to play.

Final Note: 

If you're looking for a multi-game table that comes with a vast number of games while still not putting a hole in your pocket, this is it.

Buyer's Guide to Multi-Game Tables

Not all multi game tables are made equal, and neither they should be. They differ in the number of games, the material used for construction, prices, and more. For first time buyers, it can be quite an overwhelming task assimilating all this information and choosing the right product.

For this very reason, we have also included this buyer's guide to help make an informed call.

Key Considerations

<Supported Games>

The first and foremost point you need to consider is the kind of games you want to be included in the table itself. The multi game tables come with several games, but if it does not come with the game you want, it's of no use to you. Also, there can be a situation where the table comes with the specific game you want, but it may not be of the size you're looking for or not of the quality you're seeking. This is understandable!

You see, while all these tables support multiple games but only a couple of them are of the highest quality, and the rest are more of fillers. So, while choosing a table, you need to list one or two games that you don't want to compromise on and then proceed with the selection.

For instance, Air hockey is included in almost all tables, but not every table comes with an electric blower. If Air hockey is on top of your priority, you should be picking a table with an electric blower only. Similarly, if you're looking to play Ping Pong seriously, you need to look for larger tables typically 7 ft+.


The next factor you need to consider is the size of the table. It's important for two reasons. First, your gameplay depends on the size of the table. Secondly, if you're short on space or if kids are mainly going to use the table, maybe going with the smaller table is the right option for you. Larger tables will almost always be better quality but may have fewer games adapted for them.

Multi game tables are available in various sizes from 4' to as large as 8'. Shorter tables can have a lot more games crammed into the size, but some games like ping pong and billiards will be severely downsized, which should be fine for kids, but adults may find this to be not to their taste.

Air hockey table is typically 7' in size, the Pool table measures 7 or 8 feet, the Foosball table measures 5' by 2 1/2', and the Ping Pong table measures 9'x5'. 

Fitting all these games on a single table obviously means some games have to be scaled down. But there is nothing you can do about it. When you want to play pool and Foosball on the same table, you have two options; you either scale up the Foosball table or your scale down the pool table. Either way, you're going to wind up playing a bastardized version of one of the games. So, manufacturers often have to sacrifice the quality of a classic game to cater to the variety aspect. This is why picking what games you want included plays a vital role in managing expectations.


The price point will vary based on construction style, size, and quality as well. Some smaller tables can run under $150, but the larger, better tables will run anywhere from $800-$1,000+. You get what you pay for in gaming tables. So keep in mind as you buy a cheaper table, it may suffer in quality, and if not properly cared, it may not last long as well. Such tables are mainly designed for kids with light use in mind.

High-end tables in a range of $800 to $1000 come in standard sizes, are more durably built, and use better quality parts. These tables are ideal for all types of players, be it kids or adults, and offer significantly better performance. You can also get good quality tables in $500 to $600 range, but they're usually smaller in size in comparison to the top-models.

<Build Quality>

Quality is probably the most difficult factor to judge without physically inspecting the product. A lot of these tables are thrown together en masse in places like China, and the quality of the plastics and of construction can be much laxer than what you might be expecting. And while several tables might be much cheaper for this, you need to be cognizant of the drop in quality, so you don't set yourself up for disappointment. That said, the higher cost tables, in most cases, are of better quality.

Let's Wrap Things Up

No doubt, Multi game tables are an excellent addition to any game room. It's versatile, space-saving, and allows you to enjoy multiple games without the need to sacrifice extra space. And while it's true that you get what you pay for, there are many viable options for those who are looking to get as much variety as they can in their game rooms. Though it takes a little more research, there are a variety of different styles, sizes, and price points to pick from, and each has its own pros and cons.

We sincerely hope you found this in-depth Multi game table buyer's guide helpful and could find a table for yourself that meets your needs.

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