Best Kubb Sets (Reviews)

Best High End

Amish-Made Deluxe Maple Hardwood Kubb Game

KUBB Official Tournament Set

Best Mid Range

GoSports Regulation Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set

GoSports Regulation Kubb Game Set

Best Inexpensive

Yard Games Kubb Game Premium Set

Last Updated: 10th Mar, 2023

Kubb has been described as Viking chess. A game that is somewhere between bowling, bocce ball and horseshoe tossing. Before reviewing these products, I had never gotten the chance to play the game for myself. Now I can tell you that it didn't disappoint!

On the weekend, I invited my family over for a BBQ and a day of Kubbs. By the end of it, we all had the Viking spirit flowing through us. We weren't drinking out of hollow horns or screaming "Valhalla!", but we were filled with energy, comradeship and a feeling of togetherness. We even managed to entice the older kids to put down their phones and join in.

In the last few years its popularity has grown experientially. With more and more companies producing kits, it can be difficult to pick one that offers the quality and value you would expect.

I have compiled a list of the top 5 Kubb sets, so you can bring your family and friends together, and spend some quality time playing this strategic, energetic and highly entertaining game.

During our research, we found most of the Kubb sets that are sold online are not made to regulation and are constructed with inferior-quality wood, which easily dents. But Amish-Made Kubb game set is a true exception. This particular set is exceptionally made with maple hardwood and built to official standards. A no-brainer choice for anyone looking for a quality set!

Best Kubb Set

Our Top Picks for The Best Kubb Game Sets

  1. Amish-Made Maple Hardwood Kubb Set High-quality & tournament regulated size
  2. GoSports Regulation Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game SetBeautiful Laster graphics on each block
  3. Yard Games Kubb Game Premium Set Low price doesn't always mean low quality!
  4. ROPODA Kubb Game Premium Set - Bargain Choice
  5. Kubb for Kids - Perfect size for kids with Colorful blocks

1. Amish-Made Deluxe Maple Hardwood Kubb Game

High-quality & tournament regulated size

Amish-Made Deluxe Maple Hardwood Kubb Game

This set is for those who want to play Kubb seriously. It is the official tournament size with regulation pieces. Crafted by Amish craftsmen with the best quality wood, the quality is the best as it gets!

The set is built according to the specs laid down by U.S. National Kubb Championship Rules. The King measures 10" x 3 1/4", Kubbs are 5 15/16" x 2 3/4" and Batons are 11 7/8" long x 1 3/4" diameter. Each block is handcrafted from durable maple hardwood, which definitely shows in the finished product. The batons have beveled edges and have a nice weight to them. The King is durable and appeared untouched after several games! 

This set comes with a rule book that clearly explains the ins and outs of Kubb. It will make your games feel much more official, or at the very least, stop that particular family member who has the tenancy to cheat!

The sports carry bag is of superb quality. The straps are strong, the zip is smooth flowing, and all the pieces fit snugly inside.

Top Features:

  • Beautifully Hand Crafted Pieces.
  • Tournament Regulated Size.
  • Durable Wood.
  • High-Quality Sports Bag.
  • Comes with Eco-Friendly Burlap Zippered Carry Bag.

Conclusion: For less than $100 and screaming quality in every aspect, the 'Amish-Made Kubb game set' is the best on the market. Though it is tournament sized, it doesn't mean amateurs won't appreciate and have a blast playing with this set.

2. GoSports Regulation Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set

Beautiful Laster graphics on each block

 GoSports Regulation Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set

This set holds the soul of the Viking and reminds you on the face of every block. The old-timey laser engraved graphics look like a tale portrayed on a medieval Tapestry. It adds an attractive aesthetic to the setup and reminds you of the Nordic origin of Kubb.

Cheaper alternatives to Kubb will only give you an average of 20 – 30 games before the wood starts splintering or denting. GoSports has ensured that their sets are made from robust rubberwood, that will last years of gameplay.

In fact, when the children were throwing the baton blindly or using more force than needed, this set remained unscathed. With such sturdy pieces, it allows the game to be played in all and any terrains without its condition being compromised by hard soil or wet conditions.

Top Features:

  • Attractive Laser Graphics
  • Plays In All Terrain
  • Regulated Size For Competitive Play
  • Made With Tough Premium Rubberwood

In conclusion: I found this version especially suitable for the children, as the Viking graphics caught their eye, and the sturdiness prevented any damage from rough play. It is a good choice for competitive players or amateurs just starting out.

3. Yard Games Kubb Premium Set

Low price doesn't always mean low quality!

Yard Games Kubb Premium Set

Looking for a good value Kubb set to use at an outdoor event? Maybe it's a camping trip, picnic, a beach day or even a wedding activity. This set will not disappoint. Costing just under $50, this is by far the best mid-range set.

The pieces are made from durable, eco-friendly hardwood that is shock absorbent - An essential factor in the game of Kubb! The surface of the baton and Kubbs have a very nice and smooth finish, which will put your mind at rest that no splinters will dig into anyone.

The black storage and transport bag looks stylish and fits the pieces well. The straps are sewed down the body of the bag, making them very secure and unlikely to weaken over time.

The only issue I found with this set is that the baton was quite light, which means you will have to consider the wind strength when throwing it.

Top Features:

  • Great Value For Money
  • Made From Durable And Shock Absorbent Wood
  • Good-quality Storage Bag


  • Light Baton

Conclusion: A brilliant middle range set that still offers fantastic quality, appearance, and longevity of use.

4. ROPODA Kubb Game Premium Set

Bargain Choice

ROPODA Kubb Game Premium Set

When talking about the 'ROPODA Kubb' set, I would like to point out its very reasonable price. Costing just under $40, this set is definitely worth its price tag and gets the job done! It is a perfect choice for things like team building, school activities, or vacations and trips.

The pieces are made from Heavy-duty rubberwood that offers more strength than most sets on the market. The red-painted head of the King is a nice touch, making it a beacon for your objective!

A really cool feature of this set is the dry-erase scoreboard and pen, which is something I have rarely seen included with other products of this type.

The carry bag brandishing the 'ROPODA' name is durable and made of high-quality material. It has plenty of room to fit the pieces snuggly and even matches the color of the blocks.

One issue I had with this set is that the wood can start to dent when the right amount of force is used. Let's be honest though, if you throw wood at wood long enough, some sort of scuff will appear eventually, no matter what the material or how it has been treated.


  • Bargain Price
  • Dry-erase Scoreboard And Pen
  • Carry Bag Makes Set Very Portable


  • Can Dent Over Time.

Conclusion: The ROPODA Kubb set comes with everything you need to get started for just under $40. This is my bargain choice, and though it may slightly fall short in the wood firmness, overall it is a very entertaining set that gets the job done.

5. Kubb for Kids

Perfect size for kids with Colorful blocks

Kubb For Kids

This brightly colored variation of the game was an absolute hit with the younger members of my family. The reds, blues and yellows not only caught their eye, but had them wanting to use the blocks to stack and play with!

These non-toxic painted blocks are smaller for more comfortable use of children, and also lightweight to prevent injuries occurring when the baton is thrown.

The Rule book had instructions that were easy to understand. In fact, it was one of the clearest ones I have come across when choosing my top picks!

The mesh storage bag is made of cheaper material, and though it does fit all the pieces inside, I do wonder how long it would take for the drawstrings to come loose from the mesh body. Also, the bag does not offer much protection when the set is stored away.


  • Brightly Painted Non-toxic Blocks
  • Clear And Understandable Rule Book
  • Light Weight To Prevent Injuries
  • Smaller For Easy Use Of Children


  • Storage Bag Could Be Better.

Conclusion: A perfect set to introduce your young ones to the game of Kubb. The size is still big enough for adults to join in the fun as well. 

Buyer's Guide to Kubb Set

When looking for the perfect Kubb set, there are a few things you must take into consideration, like size, weight, and build quality. Let's take a look at how should you go about choosing a set that's best for your needs.

<Intended Usage>

You can get a Kubb set for as low as $20 and as high as $200. The difference between them is primarily the build quality and size. If you plan to play seriously, you should opt for a regulation approved set. 

The official specs are: 

  • 1 King (30cm x 9cm x 9cm)
  • 10 Kubbs (15cm x 7cm x 7cm)
  • 6 Batons (30cm x 4.4 cm)
  • And 6 Field marking sticks.

Kubbs should weigh anywhere from 0.3 to 0.5 kg and Batons between 0.2 to 0.3 kg. Birch-wood and maple wood is the preferred material in pro-grade sets. Such a set will cost you upwards of $100 but is sure to withstand years of play. Most competitive players favor treated Birch hardwood, but the shock-absorbing values of rubberwood is a more affordable substitution.

You can get a decent Kubb set for recreational and casual usage under $70. Such sets come at a smaller scale, though this doesn't make the product bad, it does mean you are not playing with a regulation set. Also, they're made of cheaper materials like softwood, which gets dented quite easily. For casual and occasional play, it should not be much of a reason to worry.

How To Play Kubb - Rules

If you're buying a Kubb set, you should also know the rules of the game. Many of you would already know these rules, but for those of you who don't, this handy rule guide is for you.

  1. Kubb is played in a 5 x 8 meter pitch.
  2. There are two teams with 1 – 6 players on each side.
  3. 5 Kubbs are placed on each baseline, with the King placed in the middle of the pitch.
  4. A baton toss towards the King determines who starts first. The baton landing closest to the King (without knocking it over) wins and gets to choose.
  5. Players toss batons at the opposite side, hoping to knock down the opponents Kubbs on the baseline.
  6. The baton must be thrown underhand, and vertically. (It should not rotate horizontally.)
  7. After all the batons are thrown by one side, any baseline Kubbs are picked up and tossed onto that team's side. These are now called field cubes and will be stood up right where they landed.
  8. If a Kubb is tossed out of bounds, 1 rethrow is allowed. If on the second throw it is still not in bounds, the team can place that Kubb anywhere on the pitch (as long as its 1 baton length from the King.)
  9. When it is time for the opposite team to start throwing, if the entire field Kubbs are cleared in that turn, the first team will get the advantage of throwing from the closest field cube standing.
  10. If a baseline Kubb is knocked down, while field Kubbs are still standing, it is put back upright and does not count.
  11. If at any point your team knocks down the King, before knocking down all of your opponents Kubbs – YOU LOSE!
  12. Both teams continue to alternate between throwing. Once all field Kubbs (must be knocked down first) and the base Kubbs are down, you get to toss at the King.
  13. Knock down the King from the baseline – YOU WIN!

Tips & Strategy to play Kubb

With a game that entails the throwing of wooden blocks, I would recommend you use a place with lots of space. Especially if some children spectators are close to the game, which runs the risk of hitting them.

Why not paint your pieces, to make them stand out even more? Maybe stencil on a king with a Viking horn helmet so you can all keep your eye on the prize when battling it out!


  • Try throwing the Kubbs with a spin to achieve tighter grouping
  • When there are multiple Kubbs, it's best to separate them with max distance as possible to prevent the attacker from easily overturning them.
  • In the case of Penalty, put the Kubb as close to the King as possible.
  • Unless you're very confident with your throw, don't throw the Kubbs near the centerline. This would give the chance of opposition for easy picking. 

Let's Wrap Things Up:

Kubb is a fun and exciting game, and with the right set, you're sure to enjoy the game for a long time. Hopefully, our reviews and recommendations have given you an idea as to what Kubb set is best for your needs. If you're looking for recreational play, you can settle for a mid-range set like GoSports Regulation Kubb Game Set. If you plan to play the game seriously and more often, we suggest extending your budget and getting the tournament-grade 'Amish-made Kubb game set.'

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