Ping Pong Room Decor Ideas

Top 15 Ping Pong Room Decor Ideas

Ping pong is a fantastic sport because not only does it deliver a strenuous workout, but it's a lot of fun as well. Entertain all your guests by including a ping pong table in your home.

Here are some ideas on how to about decorating your future ping pong room.

1. Welcome To The 60's

Welcome To The 60's

The vibrancy of the 60s comes alive in this room with the turquoise walls and vibrant yellow chairs and valence. This room is full of energy that will surely fuel any player. The line of barstools provides players with a place to sit while they wait for their turn to play.

2. An Arcade Lover's Paradise

 An Arcade Lover's Paradise

Source: Slaylebrity

For some reason, Ping Pong and arcade games go hand-in-hand, probably because they're so much fun! This person builds on that fun by adding colorful textures to the walls and attaching bright circular projections from the ceiling. An air hockey table adds to the excitement of the room, but even without it, the room speaks for itself.

3. Family Friendly

Family Friendly

Source: Slaylebrity

The chalkboard wall is the draw of the room here. This design is perfect for a family looking to create an inviting and engaging recreational room. While kids wait to play Ping pong, they can draw on the wall, which is every kid's dream. Other than the bright blue table, the room may seem lackluster, but that is why there's chalk. You can design your own room over and over again!

4. Edgy and Contemporary

Edgy and Contemporary

Source: Techstory

The addition of the graffiti transforms the room into an edgy and youthful environment. The bright red wall contrasts nicely with the blue Ping pong table, and the recessed ceiling lights provide plenty of light for the room. The only thing this room is missing is some chairs for resting.

5. Anyone Need A Paddle?

Anyone Need A Paddle?


There is no questioning what the purpose of this room is. The wooden accent wall adds fashion and function to the room with its many Ping pong paddles ready to be snatched up at any moment. The bucket containing the balls can be replaced with a wicker basket to add a more rustic touch to match the wooden wall.

6. Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun

Is your patio lacking entertainment? Just add a Ping pong table or two! Unlike most outdoor ping pong tables, these tables have white tops that pair nicely with the decor. The tables may be the source of the fun here, but the source of art comes from the hand-painted mural behind the lounge area. This Ping pong "room" has the perfect amount of color.

7. Patriotic


The sport may not have originated in America, but you can add a patriotic touch to your Ping pong room by placing a framed flag on the wall. The neutral colors of the walls, bar, and floor really make this flag pop. It is the centerpiece of the room, and the vibrant blue hue of the Ping pong table (Joola Inside) and the red paddle accentuate the flag flawlessly. The white walls also bring a welcoming brightness into the room.

8. Combining Hobbies

Combining Hobbies

Many of us have more than one interest or hobby, so why not combine those to create an environment that reflects who you are. This person coupled their love of Ping pong with their fishing hobby by adding a row of fish portraits to the wall. These pictures can be interchanged with anything of interest to you to create a personalized room. Not to mention, the Ping pong conversion top is gorgeous and matches well with the natural wood in the room.

9. Ping Pong Is A Sport

Ping Pong Is A Sport

There's a reason Ping pong is considered a sport. A bout with a fierce opponent can really work up a sweat. This person embraced the athleticism of Ping pong by adding it to their workout room. This room offers the opportunity to lift weights, run on the treadmill, or play ping-pong if you are looking for a fun workout and have a friend to play with you. The walls can be painted to add as much or as little color as you want.

10. Dual Functionality

Dual Functionality

Is it a Ping pong table, or is it a dining room table? It's both! This table, with its intense, dark grains, is the centerpiece of this room. The wood paneling on the walls complements the table and gives the room a cozy and comfortable vibe. This room gives off an aura of relaxation and unwinding.

11. Pops of Color

Pops of Color

The modest sophistication of the Ping pong table complements the brightness of the surrounding room. The primary colors on the wall work with each other very well, and their solid monochromaticity offsets the leopard print carpet. The light fixture on the ceiling adds to the punk art vibe of the room.

12. Game Room

Game Room

This room is ideal for entertaining a crowd of people. Ping pong is, at most, a four-person game. The addition of the Scrabble board on the walls allows multiple groups of people to have fun at the same time. This is great for keeping a group of children busy; however, the pairing of neutral colors does give the room an adult atmosphere making the room very versatile.

13. Sleek And Simple

Sleek And Simple

Source: Gorillaspace

This room offers the excitement, a game room should have without the use of excessive decor. The brightness of the illuminated sign brings enough energy into the room that little other decorating is needed. The hanging chairs are a nice touch for people to rest between games or for friends to watch the game unfold.

14.  A Wise Use Of Space

A Wise Use Of Space

Source: Tagvenue

This small room has been dedicated entirely to Ping pong. The aesthetically pleasing graffiti on the tabletop matches the style of the art on the wall. The large window offers plenty of natural lighting, and the turquoise frame around it accentuates the ping-pong table excellently. The addition of the plant in the corner gives the room more life.

15.  Fun And Function

Fun And Function

Ping-pong tables can be bulky and take up a large amount of room. This room incorporates the fun of a Ping pong table without losing the function of the room. Family and friends can rest, relax, and enjoy each other's company in the living room while players enjoy the game of ping pong at a close distance.

Wrapping Up

See how easy it is to make a ping pong table look great in your home? It can stick out or fit in as much as you want, depending on how you decorate.

Do yourself a favor and buy a ping pong table today.

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