Best Outdoor Yard Games for Adults

Best yard games for adults

The fun of all those childhood games you played is far from gone. Just because you're older now doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some games in the sun!

This is why we have gathered up the 25 best yard games for adults ideal for your next party, tailgate, or BBQ. There are classics like Cornhole and Croquet. There are newer, more silly games like Flickin' Chicken. And, for the fun adults out there, there's even Beer Pong.

Whatever your style, competitiveness, or skill level, we guarantee to have the perfect game for you. So kick back, grab a drink, and enjoy some grass-filled fun!

These fun outdoor games are sure to be a hit in your next party or event. So without further ado, here is the list of best lawn games for adults.

1.  ​Cornhole


This classic yard game is a must for any outing. A take on children's bean bag toss, players throw bean bags at a board. Their goal is to get the bag at least on the board, or even better to get it through the hole.

Cornhole is fun and simple. It can be played one on one or with teams. The game requires precision and a good throwing arm. It's perfect for competitive adults who don't want to follow complex rules!

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  • Price: $50 to $120
  • Number of players: 2 to 8

2. Giant Yard Pong

Giant Yard Pong

Giant Yard Pong is a variation on the typical game of Pong, which many people know by its drinking brother, Beer Pong. In Pong, cups are arranged in a triangle formation and opponents attempt to sink a ping-pong ball in the cups.

In Giant Yard Pong, the rules are the same, but ten times the scale! Rather than cheap plastic cups, players attempt to throw balls into big red buckets. And the ball is much sturdier too— typically, a tennis ball will work.

This game requires precision and skill, and is great for large groups of people. And, if you want more fun, you can always change things up and try beer pong - which we cover down below.

3.  Ladder Ball Toss

Ladder Toss

Ladder ball toss is a fun and simple game that became an instant classic. Players are given two plastic golf balls, typically filled with sand, connected by a string. Each player, or team, has their own ladder. Their goal is to throw the balls in just the right way that they wrap around their opponent's ladder, thus giving them points.

This game requires precision and skill with your hands, as well as good throwing. However, it's simple and can be played by kids or adults. The distance between ladders can be changed, making the game perfect for people of any skill level or strength.

Easy to assemble and portable, Ladder Toss is a great game to have in your arsenal. You can take it with you and set it up anywhere, creating instant fun!

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4.  ​​Croquet


Traditionally a British lawn game, Croquet is quickly becoming popular in the United States and around the globe. It is best for smaller, more casual gatherings. It also requires more time, skill, and precision, but it's easy to play and great for players of all ages!

First, you must set up the court. A low-mowed lawn works best, though you can play wherever you are able. You mark the sides of the court using a string or stakes. Then, the wickets and stakes are set up in a sort of figure eight.

Players often play on teams, though they have individual balls. Your goal is to use your mallet— only the striking tip, not the side— and hit the Croquet ball. You must hit the ball through the wickets and the stakes in the correct order to score points. The first team to hit all of their balls through all of the wickets, and back to the starting stake, wins!

Though it is longer and less energetic, Croquet can be fun for any group of people. It's a great game to try at your next potluck or picnic.

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5.  Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball

This game is typically played in a court, which you can set out yourself. However, you can also just play on the grass in your lawn, and it's still just as fun!

Players play in two teams. You decide how many frames you wish to play before starting. At the start of the frame, one team throws a pallino, a little white ball, into the court. Then, each team throws four bocce balls, trying to get as close to the pallino as possible. Hitting other balls is permitted!

The team with the closest ball at the end of the frame wins the frame. After all the frames are complete, the team with the most points wins.

Bocce Ball is great for small social gatherings, and fun for people of all ages. It requires a good throwing arm and precision.

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6.  ​Spikeball


Spikeball is a variation of volleyball that is fun and engaging. It does require equipment, but it is a great party game and perfect for competitive souls.
Players start in two teams, typically with two players on each team. You play with a bouncy yellow ball that is similar to a volleyball. In the center, between the two teams, is the "net". It is like a mini trampoline that is slightly raised off the ground.

You start by serving the ball to the other team. Your goal is for the other team to not be able to return the ball. The ball can only be hit, it cannot be thrown or held, except for a serve. Each team is allowed three hits to get the ball to the net.

There are many ways to earn points, but the main objective is to get the ball onto the net. This game requires precision and athleticism, and can be as long or short as you want. It's great for large groups and would make a good party game!

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7.  ​​Horseshoes


Horseshoes is a classic game that has been enjoyed for centuries. It requires very little equipment and expense, but can create hours of fun!

Two stakes should be placed a good distance apart in your yard. Then, you and your opponent both throw horseshoes at the stakes. A "ringer" meaning the horseshoe goes fully around the stake, is worth three points. If this does not occur in one round, the closest horseshoe, as long as it is within six inches of the stake, gets the point.

The fun part about this is that points can be canceled out! There are a few other rules, but those are the basics that you need to know. Horseshoes is great for smaller gatherings. It is a game that requires precision and skill, and can be learned by people of all ages!

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8.  Outdoor Dart Games

Outdoor Dart

Lawn darts is a simple, albeit a bit dangerous, game. All you need is a set of lawn darts and three rings of at least two different sizes— hula hoops would work great for this! This game is great for parties, but make sure to keep children away! The darts can be sharp and can be dangerous.

First, set up two rings, one inside the other, on the grass as your target. Then, set another ring a good distance away. You start with one foot inside the solitary ring, and must "lob" your dart underhand in an attempt to land it in the target rings.

Points are awarded as follows: three points for landing in the inner ring, one point for the outer ring, and an extra point for the closest dart outside the target rings. Typically, the winner is the first to reach 21 points.

This game is simple and easy to play, and doesn't require much skill. It's a great game for adults, but be careful if children are around!

9.  ​Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

Jenga is another indoor classic. Many people all over the world enjoy this suspense filled game of balance and precision. Now, with Giant Jenga, the game can be played outdoors with even bigger stakes!

Players stand around a tower made of wooden blocks. In turns, you remove one block from the tower and replace it on the top. But be careful not to topple the tower! Whoever does that loses.

This game is perfect for parties. It requires skill and patience, as well as a gentle hand. But its suspense and challenge make the game fun for people of all ages!

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BULZiBUCKET is a new take on the classic Cornole. The target buckets should be placed twelve to fifteen feet apart, depending on skill level. Then, in teams of two, players stand behind the buckets and throw their hacky sacks towards the other bucket. There are multiple ways to play, but the standard way simply scores by whether or not you make it into the bucket.

The buckets are worth three, two, and one points, from top to bottom. You get three hacky sacks to throw. But, be aware— the one with the green dot is worth double points!

This game is a refreshing take on Cornhole. It is great for parties, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. And, with different modes available, people of all skill levels can have fun!

11.  Bottle Bash

Bottle Bash

This is a fun and challenging game played with a frisbee. First, take two poles and set them up 20 to 40 feet apart. The better you are with a frisbee, the farther apart they should be. Then, split yourselves into two teams. Each team must stay behind their respective poles at all times.

Place a plastic bottle on top of each pole. The attacking team throws the frisbee, trying to knock off the bottle. The defending team tries to catch the frisbee and bottle before they hit the ground, then throws the frisbee back. You get two points if you knock off the bottle, two extra if it hits the ground, and one extra if the frisbee hits the ground.

This game is simple yet challenging, and requires some level of skill. It is a great game for parties and is sure to bring fun to everyone.

12.  Flickin’ Chicken

Flickin’ Chicken

Flickin' Chicken is a take on golf that is easy and exciting. Each player picks a chicken of a certain color, and that is theirs through all nine rounds of the game.

The youngest player goes first. They throw the target disk as far as they can. Then, each player throws their chicken, trying to land some part of it on the target disk. If they get it in one shot, it is a "pollo-in-one", and is quite a feat!
Players keep tossing their chickens until everyone has landed part of their chicken on the disk. Keep track of how many tosses you make— that's your points!

At the end of nine rounds, the person with the least points loses. So the less you toss, the more you win!

This game is simple to play and requires skill and precision. It is a great party game, and great for those with a competitive nature.

13.  Kubb Game

Kubb Game

This game is played with small wooden "kubbs" and is quite fun! Players play in teams, often of one or two players, and the court can be any size you desire.

First, you set up the King kubb in the middle of the court. Then, the other kubbs are placed along each team's baseline. When it is your turn, you throw six throwing sticks, attempting to knock over the other team's kubbs. You must throw vertically and underhand— no helicopter throws!

Once all of the opponent's kubbs have been knocked over, you knock over the King kubb. But if you knock it over sooner, then you lose!

This game is great for parties, as many people can play at once. It requires skill and precision, but can be enjoyed by people of all skill levels.

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14.  Ring Toss

Ring Toss

​Ring Toss is a classic carnival game that many people love. But now, instead of blowing all your dollars on it, you can play in your own backyard! All you need is some plastic rings and a collection of empty soda bottles.

Arrange the soda bottles tightly packed on a table or, if you want, on the grass. Then, standing at whatever distance you want, toss the rings, trying to land one on the neck of a bottle. If you do, you win!

This game can be played solo or with any number of people. Additionally, you can keep score, turning it into a competition. It requires a careful hand and patience, but it is a great game for parties or smaller social gatherings!

15.  Kan Jam

Kan Jam

Kan Jam is a simple backyard game that requires minimal setup and equipment. It consists of two vertical goals, with win slots in the front of them, and a frisbee. In a pinch, two barrels with slots in them can work!

Each player or team tries to throw the frisbee into the win slot on the opposing goal. If they do, they score a point. You can play to however many points you want.

This game requires skill and patience, and is great for smaller groups of people. It is very competitive and great for those who want a challenge.

16.  Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a take on the classic game of Pong that is perfectly suited for parties. Ten small plastic cups, typically solo cups, are arranged in a pyramid shape on both sides of the table. Any table can work, as long as it is about eight feet in length. The cups are typically filled with a small amount of beer, but both the contents and the amount can be changed depending on how much you want to drink.

Then, teams stand on opposite ends of the table. You throw a ping-pong ball, trying to get it into your opponent's cup. If you succeed, your opponent must drink the contents of the cup and you get to go again. The first team to drink all of their cups loses!

There are many variations on this game, and it is customizable to fit any group. It requires minimal skill but brings loads of fun! If you're having a party, this game is a must.

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17.  Volleyball


Volleyball may be an Olympic sport and an international competition. But it is also a great pastime for those who are athletic and quick on their feet!

This game is best played with a net, but in a pinch, a fence, a couple poles, or even no net at all will suffice. Typically, players are divided into two teams, both on opposite sides of the net. Then, you hit the ball using only your hands and forearms and try to get it over the net to the opponent's side.

If the ball is on your side, don't let it touch the ground! Then your opponent scores a point. Typically, each team can only hit the ball three times before they must get it over the net.

Volleyball is great for large groups of active people. However, if you want to play with less, you could always just "bump" the ball around between yourselves. You could also invent your own rules! Volleyball is a great flexible game for all occasions.

18.  Tiki Toss

Tiki Toss

This simple game is a more difficult take on the classic Cornhole. Players throw hooks at a board and attempt to hook the ring to the board.

First, set up your Tiki Toss board. This can be set up anywhere. Then, hang the ring in front of the board and make it swing back and forth. Players take turns throwing hooks, trying to pin the ring to the board. If you do, it's a point! The first person to reach ten points and win by two wins.

Tiki Toss is fun and difficult. It's a great party game, and very good for people who love competition. It requires skill and precision, so be ready to throw carefully!

19. Connect 4

Giant 4 in a Row Game

Connect 4 is a classic indoor game. The rules are simple and the objective easy, so many people love it. But the fun doesn't have to stay indoors! Giant Connect 4 sets are available so you can bring the game outside.

The rules are simple: each player takes turns dropping one of their colored disks into the slots. Once on player gets four of their color in a row, column, or diagonal, they win! The game is easy and quick to play, so many people can take turns enjoying the fun.

Bringing indoor games outside is a great way to expand your fun. If you want to see more giant yard games, you can check out our article about them 

20. Tug of War

Tug of War

Tug of war is one of the easiest games out there. It requires very little equipment and even less preparation. All you need to play is a rope and a group of people!

First, split yourselves into two even teams. Then draw a line in the dirt between you or find some other way to create a divide. Each team stands on their own side and grabs the rope. Then: pull!

The first team to fall or to have a person cross the divide is the losing team. Tug of war is a game of strength and endurance. It's great for parties, and for bringing groups closer together. Nothing makes you closer like being covered in dirt!

21.  Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling

This game is very similar to Bocce Ball. A jack is thrown, and then players roll their bowls towards the jack, with the closest bowl to the jack gaining a point. The game is typically played to 21 points, where players must win by at least two points.

Lawn Bowling is fun and relaxing, but still a good competition. It's a good game for smaller, more relaxed outings.

22.  Rollors


Rollors is like a mix of Bocce Ball and Horseshoes. It consists of two wooden goals and six disks, or rollers. Each player or team has one goal and three rollers. Teams take turns, rolling all of their rollers towards the goal. The rollers must be rolled, not thrown.

Scoring is similar as the game of horseshoe. However, points are determined not just by closeness, but also by the number that is showing on the upwards face of the roller. This makes scoring more dynamic and fun!

This is a great game for parties, and is easy to learn and fun to play.

23.  Molkky Game Set

Molkky Game Set

Molkky is similar to bowling, but with an exciting twist: rather than rolling a ball, you're throwing a wooden skittle!

The "pins" are set up similar to bowling, in a pre-given order. Each pin is worth a different number of points. Then, players take turns throwing the skittle and trying to knock down pins.

Scoring is easy. If one pin is knocked down, the player gets the number of points on that pin. If more than one pin is knocked down, the player gains that number of points. The first player to reach exactly 50 wins— but if you go over, you're bumped back down to 25!

This game is fun for people of all ages, and great for parties.

24.  Giant Yardzee

Giant Yardzee

Yardzee has all the same rules as the classic Yahtzee— but outdoors! Instead of playing on a table with small dice, Yardzee is played outside with lawn dice. These are giant wooden dice that can be rolled outside.

Yahtzee is typically a game that mixes luck and skill, and is very competitive. With Yardzee, you get all of those traits with the added fun of being outside, and playing with giant dice! This game is great for parties or for more serious gatherings, depending on your preference.

25.  Giant Wooden Dominoes

Giant Wooden Dominoes

Everyone knows how to play dominoes. You match numbers together until you eventually run out of tiles, or you get the most points, or… well, you get the point. There's lots of different ways to play dominoes.

And now, that fun can be brought outdoors! Giant wooden dominoes are similar to lawn dice. They can be used in the same way as normal dominoes, but are ten times the size! With the amount of different games available to play, giant wooden dominoes are a great addition to any outdoor gathering.

Summing Up

With these 25 games, you can be sure to never have a boring party, potluck, picnic, or other outdoor get together! From the fun of Beer Pong to the suspense of Giant Jenga, there is a yard game for everyone. So go ahead and get one of these games and watch the fun ensue!

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  1. All the yard games which you shared are really so much fun to enjoy with everyone. I personally enjoy playing Lawn bowling & Tug of war. Many new games were known after reading your blog, which is definitely on my list to enjoy with all family members. Thanks for sharing these games with us.

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